We Call Fund Manager Of New Regulated Bitcoin & Crypto Fund Now Available To US Investors

We Call Fund Manager Of New Regulated Bitcoin & Crypto Fund Now Available To US Investors

hey everyone be sure to watch this great
video coming up we are actually going to
be speaking to Timothy and a king the
managing director the creator of the
cryptocurrency fund known as cam crypto
30 so stay tuned and listen to what he
has to say later in the video
see you on the other side hi everyone
this is kevin from crypto town hope
everybody’s having a fabulous day today
so today we’re going to talk about a new
fund that has launched just I think it
actually launched today and it directly
correlates to bit connect now where the
crypto asset firm launches an investable
index for the top 30 crypto currencies
so let’s talk about it real quick it’s
pretty interesting one of the crypto
currencies world’s most standard fund
managers is launching two new products
aimed at bringing the emergent asset
class mainstreamed we revealed
exclusively to coined as Tim and against
crypto asset management fulness today
releasing a new product called the cam
crypto 30 a crypto currency index
designed to mirror the 30 largest crypto
currencies by market capitalization in
addition the firm has also announced the
new investable share class for the phone
which will track the crypto currencies
listed in the index now this is just a
further enhance the fact that crypto
currencies are becoming more mainstream
is a demand for people that want to buy
index funds so this lists the top 30
crypto currencies by market cap and of
course you know they they could exclude
certain asset classes if they wanted but
as you can see bitcoins number one year
ripple now we just go further down on
this but bit connect was as you can see
here it is number 13 shall we see the
bit connect coin trading in a fund is
absolutely amazing it just shows there
is demand and you know obviously when
they put these funds together they just
don’t just throw anything in to me they
do a lot of research a lot of background
checks and all these different things
and then they put them together so I
think it’s pretty amazing so not sure
how we’re going to be able to buy this
fund it might be a private
so it’s listed on any exchanges maybe
come back from a trade or TD Ameritrade
but I mean this is just amazing that
this fund is launched so obviously they
are purchasing these assets for the
phone so what is the crypto asset fund
all about it is a mutual fund the basket
of 30 of the crypto currencies by market
cap now let’s read a little and see what
they got to say so crypto asset fund is
not open and private fund forms for the
purposes of acquiring managing and
divesting investments in a variety of
crypto assets four types of crypto
currencies tokens tethers of a present
and future instruments related to them
it also may make blockchain and other
related investments including mining
related activities as well as other
investments in the crypto assets base
and broadly defined you know one of the
great things I love about this is they
named it after me crypto cam-cam crypto
30 okay that’s cool I promise you I
didn’t have anything to do with that
whatsoever anyway so who can invest in
this well let’s see the fund is open to
us accredited investors and there’s also
a feeder fund the crypto asset fund in
Cayman Islands has been created for
non-us investors so yeah it’s open to US
investors it’s a kind of one of the
first funds of this kind so I think it’s
pretty amazing for sure so yeah we’ll
definitely give them a course if we can
find out some more information how do we
get it we can buy through any of our
accounts so that we may have brokerage
accounts if you have like TD Ameritrade
e Trade and stuff right now let’s see
this is interesting
okay crypto currencies represent a
paradigm shift not just because of what
they are but because of the scale scope
of application and speed of adoption so
yeah that’s a monkey I just love this so
there’s not a lot of funds a lot of
coins out coins in the year and things
like that there we are there’s bit coin
by coin Furion – I own a neo Stratis
mineral wave big connect
oh my goodness well so anyway we’ll give
them a call here in a ministry we can
get a hold of them and see how we can
get in on this phone hello
oh great yeah I just saw you opened up a
new crypto asset fund
yeah the cam crypto 30 or something with
a large other shut up in in the front of
a shear class that oh okay great
where you guys based out of by the way
you know oh oh you’re in San Diego so I
see okay wonderful well I’m interested
in cryptocurrency and looking to invest
I actually have some Bitcoin but I was
looking for an index fund to put some
money into it do you have it’s available
on betrayed or TD Ameritrade or anything
no because it’s not retail funded the
United States is focused God or it’s
only a real auction
according to accredited investors which
makes them enormous okay 25,000 that
sounds good Whitlam was it launched –
okay – 19 so how can I participate
because I definitely be interested in
putting some money in it now I give you
the email address you can look it up not
fun like and I’ll send you all the
information and I’m okay I think I’d
like an email on here somewhere
should be on the website here I want to
go on yes I am ammonia website right now
yeah by Anik I know about the keenya –
after – 1.com okay great another
question for you on the chem crypto 30
how did you pick the crystals
did you go by market cap or did
look into them as far as okay so you’re
pretty you feel pretty confident that
all these old coins and cryptocurrencies
you put pretty good connect includes
McCoy right I’m not sure I’m not sure
what you mean by pretty good okay when
you want to keep this veto we reasonably
could as we reasonably could see – we
waited on monthly basis so one of these
such points out and lots of Boerne the
top 30 points right on all right okay I
see what you mean yeah definitely okay
sounds great all right well I’ll drop
you an email and yeah look forward to
receiving that information and then get
some money into it and see how it does
sounds pretty good okay oh also I’m
sorry one other question are you going
to be coming up coming up with any more
of these kind of cryptocurrency funds
classic of a single front so we’re not
going to create any more fun right other
interest to you now we did manage
portfolios so for large amounts of tea
are a large amount of crypto we actually
manage them separately so this allows
people of insane sitting on a bunch of
it going the number has been increasing
increase the number okay and the second
thing is in that connection is we’re
going to be releasing additional share
classes or announcing additional share
classes and the next ones will probably
be denominators and cryptocurrency fun
well you have a certainly of the coins
in an imperial denomination sure but
okay brought you and do you think in the
future you’ll be listing any on you know
where we can just bite through our TD
Ameritrade or etrade accounts well if
you can buy one that you can buy funds
through those to do it now I definitely
want to express interest the bail they
would approach me acute if we have an
ISI n so in theory that could be done
okay okay all right that’s it yes
judging by what why you’re by your
accent you’re you’re Irish but if you
make us by our a you could actually put
your iron oh okay fantastic yeah I’ve
been living over there for like twenty
plus years on the US citizen originally
from the Manchester England yeah they’re
not more worried this my accent is kind
of faded a bit commencement kuhnian yeah
that’s right and we’re how cool
Manchester United fans that’s for sure
yes all right fantastic well yeah I’ll
send you that email and I look forward
to your number now I’m good speaking
with you just so I can alright sounds
great I appreciate it take care of 2005
yeah I know
so there you have it excellent good
information from him and it looks like
it will be possible to buy this fund for
your II trade or TD Ameritrade account
just put in a request and sure they’ll
probably be get lots of requests but for
now it’s private fun but open to us
investors and they’re going to send me
some more information on it and yeah
it’s pretty interesting stuff so hope
that helped you all and we’ll talk more
about this fund and other things in the
crypto world pretty soon but if you
enjoyed this video today please like it
and please subscribe as well we also
appreciate the investors as you can see
we actually call the companies and get
information that will help you to make
your decisions on how to best put your
money to work in the crypto world
alright take care have a great day bye


  1. here we go, first large crypto derivative for institutional traders, next they will interconnect it with mortgages then Wamn, we have the 08 crisis all over again.

  2. Trading Requirements
    All CCs eligible for inclusion in the CAMCrypto30® index must trade on at least three (3) of the 10 largest crypto currency exchanges. OTC trading is not included for this purpose.

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