Undervalued Cryptocurrencies

Everyone knows that Bitcoin is the top dog when it comes to cryptocurrencies
but what if you’re looking to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio?
There are over a thousand cryptocurrencies out there
and there are some sparkly hidden gems.
What’s up Cryptopeeps? It’s your girl Maria, here to deliver your daily dose of Bitcoin news!
And today, we’ve rounded up some of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies
and you tell us if
you’d like to invest in them.
Disclaimer: all of the cryptocurrency values mentioned are true as of the time of writing – April 2019.
Number 1: Neo (NEO)
Neo is treated by the cryptocurrency community as “Chinese Ethereum”.
Right now, it’s growing rapidly since its creation in 2015.
NEO was co-founded by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang in the hopes that they would create a “smart economy”.
This meant utilizing the blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets with the help of smart contracts.
The crypto allows developers to build and launch decentralized applications
as well as process over 1,000 transactions per second for their token, NEO.
To learn more about NEO, we’ve added a link to the description to our video, so go check it out!
Number 2: Substratum (SUB)
As crazy as it sounds, the goal of Substratum is to decentralize the internet.
Justin Tabb, the founder of Substratum, created the crypto in hopes it would fix the lack of net neutrality.
Substratum allows internet users to enjoy censorship-free internet.
It’s an open source network that wants to change how the internet works.
Number 3: Ethos (ETHOS)
Ethos was designed to simplify the process of cryptocurrency trading.
It aimed to do that by boosting mass adoption.
It has a social part that allows traders to share insights and follow their investments.
It was created in 2017 buy founder and CEO Shingo Lavine.
And the main goal of the crypto is to make it easy for anyone to own cryptocurrencies.
Ethos proposes an easy-to-use
universal wallet and fiat gateway
that makes buying, trading, and managing your crypto assets simple.
Number 4: Siacoin (SC)
Siacoin is a decentralized cloud storage system platform.
If you have unused hard disk space, Siacoin allows you to share it with other people who need it.
The aim of the Sia team is to transform the way data is stored on the Cloud.
Number 5: ICON (ICX)
ICON’s goal is to build the biggest network of communities, including schools and hospitals.
It allows decentralized blockchains to interact with each other without third-party intervention.
By connecting all the communities,
ICON hopes to enable quicker money remittances and frictionless exchanges of value.
Since there are over a thousand different cryptocurrencies,
these 5 are barely the surface of undervalued cryptocurrencies.
When looking at lesser known cryptocurrencies,
it’s important to know what the coin was made for.
So find one you believe in and then invest.
So be on the lookout for cryptos that may be hiding under your nose!
Are you willing to take your chances on an undervalued cryptocurrency?
And what video do you want us to cover us next?
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