what is going on guys Patrick here
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of price predictions we’re talking Tron
news we’re talking ripple we’re talking
litecoin we’re talking neo and of course
we’re talking Bitcoin so this video is
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and now the one news article I have for
today which I thought was really cool is
Japan’s Finance giant SBI buys 40% a
Taiwanese crypto Hardware wallet company
so hardware wallets very important I
have two of them I currently have a key
key and a ledger nano s spoiler alert
for those of you guys watching this
video cuz I’m thankful for all you guys
watching my 10,000 subscriber giveaway
that I want to do that I’m still trying
to set up is the is a hardware wallet so
I want to give one of you guys a
hardware wall as well as many other
stuff I’m gonna give away so stay tuned
for that as well but yeah it’s cool to
see that again just adoption guys that’s
all I can say it’s just adoption it’s
more and more people realizing this so
SBI Holdings is a giant right like they
even write it here it’s it’s a it’s a
giant in finance from Japan and they
have bought 40% of a crypto Hardware
wallet company why could this be maybe
they want to keep their cryptocurrency
safe maybe do you think they can do
better at the you know promoting it and
making it one of the biggest ones cuz
it’s still very early so my thoughts as
like my thoughts as an entrepreneur as a
business person is that right now if
you’re a big company and you can buy
into these you can buy these small
companies so technically finance isn’t a
big company right it’s big relative to
cryptocurrency but it’s not big relative
to the world if they could buy finance
for example or by an exchange which some
people have they already have the power
to make that exchange so long
more powerful when cryptocurrency does
moon and we start getting the two three
four trillion dollar market cap it’s
it’s it’s a it’s a good business move to
get to get involved in these different
things so that’s just kind of my opinion
now let’s talk about Tron first because
I know a lot of you guys like Tron I’m
getting more and more bullish on Tron
just by the excitement I don’t know if
it’s the excitement of the news or the
excitement that you guys give me as well
but getting more and more excited Tron
has been listed on cex that’s really
cool to see again more exchanges the
more exchanges the better when it comes
to any cryptocurrency sure it’s not
buying it but Charles already on Finance
and then it got on bit tricks then it
was on you know it was started on crypto
P but it’s on so many exchange you want
to update now CX and so many more it’s
great to see it happening it’s just you
know it just shows faith in the
cryptocurrency as well because usually
no bad crypto currencies aren’t added
small crypto currencies aren’t added
they are getting everywhere and they’re
making it a mission to get everywhere to
is they want to be everywhere and that’s
smart because they’re competing like
they’re they’re competing for the social
media space and can I see Tron becoming
the social media cryptocurrency you know
yes I can I think we had some we had
things like steam steam could have been
the myspace that’s what I’m thinking
steam might have been the myspace of
cryptocurrency and now Tron is coming in
and Tron wants to be the Facebook right
so we’re gonna see obviously when
technology comes out when the technology
comes out the beta the test the test net
then later on the main net we’re gonna
obviously more details where to see how
everything’s looking all that and that’s
gonna be very important but right now
I’m get growing more and more bullish
just by the partnerships that these guys
are doing now this video is going to get
some hate because some people don’t like
Tron guys everyone has their own opinion
on coins you know everyone has their own
appealing some people love coin absurd
some people hate certain coins let
everyone have their opinion it’s all I’m
saying I don’t like the negativity when
it comes to cryptocurrency space you
gotta just accept it gotta just you know
everyone’s opinion listen to them it’s
always important don’t just sit there
and say oh this is a shit coin okay but
anyways Tron is on so many exchanges you
guys can see you can pick it up anywhere
I would prefer by Nance because it is my
favorite personally but it’s making some
big moves on Finance right now you guys
can see fifty eight million dollars out
of the such 1/5 basically of its total
volume is done on Finance and then and a
ton extra on whoa be both to to buy it’s
a Bitcoin and to aetherium for them
bonus again to etherium so if theory and
by I mean who won’t be in finance make
up a large large chunk how much is that
third if is almost sixty something
percent of the total thing if you guys
wanted more information on Tron you guys
we just click the social right here and
it’ll show you all of the tweets all of
the partnerships so Tron and the trip IO
decentralized travel marketplace
protocol reach it’s just strategic
partnership to jointly build a new world
of blockchain travel big news guys
partnerships everywhere and see this
came out even after I started making
this video I guess because oh no wasn’t
six hours ago nevermind but the
partnerships exchanges everything is
setting it’s setting up perfectly for
when the beta launches if the beta can
live up to the hype god lei make the
beta live up to the height but if it
does and it’s good tron can go a long
way and I honestly I’m gonna say it guys
I’m gonna say it I don’t like to make
very out-there predictions I’m usually
made more conservative predictions but I
think Tron could definitely hit you know
50 Cent’s what do you guys think of that
10x can we 10x that make us at 23rd
basically thirty billion dollars by the
end of 2018 I think that’s very possible
can we hit one dollar in the coming
oh yes we can if everything lines up yes
we can basically what we would need to
do is a hundred X and divided by okay so
like 25 X 25 X not bad not impossible
we’re gonna have a huge market cap
though if we do but hopefully all
cryptocurrency does anyways let’s take a
look at the other coins let’s take a
look at the overall market cap first is
want to get Tron talked about the wakes
I know a lot of you guys like Tron
giving it a refresh we can see the total
cryptocurrency market cap today that is
going to be soon as it loads come on man
this happens every time here we go 447
billion dollars down a little bit
Bitcoin dominance 41.8% so Bitcoin is
actually doing pretty well one of the
few that’s up this week so you know
Bitcoin Manero still been doing great
I’ve been saying Manero as a solid buy a
lot I I one of the same annerose’s more
stable bikes if you guys check the
all-time high was like four hundred
something dollars and now it’s 355 like
it didn’t even drop half we’ve
had–we’ve Bitcoin went from nineteen
thousand to six thousand you know if
theory and went firm but there didn’t
job too much either I guess it look at
ripple ripple went from three dollars to
ninety cents but manera has been holding
pretty strong so that’s cool to see a
lot of coins up in the last hour a lot
of coins down in the last 24 hours so
we’ll see what happens and I guess we we
tested the resistance Bitcoin test of
the resistance again for 12,000 did not
work went back down to 11,000 so now
we’re probably gonna stabilize here a
little bit until we go and test it again
we’re gonna talk about that more at the
end of video when we look at Bitcoin
however this was a major price
prediction video for everything so
ripple we talked about it in yesterday’s
video the whole ver news about the coin
based thing came out again more rumors
and that drove the price up no doubt
that is what drove the price up and now
you guys have to be careful because this
is similar to what happened with um
basically what happened with vibe right
on the Superbowl not exactly but similar
the hike was there because it was gonna
be launched in the Superbowl but the day
before the Super Bowl I sold vibe for
like a 20-25 percent profit and a lot of
people are trying to hold till after the
Super Bowl and it didn’t work so Ripa
would have been a great Buy leading up
to the news and selling it before sell
him the day before selling it yesterday
or two days ago you would have made some
good profit on ripple right ripple was
up to like one point ten cents I want to
say I’m not exactly sure what the high
was yesterday I wasn’t looking but it
was like it was like 1.05 one point $10
and you could have made some serious
profit and then sold it because
obviously rippled that isn’t where they
were going to release the news that was
gonna be on coinbase
I had no doubt in my mind that’s not
what was gonna happen yesterday and and
sewed it corrected it corrected back
down so if those of you guys who have
been holding ripple and you know the
whole way then you made some profit you
didn’t cash out so you didn’t actually
make it and then it dropped again so now
you’re back to where you were originally
where I see ripple going I think now
might be a good time to buy in some
ripples see where do you guys think the
lowest dip is right now because of this
false rumor I think it could dip a
little bit and then pick some up there
and hold
don’t forget I’m not financial advisor
guys this is not financial advice this
is just my opinion almost forgot to say
that one but make sure you do your own
research before you put your money in
anything anyways yeah I think ripple
could definitely we could see ripple at
you know I’ve seen a lot of predictions
ripple $100 like sure ripple can hit
$100 if ripple hits $100 it is going to
have to be a like a three point six
trillion dollar market cap so I’m not
gonna say it’s gonna happen today right
that doesn’t make any sense for me to
say that’s going to happen today do I
think it has a bright future yes
so I mean predicting prices are is very
difficult because it’s hard to just come
out with the number but could ripple 10x
we see a $10 ripple at the end of the
year if cryptocurrency does well sure I
think we could definitely see a $10
so both Tron Tron might even do more
than 10 but ripple also I think could do
a decent
10x if if it does well if the
cryptocurrency market is well there’s a
lot of ifs when it comes to this now
litecoin light point I’m gonna go
through a real quick it’s at 202 dollars
it’s a good buy right now in my opinion
like coin is a good buy and hold right
now for the long run because light coin
could be one of those breakout coins
this year that does go to like $1000 it
could be one of the next coins to hit
1000 dollars so just saying real quick I
think like coin has a ton of potential
and lastly as well neo is being on a big
dip because of the fun it’s up to 109
dollars now it was down to like 105
before I think but yeah you know after
this video I’m picking up more Neil
because fun will bring the price down
and then the price will correct so
that’s gonna be an instant gain already
if you buy during the dip for the fun
then when it corrects you’ll be able to
make some profits there now I’m bullish
on Neil you guys know I’m bullish on
Neil for the long run I think Neil as
well could also be a 1000 dollar coin
maybe but even by the end of 2018 so
that would be awesome to see the
potential is there then obviously you
guys know other coins I like light Wahby
let’s see where Bobby’s actually haven’t
checked that down to 1.3 just a great
buy at this price honestly it’s a great
buy at this price i’m a boy i’m excited
these are a lot of icos that i couldn’t
get in we power there’s another one
i sealed i couldn’t get in because i
live in the US and they’re down many of
them are down to their original ICO
price so you guys can still make some
great profit buying in on these crypto
currencies and these all are on –
therefore we powers now bawabe request
Network both on Finance for you guys to
pick up as well as Neos on Finance but
let’s take a look at the chart real
quick before we do the giveaway seeing
where we stand you guys know you guys
have been following for some time I
haven’t edited the chart like I said I
was going to yesterday I got very very
busy but what we’re seeing right now
here we go what we’re seeing right now
is you know we tested the resistance
here for 12th on to basically complete
the reverse Head & Shoulders we needed
to break $12,000 we did not do that so
now we’re correcting down a little bit
we might even be
headed down to maybe 10,500 ah I
wouldn’t be surprised if we went down to
10,500 and before we go up and try and
correct it again I’ll try and test the
resistance again so that’s kind of where
I’m seeing big point at a lot of things
to happen right now I think maybe we’ll
have a decline to 10,500 maybe even
10,000 before we start see a reverse
again and try to test the resistances
again so guys let’s do the giveaway you
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dislikes a lot of you guys liked the
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down below alright guys thank you so
much for watching sorry I was a little
bit of a longer video hopefully you guys
enjoyed though I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video

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