What’s Happening in Crypto Market Today 17/08/18 – SVK Crypto ‘Gone’ in 60 seconds

Here 3 things they should know about
the crypto markets today Number 1, Crypto ETF alternatives now available.
Number 2, GPU sales to crypto miners declining and number 3 CoinBase to
secure Bitcoin payments. A bitcoin exchange traded nodes or commonly known
as ETN has just been listed in Sweden and is being targeted towards US
investors. This is massive news because it gives US investors the ability to
invest in the Bitcoin ETN or a Bitcoin tracker or some like to call it. All
trade should be executed in dollars but clearing custody assessment will be done
on the Swedish exchange. Nvidia is reporting a decline in sales due to the
fact crypto currency miners are no longer buying GPU units. This is important
because GPU units were up 40% last year and then down all of 2018 this
is a strong correlation to market performance and something to take a note
on. A newly published patent by coinbase seeks to protect and secure Bitcoin
payments for all clients. What does this really mean this means that they’re
looking to create a portal for this odd to take place on why would they do this?
well they’re looking to keep and attract new customers to the CoinBase
ecosystem and keep them all there Now that you’re up to speed
let’s get back to business and remember to check out our other videos and
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