1. yeah but eu has too big structural issues so that thing happen. As it requires majority of votes to pass such change, and as each state of EU has a different pov regarding foreign relationship, they ll always find a black canary along the road to vote against (think poland for example). So at best it will worsen the institutional crisis. Anyways, EU is broken by design.

  2. Race of gulible humans. Them in charge of this earth – narcissistic psychopaths – who do not claim nationality. They don't fight, they plot a pantomime. Our governments – guilty. But really, they're just a bunch of jumped up little pricks who need a good pasting. Sorted!

  3. You know if you change the rules always during the game eventually you will find no one to play. Check the concrete economic data of Turkey and then check your scenario. The risk you see is not about Turkey but it is about losing all your playmates.

  4. Good video David.
    It would be good if you can explain to your subscribers what the SWIFT system is, why it is needed and how it works.

  5. 1:14 "Aren't we all trying to get more money" [by investing] ? No, I am not, thank you. We ought to look for moral divident and not much else. A good trade is a fair trade, meaning a reasonable price for a reasonable amount of work. You will have to decide: do you want Earth to be a hell planet of hate, or something else. Rather then come up with a list of debt games for parasitic games while others do real work, you could come up with the best places to give charity or invest non-profit is something that helps society in general. How about helping the people in Donbass against the Nazis that we in the west are responsible for, through our gangster Governments that we fail to control, and our gangster mass media that we fail to keep telling the truth. What are you doing to offset your guilt for the situation in Syria and Iraq, and what could we all be doing ? Etc. You got the world that fits your behavior and belief, but you do not connect the dots. You live your own morality, reality is a mirror of what you investor parasites are doing. You are worse then people trying to get a very high price for something they did, because you don't even add anything of productive value to society. Everything you do is zero-sum, for your wins another looses. You think this is great, but it is not great. It is useless for the most part (technically there are some marginal benefits that can be imagined, but I do not belief that amounts to anything serious.) You are the problem ! Change your behavior or go down with the system that is you.

  6. The 4-8X overpriced stock market in USA should be getting hit to go in the direction of fair value for this masked economic depression.

  7. This new currency that is non-USA, how do we know that the dark-state, central bankers, or others like that are not behind it?

  8. Turkey is doing things the USA does not like, so trade with them is being discussed if not outright sanctions being put in place, so they are screwed.

  9. When people finds it hard to find a job,the mayors and the mps in Turkey buying 300 thousand euro worth of cars and saying it's only change money….

  10. As long as the USD rises, the foreign borrowers will be getting crushed. Currency risk is always the biggest problem.

  11. hyperinflation from printing all that cash…..i'm shocked…no worries the dope dealers and pirates are taken over both countries!

  12. In my opinion this is heavily related to QE policy: low interest rates in Japan and the Turkish Lira getting into trouble because the Dollar is strenghtening. (Turkey borrowed too cheaply because money was seeking yield desperately)

  13. TURKEY & BRAZIL ARE BOTH WEAK ECONOMIES, in comparison to 1st World nations. HOWEVER, their plight is a harbinger of universal economic pitfalls which exist globally. WORST situation is the incredible DEBT LOAD being carried by the USA: over $22 TRILLION$ in National Debt; plus $100 BILLION$ more in State, local & city debt (some in bankruptcy); and personal debt – over $1 TRILLION in Student Loans & credit card debt (each), not including additional debt in mortgages, car loans, & personal loans. In essence, the USA is DROWNING IN DEBT – and the looming trade war with China & Europe will NOT help the situation !

  14. Thank you friend for the info. Yes, you are appreciated. Yes, you will be vindicated because of what is to come for America and many other nations, financially. Again, thank you. Ms. Payne

  15. The avg. person is completely oblivious to this type of information……to the young man who commented earlier…..Im 50 and I bring up the same info and they think Im from outer space!!!  But…their all in the same stupid sheeple / broke mindset boat…..so don't sweat it….keep learnin and  start stackin.               Chuck the Silver spaceman!

  16. Trumpeter derangement will tank the global currency market especially in Turkey and Brazil. Potential problem looms in Russia, India, Indonesia etc.

  17. You go against Rothschild you gonna get war, I guess as long as you pay the Jew maybe it’ll be alright, remember the dirty Jew gets his shekels you go home and count your remaining pennies, and live for another day.

  18. Communism loves chaos. It creates voids in government and makes people desperate.
    And that is when Communists move in for the kill…
    Create problem. Offer YOUR solution. Agenda achieved.

  19. That foreign minister in Germany does not have the backing of the German people, so anything he say's it probably won't happen, but you never know. If it does happen it is not a good sign for Germany, it show's they turn their backs on allies who gave them money to help rebuild their cities after they started WW 2.. If I was a neighbor of Germany that would be a very bad thing. Merkel is in bed with Putin and lets remember she was major in East Germany politics, and supports Russian gas pipeline even though it is against NATO's interest. Putin is ex-KGB so he is not to be trusted, it is Russia's plan to weaken America using the Democrat Party like they've always used.

  20. You are misiforming I believe intentionally… US openly attacked to Turkey currency and made it lost value… How ever the attack is not totally succesfull… Since 2013, US has been trying to get rid of Erdoğan administration by various means… First, US tried orange revolution similar to what is done in Ukrain but failed, then a series of judicial attacks as in brazil and pakistan have been tried but failed…, then a military cue organized with the followers of fethullah gülen, a so called muslim cleric, but US tool, lives in US. That failed too.. Finally US is trying to destabilize with currency…But this failed too. Bolton, US securitl adviser openly stated that if spy branson were released, these problems would end… These are price for Turkey for taking independent policies and not being puppet like saudies….
    US however will have its own consequences. Turkey is leaving dolar like many countries. Manl countries like italy, spainIn a couple of years, world would see dolar is a weapon against their country… Brics-t are working on a new currency and central bank for these… US is panic mode. End of dolar as stock currency means end of US limitless borrowing… Because of that US is attacking Turkey specifically since Turkey is encouraging and making commerce with gold or national currencies…

  21. u do realise ofc that there r investors betting things will go even worse than they do now right ?
    and these ppl have lucrative returns on their investment the rest simply made a bad choice as simple as that.
    talking about funding its funny u consider american dollar an option as its not regulated and the money r printed out in free will since federal reserve can do as it wishes in these matters.
    try to explain to me what is the real value of american dollar based on the printed bills is there the equivalent value in gold in american reserves ?

  22. Check the Forex currency charts and you will see the US dollar has been declining against other currencies.

    Yes Lira had been dropping but recently jumped back against the dollar. Sensationalist video titles like this are just clickbait.

    Ofcourse speculator hype like your channel could make the hyped up fall a self fulfiilling prophecy. The Guardian paper claimed Lira has collapsed – but simply it hasnt collapsed

  23. Never mind a choice between European and American trading systems, how about a system for every area of the world?

  24. Brazil
    A Sell for us.
    STAY AWAY until China caves to Trump

  25. As Gold said to the Dollar!..You don't have to man handle me bitch!….It's getting killed, drop 38%, to 1100!..Ouch!..

  26. Just to let you know David, Aussie big 4 is prepping for rate hike this financial year, RBA gov, has told the people to get ready.

  27. We could harden the dollar not by going back to gold because there is not enough gold or silver to back currencies but by a group of comodities….5 hours of manual labor….a barrel of oil..10 bushels of corn..1000 lbs of steel…50 board feet of #2 pine…3 ounces of silver…10 pounds of copper…and so on a portfolio of say 10 comodities that would back our money and make it a highly valued hard currency that people would trust. The price of these comodities would stabilize and still vary and the dollar would become rock solid.

  28. If Venezuela and now Brazil are in a crisis. How soon will the crisis spread from turkey to Europe and then the global scale? 1 year?

  29. urgent help please what is your opinion I have some family money in cash assets in Brazilian real in Brazil I can't fly down there anytime soon to deal with it. Do you think the Brazilian Real will strengthen some after the election in October. please let me know your thoughts

  30. some people say this currency exchange loss to the US Dollar is due to the elections but I think some of the real weakness is due to the recent strength of the dollar even the British pound is worth a little more than a dollar these days

  31. Anyone have any suggestions for a conservative liquid investment in Brasil that would protect my cash against the rising dollar

  32. Erdogan is a charlatan,,,…he will destroy Turkey………Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.

  33. No USA is doing OK, has a real economy as do the UK, Western EU and a few others, all the rest depend upon those few, so about 7% of the world economy props up the rest, chasing big yields never works and the professionals know what they are doing, sucking in the silly money then slipping away leaving the small investors stuffed.
    Brasil, Argentina, S Africa, Turkey and many others are in trouble and must remain fiscally prudent to stay the course. Turkey has been stupid and will pay for it

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