Why Blockchain Matters (It Is Changing the World)

the year is 1989 you are 17 years old
you just got dropped off from the school
bus at your house you tell your mom you
want to go over to your friend’s house
to study and you have your friend’s
address well your mom doesn’t know where
that is so she has to pull out a giant
map book find cross streets and then try
to figure out a route to get there
however before you go you have an essay
you have to do on Millard Fillmore who
even knows who that is but you have to
do it so you have to go to the library
the problem is you only have one car and
your dad’s not home from work yet so as
soon as your dad arrives home from work
your mom takes you to the library you go
to the library you find a lot of books
it takes you a while use the Dewey
Decimal System you find the books you
find resources on Millard Fillmore your
Encyclopedia Brittanica set at home just
didn’t have enough information you then
take it over to the fancy copier at the
library and you make copies of the
resources you go home digging through
the resources you finally managed to get
an essay done however by the time all
this takes place it’s 9 p.m. and it’s
too late to go to your friend’s house to
study or who knows maybe even you are
trying to court a lady now the years
2019 you’re 17 years old you get dropped
off at home and you have to do an essay
on Millard Fillmore you want to go to
your friend’s house you have the address
so you’ll go to Google you’ll look up
the information on Millard Fillmore 30
minutes later you have a very thorough
essay written and then you wave
goodbye to your mom as you pull up in
uber on your phone with your friend’s
address in less than an hour after you
got home
you are now at your friend’s house
that’s the power of technology that’s
the power of the Internet when we look
back in 1989 30 years ago and compare it
to what we have today and how fast we
can do things it really is absolutely
and that is why blockchain matters when
you think about a situation that today
we just take for granted how simple it
is looking up things on the internet
being able to freely travel through uber
even if you don’t have a car not having
to worry if you’re in only a one-car
family you can still get places not
having to worry about you know wandering
meandering trying to find someone’s
house and getting lost because you
always have that information right at
your fingertips
and the thing is guys is with blockchain
it’s going to make our lives that much
easier that is why blockchain matters
because the future is going to be easier
we’re gonna look back in 30 years at
things we do today and we’re our minds
are gonna be blown by the things that we
have to do today whether it is the way
that we research the way that we travel
the way that we made things easier that
our healthcare system it’s gonna it’s a
going to be so drastically improved it’s
not even funny and I know this because I
come from a background where I actually
worked at a rehab facility for teenage
boys I was the executive director there
and I can tell you this we spent so much
time doing unnecessary paperwork when it
comes to insurance it’s totally crazy
the way that things are done we spent so
much of our time trying to get the
mental health records of the boys in our
program from other facilities it took
weeks sometimes imagine if that could
happen like that the ways that
blockchain is going to change our life
we can’t even see or comprehend right
but in 30 years when we project back it
the way we’re doing things now it’s
gonna seem as crazy as the way we were
doing things in 1989 so one person that
believes that we are gonna see huge
changes in the world is Tim Draper he
believes the blockchain technology will
enable a revolution of industries to be
more efficient in terms of productivity
organization and increased revenue
companies like IBM Walmart and Facebook
are already looking for ways to use this
technology then as we move to a more
digital world it only makes sense that
blockchain is gonna impact our lives in
ways that are unimaginable now I know we
get bogged down in the price everybody
wants to talk about the price
the big story now is we’re in a
descending triangle and the price of
Bitcoin is gonna go down back below
10,000 maybe the $7000 but that doesn’t
matter guys the people that think long
term like Tim Draper they’re not swayed
by these movements every day and I’m not
I’m not swayed if the price of Bitcoin
is $10,000 today or $15,000 tomorrow or
5,000 in a few weeks from now it doesn’t
matter because we’re changing the world
with block chain technology and I’m so
excited to be on the front edge of this
movement and we’re gonna be able to look
back at all the people that are in this
space right now including you yes that’s
right including you and we’re just gonna
say man remember when all this started
the same way that we still see pictures
of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in little
bitty rooms working on computers in the
beginning of computer technology not
even the internet and this is the way
that the world is going to be in the
future so I’m definitely very excited
now one country that blockchain
technology and Bitcoin is blowing up in
is Iran and we talked about this with
Cuba yesterday which is we see in these
countries and regimes that oppress their
people we see blockchain technology well
really more specifically crypto currency
not necessarily blockchain apart from
Bitcoin or cryptocurrency
really blowing up so a recent survey 25%
of 1650 Iranian bitcoiners earned 500 to
$3,000 per month
working with cryptocurrency and the
question is what those people have been
able to make those same kind of gains
without cryptocurrency just in their
daily jobs in Iran
someone recently told me I shouldn’t
talk about politics or International
Affairs because I don’t get outside of
the United States well guess what I’ve
got my passport now and I wish that
shove it in your face and when I find
this thing you are gonna be really upset
I can’t listen guys I just got my
passport updated I was gonna show you
the picture of me dummies but I was
gonna show you the front of the booklet
but it looks like unfortunately I’ve
already lost my passport so if somebody
could send me a new one that would be great
but I’m getting ready to go on an
international tour sometime soon so you
guys definitely make sure that you check
that out when it happens I’m still don’t
know where this passport but anyways I
digress so another thing I want to talk
to you guys about is escape QR so um
this is a fun game that was made by my
friends Keith and crypto sanity and
basically what this game is is it is a
way to kind of play within the confines
of a QR code from a Lightning Network
transaction now they do have a free mode
here now this is not sponsored these are
my friends that made this which is why
I’m telling you about it um basically
you can do two different ways you can
generate a lightning invoice which at
the end of this video I’m gonna show a
video tutorial by my friend Becky bond
Preki Vaughn Bitcoin and he’s gonna
explain to you guys exactly how well
he’s gonna show you how to use the
lightning Network in conjunction with
this game I’m just gonna play it for
free because it’s easier to show you on
this big screen like this but here we go
there’s a randomly generated example
lightning Network invoice if this was a
real invoice you would scan this QR code
with your lightning wallet to complete
the micro transaction so here we go we
are going to start
the game now here we go
okay so I’m at the bottom and I got to
try to find the Bitcoin so you got to
look up on the map and find out where
the bitcoins are hit spacebar to make a
wall disappear I’m gonna just guy was
gonna get me I think okay here we go and
as you go it turns red obviously as you
can see some of it turns red oh gosh ah
this is very nerve-wracking now every
time you hit a green some red appears
now if you see the dirty Fiat dollars
are chasing me boom there we go okay now
I got to go up further earlier way did
this game I did terrible and I could not
get to where I need to go but I’m
actually doing pretty well this time I
may actually get all the bitcoins which
is kind of my goal in life right is to
get all the bitcoins you guys can tell
I’m a huge gamer right you guys can tell
that because I’m crushing this game
right now
boom look at that squirt now I do get a
50% penalty because I’m not using the
lightning Network actually to play this
game which I could have done but I
really just want to show you guys how to
play I did I thought I wouldn’t make it
this far
oh that was close now if you hit the red
you also die game over what was my game
over I want to get that last Bitcoin but
anyways guys that was the QR the escape
QR game so make sure that you guys check
out this game you can find it at escape
QR .com if you want to play with the
Lightning Network you can do that I
suggest doing it I’m gonna play the
video tutorial from Bitcoin can never
say his name right from Brecky Vaughn
Bitcoin I used to call him crypto
breakfast that used to be his name when
he first started now he’s now he’s a
Bitcoin maximalist and whatnot so he had
to get rid of the crypto but anyways
guys check this game out check out Vaughn Bitcoin if you had don’t follow him
on Twitter he’s a good follow and he
does a lot of cool art projects and
things like that so check out this
tutorial I’ll talk to you later bitboy

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