You Are Using CRYPTO Wrong | In Depth Legend Guide | APEX Legends

You Are Using CRYPTO Wrong | In Depth Legend Guide | APEX Legends

hey everyone, patrice is here, back with an
apex video, yup, season 3 came out so i had
to check it out, i have played crypto for
few days now non stop, still getting used
to the new map, i like it but the loot does
suck lol, i mean mid game and end game u still
run with blue or white armor lol, but enough
about that, lets get to crytpo
as always all the time stamps will be down
below so skip to wherever you need.
1. skills
crypto has three skills, but with crypto we
got an extra new button added on, for pc its
automatically set to H, which means in total
we got 4 buttons unlike every other hero 3,
but it isnt a skill, its just a button to
cancel out your drone and get it back, very
usefull button if you think yourr drone is
about to get killed you can press it and maybe
get your drone bac kbefore it gets destroyed,
but it does stay in one place for like a second
after you press it so that enough to get it
destroyed. now i wish they would of added
this to wraith teleport, pathfinder ult and
etc, since it would be ncie to be able to
cancel those out but oh well, anyway the passive
“neurolink” is an obious one just like caustics,
whatever your drone sees you see, and it also
gets tagged to your teammates, the tag that
happens also counts for enemies, so they can
hear it and should be aware that you seen
them, just like bloodhound really, and as
soon as your drone dies or stop seeing the
enemy, the marker imediatelly vanishes, so
its not like bloodhound where it stays for
a second, it imediatelly turns off, which
makes sense, it also works the same in the
smoke or caustic gas, its able to track enemies
for the entire team, so works pretty dam well
with bangalore rushing. quite simple so far,
lets move on to the active ability, which
is what makes the entire kit work.
active and ultimate “surveillance drone” and
“drone emp”
this video will be a bit different from my
previous, since the ultimate works only with
the drone which is the active skill, so i
will mix active skill and ultiamte together
in this video, also adding passive to here
and there too.
have you ever played rainbow six siege? well
then think of this like a drone in that game,
its almost the same, 1 bullet of any weapon
will kill the drone, it sees enemies and marks
them, but if you are further than 30 meters
away then it wont automatically mark, but
you can still see and ping, if you havent
noticed the meter counter is right here, so
you can always tell if you drone will automatically
ping or not, thats important because if you
leave your drone to cover ur ass like an alarm
you want it to be able to ping an enemy from
where you hide it, as ive said the drone is
really dam weak, it can get destroyed by any
weapon from 1 bullet, or one pallet from shotgun
bullet, it also gets destroyed if you blockign
the door, as soon as teh door is opened towards
the drone it will be either pushed away or
destroyed, the drone can also kinda go through
walls sometimes, if you place it facing away
from the wall, and push back and exit the
skill at the same time then sometimes teh
drone actually travels through small walss,
such as glass, which is a bug and probably
will eb fixed but for now u can abuse it,
another thing is that teh storm doesent do
damage to the drone, so you can potentially
hide in in the storm, the enemy will hear
it but wont be able to see since the storm
is coloured red anyways, which makes perfect
hiding spot for the drone which also has red
bright light coming from it, few more physics
on the drone, if you play with pathfinder
then he can grapple on to your drone, which
will let you then fly the pathfinder further
away to wherever you want, this could be usefull
in an open area where theres not much to grapple
on, perfect way to drop on top of the enemy
with grapple and emp at the same time, sadly
u cannot stick an arc star on the drone, like
u can with pathfinder, that would be a really
cool tactic wit ha lot of dmg output. with
the drone you can open and close doors, thats
called hacking instead of opening, further
more you can open supply bins tahts very usefull
mid and late game when you have good enough
loot but still dont want to miss out on gold
or purple stuff, so you can just fly around
open stuff safely and see if anything worth
going for, but the most important thing is
you can pick up banners fro myour fallen team,
even if your drone gets destroyed it will
still count, so you dont have to carry banners
back to yourself, just pick it up and you
good to go, this is a game changer, if your
team gets rect and you want to just get out
of there then thats the way to go. be careful
though, since the drone is super loud, to
the point where its louder then footsteps
if its close, wihch works as a great distraction
and decoy aswell, if you hide it from the
enemy behind walls and they will keep searching
for it, that gives you some time to sneak
up on them, but on the other side its very
easy to hear it and spot it, i believe this
drone will becoem similar to mirages decoy
where after few weeks people will be used
to destroying it, and it takes only 1 bullet,
so i would reommend to keep it around obstacles
and ground, put it in the sky only when you
prepared for it to be destroyed, from my experience
that makes it alot harder to destroy even
when people know where it is, you see as soon
as you hear the word drone you kinda imagine
sky and being high above, but i say keep it
low and close to rocks and walls, so you can
get the position, or use your emp and get
the drone out of there before it gets destroyed,
it moves a lot faster then any legends so
dodging bullets in closed environments isnt
as hard, but it moves the fastest when you
go straight, just like with legends, if you
fly backwards it will be slower. if you choose
to play crypto you pretty much always have
to scout from now on, on your way to res your
teammate? scout in front, on your way to enter
the next circel? scout the enterence, entereing
the new area? you guessed it! scout! just
like siege drone use it before you enter everywhere,
well unless your team is rushing and you have
to be next to them or they will get mashed
3v2, which happens often with randoms, this
brings me to my next point working in team
with a drone, this is a difficult one and
higly depends on your team, theres few tactics,
ypu either scout in use emp and all of you
rush in or you scout in use emp and your team
rushes in 2v3 and gets rect, a lot of people
will hate you because all you going to do
is fly on your drone and ping the enemies
but they are the ones who fighting 3v2, in
some cases tahts good, for example if you
suck at shooting, and you will get killed
anyway then might aswell be a scout, bring
info and hopefully use emp on all three enemies
dealing 150 dmg in total to all of theri shields,
so you dont need to aim, but if your team
is same as u or even wrose then keep in mind
you have to keep close to them or they die
instantly, specially randoms. so instead you
want to either quickly use drone emp and rush,
or use drone to protect your self from being
third partied, so cover ur ass with the drone
autoamtic target system, use it as caustic
or wattson traps, whyle you keep with your
team. this game is all about getting thirdpartied
or doing it your self so even using it like
that is good. emp is not allmighty, and it
ruins some stuff but dont think that caustic
or wattson is an easy target, wattson ult
doesent get affected even for a moment, so
she can quickly place the entire are in traps
all over again if not rushed quickly, and
caustic has his ultimate that cannot be stoped,
so dont be scared campy mains, you should
be okay, just dont waste ur ults, one little
note mainly for ps4 and xbox players, the
flight mode button you see on your drone is
something that keeps your drone flying straight,
withoute going down or up, so that might make
it more comfertible, but as for pc players
thats not really that important. now lets
talk about positioning, if you catch your
self in a really bad position, then dont be
afraid, you can always go in with your drone
and emp enemy asses, from my experience everyone
staight away satrt to recharge their shields
withoute thinking, anything else, so that
gives you and your team around 3,4 seconds
to reposition, you can even use ur emp and
imediatelly get out of the drone, you will
be out before the emp wll even explode, since
it has a little animation, unfortinatelly
u cannot jsut drop the drone withoute going
in to the drone vision and move forward, that
would be usefull since dropping it near an
exit and imediatelly running through when
you are looting or someone is cahsing you,
what you can do is slide forward, if its a
hill even better, then drop your drone and
imediattelly spam the skill button so you
get out as soon as animation goes through,
after some practice you will be able to do
it fast enough before you compeltely stop
sliding, and eventually you get fast enough
to use it in the middle of the battle, when
a bangalore drops teh smoke and u need to
se but it still will be a tiny draw back and
a slow, which makes you vulnerable, talking
about weaknesses please keep aware of your
surroundings and where you hiding before activating
the drone, and constantly look at your health
and the screen flashes, you will get flashing
screen if you are getting hit on the character,
because i had quite few funny moments where
crypto wouldnt even hear me killing him or
literally droning to his face and emping,
or sometimes i was the clown where i didnt
hear or see, and got run up on, or was in
my drone for too long and then when i came
out my team was already far away and i got
rekt by a full squad running past, or using
it mid battle by accident and going through
all animations before i could do anything…
an extra ting i noticed is that the emp does
not destroy enemy drone, so it wont be who
quicker draws win, more like use the drone
and maybe ping the enemy drone so ur team
can shoot it or semething., think a bit outside
the box, use the drone as just a tiny alram
on one enterence to cover your ass or your
teams ass, you an also heal in peace knowing
that you are safe, or use it as a decoy just
to slighly distract enemy to another side
whyle you do what you want. its not just for
scouting and pinging everything, since your
team will go in on their own and die.and when
you do leve your drone peeping on enemies
try to hide it as well as possible, in debris,
trees or grass, or confusing constructions
and ecsetra,
2. team composition and counters
here i will talk about how well it does with
someone or againts someone, and how he gets
bangalore, amazing team mate, since bang can
throw her smokes miles away just ask her to
cover your drone or to smoke the building
where you going etc, that way first you can
emp in safety, seond as long as you keep your
drone on the enemies you get to see them and
they get to see nothing, also because of this
feature you counter bangalore pretty dam hard.
blood hound, pretty decent team mate but unnecesarry,
yo uboth do the same job, so rather pick one,
bloodhound kinda couters you, since with his
speedboost he can rush in and find your hiding
spot whyle you are on your drone assesing
your team, and then he will hunt you like
a dooog, but at the same time if you hid pretty
dam well and been sitting there for a bit
he should see your tracks too early, so you
have some time.
wattson, pretty balanced outcome here, you
do counter her active, but her ult stays strong,
and she can place her traps all over pretty
fast under her ult, and recharge the shield
you broke or percentage of it, she can help
protecting you in the team and camp even more
since with her help you are safe to scout
around if you are in a good spot. so pretty
decent team comp i guess.
giby, well if hes shield drop works then hes
perfect for protecting ur drone and stuff…
dose emp cancel shield? does emp go thru shield?
does emp cancel ult?
i guess hes okay, he cant really coutner u
in any way, nether can you, but as a team
you can plan an attack and tell exactly where
to drop gibys ult by pinging, so tahts pretty
usefull, but rather then that theres not much
to be said.
caustic is simillar to wattson, u can stop
his ult but u can stop his traps, also you
can see him through his gass, and your drone
doesent get destroyed by it either, as a team
mate he also can works as a bangalore throwing
ult and then dropping yur drone in so u all
can see even if they are not in caustic gass,
also throwing in emp will do really well since
they are kinda stunned and slowed, plus since
emp does dmg to shield and gas does dmg straight
to health over all they should be pretty easy
picks for caustic alone, in his gass.
lifeline bot can also be destroyed? lifeline
is as always pretty decent team mate, specially
on this map where theres barely any good loot,
but your drone can save u from lifeline ult
rush, since you can scout around and see if
anyone is coming towards the drop, and ping
them if necessary or ambushing, whyle getting
healed up by her bot u can drone around and
make sure everything is safe, or look around
for loot to see where you should go as soon
as u heal up, ur emp doesent brake her passive
shield so she can still ress in peace, but
it will damage her armor.
mirage, nothing outstanding here, ur drone
works better then his passive together with
the decoy, and his ult still covers his ass
pretty well. if you inform and dopr your drone
correctly then he actually can do a perfect
flank under his ult, so that works as a good
engagment and distraction, does the cloak
get turned off? on emp? your drone will not
see through his decoys nor his ultimate, so
i guess he kinda counters you since he could
potentially confuse and hide away from ur
third eye.
now octane is perfect for rushing in, he can
catch up with ur drone pretty well and drop
in with emp charge together, also he can leave
the ult for you to catch up with the team
rush after you drone in, so that speeds up
the process, but it will only work with proper
teammates, not randoms, hes perect rushing
legend so if he somehow knows where you are
you going to get rekt pretty fast if you sitting
on your drone ” sitting on drone in toilet
meme here” bu rather then taht u dont really
counter each other in any way.
pathfinder is pretty fun combo, since he can
grapple to your drone theres a lot of fun
stuff taht could be made out of this, but
the drone is kinda small so he has to be pretty
skilled, his ult also works well since he
could give you a quick way to catch up after
u drone, simillar as octane and wraith. the
same way he can use the drone againts u and
grapple on to it, use it to get away etc,
but its easier to just shoot it, other then
taht u dont really counter each other.
and last but not least wraith, also can hide
away from your automatic camera but if you
are on it you will see her phasing, her passive
works under the drone too, so she will hear
voices if you are lookign at her even if its
further that 30 meters, but that till doesent
make her your counter, the ultimate works
pretty well together too, could rush in under
ur emp and for example bangs smoke after which
you can immediately go through the portal
and join the fight.
3. pros and cons
alright with this out of the way lets get
pros and cond
first pros
very safe pick, can drone out dangerous zones
pickign up team badges with drone is amazing
sees through smoke and gas
brakes traps, good to counter campers
even if u cant aim u can still brake shields
in total of 150 dmg
good support legend
can keep his ass covered
drone can be used as a nice decoy and an arc
pretty short cooldown
has pretty cool skins
and now the cons
no escape abilities
drone animations are pretty slow and u can
get killed before even having a chance
completely open if piloting the drone
easy to recover shield before the emp even
goes off ppl can start charging shield cell
drone is super loud and can be easily destroyed
cant use ult or passive withoute the drone
averga hit box so u can use it as an excuse
i would say hes new player friendly but to
use his drone properly and being with ur team
at the same tiem can be pretty challanging,
and need some practice with choice making.
and thats all i can think off as of right
4. conclusion
alright after this amazingly long video what
do i think about crypto after playing him,
i like him honestly but as of now i can pretty
much see him being simillar to mirage, starts
pretty well and theres alot of dummies who
dont know what drone is, so u can abuse it
for now, but after few weeks or month time
everyoen will be seeing right through it and
destroying it faster then u can do anything,
but at the same time u can use it through
walls and u can also keep it on ground level
so u can dodge bullets and stuff, but the
sound will always make it bait, also i dont
like the long animations since u cant move
untill u get off the drone completely, a lot
of people seem to just run around with a drone
and forget about theri body, so the team ends
up fighting 2v3 and then u usually end up
dead, or sometimes your team will completely
leave u even that u r actually trying to scout
ahead and keep safe, this is a fast paced
game and the fact that u need to travell same
distance twice now with ur drone and then
ur own body, can make the gameplay pretty
slow and sluggish which again will seperate
the team and either they get killed or u get
cought out by a random passerby team on ur
own. so in my opinion es pretty dam hard to
keep balance with ur team, and also even harder
to work with randoms. but i like him and will
keep playing him, hmm im a crypto main now
perhaps? guess we know after he sinks in a
bit, anyway, thank you guys for watching please
do subscribe and help me out by pressing the
bell and like button, i do post a lot of borderlands
3 content right now aswell, but i keep my
self up to date with apex every time some
big update comes out, in teh future i will
be keep doign other guide and tips videos
on all sorts of games so i will apreceate
the help, alright if i did miss anything which
i definetelly did please dont crucefy me and
have mercy, just comment it down below and
i will give it a heart or even stick it to
the top so everyone can see, im sure in a
month time ppl will come out with all sort
of crazy shit. aight amma head out now, so
watch ur back in apex since im gonna come
for that ass boy, bye


  1. Dude i'm glad you said something about the loot. Anyone else finding it impossible to get good sniper optics despite the apparent long range meta?

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  3. I have a question, when you recall. is there a cooldown to it? for an example, i want to scout out a complex and instantly recall after.

  4. I don't speak English. But I am looking forward to translation at Streamer Nest. Please keep doing a good job 🙂

  5. Yes, Lifeline Healing bot will be destroyed by Crypto's EMP. However i don't know if the EMP will destroy Wattson's Ult

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  7. Correction* crypto can’t hear anything around him when he’s in the drone, it’s not like anyone can defend themselves when they are in the drone, that’s why any damage takes them out of the drone automatically.

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  10. Dont forget that looking at the Champion/Kill Leader Banners around the map while in a drone will tell you how many squads there are in the radius of your drone to help you prepare for a fight

  11. I think they could add a additional effect to the drone since it dies so easily, like when it's destroy it will give off a much smaller scale emp explosion. That way you can use it in a offensive manner.
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  14. The EMP destroys Lifeline's D.O.C drone, Wattson fences, Caustic traps and Gibraltar's dome shield. It also deals damage to Octane's jump pads and Wattson's interception pylon (meaning if these have already been damaged it can destroy them).

    Also, I've tested it numerous times now, the drone cannot see/ping enemies through Bangalore's smoke or Caustic's gas.

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  16. Drone cannot see through Bangalore's Smoke or Caustic's Gas. That means Crypto is no counter to Bangalore. Bloodhound however is still a counter to smoke and seeing through gas.

  17. Okay no, how does no-one know how to use the drone flight modes? In direct flight mode the drone moves forward towards where you look, if your pressing W and look down the drone will move down in that direction and it will swoop up if you look up. But Level Flight mode means you can look up and down without the drone flying in that direction, good for when you want an aerial view but would also still like to move your drone around, but you can still move up and down using… I don't play on PC so I'm just gonna say your jump and crouch buttons, so if you need to move up to get a better view or move downwards to scout an area that's lower than the ground you were already scouting, you can do it

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