Trader Cobb: Professional Crypto Trading, Strategies, Top 3 indicators & BS Technical analysis

my mentor helped me to develop and grow
my strategies and and that’s really where it started now you’ve got that
choice which is slow and you’ve just very difficult to get on a trading floor
right it’s hard to get in there you gotta be pretty damn persistent I was or
you can go along and actually find someone who has trading strategies and
you can learn from them if you think you’re gonna go to youtube and pick a
little snippet from Joe over here and sandy over here and Peter over here and
put it all together and have success you’re wrong…
Full stop. It will not work that way… Dear crypto community & blockchain buddies
across the globe welcome back to season 2 of Cryptonites, we are here live from
the CC forum in beautiful London and we’re gonna dive deep into technical
analysis different financials related to crypto currency as a new
asset class and we have an amazing guests, 13 years of trading experience
Craig Cobb aka Trader Cobb. Good to have you my friend. Lovely to be here… Thanks for talking the time Thank you so much for and thank you for the seminar yeah that’s got a really good time doing
that your whatever your energy levels man how do you keep your energies levels
so high from the morning yeah I do get asked that quite a bit the front the
best compliment I’ve ever actually had right was Steve Owen everyone knows Steve Owen in
the Crocodile Hunter that guy right he had a biggest amount of enthusiam no
I grew up with that dude I was in Australia tbh were with him hanging out
having fun right he’s eaten two days and rubbed off on me don’t get me wrong I do
get tired I love what I do but I’d have a wim HOF breathwork thing right so I’m
done with all these breath cycles to bring me back to life after a while but
say it’s just who I am like you do like you got a massive personality – it just
comes out here naturally thank you so much but it was contagious
like seriously I enjoyed your seminars so much and I hope more and more people
can go there and especially like these days there’s a lot of BS in the space
and we’ll dive deep into that later but and so my first question for you
Craig is gonna dive into cryptocurrency as an asset class so you have 13 years
of experience you went from equities to FX yeah but now you fell in love with
cryptocurrency. Yep could you tell us a little bit about those transitions yeah
sure it’s funny I’ve done a full circle back to London where is where I learn to
trade was in London I havent been here for eight years at the CC forum having me back
I’m pretty stoked to be running around looking everything again just have
enough time here but equities foreign exchange, bonds, commodities you name it
I’d trade it and it’s because I trade technical analysis which is basically
human emotion on a chart and the reason we have any crypto is it look
it’s it really is dead-set simple mate when it comes to it, you’ve got the most
volatile market in the world now you get volatile markets and
other sectors but they tend to be like small cap little tiny volume type things
you look at BTC look at etherium xrp, EOS, litecoin these have proper
volume which allows you to get a decisive that you want to get and when
you can get a decent sized position in a market that moves so astronomically fast
and hard like Bitcoin or crypto assets you just can’t look back it’s
like you know the most intensely fast market in the world go for Ferrari back
into a Mini Mok? You’ll stick with the Ferrari right? Yeah definitely so is it kind of
like a kid like getting into this candy store for you in that sense because it’s
so volatile it’s so exciting yes and no because the kid in the candy store just
wants to eat everything and chug in their face then they’re sick right so
kind of yes and no and yes there’s a lot going on the problem is a lot of the
Candy’s poisoned as in a lot of the projects suck, the volumes are low
they’re very thinly traded asset classes a lot of them are highly manipulated
because if there’s low volume going through them it’s very easy to screw
with the books so there is a way of doing it and as you have a larger
account you need to be more selective with what you trade but I mean that’s
what we do man like we teach people how to look at a chart and understand if a
markets thin and not tradable or furs enough orders going through and one of
the things that really annoy me about and there are many okay there are made
don’t you get me started but one of the things that annoys me is all these
people are talking about oh look at the order books of the other books the order
books are lying they are lying it might say 30 here behind the wall there’s
about 600,000 now you can’t look at the order book and think you know what
you’re doing because it’s just smoke and mirrors you’re gonna look at the actual
trades and transactions that have gone through so there’s so many things that
because I’ve been doing this for such a long time I understand what’s going on a
lot of people are there so most people are out there “trading” and I don’t say
that to be disrespectful because they don’t know what they don’t know but
there really just having a punt people say to me oh I don’t use stop
losses Craig because I always get stopped out it’s because you’re a crap
trader that’s why stop losses are there to
minimize your risk and that’s what we do is it you have to minimize your risk as
a trader if you don’t have capital you don’t have anything. That’s such a great
lesson in so many incredible lessons are coming through your seminar
there’s one thing that you talked about when it came to trading your like
you said “many people have technicals, they have indicators but very few have a
strategy” yep so if you don’t mind diving deep into
that because that was really really inspiring when you well thanks man
yeah I mean look at the end of the day what you gonna think about is a pantry
of 5,000 ingredients in a professional kitchen right now if you’ve been asked
by a shift but make a souffle ya know I don’t know why souffles are so difficult
but it always seems when these cooking shows everyone struggles with a goddamn
souffle right you’ve been asked to make 10 souffles you’ve never seen a souffle
you never tasted a soufflet you’ve never seen the recipe for a soufflet you’ve got
to come up with Sandton souffles they’re walking on a kitchen that’s 5000
ingredients everyone you try and pick the right ingredients and the right
system and process to forego it through and then put it in the oven for the
right amount of time what are your chances are getting that right nil
you’re not going to go right now that is what trading is right now you
can go on you can have 5000 goddamn indicators and you can make your chart
so you actually can’t see the price action you just can’t see well you go to
say hijiki you burn a little all this crap it just
it just causes you to I’m just like not understand what the hell’s going on so
this is the thing that I get frustrated about people teach technical analysis
but technical analysis is like a some sugar as sugar by itself doesn’t bake a
chocolate cake yeah ingredients coming together to create a
confluence of events that provide you with the precise entry place thought
wasn’t target or targets that is a trading strategy and what we do is we
have a checklist based system yeah I created that from myself I didn’t build
this stuff for others all right I did it for myself so I could be strategic
structured disciplined and focused and efficient with my time so that’s the
reason why I think it’s really important that people stop looking at trading as
as the technical analysis tool and start looking for the recipes that come
together to create the magic because without that you’re just pissing in the
wind man we look at this moving average zone between the ten period and
20-period moving average I call it the cradle because it tends to be where it
gets cradled before it grows up yeah I don’t know it’s an Australian thing we
have all these different things that we say you’ll get over and you’ll get used
to it we said pull in once it moves away Paul
then again moves away we see this wonderful cycle the best thing about
this cycle is it’s on any timeframe and any asset class okay so it’s not just
the weekly where this works it works in any market as well in any timeframe so
it’s an incredibly powerful thing to use now of course this is one ingredient
that I use in the way that I teach people to trade in the way that I trade
myself is through a little checklist so you’re going through essential factors
and ticking them off I don’t teach things that you don’t need to know very
big difference between trading technical analysis and trading strategy that makes
a lot of sense you know like when you’re creating this checklist of trading
strategies or or specific tasks that will create your strategy like how can
someone start by doing that like you have any tips on how for people out
there thinking like oh but I don’t know how to build a strategy are there any
ideas and Loretto starving I mean honestly I speak from my experience you
know my dad’s a builder it was a builder X building that were tired he said to me
very early on in my life he said look you know Craig Weber doing is a copy
someone who’s better than you and make it your own and that’s what I’ve done
I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing traders here in London in New
York in Sydney in New Zealand I’ve been very very fortunate and for me it was
about I will make your coffee I will get your baking an egg roll I will literally
do whatever you want so long as I can stay here and learn from you and I was
working with six traders at the time and I learned a lot from them then my mentor
helped me to develop and grow my strategies and and that’s really where
it started now you’ve got that choice which is slow and you it’s very
difficult to get on a trading floor right it’s hard to get in there you got
to be pretty damn persistent I was or you can go along and actually find
someone who has trading strategies and you can learn from them if you think
you’re gonna go to youtube and pick a little snippet from Joe over here and
sandy over here and Peter over here and put it all together and have success
you’re wrong full stop it will not work that way it
will mate maybe take you years and years and years and here’s the other thing I
find really frustrating is that people have been trading for something I think
I’ve been trading for seven years already who cares yeah I couldn’t care
less are you consistently profitable have you
been trading six months into consistent through those six months you’re better
than the person who’s been doing over ten years because you can look out you
can be jumping and grabbing it all the flashy things like you indicator here
and you think here new thing here all you’re doing is spinning around and
around and around like on the merry-go-round you can’t get off the
goddamn thing you’ve got to get off at some point and get into that Ferrari and
start going forwards if you don’t will you just keep going around in circles
right yeah definitely so the trading strategies are really for consistency
absolutely that why you have a strategy consistency of approach equates to
consistency of returns the one thing that I can’t teach we try a lot in the
psychology side of things and the very fact that it is so structured through a
checklist is I can’t teach patience alright a lot of people will over trade
a little take too many trades right and then on the trades look I’m scared but
what you’ve got to understand is that it’s about trading frequently when the
market allows it 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your trades is
taking the step by step approach the consistency of this strategy you as an
individual you’ve been in the courses so you as well Alex you need to understand
that you’ve got to put yourself in the right headspace because the only
variable wants you what a checklist system is you so you need to work on
yourself to make sure that you know you’re cool calm and collected when the
time comes to sit in front of a computer screen yeah so just be mentored trying
learning about yourself and then just finding what rules are best for you
basically that consistency so I know in your course you talk a lot about MACD if
you don’t mind telling us what is MACD and why you love that as an indicator
for cryptocurrencies yeah sure so my clear stance on moving
average Convergence and divergence now you know because I talk a lot about
convo and divergence occurs from my point of view I don’t use indicators I’m
never using indicators it put me into a trade I’ll never use the indicator to
get me out of a trade an indicator it will never make me hit by and it will
never make me hit sell because they’re the two options you’ve got in these
markets right strip all the rubbish back you can buy your himself that is all
that you can do there is not there was literally nothing else that
you can do so it needs to be simplified now I use the MACD in agreement with
price action so for me the MACD or the price of a price action
is my god it is my kingdom it is my everything I know everything about price
action that there is to be known at the moment I continue to try and learn more
and that’s just because of the you know more than 20,000 hours I’ve spent
staring at computer screens sounds boring it can’t be but so the MACD for
me I need MACD to be an agreement with the trend
so what MACD does for me as opposed to like making me buy or sell it’s kind of
like a mate the days only about the job for the bridge dude it’s it’s too
shallow don’t do it it’s mid tide you go or maybe I could jump maybe I won’t do
it but it’s not worth the risk I’m I’m gonna step back and I won’t do it so the
MACD for me tells me the same thing momentum starting it look it’s waning no
I don’t want to be with the waning trend I want to stick with the same trend so
it helps me to stay out of trades one put me in won’t take me out but it will
stop me from actually taking a trade awesome thank you so much for that
chambray mr. hanray and and there’s some so many interesting
things that you said obviously if you give fish to a man you feed him for a
day if you teach him how to fish you feed him for a life but many of these
online youtubers may be giving them the wrong pod to actually fish or a lot of
people seem to be copycatting each other or just taking random technicals and I
remember one part of your seminar you’re like calling out a few technicals which
too you don’t make any sense at all such as the RSI and you also talked about it
was sloping a lot of celebrity friend lunch yeah yeah you tell us about all
the others ascending triangles descending triangles yeah let me just
let my social media short gonna buy the white line is a 10 period moving average
the purple line well that’s the 20-period moving average
and I don’t use crosses I don’t use a 50 period moving average or the 200 period
moving average I don’t care about a golden cross or a dead cross because I
understand what a moving average is it’s a moving average of that’s what it is so what happens is
when the market does this and doesn’t move a great deal it’s like two snakes
making love they’re intertwined wrapped up together as soon as the market moves
either up or down and then you see it unfurl and they’re nice and open it
makes it a wonderful wonderful hindsight indicator Heights light indicators can’t
do anything for us so I use moving avenues in a very very different sense
that’s why no offense to anybody out there who uses these things but there’s
a lot of people out there trading the crypto asset market at the moment who
really don’t have a clue and that’s okay because you know I started with nothing
as well I had to learn from great mentors and go through the hard knocks
myself yeah it looks social me I mean where the
analogy of our give amount of fishing beautiful life yadda yadda that thing I
think the problem is there’s a lot of these social media people is they’re
actually giving you a tennis racket to play golf yeah it’s like you’re going to
the wrong field to play the wrong sport with the wrong tools it doesn’t make any
sense right but because they’ve got a big following of kill so they must know
something you know what that will make Kim Kardashian the expert on Crickley
the second year was a mouth about it right so from my point of view when it
comes down to those indicators it’s how you look at how you use them now don’t
get me wrong on others dudes out there and chicks out there that know exactly
what they’re doing that they’re doing well they’re trading well and they’re
using all sorts of different things I’m not the only player I certainly don’t
think that I’m the only person in the world that knows how to trade I just
know what I know all right and because I’ve got to be
strict in my methodology the rest of its shit asked to me right
from my point of view the RSI seems to be a really big one here in this country
I saw it in description in this community is in crypto overbought our
site under board RSA why does everyone put such an emphasis on it’s because
it’s taught in day one of the crypto and day 1 of trading books RSI most of the
crypto community still haven’t read the first chapter I’ve read the book six
times have written my own do you know mean so with RSI it’s you know if it’s
overbought so to speak 90% of my trades are an RSI is overbought and the
traditional sense of using it because it means is a strong trend so I’m not
trying to trade against the trend if you’re if you’re if the RSI is up and
you go okay down through the 70 line I’m looking to
sell then that means you’re selling against the train I don’t try and pick
bottoms because you get smelly fingers and I don’t try and pick the top okay
because it’s too dangerous take the chunk in the middle man and
that’s the more consistent place to be so that’s what RSI for me it’s not an
indicator that I use MACD as well I take the signal line off right because what’s
the point of it there’s no need at all to look at those
crosses because and same way that you know moving averages all the 250 period
moving average crossing over you do realize that while the markets going
like this it’s like two snakes making love they’re wrapped up together all
over the place as soon as the market starts to move
they unfurl and now it’s the best hindsight indicator you’ve ever seen
because before every big move is across well they don’t realize is well the move
hasn’t happened while it’s still sideways they twist it up so again and
it’s a complete false fallacy about you know how important the dead cross or a
golden crosses means absolutely nothing to those that know what they’re doing
that’s really interesting I mean I was blown away when you were talking about
how the RSI well it just tells you if it’s overbought or oversold but when
there’s a trend it’s overbought so it makes a lot of sense on how that might
not fit you know or might not be the best criteria what’s an indicator okay
it’s what people forget to realize is there’s logic behind everything they
throw the logic out the window to focus and what they think they want to obtain
from whatever it is right so from my point of view in RSI it’s an indicator
okay so let’s think of where else indicators are used okay you’re driving
on the motorway you get a turn right there’s a head-on traffic right 110
kilometres an hour all right big truck right there your indicators on right
does that mean you’re gonna pull it in front of the truck and kill yourself no
it means you left the indicator on that’s it it doesn’t it’s not called an
absolute er for a reason it’s an indication of what might come people are
putting too much power into an indication of what might be as opposed
to looking at all the individual ingredients to collectively momentum
wise understand we’re likely to go next and in trading all you have is
probabilities you literally have nothing else nothing else definitely and so
talking about the slopping the sloping lines you know that
is so funny you have one page in your in your seminar book where you have like
ascending triangles descending triangles all these sloppy lines all over and you
just came in with a ruler and said 180 degrees that’s it yeah that’s all you
need stop what all it is these crazy lines on your chart can you tell us a
little bit more about that that was yes might absolutely look like I had a
fantastic mentor for a good four years and he’s like look just follow me I’ll
teach you how to be a great traitor don’t worry about it we’ll get there all
you need to do is do what I say okay cool that’s easy I kept drawing Slurpee
trend lines of guys look I’m like oh and it better I know what to do with these
things these are fantastic you guys one day look if you use them anymore you’re
gone okay all right got rid of a changement rating for evan and the
reason i used to use them is because i used to try and trade bounces off of
these sloping trend lines my problem is what would you do okay I know everybody
who’s watching this right now if you’re using slope interns you’ve done this
guaranteed 100 you had your line here is you go try to bounce off it didn’t quite
get there so you move it and now it hits now the market is a partner and dance
okay the market is a partner don’t get me don’t with your way I’ll tell you
what that means right when you’re on the dance floor you’re swinging around and
she doesn’t know how to dance you know you drag her everywhere or him
everywhere and obviously you look an absolute twit you got two left feet
you’re gonna elephant dancing right now if you’ve put some training into things
you look wonderful and magnificent if you go to the market and you try and
jerk the market to where you want for the outcomes and you desire and I’m
gonna work because the market doesn’t give a shit about you it doesn’t care
about you you need to care about the market and get in its flow and dance
with it right you can’t go into it trying to do things so with the sloping
trend lines they’re too subjective if you’ve got a thing that you can have
that the only degrees you don’t have is zero and 180 you can literally do
whatever you want 180 objective like every other trading
will I’ve got objectivity wins any subjectivity at the back kick it out and
that makes a lot of sense because you’re saying like 180 degrees you cannot
change it you cannot be subjective is what I’ve said and it doesn’t have 360
degrees which makes things even more complex and more subject
yes objective thinking for outcomes based on the two things you can do you
can buy you can sell let’s keep shit simple from now on let’s
get people to actually learn how to trade and not just go out there like
with candlesticks or shooting star wars and doji who cares what Tom Dick and
Harry caught nothing I don’t care it’s the story that the market is telling you
I’ve been reading this story for the last 13 years every single day I’m
pretty good at reading that book so it’s about understanding what is actually
going on as opposed to what you think might be going on because you’ve read
some crappy book somewhere when to buy and when to sell when to buy is when
you’re looking for price to come back into that cradle zone in and around that
10 and 20 period moving average when it gets very very extended from that moving
average that’s at which the price you’re looking to sell and the more time you
develop in the market the more you learn the more you understand the more this
will make sense to you but just using these two very simple moving averages
that 10 and 20 period will help you in a massive massive way so when we’re and
there’s one really funny thing that you were talking about the bees so if I’m
tracing the line that one a 180 degree line you know to try to find support and
resistance yes what if it doesn’t perfectly trace you know I can actually
there’s also a right so go there very simple rule the reason I say these
things because people will remember it okay it’s about thinking something into
their heads I remember if you go draw a horizontal line and it doesn’t mean
exactly ones poking through just a little bit it’s called the bees dick
rule alright because it’s poking through just a little bit well how BIG’s a bees
dick it’s pretty small just poking through the bees dick well it’s okay
trailer above these dick so speaking by the way that’s probably the Australian
me I suppose that was so cool man so all we need to do is it doesn’t need to be
perfect but we can understand as long as it’s just like a little tiny bit going
through hey it’s okay it’s respected that horizontal level and I’m cool with
that yeah obviously Craig you want this space to succeed you
really want cryptocurrency to define itself as an asset class yeah having sub
asset classes you know today bitcoin is the real mover
whenever a Bitcoin moves unfortunately the market or fortunately obviously I
would love to hear your take moves with it in tandem how do you is that good
thing for us or a bad thing the fact that Bitcoin leads the entire market
yeah look it’s um it’s an interesting thing I mean whether it’s good or bad
I’m neither for or against what you need to understand though is that it let’s
say you were trading with margin which I love to do of course and a little bit
for a lot so I’ll take that every day let’s say you’re trading the market from
when Bitcoin goes up yet the rest of the market does tend to follow it so you
just need to manage if you’re going to go be if you’ve got three trades Bitcoin
extra big moment USD theorem USD and say EOS USD you’ve now got three percent if
you’re risking 1% per trade exposure to what the USD yeah so if the whole market
goes up you’re gonna kill it if the whole market goes down there goes you
three percent so you’ve got a look at risk management not just on the size of
the trade that you’re taking but also the correlated pairs so if I was to
trade long a theory in Bitcoin and along a theory of dollar they’re two totally
opposite trades because once matched or once paired against the base rate being
BTC the others matched against the base rate being USD so they will move
differently what I find very interesting at the moment and well it’s like I just
don’t want to find interesting with the way I work the market is recently I mean
sitting here on October 15 I think you said it was right October 15 right now
bitcoins been doing this it’s being caught in a bit of a range now a lot of
people sit back and go there’s nothing to do and wrong answer go across trade
the alts against Bitcoin stack your SATs if you believe in Bitcoin you believe in
building your SATs or build your Bitcoin transfer about the capital and go buy a
boat absolutely do you like to see that
because some people think of their wealth in terms of USD but some people
think of I’ve accumulated more Bitcoin how about yourself
what is your oh my look I think that Bitcoin has got a big future look I
don’t know when it’s going to go high I don’t know if it’s going to be the
standout these are things that nobody knows I’m not a Bitcoin maximalist I
find it very difficult to be like for anyone to be a maximally
because how can you be so stubborn but yet you managed to get into the most
interesting market in the world very early on for a lot of them so how
can you possibly shut your eyes to the power of blockchain in business I’m not
sure but yeah I stack BTC and a theory might I think of theorems of the
theorems another one I have a fairly decent holding of as well just because I
think the you know I don’t think we’ve hit the year 2000 the dot-com boom I’ll
be there when it happens and I’ll be exiting my BTC back into probably
aud/usd at the time and wait for it to pull back and then I’ll jump back in
again it’s just a market socket there was the other day we had this issue of
silica thank you so much was an amazing answer the CEO is lillico saying that
you know if you want to find those hidden gems you know that may eventually
be like the dot-com survivors yeah he said you really got to look at sub asset
classes so this is a smart contracts portfolio here there is an XYZ scaling
portfolio here’s do you kind of see it like that do you see a future for
altcoins as you were saying as as these oh I see and I see I see a future for
blockchain based businesses that’s what I look at the maths I mean I was
speaking with my mate Brad here last night about a lot of a lot of projects
and I’m like why do they need the token you know what why does this project is
it just to raise capital if Y if that’s if that’s what you don’t just be honest
about it and we saw that a lot in 2017 with poor treasury management a lot of
these most of these companies have just since disappeared
I believe that blockchain is a very very serious contender for a world a world
changing opportunity right for business I want to see why are the token needs to
be used and what that business is doing when is that business getting to revenue
and how has that business getting to revenue now I don’t look at a token for
tokens sake if the token is the way that I get access to the underlying asset
class which is the business and the revenue model hey link those things
together and I’ll take a good look at it if it’s a token for the sake of token
sake I don’t care what the thing is the token might be worth nothing the
business might be worth a billion but the token holders don’t get a you know
anything of that if that makes sense so yeah I think there’s a I think there’s a
place for all points and simply trading for the time being longer
term down the track I have to wait and see what comes out so far it’s been
pretty difficult to find things that really make a lot of sense to me but
don’t forget I’m not someone who researches projects every day I’m in the
market trading every day and that’s what I do
awesome awesome man and there’s one thing that when you’re using trading
view that was really cool I remember at the end of the seminar you would
actually lose your scan through multiple projects and put little like flags on
the ones you’re easy to watch those do you mind telling us a little bit about
your train of thought and creating your watchlist and yeah just a little snippet
of that that was really fascinating and you just so fast at reading the charts
always will not slow I was doing that slows donut slow for the audience so so
every morning I do every morning five days a worker do a scan on trader cob
con called live trading for that’s what I do that scan to all the margin pairs
to try and find were tuned –’tis are available and then at the top 150 BTC
cross Pierce right that’s based on spot market so no leverage
but yeah so for me that’s it’s generally looking for a trend multi-frame trend
moving averages to be in the correct order and if you want moving out it’s a
ten and twenty period exponential and convergence or divergence on that
timeframe it’s pretty simple stuff trend moving averages in the correct order and
moving average Convergence for divergence now because my three trading
strategies the bitcoin break a cryptic rate on a fibonacci booster they’re
designed around what the market does the market goes sideways then it breaks
that’s the breakout strategy that I’ve got in place now I know lots of people
have traded breakouts yeah I get it everyone’s got a breakout strategy but a
lot of people get faded out it breaks out there guys
someone’s like they go on watching me long ago sure the cradles where the
market is trending really nicely like Tarzan swinging from you know vine to
vine it’s like beautiful Cercle City pulls back in little bullish channel in
that uptrend BAM and then the third one is when the
market absolutely goes gangbusters you know like what was it back when we broke
through the little breaking of 8089 and we raced up someone’s 14,000 through
there we didn’t really pull back dude but when it doesn’t pull back you got to
get down those lower timeframes and the market does it it’s ping ping ping so I
got three strategies the market moves in three different ways
okay when you’ve got that in place you’re looking at trends first moving
average Convergence or divergence and the moving average so and a trend moving
averages and moving average Convergence and divergence throw that into your
watchlist now all I have to do is check that a few hours every day I wouldn’t
get the chance to that’s a look at the rest of the market it’s simple stuff
it’s about finding what fits your rule so I don’t go to the market going I want
to find the trade I go to the market and eliminate things every chart on trying
to eliminate and till I get to a chart what’s so good I just can’t leave it
alone I love that mindset it’s it’s really really beneficial for everyone
who wants to trade and invest because rather than looking for the opportunity
you eliminate all the crap for this and that’s so important right you look at a
long list of potential trades and it was so funny you’re like no no it’ll yeah
you make a little sound you’re like oh no that looks disgusting and and one
thing one really one of the best lessons I’ve learned is if you’re not sure just
don’t do it yep yeah I’m not clear it’s not the number one rule if it’s not
clear it’s not there and that doesn’t mean like it to me it might be clear as
day but you can only make your own decisions based on your own
understanding and you’re not going to climb Everest in one step I’ve climbed
the goddamn thing slowly but surely I’ve climbed up the trading Everest right
you’re not going to do it in one day take your time look if it’s not clear to
you just live alone as you progress as your experience goes I mean the courses
are all there online for a lifetime membership you can go back through and
do it again and again and again I couldn’t care less that’s the idea of it
refresh refresh refresh but if you are not going in there step-by-step and
taking the pressure off so the whole thing about the if it’s not clear it’s
not there rule is to take the pressure away trading is not something where you
will do well under serious pressure people go oh isn’t it stressful I can be
as stressful as you want it to be yeah or you can just be cool calm and
collected and go you know I refuse to be stressed if it’s not clear it’s not
there move on to the next one if it’s clear I’ll take it there’s gonna be
plenty more trades man there’s be plenty more opportunity if you miss this one
because it wasn’t clear who actually cares
doesn’t matter it’s so good and I remember people they were in the in the
crowd in their life well it’s you ask them is this is this a
good trade or not and they’d be like mmm no you’re thinking that’s wrong yeah
yeah if you’re thinking too long they exactly risk my skin mmm it was go tell
ya everything like that terror there anything like full of fires okay second
that sound comes up move on a next Jack because it’s not clear that was so cool
so simple and really people realize they pretend to overthink things everyone
other things things because we brought up in a society whereby the smartest
person gets the best credit at the back of your head train doesn’t work that way
I mean as a trader you just need to be simple at what you do and very good at
it you just because there’s a horizontal line there’s three tests what else could
I read into this there’s nothing else to read into it stop thinking start doing it must be hard for you because you know
like you said we were just through education we were we learn how to try to
make things even more and more complicated for tests and the more
complicated we go and the better result and a better grade and all the crap that
goes you know after that you’re like guy stops thinking keep it simple keep it
simple symbols the word dog because but for me you know I’m I’m not I’m just
very few times where I’m the smartest guy in the room usually when I’m just
the only person in the room all right i I’ve built these systems in these
course in these strategies but ran the way I trade it’s gotta be keep it simple
if it’s not keep it simple if I don’t get it
how am I going to use that information to make a decision if it’s one thing
you’ve got to be as a trader its decisive so I found that the better of
the trader I was working with the less they had on that chart and I’ve got MACD
the turn 20 moving average and that’s it price action keep it nice and simple
keep the head clear avoid analysis paralysis and take the pressure off and
that’s what the checklist system does it’s amazing man there’s so many gems in
that sooner I definitely want to come back next time you’re in London I have a
few last questions to ask you Craig as of today which platform do you love
trading on when it comes to cryptocurrency and also right after if
you mind telling us what are we lacking in terms of what do you been used to in
the off chain world and the traditional world that you would love to see on an
investment or trading platform yeah good question for me bit max is one a simple
it’s a terrible platform sorry–but max no actually not sorry
get better it’s a terrible platform you got good leverage good margin right on a
theory and you’ve got good margin on Bitcoin of course XRP it’s pretty good
right the volume is really good as well so naturally you trade a bigger account
you want volume and you want margin that’s that’s what I’m focused on so I
thought these bit for next a bit but the volume seemed to become real thin I’m
not sure if it’s just because of the market at the moment or if there’s
something else going on obviously BitFenix is having a lot of problems
around the USD T it’s a constant boiling pot of he-said she-said it just it just
seems like when I was big rumor mills until something’s proven otherwise I’m
pretty happy to work with them but a smaller amount and also by an answer
just because again they’ve got volume what does the space mess it’s lacking a
lot like a lot in that trading world right if I go and train with an external
brokerage firm right now I can go in and I can put in my entry stop so my entry
level in and I can put my stop-loss leveling in one order
so what’s once triggered the stop-loss goes in so I’m instantly safe and go to
bed with an order raised and now it’s safe that I’m not going to bed with the
naked open position right and I can also have multiple targets the other thing I
really like is that what we’re lucky in crypto is that the calculation risk is
not clear so let’s say I want to risk half a Bitcoin per trade if I put on my
entry price than my stop-loss in the amount of contracts it there should be a
box that says you are risking 0.5 and BTC which converts to XYZ USD it makes
it so much easier for people to go oh okay I now know how much I’m risking by
now I’m not going to go out of control and they also now know what my entering
stop loss will be because I can put on the same order this allows people to
trade more frequently more easily more risk manage more calmly and that will
lead to better outcomes better outcomes lease the more volume exchange more
volume exchange leads to more have the exchange of
people right it’s a very simple process in my eyes and nobody’s doing it
properly there are some small exchanges that I’ve interviewed only try to cope
crypto show that it did Adam end of the orders correctly but the catch-22 is the
small exchanges that are doing these orders have you know
any volume sounds like oh great orders great terrible volume it’s like there’s
an arrogance in the inner system right now where it’s like we made so much
money so quickly we don’t care what you have to say that they’re not they don’t
realize that you know the plant might have grown really quickly in good times
but until you if you don’t keep watering that plant that got their plants gonna
die the tree could be 500 years old you know how the meat is high if it
doesn’t have water it’s going to die so empires will fall when good products
come out unless those empires are in a position where they actually do it
properly and I’ve seen nobody door properly just yet well hopefully they’ll
listen to your advice especially someone who’s been training for so long thank
you so much for all your tips where should we follow you was the easiest way
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