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right into this first things first is
news about ripple so it came out that
ripple has tried to buy its way onto
major exchanges for crypto currencies
and we know that ripple has been trying
to get on coinbase ripple wants to get
our coin biz and people people holding
ripple want people to get on coin base
we know that because ripples had so many
ups and downs so many pumps because of
potential coin based news and when it
came out is that ripple and offered to
pay both Gemini and coin base to add the
exchange to add ripple onto the exchange
because they know what that could do for
the token now ripple being the startup
right there trying to get XRP the token
onto the exchange so that’s crazy to see
that they’ve been paying they think
they’ve offered to pay obviously I think
the exchange is sent no because we
haven’t seen it on there yet and they
haven’t been able to close a deal but
they’re trying to get on to the two top
US cryptocurrency exchanges so this is
not a good look for a ripple right now
being as you know I don’t think most
crypto currencies offered to pay to get
themselves onto an exchange but looking
at the price of ripple you guys you guys
you know if you guys have been in
cryptocurrency for over a day you
probably know what ripple is a third
largest cryptocurrency and it’s at 19
billion dollar
market cap and it’s been falling in 2018
so if we look at everything ahead an
all-time high right here of was it three
point three two dollars um and after
that it’s just big down obviously the
whole markets been down so it’s not too
much of their fall I’m not you know I
don’t have an issue with what’s going on
because I’m not scared of it falling
because the whole markets been falling
so that’s not anything but it has had
several pumps due to potential coinbase
adding it rumors and so far that none of
that’s been confirmed but now that the
news came out I don’t think this is
looking good for ripple again this is
short-term news though I think long term
people will be fine but short term
that’s not looking good I personally
don’t own any ripple but I know a lot of
people think buy some ripple now at
these prices could serve as a nice
little trade firm you know maybe half a
year to a year so for those of you guys
who are doing that I wish you the best
of luck I personally though you guys
know don’t own any Ripple I make that
very clear that I don’t own any Ripple
now verge is also another cryptocurrency
I had big news come out yesterday so
verge is forced to fork they had they
made an accidental fork after they got
hacks hacked so if you guys take a look
again but verges down 7.4 percent and it
had a nice little run up previously
because of the new partnership news and
everything everyone’s very pumped but
now this news comes out that they were
attacked it was a hacking and so they’re
now doing an accidental fork not looking
good for verge overall again short-term
news I think but this isn’t one of those
news where the one of those hack news is
that I would try and trade personally
you guys know I’ve done trades on Nano
and I did trades on them when they got
hacked on the exchange that was because
the exchange got hacked not them
personally they just suffered and their
coin went down so I bought some sold
some when I went back up made some nice
profit that’s not what I’m looking at
doing with verge though I don’t think
this that would be the right move now
don’t get me wrong
definitely could go up let’s see what
the partnership is again when they do
release that we don’t know what it is
yet that’s the hype that brought up the
price originally but this not helping
not looking good those of you guys who
are holding
I guess now would be that time where you
basically have to hold hold through this
and see what happens see what happens
when the partnership gets released let’s
see who it is they hyped it up a lot
it’s one of those things that you hyped
it up so much you can’t afford to
disappoint right now so hopefully Virg
can live up to what they were to what
they were hyping up now let’s take a
look at the market 258 billion dollar
market cap with Bitcoin tom is down a
little bit to 41% in the week everything
most things not looking good for finance
coin is doing pretty well verge is still
up a lot because of that nice pump it
had everything else is down however the
last day we’ve seen some some up and
some down which is interesting that’s
something we haven’t seen a lot in the
market where we have one point down 3%
one up seven two down six one up 24 one
up – one down one one down four one up
three oh you see I’m saying and it’s
something we haven’t seen in a very long
time in the last hour everything is
looking pretty good everything is
looking in the green so pretty good now
Tron is one of the big movers actually
it was up almost 50% this morning I saw
a ton of post in the Facebook group so
if you guys want to join the Facebook
group and see alerts on this I’ll leave
a link down below but so many people are
super excited commenting that Tron hat
was having a nice run up again which had
one previously not too big of a run
ahead and a decent run up when it came
to test net launch corrected back down
now it’s up again so congratulations for
those of you who are making the Tron
profits and keeping up with that 25% is
no joke and when it was up to 50%
previously now it’s down a little bit
corrected back down a little bit but
when it was 50% again those are some
very very good numbers now a lot of you
guys have been asking me about Dragon
chained I want to address dragon chained
why dragon chained had a very nice run
if you look at the one the one week
chart dragon chained was doing you know
sideways like most of them are was doing
sideways and all of a sudden BAM it went
up all the way to 82 cents and a lot of
people are asking what’s going on with
dragon chains so dragon chain had the
ICO that’s launching on them right and
in order to participate you had to buy
DRG and dragon
tokens on dragon chain tokens to
participate in the ICO so people had to
buy into it
ICO is apparently doing pretty decently
people are having to buy it
you know more people are buying dragon
chain and then using it for the ICS
overall you know the demand for dragon
chain was shut up and that’s what that’s
why the price went up so I get I think
Jackie chains are very good projects
right at 63rd I think we can see it
definitely go up a lot 177 million
dollar market cap I think it’s very
undervalued I think this is one of those
buy and long-term holds for some people
I know a lot of people going to the ICO
jacket chain so congratulations that is
fantastic you guys have made so much
money I’m very jealous of you guys
unfortunately did not but I did buy some
dragon chain not too long not too long
ago but not too rough some time ago for
a very good price and now I am happy
sitting in profit and just kind of
holding it to see where it goes another
coin I don’t have open that I wanted to
talk about was p OE poet we made a
review on this and you know it’s at
117th I think ranked right now probably
like a 60 to 70 million dollar market
cap sixteen to seventeen million dollar
market cap right and we made a review
and I said this looks very undervalued I
think it’s something that has a lot of
potential and it actually is up also
today in the 30 plus percent which is
phenomenal so for those of you guys who
have some PO congratulations again on
the profit there now let’s take a look
at technical analysis really quick
before we end the video
things are moving pretty sideways we’ve
actually just turned a red candlestick
here it was green previously one thing
when I opened this it was green so not
looking great the fact that we turned
red right now however we saw we try to
bounce up over this line over the red
line and we came back down now I
wouldn’t be surprised if we touch the
six thousand dollar mark which is this
support line right here when similarly –
like we did here if we touch that before
having it bounce what I’m looking at and
I’ve said this plenty of times I’m
looking at us breaking the 20-day moving
average and that’d be the indicator to
when we are going to enter a nice little
bit of a run until if you’re a
short-term trader until we break this
this line right here I’m not personally
looking at making any short-term trades
everything I buy right now is you know
Neil’s stuff like that where I’m gonna
buy and I’m gonna
for a long period of time but yeah
20-day moving average definitely
something to keep an eye on also the RSI
is fairly low armed at 33 so again has
it has the room Bitcoin has the room to
have a run-up but with a bunch of flood
and stuff like that it’s going to be
hard we’re gonna need some big news and
some big new a lot of new money coming
into the markets which hopefully we will
see in the coming week so guys hopefully
you guys enjoyed this video if you guys
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much for watching I hope you enjoyed
this video I’ll see you guys tomorrow
for another video


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