Top 12 Coins Of 2018: Ripple ($XRP), Cardano ($ADA), EOS ($EOS), Verge ($XVG), NEM ($XEM), And More!

Top 12 Coins Of 2018: Ripple ($XRP), Cardano ($ADA), EOS ($EOS), Verge ($XVG), NEM ($XEM), And More!

What’s going on sniper’s my email a baby here, hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today
Let’s go in and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content and analytics for today
I am going to be talking about my top 12 coins coming into 2018 I get this question quite often and currently I am
Rebalancing my portfolio as well as adding new positions, so if you guys are in our patreon
I am going to be updating you guys first a lot of you guys have asked me hey
Do you do any sort of portfolio reviews?
I actually went ahead and started a patreon as you guys know we currently have a hundred patreon
Thank you so much for that guys
But we do have several different tiers here and several different levels and rewards but for our VIP access
I think we have two spots left if you click become a patreon on our patreon page you can actually open this up and go
Into this so VIP access here
I’m actually doing portfolio reviews up to eight
Portfolios as well as private access giving you guys a spot in our special live call on our
Discord our discord is actually in the link in the description below
This is a free resource
Open and available to all of you guys. I get a ton of questions like how do I get into discord?
You just have to click the link. It’s available on your mobile platform and your desktop pretty much
we have a whole resource open and available for you guys here all of these trading 101 areas and stuff like that so anyways I
Don’t want to talk too much about that right now
I know a lot of you guys have asked me about that
But let’s focus on Bitcoin first and foremost the price as you can see is consolidating a little bit
But at the end of the day what we’re seeing here is the sending triangle form
And I do what I mentioned this as almost like a precautionary?
Step because at the end of the day we can see a lot of these patterns form but this doesn’t really
Say anything about where the price is going when you see this type of negative trend coming downhill
Then you see this obviously this was a correction, but then you see this little bit of a price
And then now you’re seeing a little bit more consolidation what I’m really looking for at this time is the 50-day moving average around 12,500
I I do see that
This is where Bitcoin saw a little bit of support as you can see we hit triple bottom RSI way under thirty three times in
A row if you guys don’t know what RSI stands for that means relative strength index
If you go to our discord
And you go to trading 101 on top you can actually read about all the definitions here, but a relative strength index
Pretty much indicates whether a coin is being overbought or oversold if it’s over 70 its
Overbought and that means that you might want to sell because it might lower in price if it’s under 30
It’s more like a bear market you see a coin always under 30
That’s a pretty bearish coin right there and a bear market is not a good market
It’s a market filled with this pessimism and a lot of people that are worried and prices typically don’t go up
But I don’t see that here with Bitcoin
I see RSI is you know obviously between 30 and 70 that’s a healthy RSI and what we’re seeing right now is
We saw that support level not too strong because it only touched once, but then of the day now
We’re seeing this kind of level back and forth so I would say a channel right now would be draw right around this
resistance level
Still weak not necessarily a strong resistance level, but the end of the day
It’s something that we can look at and see if it does form a pattern within this channel here
So I’m definitely gonna be watching Bitcoin
I think a lot of the coins will follow ahead of Bitcoin
But let’s kind of just dive right into the top 12, so these aren’t made in any specific order
I want you guys to understand that the top 12 coins
I’m going to show you guys right now are still coins that I am still making
Final decisions upon and once again if you guys are on our patron
We also have an area here where I do the the weekly coins here, so I’ll send you guys my top picks
I’m gonna change this from top 5 to just top picks because what I do every week is I actually look and I highly encourage
You guys to do the same thing I every single week
I look at specific coins that I want to watch for that week in typically I look for coins that are at least perceived as
Undervalued and coins that have the technology that I’m looking for behind them so I can make the trade not only as a trader
But as a value investor so at the end of the day
Those are two different types of styles value investing is where you’re looking for the long term
And then trading is where you take an advantage of swings
but at the end of the day you can always incorporate both especially in a bubble market you want to make sure because all of
This valuation that we see right now is all based on speculative value in my opinion and once again
intrinsic value is what we’re looking for what is the tangible value of Bitcoin and aetherium and ripple and litecoin and so forth so the
Speculative value is not the true value and at the end of the day we have to be very careful in a market like this
Which is why I have my stop-loss orders set up for all of my Bitcoin purchases
I have been putting little purchases here and there if you guys are I think this is for our
Trade alerts you guys know that I am trading constantly a little bit of Bitcoin. I’m buying some Bitcoin
I’m also buying a lot of aetherium right now because I yeah we’re gonna talk about this in just a second
But I am gonna make a specific video based upon all of these pics that I’m showing you guys
But at the end of the day guys always be cautious
I implore each and every one of you guys to just kind of come up with your own
Principles when trading don’t just kind of follow somebody’s rule or follow one person just take
Perspectives from each and every place my mentor taught me this and he said is uh?
You know one of my mentors his name is the azan he actually had a very successful
ICO named the Jibril network
And he’s the one to actually influence this decision-making
You know this decision-making a pattern that I have in trading and actually it’s funny
We mentioned him right now because the coins I’m going to show you guys right now are
coins that him and I kind of had conversations about
And obviously since he’s you know in the ICO game. He’s deep into it
He’s delved all of his life and dedicated everything towards his ICO and his company and you know they’re based in, New York
He’s got a lot of fun with it, but the end of the day
He knows what he’s talking about in my opinion, so I love hearing from credible sources of course especially somebody
That’s had success already so as you can see these are all the coins here pretty much my top
12 right now that I’m looking at a pretty much branches all the way up to the top 50
I think there may be one that is just past it
But let’s go to just kind of dive right into it delve right into it. I’m gonna just graze over them once again
We’ll do a specific video for each one on this channel
So just stay tuned for that, but aetherium number one once again
This isn’t in any specific order, but I really like a theory. I’m really liking where Theory M is
Going the fact that all of these icos are based upon NRC 2.0
Tokens for the most part a lot of companies they do have their own blockchain
But I think aetherium you know the way that years on put it for me was really interesting
I was having a conversation about aetherium with him, and he said you’d understand
I mean aetherium is the most diversified asset class in cryptocurrency?
Because you have all of these companies running on the ER c 2.0 tokens there for the company’s
valuations also at if they’re eum’s valuations and the stability and long-term valuation of aetherium and what that meant was
You see all of these other
Coins running off of aetherium so at end of the day aetherium is the backbone it’s like the linux of these coins
It’s the backbone of what’s holding everything together so in my opinion ice
Myself long with the theory I see a theory I’m becoming almost like the Microsoft of this
Generation in this decade because at the end of the day we are looking at the next generation
What is this technology gonna do in five years or ten years?
Don’t just look short-term look long-term so aetherium is definitely a big pick for me for 2018
Let’s move to verge a lot of you guys know I made a video on verge
It’s my narrows competitor, and you know you’ve got all these other privacy coins paybacks
And and so forth trying to get it to the privacy coin game
But what I like about Virg is the fact that number one?
You know it was undervalued now
You see this huge
Parabolic increase in price and something I look for when these charts tries to define charts that don’t have as much
Distortion because that could indicate a possible breakout in the future especially if the technology is good everything makes sense
That’s a good investment
I do have a couple of those coins that we’ll talk about today in this top 12, but with Virg
I really like the fact that they use AI 2p integration when they’re masking their their IP addresses
And what’s really cool about it is they are now incorporating the private ledger that Manero is famous for into their coin as well
But giving you the option to use a public ledger or a private ledger – if you guys know what that means
You can look at every coin
and see where’s the rich list which wallet address is holding the most amount of that coin and
With Manero you can’t do that with Virg you can but eventually with Virg you’re gonna have both options
Which is why I like words because mine arrows are not a five six billion dollar market cap
Virg is just under that three billion
So there’s potential for it to increase in size as well as long as privacy coins continue to become that niche
And I think as a niche it is something that a lot of people are willing to pay that premium for having the privacy so
Virg is definitely on my list of course the manage am a Bitcoin it takes up 43.6% of the market
This is definitely a coin that I obviously have in mind. It’s not coin that I’m just gonna
You know put on the back burner, but then in the day does it truly have intrinsic value
That’s the real question
So I’m interested to see what happens in
2018 with Bitcoin compared to coins that do have a lot of intrinsic value
Already like the etherium because it’s obviously running a lot of platforms so Bitcoin is right there Ripple of course
Everybody’s talking about ripple it actually has use cases right now in the actual marketplace as you can see over 200 banks are using Ripple
The Japanese you know transactions seventy percent of Japanese transactions touch the ripple net in some way shape or form
So obviously there’s adoption already
But the only difference with the reports it takes a different approach
Centralized and its centralized in a specific manner in which most cryptocurrencies aren’t built the way that ripple is built
but they do utilize the technology of
Blockchain when incorporating their technology into these other banks and what I really like about ripple is the fact that it is already targeting banks
And banks in my opinion they may want centralization because that gives them a control so ripple is definitely on my list
But what’s cool about ripple is the person who started ripple?
actually forked it and then started his own called stellar and stellar is also on my list because the individual that did I
Look at the team
And I’m like you know what?
Has this person or has this team had success in the past and the founder of seller who started ripple obviously ripple has been successful
Number one number two he started one of the largest exchanges that isn’t around anymore MT
GOx a lot of you guys have heard of it number three if you look at his history back we have prior to 2000 he
Actually sold a Fire’s file-sharing company for a lot of money. I made a ton of money
I think he might still have I don’t think he’s sold it, but he built it and it’s still going today, so
He’s had success. I like to see that when I’m putting my
valuations in in terms of what my positions in to be and I don’t think this graph is as distorted as it could be as
You can see it’s not you know as parabolic as you saw with Virg so at the end of the day
I definitely see ripple as being an indicator
Or a a future coin that could rise in value as well as valuation along with you know ripple and seller so
Cute um right. What is q Tom? You? Everybody’s like well. What are you talking about q Tim?
I think you Tim. It’s almost like I would say out compared to like neo, but at the end of the day
I think cute um if you look at the jet hub versus neo. It’s way more advanced in my opinion
It takes a way better approach, and it’s just like aetherium the same reason
I like the theorems the same reason like you Tom
I think it has a really good approach with what it wants to do
And I think as a competitive knee I think it can really start taking a market capitalization
I don’t know too much about Neos team because it is based I believe in South Korea
or Singapore
And you know it’s it’s you know people that I’ve never heard of but q tone has a very strong team from what I’ve seen
And what kind of rush to the rest of these the next one is
OMG omni’s and go a lot of you guys don’t talk too much about OMG, but I’m definitely to make a video on oMG
That’s definitely one of my next picks
The reason I like oMG is the fact that in my opinion it’s still not valued as high as it
Could be because you can see this graph. This is an all-time graph. It’s not distorted whatsoever
You don’t see some crazy parabolic gains yet, so it can definitely be also an undervalued coin
And I also believe with what they’re trying to accomplish as well, so that’s another coin that I am watching for my portfolio
Next up you’ve got card on
Oh a da of course everybody knows about card on Oh wants to be the next theory I’m building smart contract applications on
And I also think this chart is not as the sword as it could be I think this could be undervalued
I think we can definitely see some up
Some higher prices fairly soon. I like how it’s holding towards bitcoins price right now
And it’s done that in the past it continues to hold its price against BTC and satoshis
Which I like about card ATO obviously you see
Some minor fluctuations here and there in terms of volatility so next up is cos cos
I like this because once again not too much distortion here. I stuff like this may be undervalued. It’s a rank 12
I can definitely see it in the rank 10
Spot fairly soon. I like the fact that US has a strong team behind it as well
So we’ll make a video on that 10x is another coin you guys I don’t know if you’ve heard of 10x
But I’ve looked intent to into 10x
I still think this is undervalued as you can see
Chart looks beautiful the coin itself is awesome the team behind it is awesome
And I can’t wait to make a video about that next up is nem nem
Is of course a very popular one you can see that it did have a little bit of a breakout
But I still feel like there’s still more valuation that can be placed under nem
In terms of what the technology brings to the table and the speed of the technology itself and then first lastly
We’ve started I said first and then lastly but lastly Electra Neum you guys know
What I love about lecture name the fact that it’s Universal they want to allow you to mine
You know digital currency on your phone your Xbox anything that has processing power?
And they’re very very big with you know trying to get into the gaming industry
which they’re already setting up specific contracts and
Attempting to have some use cases to really be the leader in what they’re trying to accomplish. They’re also in the top 50
They had a very successful. ICO as you can see prices have been maintaining around the nine ten cent area
You’ve seen some fluctuations, but I think there’s just people dumping their coins
So I’m really looking at Elektra Neum over the long term
I think it does have a lot of potential and it is
So I am starting to look more into the backend of the Cole
Not necessarily the top coins but looking at the coins that are you know just not as valued as what they’re truly?
You know valued to become so
Once again guys if you guys want more in-depth information get on our discord
You know you become a patreon and get more in depth analysis from me because I get so many requests
So it was necessary for me to start something like that, but other than that I do want to say
Thank you all so much for helping us reach 8000 subscribers
I think we’re approaching 9 now, and it’s just been an amazing amount of growth
And I truly appreciate each and every one of you guys the goal is to just build a community that you can thrive off of
Value and and not you know and not have people feel oppressed
You know I want this community to be open and agile and transparent
And I think we’re building that right now discord
And and what we have going on so thank you guys so much for being a part of this community
Thank you so much for watching this video
Happy holidays to all of you guys celebrating with friends and families enjoy your time and until next time
We’ll have a live stream tonight
It’s gonna be exciting like always and we have our video in the daytime tomorrow coming up as well and with that being said guys
That’s it for today snipers out


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