Transfering ADA to and from Tangem Card

Welcome Everyone! Today I wanted to do a
video on the Tangem Card that people
received during the IOHK summit. People
also ordered it on the cryptosupreme shop
afterwards and the premise of
the card is that you can load ADA onto
the card and then access your ADA
through an app. It has an NFC chip in
the card. Just scan it to your phone
and then you can use that to extract
funds and make purchases. The purpose of the today’s video
was to show how you can interact and load
card with funds from your Daedalus
wallet and then extract it once you have
it on the card so you can put it back on
the app and then send it back to Daedalus,
then replenish refuel however you want
to do it so it’s relatively easy. This
video is just a simple video and let me
know if you have any questions. The first
thing we’re going to do is load the Tangem
Card so you’re going to hit the send
button and you’re going to retrieve the
wallet address from your Tangem Card
and you’re going to basically copy and
paste so you’ll see in my screen that
you can access it through a QR code or
you can access the address and copy it
to a clipboard and send it over. You want
to make sure that every letter matches
the address that you’re sending to
verbatim otherwise you’re going to be
sending it to a dead address and you
will lose your ADA so whatever you see
here in the address you want to make
sure every letter is correct and
capitalized if it’s capitalized and
lowercase if it’s lowercase. Once you do
that you can go ahead and send the funds
from your Daedalus over to your Tangem. I’d also like to add that in order to
access your Tangem account you’re going
to have to have the app installed so the
Tangem app you can get it at the Google
Play Store and you take the card and you
basically tap it on the back of your Samsung phone or your Android capable
phone and that NFC will pull up your
account so it’s as simple as if you’ve
ever used Samsung pay or Apple pay you
just hold it towards the chip reader the
NFC chip reader at the grocery store or
local establishment you have and that’s what
you used to pay. It’s using the same
technology. Once you verify that you have
the correct address you can go ahead and
put it in the receiver column press next
and type in your spending password.
I am sending 10 ADA as you can see the
10 ADA has been processed plus the fees
and now I am waiting to receive the
funds on a Tangem and there we go we
went from 235.1 ADA to 245.1 ADA.
Now we’re going to
repeat this process in reverse so we’re
going to be extracting the funds from
the Tangem card so there is an extract
button and all you need to do is click
that extract button, pull up the QR code,
click receive on Daedalus, scan the QR
code with your phone, and send the
appropriate ADA.
This is the entire process. I hope
everyone who needed it found it helpful
and until the next video. Have a great
week. 🙂

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