WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test

WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test

(Pakman)What a weekend! Despair, confusion,
disbelief, surprise, treachery. And I’m
only talking about the historic New
England Patriots Super Bowl victory last
night, never mind politics. But a lot of
news in the political world as well. This
story we did about Donald Trump
seemingly not being able to read well
has completely exploded. It went nuts.
Nearly three million views on Facebook,
nearly 200,000 views on YouTube, tens of
thousands of comments across all
platforms about this. And the story is
only growing. Not only do we have even
more evidence now that Donald Trump
would not pass a basic literacy test, we
actually now have a document which
explains some of the normal and common
indicators that someone has limited
literacy, and I’m going to present all of
this to you because I am increasingly
convinced that our president has only a
passing knowledge, a rudimentary,
basic ability to read. And this is
sort of a concern when you’re talking
about the President of the United States.
So first there’s a couple more things I
want to show you. I’m not going to rehash
all of the stuff from last week, all the
different footage and lots of different
things that you can check out by
reviewing last week’s clip. We have now
some very very weird footage from the
inauguration day morning worship service.
You’ll remember that Donald Trump and
his wife, and Mike Pence and his wife,
went to a church to apparently placate
religious voters. And Mike Pence at one
point hands Donald Trump a pamphlet with
the songs, the hymns, that were going to be
sung there, to Donald Trump. And when you
look at Mike Pence’s face he looks
visibly nervous about handing Donald
Trump something to read. It’s very very
clear that Pence doesn’t seem super
comfortable with this. And then as this
entire charade continues, Donald Trump
actually started singing before the
first verse started. Clearly he doesn’t
really seem to know exactly what’s going
on, and you know this could be because
Donald Trump is lying
about being religious and just doesn’t
know the songs, but it also helps to
build this case that Donald Trump can’t
really read. And then this gets even
weirder when the first verse starts and
Donald Trump starts and stops singing, he
doesn’t really know what’s going on, he’s
doing this thing that is common of
people with low literacy, which is he’s
staring at the page without any visual
cues that suggests he’s recognizing much
of what’s written there. And then in
another point Donald Trump actually
gives up, and he puts his pamphlet away
and tells Melania to do the same. Of
course no one else is doing this at
the time. Trump seems genuinely mad that
he can’t understand what it is that’s
going on, and puts his pamphlet away and
demands that his wife do the exact same
thing. So again more and more of these
videos are surfacing where Donald Trump
just seems to have only a passing
recognition of the words and sentences
that are constructed in the English
language on different pieces of paper.
And here’s the really stunning thing
today, it’s come to my attention that the
Canadian police has what they call a low
literacy checklist document. And this is
related to a program they call
Targeting Crime with Literacy. I was
thinking as I reviewed this, how Canadian
of them, Targeting Crime with Literacy. In
the U.S. we target crime with prisons
and guns, not literacy and education. In
any case, take a look at it. We have the
document here, and as I went through this
document I realize that Donald Trump
matches the list of how we identify
people with limited literacy perfectly!
This document pointing, out keep in mind,
that people who have trouble reading,
writing, and understanding verbal
information often try to cover up their
problem. Here are some of the signs that
may indicate a person has a low level of
literacy. And again, every single one of
these Donald Trump fulfills to a T.
Let’s start with something that we’ve
observed with Trump for a while, which is
that someone with limited literacy may
have difficulty telling a clear story,
or sometimes might seem to talk in
circles. That way of thinking often
is correlated with a low literacy level.
Let me remind you this is just one
example of this exact phenomenon, where
Donald Trump seems to talk in circles
and it’s not clear what he’s talking about.
(Trump)…know what irks me? Look, having
nuclear, my uncle was a great professor
and scientist and engineer, Dr. John
Trump at MIT. Good genes, very good
genes, okay? Very smart. The Wharton School of
Finance, very good, very smart. You know if
you’re a conservative Republican, if I
were a liberal, if, like, okay. If I ran as a
liberal Democrat they would say I’m one
of the smartest people anywhere in the
world. It’s true! But when you’re a
conservative Republican they try, oh, do they
do a number. That’s why I always sort of,
“went to Wharton, was a good student. Went
there, went there, did this, built the-“
you know I have to give my like, credentials all the time.
(Pakman)Hmm yeah. It’s all becoming increasingly clear. Much of what we’ve
observed with Donald Trump may be because
the guy can barely read. Another
indicator of a low level of literacy, the
speaker may have stiff body language
when speaking. Again, just one example, let
me remind you of the following.
(Trump)Both cases you realize what’s happened, it’s
imploding, as we said. Some states have
over a hundred percent increase and 17,
and I said this two years ago, 17 is
going to be the bad year.
(Pakman)Yeah. Another example from the low literacy warning
signs checklist, when asked to read or
write something a person with low
literacy may make excuses to avoid the
task. Like for example, “I can’t read this
because I forgot my glasses.” This is
exactly what Donald Trump did in the
video I showed you last week from the
deposition that went viral. First he
doesn’t want to read it because
it’s too long, then he says he doesn’t
have his glasses. Again, look at this.
(Woman)And tell me what you think, reading that, you
as the landlord are entitled to get from
the tenant, in the event of a tenant
breach, in the way of damages.
(Trump)I don’t have my glasses. I am at a disadva- Cause I didn’t
bring my glasses. This is such small writing.
(Pakman)Yeah. Another example, the speaker
may look dazed or uncomfortable when
someone gives them something to read.
They may just appear to be staring at
the page without any indication that
they’re actually reading or
understanding what is on the page. I
bring to you, again, another exhibit from Donald Trump.
(Woman)we can have a bigger copy made of these pages, and we’ll come back to it.
(Trump)Let me just try, let me just do it.
(Woman 2)I have to place on the record a
hearty objection.
(Pakman)Again, when they do write, someone with
low literacy may make a lot of spelling
or grammar mistakes in their writing. And
I propose to you that we look at three
of Donald Trump’s tweets, One where he wrote,
“China steals United States Navy research
drone in international waters – rips it
out of water and takes it to China in
unpresedented act.” Remember “unpresedented,”
a word that that he wrote in a way that
is not actually a word. Also from Donald
Trump, another tweet, “Heading to Phoneix.”
“Phoenix” misspelled. Also another tweet
from Donald Trump, “Ted Cruz is totally
unelectable, if he even gets to run (born
in Canada). Will loose big to Hillary.”
And of course we know that Donald Trump
usually is not the one tweeting, only
tweeting personally on occasion. Another
indicator of low literacy, the low
literacy person may bring a friend or
relative with them who helps with both
reading and writing. And I call your
attention to Donald Trump tweeting that
he actually doesn’t write most of his
tweets, he dictates them to someone else
who posts them. Continuing, again, Donald
Trump meeting every single bullet point
from the low literacy checklist of the
Canadian police initiative, Targeting
Crime with Literacy, the speaker with low
literacy may give what seem to be
indirect, confused, or irrelevant answers
to question. I present to you Donald Trump.
(O’Reilly)What would you set the federal minimum wage at?
(Trump)There doesn’t have to be, well I
would leave it and raise it somewhat. You
need to help people. And I know it’s not
very Republican to say-
(O’Reilly)Well give me, 10 bucks? 10?
(Trump)I would say 10. I would say 10.
But with the understanding that somebody
like me is going to bring back jobs, I
don’t want people to be in that $10
category for very long. But the thing is
we’ll let the states make the deal.
(O’Reilly)But they do have the right I do that now, because you
could have a state that raises it to 15-
(Pakman)Yeah also, individuals with low literacy
may not ask any questions at all rather
than revealing that they don’t
understand what’s going on. Another hallmark of Trump.
(Pakman)Yeah right. And then lastly
individuals who can’t really read well
will often sign statements or legal
documents that they do not understand.
Remember this, folks?
(Woman)Did you review the lease at all before you signed it?
(Woman)How many leases like this have you reviewed
in your career?
(Trump)Signed, or reviewed?
(Trump)Not too many. I signed hundreds.
(Pakman)And lastly, not that I need any video examples of
this, individuals with low literacy may
try to give the impression, may give
the impression that they don’t
understand the seriousness of a
particular situation. No clip needed
there, goes without saying for Trump.
I want to remind you, why is this a big
deal? If an individual appears to have
low literacy it’s more than just a
reading problem. This impacts thinking
strategies. This impacts how someone is
able to understand and potentially solve
problems. What might sometimes be an
unusual or unproductive attitude towards
an issue can actually be the cause of a
literacy problem. Not only is Donald
Trump merely moderately literate, we’re
talking about a president of the United
States that seems
to be only slightly literate. Is this a
problem for anybody else? The more I look
into this, the more concerned I am that
the president of the United States can
barely read.


  1. Hell you can learn pretty much anything on YouTube, including 3rd grade reading skills… but then why bother when you’re already a stable genius

  2. Normally I would feel sorry for someone with limited literacy and numeracy and try to help them where possible. This is NOT a normal situation by any means. America kick this con man out and into jail.

  3. Remember, his transcripts are hidden in a safe hole underground. He was a juvenile delinquent in grade school. He punched his teacher in the nose. His father put him in a military school because of his abhorrent behavior.

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  5. It's irrelevant whether he has someone tweet for him or he tweets for himself whether he's smart or he's stupid carries no weight either. The fact of the matter is. The man is our president. You respect your president if you do not like your president. Then vote accordingly. If you do not wish to be part of a democracy move to another country and try slandering a dictators. See how that works. . When you live in United States you are American citizen and you agree to that you want to live in a country founded on democracy and henceforth should respect the Constitution it dictates your government. The ones making our country look like a joke are the ones in the media sharing our dirty laundry and soiling those we choose to represent us not the ones in office

  6. Fred trump: my son can't read nor write I will pay you 7 million dollars if you give him all A+

    Fred Trump to whorton University: I'll give you 19 million dollars to give him a bachelor degree with 4.0 SAT scores.

    Fred: hey Donnie do you want to take over my life's work?

  7. Trump already knew the song by heart and he and his wife didn't need the words. He reads teleprompters constantly and does off the cuff news conferences more than ANY prior President with very few mistakes. I laughed all the way thru this idiotic "analysis." What a silly boy. Grow up David! Where's your 9 Billion, Mr. Parkman?

  8. President Trump has resurrected the US economy, given American a huge tax break, increased employment to record levels, and stopped our enemies from making their threats! What more do you dumb motherfuckers want? On top of that Donald Trump does it for free! He donates his money to charity! He takes all this shit for his country while faggots like Pakman bitch like little fucking girls unable to justify their pitiful arguments! David Pakman you afre despicable!

  9. Pakman you are a delirious propagandist with no justification for your pathetic accusations! How could you possibly rationalize such lies? Really, how could you possibly be a self respecting human being and tell such lies! Is the Soros money your deciding factor? Of course it is!

  10. For the League of Women's Voter brochure in preparation for the primary election in my State in 2016, the 400 word, candidate statement that Trump turned in looked like the writing of a highly disturbed, special needs, middle school student. It was the worst written candidate statement I have ever seen. The paragraphs were nit paragraphs. The sentences were nit for the most part sentences. Many of the 400 'words' were nit words–merely meaningless letter combinations. I wad shocked! I had watched a few minutes of the Apprentice twice & had written it off as sadistic nonsense.
    The League of Women Voters prints the candidate statements as handed in. Trump could well have afforded an editor, if he had cared.
    He has always been a nonsense entertainment act.
    Were it not for Dr. Thomas Hofeller's decades of nationwide gerrymandering at billionaire A Pope's expense, The Electoral College votes would have tracked with the popular vote.
    To understand 2016, people should read the 15 or so online articles since May 2019 about the scandal involving the late, Rrpublican Electoral College 'fixer': Dr. Thomas Hofeller. They pertain to the 2020 election.

  11. I heard that Trump's mother was an alcoholic and that she was drinking while she was pregnant with him. That can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. As such, I heard of a middle aged woman with this disorder, who still plays with dolls and cannot cross the street on her own.

    Personally, I think that candidates for any political office should be required to pass a mental competency exam. Also, they should demonstrate that they understand how to handle the job that they want.

  12. Excellent and fascinating video. But also extremely troubling. What does his signature on executive orders and legislations even mean? I've raised the issue of Dump's mental incompetence quite some time ago. It would be perfectly feasible to have a sizable number of mental health clinicians with special expertise on malignant narcissism to testify before Congress. The subject of impeachment clearly identifies "mental incompetence" (but not in those exact words: we have to keep in mind that the Constitution was drafted towards the end of the XVIIIth century!) among the possible motives for impeaching an elected official. I am firmly convinced that to be effective (and I am not as cynical as David about this, sorry!), the Dem majority caucus of the House should include one crucial article of impeachment stating that Dump is clearly a highly disturbed, bloated, full of himself and only himself narcissist that has absolutely no consideration for his fellow humans unless they are him (not verbatim, of course: some of my remarks point to my state of exasperation about this subhuman, despicable lifeform that goes under the name of "Dumpus orangescens"). In other words, a mental incompetence clause that would rally everybody in the Senate because they're not stupid. They're sick of him, too, of his pathological lying, his absolutely ludicrous ideas that would quickly relegate any other person in less key positions than POTUS to an asylum. That would do it and remove a corrupt, ibept and mentally incompetent individual from office. A first in USA history. By that time, if it results in a victorious Yay for removal, Dump would have become so shaken by the events that he will have literally lost however little sanity he had left deep down inside and would'nt even say a word when he will be escorted out of the WH and sebt to a medieval dungeon surrounded by a moat filled with basilisks and a wall lined up with electrified barbed wire on the top of which sharp hooks and razor blade-coated, extremely sharp rods to impale any surviving trespasser.

    I don't like Republicans, but they would redeem themselves a lot if they'd do the honorable thing. My suggestion for a mental incompetence article of impeachment is far from far-fetched and is already supported by multiple public statements, some of them in scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and co-signed by dozens of experts in the fields of psychiatry pertaining to paranoid narcissism. Such articles have established without any reservation nor partisan bias that Donald Dump's judgement is distorted by a psychotic form of narcissism. What is fooling his supporters and the public in general is that he's a functioning psychopath, which means that his psychotic narcissism does not affect the most basic aspects of his daily routine. However, when problems or anything that appears to, oppose his views happens, he loses it and starts to perceive anybody challenging his decisions not as someone who simply disagrees (after all, they're entitled to their opinions!), but as a threat. He then overreacts, and in his case starts tweeting just about any ,far-fetched idea, conspiration theory, or just plain, in-your-face lie that crosses his paranoid mind. BTW, tweeting is the ideal forum for cowards like Dump who fear challengers – and to be honest other platforms, including this one, are facing the same problem. This inevitably results in chaos, which explains why psychotic narcissists dwell so often in a completely disorganized, discheveled environment. In such a place, those mentally ill paranoid patients feel capable of accomplishing any ludicrous action even if it is completely meaningless. But when they have to face some "force", or " movement" that threatens to reestablish some form of order in the chaos the paranoid has contributed to trigger in the first place, they may perceive those responsible for restoring order as an immediate threat to their "freedom of action". This explains why Dump attacked the impeachment inquiry by calling it a "coup". A term that's quite revealing, in passing, as it clearly illustrates the profundly disturbed mind of the ROTUS (it's a coup because " l'État, c'est moi" ( I am the State), a "mot célèbre" attributed to Louis XIV.)


  14. yeah sure, and obama didn't release his school records, nor did bush, kerry, al gore.
    this is another click bait video, and i never went beyond the commercial.
    so trump is an idiot but somehow he's president and the poster of this video is a loser liberal asshole who sleeps in mommy's basement.

  15. It’s been a problem for me for three years. I cannot believe you and I are the only ones who noticed! Why is he the president?

  16. Your a complete phony masquerading as higher intelllect.Typical leftist.You bring nothing and you leave with…….well nothing.

  17. Trump hating is getting so old. He has accomplished something only the most gifted, most extraordinary individuals could possibly attain. If you don't recognize that you are a biased, butt hurt infant, wearing blue diapers with a donkey stamped on the back.

  18. I am not a Trump fan by any stretch of the imagination BUT I am his age and if I forget my reading glasses I won't be able to read anything in print in a normal size font, hence the poor idiot my not be able to see what he's trying to read. VERY FRUSTRATING indeed!!!

  19. He has such a big magnificent brain as eloquently purported by the Forty-Faked himself. Perhaps he should fire Betsy DeVos and appoint someone credible and experienced in the field of education. Dumbfounding! LMAO!

  20. Is this really a surprise to ANYONE???!! The fact that Trump is an illiterate moron???!!! I’ve known this for a long, long time!!!

  21. Funny how a guy making youtube videos for a living is trying to prove how a guy who took a billion dollar loan and turned into a multi billion dollar net worth, owns real estates and businesses globally, went to Wharton School of Business, raised a terrific family and now…became President of the United States is actually low in literacy. Well honestly, I'd rather be a low literacy person and be a billionaire magnate like Trump, than be high in literacy and make youtube videos with earplugs sticking out my ears…

  22. After seeing his Oct 09, 2019 "Letter to Erdogan" (President of Turkey) his literacy level becomes entirely evident. Apparently, Trump's crayons should be taken away…quickly. P.S. don't teach him how to buy a stamp.

  23. Pence was afraid he would be hit by lightning. Trump is illiterate or can’t see without glasses and is too vain.
    Why would anyone think this group would be christians let alone good christians. Or any other religion.

  24. How could someone get into and graduate from an Ivy League school not able to read and write? Are schools that bribable?

  25. For all you morons sucking into this idiot Tube, How do you explain when The Donald stays with the Teleprompter Flawlessly.?
    Oh that's right Trump Haters have been conditioned to never Truly Listening to the Man Thus Creeps Like this Asshole can spoonfeed you any pile of crap they choose. .!

  26. Great points, very well made. Unfortunately those who have the power don't have the incentive to stop this lunatic! All about the $$ & poll numbers.

  27. This guy thinks he's so smart and eveyone else is stupid. Look at his facial expressions and his duping smile. He's obviously full of shit. Donald is a liar about being religious. He doesn't care. He knows how to read and he reads out loud all the time. The thing that stupid David Pakman doesn't know or even bother to observe is that before he ran for president he demontrated vocabulary and a speach pattern that was alot more sophisticated..The truth be told….and this non observant weasel David Pakman didn't look into was the fact that Trump was very interested in Jessy Ventura and how a big time wrestler became Govenor. He spent alot of time with Jessy and even at the WWF shows. He saw how they market themselves and the simple words they used and he brought it into politics and you know what?… it worked he became president.. and this is genius and David Pakman is the Dummy!

  28. This is what happens when a child puts it together that daddy will bail them out of every situation therefore no longer needs to strive for anything.

  29. His moms sent him away when he was 13 to a special place where he stayed until he was 18 and his father wouldn’t help him get out neither. This is why he NEVER talks abt his moms. He hates her.

  30. I tell u what tho the ppl who support him doesn’t care about none of that. Wht supremacy is all they care abt.

  31. Why does this matter? All American presidents are sub human.. why are they so out to get him? Is this the new way we judge the office of president?! Seems Barrack and few others got a pass on lot of stuff they did. But not Trump he must be held to a much higher standard than any other president!! I understand that the main stream didn't get there way!!

  32. What happened to White House speech writers? Oh, never mind. That wouldn't work cause Trump couldn't read those speeches anyway….

  33. I've never seen Trump with glasses on period. I need reading glasses. I go nowhere without them. a person with his job and responsibilities wouldn't either.

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