what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video table got
another killer view of you guys full of
information I’m going to be talking
about Tron card tonneau and litecoin
taking a look at where I think they are
headed and all the other news is going
on in the cryptocurrency space but guys
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without further ado let’s jump right
into this I’m gonna go right into the
market so if we take a look three
hundred and ninety five billion dollar
market cap that’s a bit of a recovery
from what we had the last two days we
weren’t down all the way to three
hundred eighty-five and three hundred
eighty billion now we’re at three
hundred and ninety five billion Bitcoin
dominance is still higher than we’ve
seen before at 37% but I do think that
is about to change as long as prices
keep going up so you guys remember in
the Facebook group also one of the
people were very active in the Facebook
group his name is Tom he’s been
mentioning for a while that on May the
13th is when everything is going to
start because we have consensus starting
all that good stuff is going on all that
big blockchain event that that huge
cryptocurrency event is going on and
that is going to help drive the market
so if you guys can check out its May 13
right now so we are starting to look for
the market to again start making some
very nice price gains if we look at this
overall let’s start let’s open up so we
can see the seven-day percent change
let’s take a look at this if it loads
all right so if we take a look at the
seven-day percent change everything is
still down well pretty much double
digits except for the odd few like V
chain is only down 8% we have bike we’re
still up 32% we’re not gonna talk about
that we have icon very good
cryptocurrency right here only down five
percent in the week but overall above a
double-digit falls and if we look at the
last 24 hours though we are starting to
see a
little bit of green or maybe some
smaller red so that’s meaning well
that’s showing us is that it is starting
to reverse and we are starting to see
some green prices now this is not by a
lot by any means this is small green
percentages and there’s also small red
percentages indicating that we’re not
exactly sure what direction the market
is trying to go in we are going to have
to wait and see and at the end of this
video when we go over technical analysis
we are going to have a better look at it
but today I wanted to talk about three
cryptocurrencies in particular first one
being light coins I haven’t talked about
like when in a while and I know like
coin is has been doing its own thing it
was all the way down early April 117
I recommended pick some up back then
went all the way up to one hundred and
seventy one dollars and now it’s all the
way back down to a hundred forty one due
to the last few days so if you’re
looking to pick up light coin today
might not be a bad opportunity obviously
yesterday was an even better opportunity
but for those of you who didn’t pick up
any yesterday today might not be a bad
opportunity so it’s set at just under a
billion dollars in market cap rank
number six overall in from in total
market cap size and there is some more
news going on with light coin right now
so light coins now compatible with block
net protocol let’s close this so
likewise not compatible with the block
net protocol which means LTC can
function in a cross block chain decent
decentralized application like those
payment processors which will allow
payments in LTC this will be accepted as
payment firm for any other currency or
vice versa so pretty cool piece of news
we had we also saw a tweet saying like
coin now has simple integration with
cross a blockchain taps with block net
like coin brings a new momentum to the
future of cross street ecosystem so like
coins one of those projects that has
been doing a lot of things in the
background and not a lot of people are
talking about it not a lot of people are
giving it enough credit probably the
credit it deserves it is making moves it
is setting itself up very nicely for the
rest of all 2018 and I do think like
coin will have a relatively good 2018
now moving are going to talk about Tron
so Tron is actually up 10% today
probably one of the biggest
movers so fast it did go all the way
down the last few days to 6.6 cent so
it’s already up a one-cent and it’s
going to keep going up from here I
believe at least leading up to the main
as long as the market allows I think
we’re definitely gonna see Tron’s price
increase so you can get tron on up it on
bit them on Finance I’d probably go with
pioneers just because my favorite
exchange but you can get Tron anywhere
so guys I’ll leave a link down below to
Finance if you guys are interested in
that but yeah Saturn a forum just under
a five billion dollar market cap still
ranked number 10 in overall market cap
size so it’s good to see that too
staying at the top 10 level I was scared
us gonna get there and then I was going
to bounce down and then go back down to
where I was before no I’m happy to see
it at the 10 the ranked number 10 now if
we look here at Bitcoin gain it is
actually up nine point five percent
pretty much the same as it is with US
dollar 49.5% with Bitcoin and only five
point eight percent in aetherium now why
do I say only when I say up five point
percent in theory because five point
percent is great in one day we should
all be happy but the reason I’m saying
that so that’s showing aetherium is
lagging behind Bitcoin a little bit
which does provide an opportunity to
realize that aetherium might might still
have another breakout and start
increasing its price more than Bitcoin
will in the next few days but that’s not
nor here nor there you guys know I’m a
long-term investor I’m not looking for
short-term trades like this but it is
something to keep – something to keep an
eye on and there was a news article here
also talking about Tron was up oh it was
up near 13% in the last 24 hours so
obviously and we’re gonna look at the
Tecla now see when this happened but
Tron was up near 13% and then now it’s
only up nine point five percent but it
is talking about the momentum being
bullish there is a lot of volume still
in Tron we take a look there is 601
million dollars in volume showing that
there still is a decent demand for China
people are still trying to get in
why because China is trying to do a lot
of things that a lot of people are very
excited about and a lot of people again
on Twitter we have Justin’s son we had
Shawn Foundation which I talked about
yesterday how important the community
these guys keep people excited they keep
reminding them what’s going on and
everyone then is up to date and
everyone’s excited for what’s happening
obviously the main net coming out at the
end of the month is huge and that’s
going to help Tron at least leading up
to that after that we have to see if it
just continues to go up or if it does
have a little bit of a correction
obviously the mark is also gonna be a
big factor in this if the market allows
because China’s not going to break off
from what the market is doing under
regular basis today it is up more than
others put it on the regular basis
Sean’s not gonna go up a hundred percent
if the market is down 100 percent we
cannot expect that to happen we have to
be realistic when it comes to this but
Tron is looking very solid right now and
again I think we’re gonna see some very
nice moves from Tron in the coming
months and the coming years as well
hopefully I know a lot of more a lot of
people a lot of people are getting more
and more bullish on this people who use
to not like the project people used to
think the project was a scam or a pump
in dub I have seen them shift their idea
as you’ve seen the shift their mind
change their mind and start to invest in
Tron and kind of as one of those you
know kind of one of those riskier plays
because obviously there’s so lot that
sean has to prove but it’s one of those
that if it goes if it goes as they say
and it goes as planned it could be here
ever everyone can make some huge gains
and it is definitely going to be here to
stay so it’s kind of one of those
investments similar to some other like
Cardno like iOS which could turn out
huge and it’s very hard not to invest in
them at the moment now Carter I want to
talk about as well now why do i want to
talk about cardinal because cardinal
actually took one of the biggest hits
the last few days compared to the bigger
of bigger cryptocurrency I should say
cards on took one of the bigger hit so
it’s at 7.1 billion dollars of market
cap ranked number seven overall a market
cap sighs it’s only down 10.1 percent in
the last 24 hours
again similarly it’s only down point
zero one percent when it comes to
Bitcoin in the last 24 hours
but Cardinal is one that usually takes a
relatively bigger hit and the reason for
this or at least the reason I think this
is because similar to Tron now they
don’t have a lot going on right now they
don’t have well not a lot going on they
have at Uncle
they don’t have a lot out right now so
there’s not a lot for people to see and
hold on to when it comes to you know the
actual project so what happens in my
opinion is that people when the market
corrects that is the coin that takes the
biggest hit I remember before when we
had the huge correction Tron was
suffering a ton and everyone’s like oh
everyone was saying good things about
Tron Tron keeps falling Tron keeps
falling this is why it is hard to have
something to hold on to now obviously
the main neck coming out for Tron is
something to look forward to but on a
regular basis there isn’t much there’s
there’s not much of a project to hold on
to other than the idea and the team so
that’s kind of why cards Allah does take
one of the bigger hit well it took one
of the bigger hits but that does also
provide us a pretty good opportunity if
you think about it the way I like to
think about it when the market is red I
look to buy and when Cardinals down a
ton I look to build my position because
I do think when as the year goes on
Cardinals going to have a very good year
and I think we are soon going to see a
$1 Cardinal that’s basically a 4x
meaning it would be at roughly a little
under 20 maybe like a 25 billion dollar
mark at which I don’t think is
unreasonable at all especially if the
market continues to grow the way we have
seen it grow from April to May and the
way I think we are going to continue to
see it grow for the rest of 2018 now
before we go pick the giveaway winner
let’s take a look at some technical
analysis for Bitcoin obviously the
market tends to follow Bitcoin so we’re
gonna look at Bitcoin when it comes to
technical analysis what I like to see is
you guys say have the food you guys have
the 50-day moving average out I like to
see that we bounce off the 50-day moving
average didn’t even stay close to it we
have a long wait here and we correct it
back up and out today it seems like we
did have all the way down here dip and
all the way up here Bitcoin was up to
almost eight thousand six hundred and
that’s when we saw try and have that
near 13% gain but since then it has
corrected down a little bit and so still
kind of an indecision candle the lower
wick is definitely bigger than the tire
one which is a positive sign but I am
still waiting to see what happens the
next few days Sunday usually not the
biggest day when it comes to
cryptocurrency gains I do think
the day will probably see bigger gains
so today would be a great opportunity to
pick some up now don’t forget I’m not
financial advisor and this is not
financial advice this is just my opinion
but this is definitely the day where I
will be picking up some more
cryptocurrencies and building my bags
and building my portfolio the way I
would like it also plug right here if
you guys want help building your
portfolio and you want to help going
over strategies and everything to
maximize your gains make sure you check
out the link down below called the
portfolio review that is where you can
get on a call with me and I will help
you build the perfect portfolio now guys
or perfect portfolio for you now let’s
do it the random giveaway I picked the
video about the Bitcoin crash honestly I
picked it because I liked the thumbnail
the best let me know what you guys think
down below about the thumbnail of that
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but guys hopefully you did enjoy this
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I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another


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