XRP – keep you motivated

Hello everyone
Let’s get started I have no financial interests and I don’t have no sponsored links I feel recently that the XRP community is quite nervous which is why I am doing this video to give you hope and motivation to keep on HODLing I will cover a few points which I think can give you trust and hope that everything goes into the direction we all want here are the topics I will cover why every cell of my body screams XRP will make me rich my own research
the Superhighway theory other people’s research that Ripple training is available since late 2017 the progress of ILP and last but not least
the timeframe why every cell of my body screems XRP will make me rich first I didn’t want to know anything about DLT or blockchain but after a while I was curious to participate in discussions with my colleagues at work which are all software developers So I did a research on the technology and found:Wow! This is very interesting Then I read about the top 20 projects on coin market cap and I stuck with XRP reading about XRP and Ripple I was literally struck by lightning so I started to do my own research upon XRP and I came accross the presentation with the slide you can see at the top right hand there’s a link behind the word slide where you can see the full presentation basically the summary of that presentation is that ILP will eventually connect all payment systems world wide the medium of value exchange will be X R P I then came across a list of system integrators and payment platform providers they have started in 2016 working together with Ripple those third party companies alone Temenos, TASGroup, CGI and Finastra cover 60-70% of the global banking software market together those 4 companies have half a million employees if just 1% of them takes care of banks it’ll still be 10x more people than all Ripple employees together taking care of banks becoming RippleNet customers obviously I was not the only person on social media (YouTube or Twitter) who was doing such a research others were following the same pattern some examples Bank XRP, Darren Moore, I am legion and Wrath of Kahneman but also many others whom I cannot name here they basically showed that many payment systems, banks, central banks projects could be connected to the Ripple project many of those are not 100% confirmed but if only a few percent, let’s say 10% of these connected dots are correct it’s HUGE Kudos to “Jack the Rippler” I have learned about a site which has been offering since late 2017 training about Ripple and XRP in over 70 countries around the world in the bigger countries every week which startup can do this? and will do this another important point in giving you hope and motivation to keep on HODLing is the ILP progress they have ambitious targets by the ILP promoters they want to have a 1000 nodes ready by the end of 2019 ILP is xPring’s top priority xPring has supported many startup companies with resources financial resources
but also other resources and last but not least the timeline proposed in the Everis presentation this is basically my favorite so each technology has an adoption curve the so called normal distribution or bell curve and if we look at the proposed timeline between 2017 and 2025 with basically the target of a global realtime gross settlement system then we are now end of 2019 so 2020 should be a huge year for XRP and RippleNet thank you

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