Zaire’s high denomination banknotes of the 1970’s

Zaire’s high denomination banknotes of the 1970’s

so hello people are you going today and
today are some banknotes from Z and if you don’t know where theories there is
in central Africa and it’s currently called Democratic Republic of Congo and
the reason why the country is called Zaire is because of this guy Bluto sexy
psycho actually it’s name is longer but I’m not gonna say and this is this guy
on the back nine and he was dictator over they from 1967 to 1997 when I was
overthrown by Laurent Kabila and the current president Joseph Kabila
is his son so yeah I have 5 10 and 50 days let’s see them get the whole
banknote in the picture so this is it the first thing you’ll notice it’s a tie
of two different colors so a green and a blue one
so in 1979 there was a color change between these two denominations and the
green become blue and the blue one become green but I do not actually have
a green 10-0 and they’re actually not that hard to get so why would they have
changed the color well two recent examples of countries one one or two
yeah two so the overall two recent examples of countries that change the
color banknotes is Sudan in 2011 and that is because South Sudan start issue
their own currency and they wanted to prevent the country from myself going
north into Sudan so they changed the color of the currency and the second
monism Ethiopia in 1997 when Eritrea issued during
currency they changed colors to do exactly this
to prevent the currency from Eritrea going into Ethiopia so I think that this
is based on the similar concept in that they wanted a probably currency
confiscation so they change the currencies so you would have had to go
on to a bank to change the currency over they would know who you are you would
have ID and if you have a too much currency they would just confiscate it
yeah it’s not a good idea anyway that was probably getting a bit off topic so
you five says which is actually quite a lot of money in nineteen seventies so
has a looks like a leopard and coat of arms the watermark it actually has a
micro print yeah has watermark off my boot Oh sissy circle and let’s have okay
so can you just say I said Bank we do say okay that’s what the security fred
actually face in a reverse as the younger first hydroelectric dam and it
also has a traditional statute but I’m not too sure what culture that is
because it’s actually hard to get information on these banknotes the
central bank currently has no information on any banknotes really and
down the bottom we have our he printed it guy whatever Devrient in Germany
meanie and has some French on here so all these banknotes have French even
though the Belgian Congo you sign French and Dutch
the banknotes and coins and blue banknote
has the same features just in a blue coloration actually and this design
around the statue actually looks a lot better in blue does it green and blue is
one of those pretty attractive colors to use as a banknote as you can see have a
look same design different color so which one would you prefer
that one I don’t one mom me and myself uh prefer blue and the tens is as you
can see dictators are pretty full of themselves and I just think they’re so
special so they put themselves on banknotes um
no dictators do some of them do not so just says it’s basically the same
features there’s a what’d I say bleep it then it’s gonna say jay keyworth they
live in the Americas not in the back he has a little pin holes that’s a pity
Desai we’ve reduced the value of this banknote but it’s a nice beautiful
painted anyway so we have deer flame which is actually on the flag on there
it’s actually quite a beautiful top flame yeah makes it look bright and
attractive and the last Bank night which was the highest one and was issued in
1918 so this died here and it’s 50 says it’s quite a large Bank 9 don’t have any
rulers but here I have a current z20 Congo 20 francs and it’s actually quite
lighter so for a high denomination banknotes
been large at this time period is not really unusual Australian fifties of
dollar bank knows roughly in your least size as well and it has a coat of arms
he has the leopard as my butcher city circle and the security features just
have anything around there no looks like that market micro finning but I can’t
tell might not be anyway he says a security
fred in the watermark like the other banknotes on the reverse this one just
says the coat of arms so this banknote it’s actually in a low
grade but getting these getting this denomination in high grade even
uncirculated yeah cost a lot of money so this denomination of 50 days actually
costs a lot more than me five or 10 days and the ever – banknotes on there to get
any series is 250 Makuta and new ones there but I’ll get those and when I do I
will show you so if you are after this series now try and get well if you don’t
have much money getting a banknote of 50 years of this quality it’s probably okay
as a gap filler for your collection for when you actually do have enough money
to get a better quality banknote so to get uncirculated you’re probably looking
at between 50 and $100 for this denomination they’re just really not
common and the main reason probably why is that the quizzes
such a high valued banknote and it was mm had a pretty low print for the
population and because this high denomination most of the population
would not have kept this as a collector’s item themselves as you know
most people actually don’t click banknotes and coins so why would they do
don’t so in there we need majority of population live in poverty
so banknotes are there beautiful beautiful banknotes all will encourage
you to collect these banknotes as their because there’s just a pretty
fascinating country anyway have a beautiful banknote collecting time I
feel like their banknotes please like this video I’ve ever videos on my
channel if you’d like to watch and learn about banknotes and coins from around
the world and having all awesome time bye


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