What is Litecoin #LTC 💯LIVE BK Price Prediction 💯FREE Bitcoin Fintech Review

What is Litecoin #LTC 💯LIVE BK Price Prediction 💯FREE Bitcoin Fintech Review

Today we’re covering litecoin
time to make money online with this coin
and learn how to chart
like a boss!
for some free bitcoin and cool crypto trading tools
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sound okay what’s going on everybody all
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appreciate it today’s video we will be
talking about litecoin LTC to the BS BTC
on a 343 also known as the boss method
looking pretty good should you buy it
what is it and what is the price
prediction that’s what we will be
covering on today’s video right after
this quick 92nd intro stay tuned
BAM my people my people it’s about that
time if this is your first time tuning
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money what’s going on everybody my name
is BK known as the crypto trader and
today we will be looking at light coins
chart LTC to the BTC on a three for
also known as the boss method if you’re
just getting set up in the crypto space
and want to learn how you can trade like
a boss couple resources we have for you
number one go to boss of Bitcoin dot-com
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marketplace this is people helping
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you know come on in the doors are always
open and then without further ado what
we will jump right into today’s
discussion is a light coin what is it
in so far as the market is concerned and
should you look at buying it so what
I’ll do for everybody is this is our
chart right here
LTC two BTC again if you’re just getting
set up
do yourself a favor go to the website
and watch that video right there I take
about 30 minutes and I walk you through
step by step how you can get your chart
looking like mine and how you can know
exactly and precisely when you should
buy when you should sell it’s very very
very simple and easy right so first
thing I’m gonna do is fade down the 231
a little bit we can see what litecoin on
a 343 that we have been underwater for
quite some time somebody in the chat
said that litecoin what do you say
like coin damage their soul didn’t sell
went away under the blue foolish yes I
agree that is very foolish so don’t do
right I’ll get you this method for a
reason and the reason is it actually
works so just follow the method
follow the money uh-hum and you will be
much better off as a result everybody
out there we already know you know said
it’s a light coin up there somewhere and
if you rode it all the way down you
definitely should have sold it on that
drop right there right no reason you
should have been in it long after you
know eighteen five right maybe write it
up maybe write it up and on when you
take that loss right there
you know after anything under fifteen
cents you know it’s it’s really nothing
God should have kept you in that market
at that point but for now what we’ll do
is we’ll act like you know this is our
first time looking at the chart we can
see on a 343 again it is still under
water right and so what that means is
we’ll need to do something like that
before we have a full clean and clear
reversal what do I mean by clean and
clear I mean when that seven is over
that seventy seven and that’s seventy
sevens over that 231 and you got three
lines moving up and to the right you
know that’s that’s clean and clear money
right there there’s money on money
that’s what we want to buy into but for
the meantime since we don’t have that
situation at least on a long-term chart
long money up here let’s go down to our
short money and see how that’s looking
and that’s where you know things look a
little bit better right so we know from
that top yellow line that’s kind of a
343 to 31 so that’s kind of like our
macro ceiling so to speak everything has
been pushing it down pushing it down
pushing it down right so we need some
justification first of all that this is
indeed a floor that we’re holding on
right now right we want to know just
about four
or that that eight five-o is not gonna
break well one thing I taught you guys a
while ago is that anything happening in
the present day more than likely already
happened in the past right and so we can
see right there that this floor did
indeed hold for us
once upon a time how far ago once upon
the time well about six mmm
almost ten twelve months ago once upon a
time what they say history doesn’t
repeat itself but it’s sure enough does
right so if we just copy and paste that
box right there put it right there BAM
now we can see that we should be able to
break out of this thing yet this same
energy returns by the end of September
right but that’s not enough that’s just
correlation now let’s see if we get some
causation right so one thing we can do a
couple things we want to do we need to
figure out what relation this point 0.3
has to two points over here and for
those two points I’m looking at this
part of the chart and I need a negative
correlation that flatlines and gives me
a positive outcome and if I can find
that then I can pin that to the energy
ways we have now and all we do need to
do is follow that cycle and in order to
get that let me zoom in a little bit I
mean I’m gonna need to go negative
negative positive just like I showed you
guys on that picture on the thumbnail
right negative negative positive and it
looks like the first point we’re gonna
be looking at is right before August
that little peak point Thanks this one
right here
top of the seven let’s try this this one
– this one that’s up that’s the
correlation right negative negative
positive right we should have positive
energy what did I say that last that
that box said right before the end of
September and now we’ve confirmed that
with our second little line see that
right there how close them lines are
that is not by mistake right so we got
negative negative positive now let’s see
if we can triangulate this correlation
with one more if we could freestyle on
the Fibonacci from the top of that
energy to the bottom but I am just like
yeah I’m saying negative negative
positive bounce up on the 3/2 we should
be able to close in on that – – by the
end of this cycle right there 14% in
about four weeks if this relationship
holds that’s not bad right
another thing I could do if I wanted to
is bring it up here to the macro energy
and now you see that we basically
capstone out at that for two to four six
right all idea was tightening back up to
the intersection of the seven and the 77
and so what this tells me is I’ve shown
this about three or four different ways
now what this tells me is that light
point is indeed on its way to see better
days what is today’s price today’s price
is right there eight seven zero you know
and I just showed you that we should be
able to get up to us tighten that down
with the new trajectory we should be
able to get up to 980 before October
that’s not bad right
especially I’m like when litecoin is a
major major coin for everybody that’s
not familiar with light point just go
into you know Google and ask Big Brother
what they think like lanius and
essentially I like to go to Google
Images because a lot of times you can
learn a lot faster in pictures than you
can with videos right sorry ago litecoin
Birds Bitcoin it’s a faster larger
economy think of it as spare change
right when you go to a think of it as
quarters right instead of everybody
spends dollars dollar bills right they
have dollars in our wallet well like
coin as quarters it’s just faster easier
cheaper quicker to use the original
founder used to correlate to silver it’s
gold I don’t think it’s like that at all
I think it’s more like you know just
look at the supply size for quarters
this Bitcoin has 21 million supply
supply circulating coins max supply by
coin 84 million
one times four eighty four four quarters
in a dollar so that’s essentially what
light point is to Bitcoin if bitcoins a
litecoin is a quarter just faster
quicker cheaper you know on the
blockchain a quicker way to send money
and so it’s it’s it’s looking like this
is a pretty good opportunity to get in
especially for the long term I don’t
think there’s much long-term risk left
with litecoin down here at eight seventy
especially when you talk about LTC being
used to build out you know the cjb
network on the blockchain right and that
in itself is a huge huge huge
opportunity right and so again this is
just a quick little technical analysis
to let you all know I think the next
cycle that litecoin sees will be a
positive cycle this should come into
formation halfway between at the worst
halfway between that cycle right there
so one and a half and that’s going to be
October so middle of October you should
see like point B back in the positive
positive growth area where that happens
how much that happens is yet to be
determined if you are in the chat right
now do me a map do me a favor shout to
country out I’m coming right back to you
guys in about 30 seconds and but
everybody out there just tuning in that
is how you chart like alcohols
Oh so again everybody getting set up
welcome to the one and only BK crypto
trader aka the boss of Bitcoin
check out the website boss of Bitcoin
dot-com you go see my man on the right
hand side suited and booted looking like
the American Dream you know I’m saying
they said it’s a hard job being a boss
but somebody’s got to do it I think he’s
doing pretty well this is what he’s done
for you made making money real easy you
know you already know about the boss
method I just showed you got to work
from the inside out freestyle on
Fibonacci and everything riding the wave
of profitability go on down to the
product section you go seam is 90 crypto
Diana Rodriguez you’ll see crypto
trading products profit package top
seven coins every seven days you know I
just come on here at the end of the
video to show you the resources boss
alert messages
this one is our premium kind of kind of
some people followed that quick the loud
the insiders Club whatever you want to
call this this group has a 24 hour
access to me they are private messaging
app and I release exclusive updates and
charts and even a in depth crypto
trading market analysis to where I pick
you know the top 20 top 30 coins and we
follow those coins and every week that
list changes you know and I’m riding the
coins to the topic with everybody so as
this positive positive energy returns
this group will fill up now is a good
time to get in especially when a lot it
before a lot of this money comes flying
in and like I said just you know go to
the website check out the testimonials
that reviews that people have left and
then if you have any crypto you know
opportunities I get invited to a lot of
conferences so if you have opportunity
like that be sure to put that in the
website as well and so there you go like
I say it like coin you know is I wanted
to sleep in Giants in the market right
now one of the original crypto
currencies you know before they were
doing 100 million I SEOs like litecoin I
believe had 100
our product right so just recognize the
opportunity at hand and if that indeed
is something you are interested in and
proceed in the direction of your own
choosing I believe now is the time that
we have to actually take back our
freedom because it was sold long before
you ever came into existence for pennies
on the dollar so why not convert some of
that slave labour debt paper you got
sitting around in your wallet in your
bank account over to some real deal
equity on the blockchain and so let’s go
ahead and jump in the chat see who we
got rocking out with us right now
Daigo spliff star in the building good
to see you I’ll just bring it all the
way out here
Brandon Benjamin holding it down for the
Oh H 10 Bobby how I would say he’s
mounted LTC as we speak
somebody asks what price is that price
right now a 870 like that’s the price
right now so kind about a way to Florida
appreciated Slovakia and the building
put down to pick up six all day that’s
right somebody said they got it at $55 I
don’t know what that is I don’t value
dollars I don’t measure my worth in
dollars you know step you wait up come
over to the BTC side you will achieve
much much more and a big shot holding it
down for laiá laiá laiá boss walking on
the west coast miss Ellis and GA you
know I’m saying Georgia on my mind there
you go with that being said it’s that
time of the day signing out folks boy
became no matter where you stay brazil
debate telephone IE
all the way out dude jerk money good
night good morning and good day thank
you for joining me thank you for your
time do me a favor if you can subscribe
if you haven’t done it already and join
the money team
copy and paste this URL text somebody
you care about let them know what I coin
is like if people aren’t you know people
have heard about it they don’t know what
it is I don’t know if they should buy it
they don’t know what the chart looks
like they still trying to measure it a
net worth in dollars say no look at it
towards BTC BPC always goes up in
dollars over time because dollars
decrease in value over time and this is
a system of design with that being said
till we meet again stay cryptic l


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  3. Been watching LTC closely myself. It's my biggest bag. I hope that turns out to be a good thing in the end. I trade it against USD though rather than BTC.

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