What’s going on. Bitcoin increased by 40% at the time of the
explosion. He went up in the Altcoins, but you know what
else? Turkish crypto money exchanges in the dollar
we have called the dollar or here it went down to 5.20 full night do you know night? The dollar, which is 5.80 in the market, started
to be sold from 5.20. Why did this happen? Who raised the money? Anyway, let me tell you what happened that
night before, what happened first, why so much crypto coins, especially Bitcoin rose
so, who or who is behind this business, we will talk to them and then come to the main
issue. The room, what’s next? Whether you buy or sell daily or long term,
it is important to know what happens next. This may be the beginning of a break, a turning
point, but this is the law of life. We’re living in a world where even kisses
don’t know. I’m afraid so. Those who can evaluate will evaluate and earn
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in the next video a new lottery will begin. And the rewards will change. Anyway, let’s start now, bro. The agenda is very hot, because we are burning
bad. Guys, on Friday, when Bitcoin was around 7400-7500,
it rose to $ 1,000 a night, which isn’t something that’s been seen lately. I did not even sleep until the morning of
Friday night brother sat on the computer as the match follows the fight with the buyers
would follow the sellers. Anyway it was 10250 dollars that night we
looked at 4-5 hours or so against Bitcoin one. In fact, after a very long time, Bitcoin became
one of the most daily rising coins, which we probably saw last in 2017. Anyway, 10250, I said, okay. Just a few hours ago, Bitcoin, which was $ 7500,
rose to $ 3,000. This will run out of gas. Because if there is really a continuing reason
for this hard rise, I’ll say it will rise even higher, but there is no such reason. For example, if Elon Musk came out and said,
I’m building life on Mars. I’m taking people to Mars if they want to,
but I’m sorry we can’t deal with paper money there. There’s no bank. All I can give is the internet, so if Bitcoin
was to be used, of course I’m exaggerating a bit now, but a really long-term upswing
could come because the news has a long impact. Although rumors in the news, he tried to sell,
but returned to around 10250 Bitcoin because there is no such thing. Let me tell you why. Two events stand out in this rise, brother. First, it does not seem like a strong reason
to me, but there is an explanation that says that they want to be the leader of the Chinese
president Xi Jingping Blockchain. Some analysts think it raises, but I think
it has a limited effect. But we shouldn’t miss the NEO. The two power days have seen an increase of
around 33%, so rose to Bitcoin. That is because of the possibility of joint
business with the Chinese government. Okay, Chinese crypto is a huge force in money,
and more than half of Bitcoin mining is in China. Get one more centralization in parentheses. Anyway, it turns out that something else turns
out that China is already banning money from a crypto that doesn’t use much of this kind
of rhetoric. So this is a little bit of work. Oh, look, but I’il give it a shot. In the previous years, rumors were circulating
that China paid its own debts by raising and lowering Bitcoin’s price. That’s very real. Because China knows it has a strong impact
on Bitcoin, it may also be trying to make money by making such speeches. And now there’s this. New news. China has adopted the first crypto currency
law, friends. It will be implemented on January 1, 2020. We’il talk when the details are clear, but
we can be sure that the Chinese will not be able to ban the crypto currency. Let’s close this bet. Anyway, folks, except for all of this, the
second reason for the explosion of Bitcoin may be that I think it’s a far more valid
reason. Yeah, it’s Tether, the digital dollar. Let Tether take his buddy Bitfinex with erc20
token for free. After all, once you swallow the whole market
they equate to $ 1. They send for free and send them to the stock
exchanges and they buy Bitcoin for free and they raise the price of Bitcoin and expect
others to buy it. Then they sell the Bitcoin they get for free,
this time they get real money, they can get it. I mean, the guys set up the counter so that
they could win any kind. One of the reasons they do this is to make
money and the other is to keep the market alive. Because the market canNobody’s interested. Anyway, Tether is the number one responsible
for these upturns and possible downturns. Anyway, if we talked about it, I’d like to
talk about something else. As I said at the beginning of Friday night
against the Turkish crypto money exchanges in this tether’s USD $ 5.20 fell down. This was the subject of a sour dictionary or something. I tweeted, I asked the acquaintances. They say that everyone sells tether globally,
jumping on the Bitcoin train. TL usdt parity is not much. If everyone sells tether then the tether is
plentiful in the stock market against the TL. In fact, co-founder Levent Kurt sent me a
nice explanation on this subject. He said that the problem in the event of the
USD falling down to 5.20 is due to the Bitcoin TL parity’s inability to capture the
Bitcoin Dollar parity, which is flaming, madly traded and operated. Anyone who already has TL in the stock market,
see the rise in Bitcoin and buy Bitcoin with those TL. In this case, the TL is scarce in the stock
market, and this situation is exactly the same as we live in the night or at the end
of the week from the bank does not enter the TL and micro level in the stock market is
gaining TL value basically and this situation, this situation is usually experienced in the
Turkish stock markets, large increases and decreases. . The low amount of cash TL in the stock market
is the salt pepper of this but when the EFT transactions start, the cheap dollar can bring
the normal balance to the balance in
a short time and as a result this process can
be an opportunity for those who have TL balance in the stock markets
before reaching the normal balance. Therefore, I also prevent the stock exchanges,
do not sell, I do not give it to the point of doing so. At least in our stock markets, even more stock
exchanges, so that we can earn more volume. Well, folks, we talked about reasons, consequences.

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