Verge coin crowdfunding goal met
what’s going on YouTube verge biggest
deal ever ever ever in all the land
biggest deal in crypto history so
they’re crowdfunding a recent
crowdfunding situation has been reached
I guess now as a as an investor in Virg
you know I find this definitely
interesting more than you know the
normal news of course it piques my
interest hey what’s going on future
money keV thanks for swinging by man so
now you know I’m not like the biggest
cheerleader for Virg I’m not trying to
tell everybody to go out and buy it
yep yep back in Arizona you know this
this this video is not to go out you
know and tell everybody who by virtue by
ver just you know I just wanted to talk
about it you know I know that some of my
subscribers are also into Virg and
there’s a lot of people into Virg you
know it’s got a pretty big following and
it you know some people love it some
people don’t love it you know all
depends on the person I personally think
it’s a good project I’m interested to
see what happens with it do I think it’s
the best project in the world in all the
lands I wouldn’t say that you know but
you know it’s it’s a very interesting
situation you know so I felt like
chatting about it plus it’s been a
little while since I went live I was a
little reluctant because like right now
I’m watching Bitcoin like a hawk not
just Bitcoin but ripple I’ve been making
trades with Bitcoin and ripple and you
know I’m just glued I’m so glued like to
the point where it’s like driving me
crazy but I know I need to be glued I
mean I don’t need to be but I feel like
it’s in my best you know it’s in my best
judgment to be paying very very close
attention so anyway yeah I’ve been
really wanting to go live more so I
figured yes verge you know I like verge
this news is quite interesting so why
not go live and chat about verge a
little bit you know
since there’s so much hype you know
there’s a lot of hype right now the
price jumped up it jumped back down just
a little bit but it’s still doing really
well and you know in comparison to when
you know what the price was at when they
first launched the news about the crowd
crowd saw crowd funding so all right so
I’ll just dive into the some of the
details okay so it started somewhere
around the 22nd I believe it was bear
with me a moment here yeah so started
started around the 22nd I believe it was
where they started talking about this
crowd source of crowdfunding project
that they have going on you know it’s
gotten a lot of blowback from some
people from the haters you know or than
just the dislike of the coin of the
project and but the price says a lot I
mean the price jumped up I can show you
here that so this was around before they
started talking this is around the 22nd
yeah so I mean the price shot up from
373 SATs to 500 or so right about we
have 494 and this is on Finance because
the the the most volume is on Finance by
far at around 50 percent compared to bit
tracks around 20 something percent of
the volume you know on the exchanges so
you know I mean like it or not you can
look at the price where it was prior to
this crowdfunding project and look at
the price now and yeah I mean we’re at
you know 580 something SATs right now as
we speak and this is live so you know
this is you know no matter what it is
it’s it’s it’s gained height it’s it’s
gained buyers it’s gained interest a hub
is it the biggest deal ever who knows I
mean I’m excited to find out as as a
person who’s holding some bags right now
because I’ve played the Hato game with
Virg I did not sell
I did not sell at you know maybe when I
should have which was after the McAfee
tweet and further than anyone who
doesn’t know verdict coin was doing
great I mean it was on the rise and then
McAfee opened his mouth or didn’t or
whatever but there was a tweet that came
from his account and then not long after
that the price just plummeted but so did
everything else so you know I don’t know
if it’s just that to blame but point is
is yeah I’ve held through all that I’ve
huddled my verge it would have been nice
to sell but I owned it for like less
than a penny too so well actually to be
fair I did buy more in around the 10
cent range so I’m holding back so I’m in
the negative on you know on overall I’m
in the negative but anyway I Hottel and
so as a person who huddled and owns it
for somewhere around the 10 cent range I
definitely want to see you know I want
to see it come back and do great so I
mean I’m excited about this I’m also
going to play devil’s advocate so for
anybody who’s 100% you know deep into
Virg you might get pissed off some of
the things I might say because I’m gonna
play devil’s advocate I have not heard
from him in a little bit from what I
understand he’s doing great he’s he’s uh
he’s looking into some some businesses
with I believe it’s real estate or
something like that or you know just
business is non related to to
cryptocurrency what’s going on Satoshi
miss you bud yeah I could talk a bit
about Puerto Rico future money cab if
you have any questions let me know of
course the general topic is going to be
Virg for the next ten or fifteen minutes
I’m just gonna you know spew spew
information so I agree mcdhh Evelyn
what’s the announcement I have no idea
right so let’s get to the meat and
potatoes all right so all right so after
everything was said and done them in
token pay token pay I guess is working
with them really strongly really really
strongly there’s a dead or something
like that that’s on the token pay team
somebody you know somebody significant
on the
verge team has joined up with token pay
and token pay has been pumping this
crowds crowdfunding project as well and
seemed to have helped them quite a bit
and I’ll jump over to what’s up Angie
I’ll jump over to token paise Twitter
page in a moment but so there is no
explanation yet as far as what this big
announcement is gonna be and this is
where I’m gonna come in and play devil’s
advocate because at some BS I mean like
let’s go let’s get some transparency
Virg you know let’s get some
transparency what is this project about
I mean they’re literally asking for
millions of dollars I believe it is and
and there’s just not enough transparency
to play devil’s advocate I would I would
have liked to see more transparency in
this crowd funding you know project but
there hasn’t been and but it doesn’t
matter it looks like they’ve reached
their goals so the latest texts are
tweet and I’m gonna I’m gonna refresh
this in a moment has been huge thanks to
our incredible community we have some
amazing news to share with everyone so
this tells me that they’ve reached their
goal with the help of token pay and I
say that because token pay is matching
donations until they reach 50 million
xvg of our 75 million xvg goal so token
pay has been sounds like clutch you know
meaning it sounds like they’ve been a
big help
let me refresh this now because it’s
been maybe half an hour so so it’s a big
mystery all right it’s a big mystery we
don’t know what this project is you know
there’s speculation of it could be
something to do with coinbase I had
token pay dropped the big investment to
Virgie yeah yeah they did from what I
understand McDouble n’ and thanks for
chiming in it seems as though they’ve
dumped quite a bit you know and what
I’ll do is Allah I’ll jump over to token
paise page right now
because I mean it’s looking pretty huge
I mean it’s looking like they have a
really strong team going on right now
and so let’s see the latest this is
pinned verge currency xbg leader sooner
Oak is the token paper chain order no
that’s not that’s something that’s aside
from it less than an hour left and xvg
fundraising and the deadline for the
deal of the century deal of the century
everybody I mean this is hey Nakia this
is supposed to be I mean they’re pumping
this up to be something like pretty
significant and I’m excited I’m not
gonna lie I’m excited but I’m doubtful
I’m optimistic but I’m skeptical you
know I you know nowadays I don’t I don’t
full MOTU hard nowadays you know just
because I’ve learned lessons with FOMO
I’ve learned some hard lessons with FOMO
you know one of my most recent was
Bitcoin dark I believe it’s called
I learned a strong lesson with Bitcoin
dark but anyway let’s not let’s not
let’s not dwell on stuff but so anyway
token pay super like gung-ho about this
the biggest deal of all time is about to
happen says token pay we need everybody
support verge currency was built from
the ground up to get in there verge fam
and contribute what xvg you can and they
say they will double donations I mean
that’s huge
so devil’s advocate okay so token pay is
using a my and what this is you know
this is not fat but I mean I would
assume that token pays using money that
they raised in their ICL to support this
this project with Virg now as an
investor a big investor into token pay
it sounds big connect he says McDouble
yeah no right yeah agreed Nakia Nakia
says to be honest I haven’t been excited
with all coins yeah I hear you
I am and I’m not in some instances you
know but
yeah I mean it’s like token pay right
now is using our money our invested
money and my you know in my opinion is
what I think to fund verge now as an
investor in both of them I’m like am I
mad about that concerned about that
upset maybe a little bit of all of that
you know because I have a lot of money
into Virg and I have a lot of money to
token base so I want them both to
succeed so no matter what they do I mean
I hope the end result is good and strong
a and tmco what’s going on with them you
know I hope the end result is strong you
know for for the benefit of my
investment into both so I have a lot of
mixed emotions about the two the two
coins what they’re doing where they’re
going you know but this is what it is I
mean we are seeing token pay support
verge tremendously and this is the
result as of now a big fat jump you know
no I’m not gonna say it’s you know
millions and millions of dollars you
know jump I mean I guess if you have
enough of it it is but it’s an it’s a
nice jump you know no doubt about it I
mean it’s yeah getting close to doubled
in price you know sex that’s pretty
significant let’s take a look at the
daily but yeah so you know we don’t have
much to go off of right now you know
hopefully while this live you know live
stream is going we hear something pretty
significant but I guess you know all in
all the good thing is is the prices on
the way up in Virg
hopefully this deal is huge you know
hopefully this deal is very significant
because I would love to see my
investment you know rise but yeah I mean
as far as news on why or or what this is
we just have to wait and that’s all we
can do you know verge is pretty
significant in followers at 268,000 so
you know I’m sure there’s a lot of
people biting fingernails at this moment
really excited to find out what’s going
how many Satoshi’s for Virg right now I
think we’re at 579 now 584 so it’s it’s
on the way up I mean it’s been rising
you know it took a little bit of a dip
right about here but it’s still on the
way up this is around where the news
broke about the crowdfunding project and
this is and we’re now somewhere almost
to double getting close to double so
it’s good to see some excitement with an
altcoin it’s good to see some excitement
in crypto I mean it you know in my
opinion there’s a lot of excitement
right now in crypto yeah it sucks the
price is down but there’s just there’s
I’ve been seeing some really great news
in regard to ripple I’m heavily invested
in ripple you know I do like lumens but
I you know and I’ll be all I got a lot
of money in ripple right now so and and
there’s been some awesome news with
ripple in the Santander bank deal that
they have going on so you know all in
all what is the news does anybody have
any speculation any ideas who do they
think they might link up with you know
what could this be it stated something
about a connection with a site that has
TRX I have TRX too
I’m heavily in but not heavily invested
but I have a good amount what’s the
actual USD it’s a great question I think
the last I checked was four cents let me
refresh this because I know it’s up a
little bit more so yeah yeah four cents
almost five cents so nothing tremendous
but last I recall it was somewhere
around the 3 cents before this started
so interesting nonetheless I mean up 13%
not that bad
you know USD wives up 17% BGC wise so
yeah fascinated to see what the hell is
gonna happen you know I’m really hoping
it’s a really good deal that you know it
basically gets it out for its use case I
mean I think 2018 is gonna be huge about
you know less about speculation more
about is it actually being used you know
we have all these coins that we’ve been
dumping our money into for the last few
years and is it actually being used you
know thank you for your comment the AB
nian and you know I I I hear where
you’re coming from it’s it could
definitely just be a pump you know so
let’s take a look at some of the
comments I think it’s pretty pretty
amusing and I’d like to give up quick
heads up to anybody who is using Twitter
it’s a it’s a really awesome tool in
crypto but at the same time it’s also
there’s so many scams right now on on
Twitter and you know the first comment
is yeah first one is our 5,000 etherium
giveaway like ëthere Ian’s being used so
much right now for part I’m gonna turn
this weird music down a little bit and
skip ahead but yeah it’s being used so
much in scams right now it’s ridiculous
so don’t pay any attention to that stuff
it’s it’s kind of silly I do not think
if you send each to these people you’re
gonna get any theft but anyway so it’s a
little bit tough to find actual real
replies but I have by scrolling down a
little bit so yeah I mean there’s people
saying it’s a pump and dump there’s
people saying it could be a it could be
a scam you know there’s a lot of people
that think verge is a complete shit coin
like not real fake coin it’s gonna go to
0 you know you’ll get a lot of that
you’ll hear a lot of that if you dive
into the comment sections on you know
Twitter page shown and so forth but yeah
so let’s see there was a gentleman that
was making some jokes and and and poking
fun at at verge or being dead serious
about how you know it’s it’s it’s like
an exit you know this is them exiting or
something I personally don’t think so
here’s a comment it says and they aren’t
a Noah
something doesn’t make sense if this
company is so huge why do they need
donations from marketing integration etc
sounds really scamming now I don’t think
that that’s a bad you know statement or
question to raise you know one thing I
do I can say about words is they didn’t
have an ICO if I recall correctly and
they’ve been pretty admirable in that
sense about not requesting money from
the community and that could be part of
the reason why why the verge community
is so strong you know because it is I
mean you can you can you know just two
hundred sixty something thousand
followers on Twitter alone is a pretty
you know pretty significant feat you
know to accomplish but you’re gonna get
a lot of that you know criticizing and
and and and statements like that this
person so so can pay is not the deal of
the century it is not even the deal of
the week and now it seems like this
person’s assuming that token pay is the
deal with with verge I don’t think
that’s the case since you have taken
pumping up to a whole new level how can
you ask holders for donations for a
classic pump and up shameful I think
that’s a bit much I you know as an
investor obviously I’m somewhat biased
but I don’t think that I don’t I don’t
agree with that statement I’d like to
not agree with that statement you know
the law of averages in this shit coin
world right now is eighty percent it’s a
pump says the opinion hey man you know I
respect your opinion I totally respect
your opinion and and I don’t think
there’s anything wrong with being
skeptical you know on this situation
right now I really don’t think that
Verge coin crowdfunding goal met

there’s anything wrong with that because
who the hell knows you know and again
you know I’m definitely buying
I will play devil’s advocate but I’m
definitely biased you know and I am
you know I will admit I am optimistic on
birch you know I’ve done the research
into their team and such and you know I
just like to think that they’re not you
know just that this isn’t just a pump
and dump but you know the realist in me
will not you know not be a fanboy not be
a cheerleader for Virg and will be
open-minded to the fact that this could
be you know a negative situation I think
for anybody you know who is in crypto
who doesn’t keep their their mind open
to things like that that could be you
know could be a possibility is is in for
rude awakenings you know a lot of memes
a lot of hate a lot of dislikes but you
know you will find a lot of positive
statements a lot of people who said you
know I’ve donated three times and it’s a
lot to ask me it’s a lot to ask people
to give them code you know give give
them your coins so you know for a
potential deal that we don’t know what
it is you know they haven’t released the
names they haven’t released the
information and that’s that’s that’s
pretty wild man it’s pretty ballsy to I
gotta say it’s it’s definitely ballsy so
yeah I mean I’ll just keep biting my
fingernails till I find out what it is
I’ll keep refreshing you know Virg their
Twitter page and hoping to find out
something more but looks like a lot of
people donated looks like a lot of
people got involved and you can actually
see – let me I’ll show you here what
people are actually donating so if you
go to the website Virge currency calm
and then forward slash donate or just
click the donate tab you can see by
clicking right here who has don’t not
who but you can see what’s been donated
all right and here are the numbers
you’re gonna see some really big numbers
some small numbers
and yeah I mean it’s it’s obvious that
people are donating that person donated
25 is that yeah 25,000 so this person
sent 25,000 Verge to this to this
address I mean four thousand four
hundred four hundred one thousand
sixteen hundred so people are sending I
mean people are sending coins men you
know and it seems that they’ve raised
the amount I hope so I mean they they’re
saying that they’ve got great news so
and token pay saying that they will
match anything up to X amount a number
but you know it’s it’s a really really
strange situation I don’t know what the
deal is but I think that’s enough of
that and in regard to verge so question
was there was a question about let me
see I missed it
talk to us about Puerto Rico a little
bit so Pato Rico was amazing I have a
video that I’m working on editing I’m
just slow I’m not an editor like I used
to but I am definitely I am definitely
excited about it let me answer a quick
question right now the opinion says oh
come on how exactly did you choose the
wording for your attention grabbing
headline on this stream so well as you
can see I mean there’s a exclamation
mark and a question mark
I personally am like don’t get me wrong
the at me and I’m skeptical man like
that that’s kind of me being a smartass
yeah I haven’t seen your name so you
know I doubt you kind of you know get a
sense of my my humor or my my thumbnails
and such but that’s kind of me being
like a little bit of a smartass like I
don’t personally think that this is
gonna be the biggest deal in history I
hope so of course like I said cuz I’m
biased and I have money invested but I
mean that’s like me saying really you
know really seriously seriously really
is it really the biggest deal you know
and of course it’s a little bit click
big I mean what youtuber doesn’t use a
little bit of clickbait you have to you
know so yeah it’s a little click BTW
title the biggest deal ever ever if you
see I put ever ever ever that’s me being
a smartass but anyway so yes thanks for
watching but you know I understand where
you’re coming from and yeah I mean I’m
skeptical but I’m optimistic you know I
have money in it so I hope it does great
hey what’s going on Gary thank you sir I
appreciate it
so Puerto Rico yes I’ll end this video
by chatting a little bit about Puerto
Rico so I do have a video that I’m gonna
be editing and coming out with that
shows I mean I did do some some live
streams they were kind of crappy you
know crappy signal and such and just
really just me saying how awesome
everything was you know like a
cheerleader in Puerto Rico because I
kind of am I love Puerto Rico have
family there have friends there I love
the island I love the culture I love the
food I love just being there and letting
that warm Caribbean air freakin hit my
face I love it I love Puerto Rico so
anyway I went there the everything was
awesome man seriously just everything
was awesome the event was awesome the
events before during and after were
awesome like I’ve been to a few
you know Expos or whatever you want you
know cryptocurrency events and this was
just amazing like there was something
everywhere meetups all over the place
cool bars that had you know events at
them that had tons of people at not just
a bunch of dudes too which was cool
there was a lot of young entrepreneur
you know go-getter male and female
people in Puerto Rico for this event it
was awesome you know cuz the other ones
I bet you it was just a big bunch of
dudes everywhere and don’t get me wrong
I love dudes and all but it was really
nice to see you know a great mixture of
people young and older but primarily
younger so it was just great and a lot a
lot of awesome people everywhere you
went because there were like I said
there were events all over the place it
was just crippled people all over the
so it was like you were bound to run
into somebody with a virtue Don as an
example or any kind of block chain or a
Bitcoin shirt and and the conversation
just just flared up you know so easy I
mean just walking around Old San Juan
you’ll find somebody into cryptocurrency
during that time I went to Brock
Pierce’s house that was cool met a lot
of really cool people at his house and
yeah just everything is really exciting
right now with Puerto Rico in blockchain
technology and you know it’s it’s really
awesome I’m really excited to learn more
about what’s going on I did do some
volunteering while I was there too which
was really awesome I worked with a
company called a really nice guy named
Gabriel Rivera and the company is called
I believe Isetta solar and Rosetta
Rosetta solar and we went out to
people’s houses and we installed solar
panels and this cabinet with the battery
batteries in it
long story short gave gave electricity
to people you know one of the guys was
like seriously like older and he needed
the solar power we needed electricity
for his medical devices so it felt
really good to give back to go there and
accomplish something I wanted to
accomplish ever since the first you know
gust the wind started coming from
Hurricane Maria to Puerto Rico I’ve just
felt this deep need to go to the island
and help you know my people and I
consider Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans
my people you know I’m half Puerto Rican
I have family and friends there so it
just felt amazing to go there and do
that I mean that if not anything else
happened and I just did that I mean it
was like mission accomplished so really
good feeling and I cannot wait to do
more that was just scratching the
but anyway so pleure Eko was amazing and
Thank You Nakia and everything about
what’s going on there was pretty damn
amazing I did meet some very concerned
locals and I completely understand where
they’re coming from I did meet some
overly what’s the word critical you know
people from the island that’s in my
opinion and I met
and what I’m talking about locals and I
did meet some super super optimistic
locals that are excited that crypto is
kind of coming to the doorsteps of
Puerto Rico but yeah lots to talk about
in that regard soon on another video
that video that I’m editing I’m going to
put together it’s just got a bunch of
clips and things and in a kind of
narration of you know what the event was
about and what I accomplished and so on
and so forth so thank you so much for
watching hopefully we get some news I’m
just gonna refresh this again just in
case something amazing happen and and
they you know are sharing the
information about what happened you know
while I’m live now let’s see let’s see
no hon yeah cuz that would suck to like
and the live stream and then boom the
news comes out about what’s going on so
yeah it’s just a matter of waiting
biting the fingernails hoping that
something awesome is coming out as an
investor as a skeptical person you know
I think they’re exaggerating
that’s just I can’t help but to do that
you know hopefully I’m wrong of course
but it feels like they’re exaggerating
uh it’s it makes emotions you know I
want to be optimistic as well I want to
see and do well I want to see all crypto
do well for the most part you know you
know so we’ll see what happens
that’s all I could say but yes so let me
see if I missed any other questions have
they raised the cash were they close
Jarek wanted to know it seems as though
they did I mean with that statement it
seems as though they have you know
reached what they wanted to reach there
as they’re saying huge thanks or
incredible community we have some
amazing news so I doubt that they didn’t
I don’t think that they did it like on
their own just with the community I
think that token pay stepped in and
really saved their their butts because
from the numbers looking at the numbers
prior to token pay you know speaking
about how they’re going to
and how they’re gonna cover the rest and
you know they say if verge fam can
contribute 15 million coins by 6:00 p.m.
token pay will cover the balance that is
HUGE man so token pay stepped in man and
it seems like they they save the day you
know we’ll find out soon but you know do
me a favor if anybody finds out what the
news is please comment on this video
you know after it’s like please you know
swing by and drop a comment like it
subscribe click the bell–the
notifications all that stuff and let me
know cuz I might not you know I might
not get the tweet or whatever from Virg
so if you find out please please let me
know you know maybe I’ll do another
video at that time to talk more about it
but yeah so this is this is what it is
let’s see if there’s anything I’m
missing that I wanted to discuss they do
have a discord channel so so I recommend
checking that out maybe they’ll me you
know maybe you’ll find out their first
most likely though it’ll be from their
Twitter page you know because Twitter
they have a huge Twitter following so
you guys are awesome thank you so much
for watching and forever we joined the
live stream thank you so much for
swinging by and being a part and
commenting and and I can’t express how
much I appreciate it I apologize again
and again for not doing many videos as I
used to but again trading has taken
precedence over everything lately
because to survive in this down market
is to survive in this down market you I
mean you gotta you can just sit and
huddle right or you can get you can mix
in and and and trait and bye-bye when
people freak out and then when it
bounces back up sell a bit you know and
that’s kind of what I’ve been doing and
and you know my goal is to make just
like 50 bucks to 100 dollars a day
that’s all my goal is it’s not huge I’m
not trying to get rich I’m not trying to
go crazy if I can make 50 to $100 a day
I’m happy and to do that I’ve needed to
really focus so anyways that’s me just
uses for why I haven’t streamed as much
thank you so much Gary Jim miss
late-night live streams hotel bars I
know man oh good times I need to start
doing that more man but I pretty much
don’t leave the house other than Porter
going to Puerto Rico pretty much don’t
leave the house I don’t have a job
other than cryptocurrency and this is my
job so I’ve been working more hours than
I’ve ever worked in my life I guess if
you can say this is work you know way
more than any job I’ve ever worked you
know so it’s my focus and and you know
it I can’t just sit back and huddle and
and hope everything is great while you
know bringing in no income daily so
trading has just been my life lately and
sometimes I suck at it you know so it’s
like I have to focus ten times harder to
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  1. Verge released a video and then deleted it. They said the partnership will now be announced on April 16th. As far as I'm concerned they have broken the trust of every Verge investor out there. Sell your Verge before it bottoms. Then let the scumbag coin die. Lying assholes.

  2. You know that some business partners wont want Verge to announce anything until the terms are met. This crowd funding of 75million verge equals 3 million dollars in total so guess they needed some more cash to meet the objectives ….what they are who knows…..

  3. I call BS!! They pump us to donate and say that if they meet their target, they will then announce the 'huge' partner only to get to the target and announce that they will tell us in mid April. Don't like being played like that so I dumped all my XVG.

  4. Have liked XVG for quite some time and held knowing good times ahead! Verge will be awesome and one of the better crypto stories this year!

  5. Ok, I put some of the pieces of the puzzles together and this is what I think it could be. Ok, first Verge have the PRIVACY OPTION for token holders, probably the most private crypto in the market (PUZZLE PIECE #1 – TOTAL PRIVACY). Secondly, the partnership involves a Global company with many websites and many transactions (PUZZLE PIECE #2 – WEBSITES WITH HUGE AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC AND TRANSACTIONS). Thirdly, "Why did they want the partnership to remain private until the goal was met?", there has to be something significant about this (PUZZLE PIECE #3 – GLOBAL COMPANY THAT HAD TO REMAIN PRIVATE). Ok, here is my guess, PORN! I searched to find the largest Porn company and I got a company called MindGeek. This makes PUZZLE PIECE #3 makes sense. If they had said the name of the company, there may have been people who are against porn and may not support this partnership, hence no money raised. But once they raise the money then the people who paid the money are kept innocent in this procedure and then once price shoots up…well the bottom line is profit. So to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, The largest Porn Company will use a standard token across all venues(sex movies, webcams sites, etc.), which have many types of websites that generates billions and billions of dollars, and this will allow the consumers to remain anonymous so as to not be found out and also allows the producers to receive money anonymously.


  7. Just check this out … they deleted it from Reddit …
    This is Justins(so called dev of Verge ex-portfolio in illegal bussines)

  8. here they talk a lot about whats going on whit Verge

    Thanks for all you said about Puerto Rico I miss my island

  9. Why is there so much hate and Fud associated with this coin? It's not a company, the developers needed the donations to fund future projects as there isn't any ico or pre-mining. I mean what the heck I don't get all the bs against it. It actually works, is private, and has a bright future. Can't say that for a lot of shill coins out there that aren't even proven yet.

  10. The fact that the potential partner 'reached out' to Justin for the potential partnership speaks volumes. Porn seems to be the industry which could benefit from this partnership most. Still, business is business. Its a good fit. Ahem…….so to speak. The thing is, the growth of this (again sorry) will be good. Billion dollar business needing a billion coins. (with an element of privacy)

  11. hello attention guys ,
    verge coin touch 1$ in this 20 april. alert dont sell your verge , you can make rich in this month

  12. Thanks for info nice video. In what promising nеw iсо prоject you invеst? what is your оpiniоn аbout ТоkеnGо?
    this is new plаtfоrm is dеsignеd to саrry оut the prосedure of аny iсо prоjeсts аnd tокenizаtion of businеss, I thinк the prоjeсt hаs vеry gоod prоspесts.

  13. Show us the baby! Your talking a bit to much. No concrete integration but lots of BIG TALK! YEAH talk talk talk. BS!

  14. It is Global Partner. There are confidentiality agreement. Think about it there are a lot of crypto choices for Global commerce so it may be mutually agreed to keep the deal confidential. I think it will reach .25 cents pretty easy. I don't believe in the $1 targets short term.

  15. Verge holders are going to get wrecked this week. Red flags folks .. dial in a STOP LOSS or SELL before the dump

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