what’s going on guys how are you guys
doing welcome back to a brand new video
on this channel today I want to talk to
you guys about verge I want to give you
guys my price prediction on verge if
there’s still time to buy in all of
those things I was actually gonna make a
video on verge lat on my last
cryptocurrency video by side to do
electro Neum so if you haven’t see that
if you haven’t seen that yet go check
that out but I did want to talk about
verse today vert has been doing a lot of
stuff for the last few days I want to
let it cool off before we decided to go
in and analyze the charts because
sometimes when things are shooting up
charts are like very hard to interpret
anyways without further ado let’s jump
right into it here we are on coin a
market cap if I go here and we scroll
for Virg Virg is right here purchase
number 32 so it actually is beating
electroni Imran Jones 46 Virg is number
32 with an 822 million dollar market cap
currently trading at five cents five
point seven cents it did go up though
you guys are gonna see in the charts
real soon okay also before we get
started guys if you are brand new to the
channel and you have not subscribed yet
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yeah back to the video now so yeah 822
million dollar market cap that’s 43,000
bitcoins for three and a half thousand
bitcoins boy what I love to have forty
three and a half thousand bitcoins right
now that is not the point we are talking
about the chart so if we can see let me
go to the month it was trading at like
zero point zero point eight cents zero
point eight cents we’re comparing this
to dollars so zero point eight cents all
the way up to like here zero point nine
cents what’s even one cent yet right and
this is all of a sudden you know we hit
one cent now look at us we’re going up
we’re making moves in the world we’re
going to two cents right there we are we
went to seven cents um it’s their higher
point seven point five cents basically
so seven point five cents going from
less than one cent you’re like 8×2 your
investment crazy returns only some
cryptocurrency things can do this guy’s
ridiculous now some of the reasons that
might have sparked this jump is we had a
tweet from mr. John McAfee I don’t know
if I pronounced that correctly but he
said no not joking I included verge xvg
because it is a legitimate policy coin
and a privacy coin and is also selling
for less than three cents if you know
investing you know that’s easier for a
three cent coin to go to three dollars
than it is for a 300 dollar coin to go
to thirty thousand dollars that’s very
it’s very very true so he says here
someone doesn’t understand market cap
you know trying to talk trash to John
McAfee I don’t know why you would do
that the guy knows what he’s doing
hey I understand market cap you’re
missing an important aspect of human
nature some brilliant fucker once
figured out that people will buy cheap
irrespective of irrespective of value
and perception of a deal is everything
that’s why we happily paid $9.99 for
something but refused to pay $10 that’s
actually ridiculously true human
psychology is just it’s something I’m
super interested in and it plays a huge
role when it comes to cryptocurrency a
huge huge role when it comes to
cryptocurrency and just stocks in
general guys um but I want to get too
much into that but that actually plays a
huge role so some that’s three cents to
go to three dollars is easier for
something to go from $300 to go to
30,000 look at you know other coins look
at light coin it jump from 200 to 400
and we lost our we went crazy right that
was a huge jump for light coin which is
it was like doubled its money right
2x your investment three extra man
whatever it was that was a huge jump but
this thing went from like zero point
eight cents to seven point some cents
and we’re still not talking about it
enough we’re not giving it the credit
that it deserves
now like the what he’s basically saying
about human nature is if you see
something for three cents you don’t mind
paying three cents to have one of those
coins right you’ll pay you know a
hundred dollars you’ll easily pay a
hundred dollars for X amount of these
coins I don’t want to do the math in my
head but hundred dollars would get you a
lot of these coins a lot of Verge points
you’ll happily do that but for that same
hundred dollars you don’t want to earn
0.333 of this coin of the three hundred
dollar coin and you don’t with one
hundred dollars you don’t want to earn
point zero zero zero
whatever it may be a Bitcoin at the
moment so you’re a lot more likely to
put your money into this then you are
into this so that’s the first thing that
I think is really really interesting and
it’s why I love falling this guy’s guy
knows a lot about what he’s talking
about and after that there’s this chart
I saw which you know plays into verjus
favor a little more so it’s comparing it
to Bitcoin it’s comparing to Manero it’s
comparing it to P IV x I don’t know much
about this coin so I’m not gonna even
touch too much about it but in
transaction speed Virg wins in
transaction capability Virg Virg wins
Birds wins and a lot of things you know
they’ve got three green ticks I want to
go too much into all this you know the
mobile privacy public blockchain I don’t
know what all of these things are
exactly so I’m not going to touch too
much into them but Virg actually does
really well so the max coin supply is
higher I that can be plus or minus I’m
not going to say if it’s good or bad um
for market cap wise we’re not gonna talk
about that but the chart is really cool
it’s really interesting how I can
compare it it can go up against the big
man himself
Bitcoin compare it to um and it’s
actually better in some aspects so
that’s the first thing that I thought
was really really cool now lastly what
you guys are all here for we need to all
my God’s making me do this again oh I
hate when it tells me I need to buy the
thing I hate when it does it um
Virg I do versus a dollar you know right
to chart and that’s how we get our way
around that so like we were saying
before oh my god am i doing so like I
was saying before Virg was trading all
the way down here at you know half a
cent half a cent guys 0.5 says how much
would you give a dollar for two hundred
of these coins yeah probably would’ve $1
get you two hundred of these coins
that’s ridiculous um but yet so it’s
trading at point five of a cent and it’s
shot all the way up over here which if I
move my big head
as almost eight cents that’s like 16
times your investment now it’s gonna
show you guys how ridiculous that was
but what we did see what what I thought
was interesting is what I expected to
happen when it was going up and the
reason why I didn’t want to make this
video too soon is cuz when it was going
up and you see this huge green line it’s
not difficult for an investor to tell
you that odds are odds are it’s going to
correct and if I had to pick a value I
thought I was gonna correct right about
here it’s the last point I had much
resistance was over here I thought it
would it could correct all the way down
to here now the reason I want to stop
and not make the video too soon is
because this wasn’t any old coin this is
a coin that’s actually very cheap it has
a lot of potential and there were people
talking about it and the hype was
getting built when you know the Twitter
I just showed you was posting its things
so I didn’t want to make this video too
soon this I knew wasn’t gonna hold this
candlestick doesn’t look good that we
have such a high line and it ended over
here but what those interesting is that
here started correct we all saw this
coming right everyone knew is gonna
correct where – it’s gonna be the lowest
over here I guess I couldn’t see it
breaking this I didn’t see it going back
to here the trend line was going up
anyways I didn’t think I was gonna crack
back to where I was before so here is a
roundabout where I thought it would be
the lowest point but I did not expect
it’s a stop so soon and it’s built up a
resistance here so now it’s interesting
to see if we shoot up from here if we
shoot down from here but as a you know a
buy and hold it’s not too bad of a coin
um six cents currently I think it’s
valid it could be it could reach a
dollar um I’m not gonna you know I’m not
guarantee it’s going to reach a dollar
but I think this coin could very much
reach a dollar it’s a coin that you know
currently to buy in swing trade might be
not the right opportunity again I’m not
giving financial advice but I wouldn’t
I’m gonna say I would I would not buy
and swing trade it right now if I want
to sell it tomorrow or the day after I
wouldn’t do it it’s very risky
you know just had a ton of volume go up
and correct itself a little bit but from
anything could happen but if I were to
buy this and hold it for a month two
months three months four months and I
just want to put it in my portfolio
III would be doing it around about now I
think now would be a pretty good
opportunity um
again not saying advice I’m saying this
is something that I would consider doing
I’m currently like I said trading a
little under six cents it is six times
my investment if this hadn’t happened if
this right here hadn’t happened yet you
know if I had made the video yesterday
when it was like over here or over here
I would not have said that I would buy
it any point until I saw red which I did
I did see red and we had a candlestick
which ended here and it got so low here
so it did you know bounce back a little
bit and then found some momentum again
on its way up so my end result is III
could predict at the end of 2018
this coin really being a dollar like I’m
not joking when I say it could now
obviously I say it could you you could
turn around and say well anything could
Bitcoin could be a dollar next year
right it could crash all the way down
and it could be a dollar but I do like
this coin it’s all I’m gonna say I do
like this coin and I think it has a nice
little future in our cryptocurrency
community like I said I like seeing the
fact they drop down and it gains some
resistance and now this looks like it’s
new resistance level and I think it
could be building you know a new chart
we can probably match the lows here and
here I don’t know how to draw things on
this chart but I am going to be looking
at getting myself some of these coins
you can probably get them at all the big
exchanges you know finance matrix
whatever it may be you can get them over
there but yeah guys hopefully you
enjoyed this video and I want to know
what price do you think avert is going
to be at are you bullish or bearish on
Virg do you think it’s going to go up or
do you think it’s going to go down to
put it very simply um let me know that
in the comments down below I would love
to know your insight hopefully you guys
learned something and enjoyed this video
if you did smash that like button and
don’t forget to subscribe again I know I
said that the beginning of the video but
it never hurts we’d love to have you as
part of the team thank you so much for
watching guys I’ll see you tomorrow for
another video


  1. The real money to be made is on XSPEC. Just look at it and if u don't see why that coin will make u rich. U must be really dumb.

  2. I’m in it for the long term I bought 3000 xvg when it was a cent and now it’s up to 7 cents I personally hope it continues to grow

  3. It all depends on if they implement Wraith. Without Wraith, there's no point to Verge. They lied 3 times about it now. If they do implement it this time, I think it can hit $5 by the end of 2018. If not, it crashes and I'm done with these liars.

  4. Yeah half a cent , but 18,000 more today at 6 cents . I'm a believer . 95,000 total held . 6 cents is still cheap . Think of where btc began . This is a no brainer , I'm excited ! Imagine $100 lol !!!!! Ok well $10 is not that difficult to get too . Go verge !!!!


  6. I love this coin. Its a for sure hold in my portfolio. I have a good intuition about this coin that it will do really well. This coin may be my ticket to freedom 🙂

  7. BUY #VERGE NOW ITS THE BEST PRIVACY COIN IT WILL ONLY GO UP. VERGE IS ON TRACK TO REACH $1.00 USD BY MAY 2018 THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF thumb's up the video share the video buy verge tell your dad tell your mom sister brother girlfriend boyfriend husband wife dog cat best friend tell all your friends about verge sell it to them give it to them just buy verge or you will miss out verge is faster than bitcoin and litecoin. more private than monero . low transaction fees buy verge now!!!!!!!!

  8. Just put a thousand dollars into verge , was going to go to thailand but this cryptocurrency looks promising , gotta risk it for the biscuit , good luck everyone !!

  9. Definitely it will reach $1 with in couple of months and by mid 2018 it will reach $5 . People may argue with me about my prediction. This prediction is purely based on the technology behind with this coin and also the world population Vs the current investors ratio and future investors ratio .. so #HODL #XVG #VERGE

  10. The purpose of BTC is the reason for the birth of Privacy coins…XVG is the next gen privacy coin and WILL be a $5.00 coin in 2018 because of simple cause and effect investing and usage application.
    Like · Reply · Just now

  11. can someone check out reddcoin (rdd) it is going up from 17 sats about 12hrs ago now its 43sats its also a privacy coin.

  12. You guys are so dumb taking tips from youtubers, this scammers have positions and now they want you all to buy and push the price higher, when they sell out they make huge proffit, you dont. and some of you will come in late and get shitfoked.
    Why dont you idiots do your own analysis and by in at cheap prices and do the opposite of the sheep heard thats been flocking inn, its not rocket sience, buy low- good managment – good tech- demand for tokens = winner.

  13. I'm thinking of getting some. I just wish I knew about this when it was less than a penny, I would've loaded up, and be looking really good right now with a nice profit. I have Coinbase right not, and a few dollars in LTC, and BTC, not much, but some. I got 20 XRP as well (I used some of my LTC to buy XRP), and I'm wondering if I could do the same to purchase some XVG.

    I want to use some of my LTC to purchase some XVG. I'm trying to see if there is a way to use Shapeshift to send my LTC from Coinbase to turn it into XVG, and then put it in a wallet? Verge has a downloadable wallet, and I'm trying to see if that's possible.

    Any help would be great.

  14. Hit 17 cents and people adjust . My guides , being a clairvoyant, I've been showed $1 perhaps up to 10 mid year . Shocking , but that's why I bought more at 6 cents yesterday after having 76,000 of them already at 1/2 cent 👍🏻 . Will pass a dollar 💵 no if and or buts.

  15. Tried explaining it to my coworkers they just can't believe me when I told them you can make lots just buying and waiting but I guess you can't tell everyone…..

  16. Are there any coins on your radar, or on anyone else’s radar that will read this comment, that are under $1.00 or even under $0.01 that look promising?

  17. Verge is $0.11 per coin. Put $100, or $200…or if your a complete Baller and don't care if you lose a few hundred dollars drop $500. Litecoin, which most resembles Verge started out as $0.06…it's at $300 per Litecoin now. If you bought it now and in 2-3 years it jumps to what Litecoin is a $100 investment would make you a millionaire. Is it worth to put $1000's into it? Nah, but put in a $100 and BOOM forgetaboutit. 2 years from now when Cryptocurreny's rule everything you'll be happy when you got into verge.

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  21. Definately a promising project…a lot of people didn't like the Wraith Protocol launch delay but i respect the fact that Sunerok want s to do it right…this thing is going much much higher

  22. I really don't get McAfee, at first I thought he was just giving intel to increase the value of some particular coins, but lately he's been promoting too many Altcoins, to the extent his daily coin review…I believe at this point that he honestly does it so that the marketcap increases and he gets profits on held bitcoin

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    How can I convert etc to xvg or ada..Pls can any one answer..

  24. Hey Patrick,
    I bought a good amount of Verge from using bitcoin, would you happen to know how to convert this to cash? Or maybe convert it back to Bitcoin?

    Thanks in advanced!

  25. I enjoy my privacy, therefore, I shall HODL. Survived through the first boom. Dip coming soon? I'm buying more yooooo!

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    The Temple Coin ICO is Bounty based, and goes towards the building of the Community. You earn Temple Coins as a Bounty for your efforts in Permeating and Proliferating the Temple Coin Community.

    Here is the Wallet.

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  28. what do you think about verge after all these recent events – FUD, mcafee comments etc. Do you still think it is possible to hit the targets ?

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