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bullish news before we get into the good news that is out there today I’m gonna
go over something a little funny okay so this was by the B is cheap cartons on a
crypto currency stop trying to create money now do you see it something wrong
with this statement stop trying to create money basically
what he is saying is that he doesn’t believe in cryptocurrency and he is
saying that people should do something better with their time especially my
generation should do something better with their time than trying to create
money and fascinating to me because from what I understand and from people invest
in cryptocurrency understand the reason people are moving to cryptocurrency and
the reason people let you know cryptocurrency adoption is a thing and
why it continues to grow and why a lot of us believe that it is the future is
simply because every other country is continuing to just simply create money
they are printing money from thin air giving it value causing inflation and
bitcoin there’s only 21 million of them out there so I don’t see you know so
there’s no way where we could create more Bitcoin in and that just kind of
come into circulation that’s not a possibility but Ritt become countries
are doing this every single day they’re printing money every single day they’re
creating money so it’s fascinating to me that you know someone that does
understand take a look at the guy’s photo I’m not
gonna say anything mean but shrug right moving on to some good news though so
Europe’s largest ETF trader is moving to crypto is this a sign of a Bitcoin ETF
so we have been waiting for institutional investors we haven’t
waiting for regulation for a while we are been waiting for that big money to
come into cryptocurrency for some time move the cryptocurrency market cap into
the trillions of dollars and then from there everyone’s happy everyone has
their Lambo everyone’s seen their you know the portfolio increase that’s what
we’re we’ve all been waiting for one of the two one of the two things well the
two things that are gonna cause that are one ETFs and to regulate so that’s what
people believe are going to cause it and this article is talking about the
Bitcoin ETF we have been waiting for this for some time
the Europe’s largest trader of exchange-traded funds so ETF is moving
into crypto in the face of criticism by Dutch authorities according to Bloomberg
opening the door for a Bitcoin ETF this will lead the way for institutional
money to turn the crypto market around and see new heights like I said what
we’ve all been waiting for so I’m going to keep you guys updated on this
situation and when the Bitcoin ETF is going to come out if it does come out if
this does cause it I’m gonna keep you guys up to date with that but that is a
very very good sign and it’s something that I think is pretty much inevitable
at this point I think it’s going to happens just a matter of when same thing
with regulations we’re seeing countries here and there start building up
regulations from South Korea to Malta we’ve seen a lot of countries certainly
adopt cryptocurrency very very well in the next country I have in the next news
article for you is doing the same and that is Switzerland
so Switzerland yo this is actually this is big in my opinion so Switzerland
Stock Exchange is launching a cryptocurrency exchange now I don’t
think they would risk the reputation I don’t think they would do it if if they
didn’t genuinely believe that cryptocurrency is going to be around for
a very long time now people every time in the comments I don’t see you just on
my comments I see all right um some comments up on some other YouTube
channels as well people genuinely believe that cryptocurrency
and people genuine when genuinely believe that it’s over and that if you
know it’s done and it fascinates me because if it was done why would all of
these countries continue adopting it why would so many big names out there in the
financial sector in so many different industries start buying in start a dog
you see people change their mind from being you know very against at first to
now doing their research understanding it and starting to become fence so I
really don’t think it’s dead I think what the biggest issue is I get people
ask me this all time I help them so many people are saying cryptocurrency is dead
and this is the general reason as to why people are saying this they bought in at
20k they saw that 5k they lost 75% of their initial investment cuz they
couldn’t hold they were just simply just wanted to buy in and watch the price
skyrocketing dollars cash out and live happy that didn’t happen they then sold
at 5,000 and now they’re mad that’s pretty much the simple reason to why
that though why people say cryptocurrencies they because there’s
nothing to believe guys so the Switzerland Stock Exchange so six group
the owner and operator Switzerland Stock Exchange announced plans to launch a
fully integrated digital asset infrastructure for training settlement
and custody of digital currencies based on distributed ledger technology DLT and
this as C as you guys see quoted the beginning of a new era in an official
announcement on Friday July six six group announced its intentions to launch
a DLT so we are talking we are we already talked about that but another
reason why I think a lot of countries are doing this and the why I think this
is a good business opportunity is I don’t know if you guys have seen this
but by Nantz is on track to do 1 billion dollars in a profit in 2018 and that is
where it’s at and that’s like standing right now so if the market does have
another huge boom like we saw had at the end of last year finance will probably
make even more money they should comfortably hit the billion dollar mark
in profits and you know a billion dollars of profit is huge so if you are
a stock exchange and you have the capabilities of longitude cryptocurrency
exchange you can make a pretty good amount of
now it’s obviously hard to launch a cryptocurrency exchange right now I see
a lot of people try it all the time but I’m not gonna live seeing a billion
dollars in profit from by nest for their cryptocurrency exchange kind of makes me
want to launch my own cryptocurrency a cryptocurrency exchange so guys leave a
comment down below right now in this video would you use the Patrick crypto
currency exchange let me know that in the comments down below
you guys all better be saying yes because it would be by far the coolest
exchange out there guarantee right now if we look at the cryptocurrency market
today though 267 billion dollar mark out let’s give it a refresh so we see all
the exact up-to-date prices so we have Bitcoin set at 6622 mark kept still 267
billion dollars bitcoins almonds forty two point five percent so Bitcoin
dominance definitely up there we see the change though looks like a lot of very
small changes meaning haven’t really secured a direction that we are moving
on in the market so we are just sort of trading sideways going to pick if we are
going up or down as you guys can see the last few days actually we had one dip
right here followed by a nice run where we saw some more big greed numbers but
other than that we’ve been trading relatively sideways not exactly sure
what direction we are going we’re gonna have to play a day by day now the news
that I’ve been giving you all the good news this is all future type news it
doesn’t we don’t know if this is gonna happen tomorrow next week next month
maybe even next year the regulations that ETF very hard to tell impossible to
tell when it’s going to happen all we can do is play a day by day the reason I
keep sharing all the good news the reason I keep sharing all the adoption
oozes that’s pretty much showing us that it’s going to happen so when it happens
we don’t know but it’s going to happen so we don’t want to miss out on that I’m
not selling my cryptocurrencies be until you know at least until that happens I’m
not cashing out anything yet not even securing a little bit of profit most
probably not until we see those big that big big run because we are all expecting
it to come and the good news proves that it should be coming now if we look at 24
hour change polymath actually killing it 15-point to 4% Tazo x’ up to 14% as well
Loomis up factum is a basic attention token is up mixing is about showing us
up so we see a lot of good movers here but again if
you guys scroll down to the under 2% gain we see a lot of cryptocurrencies
into zero point something right here look at that see and still in the range
of plus 2 to minus 2% right now if you look at the other side
mithril is down twelve point two three percent after having a nice run-up it’s
corrected back down vivix down as well cortex down 0x unfortunately down as
well still it’s under $1 that is so cheap in
my opinion for a crypto currency that I think is going to do very well when the
market recovers same with one chain at two dollars and 33 cents way too good
for it not to have a nice run when the market does correct but moving on let’s
talk about ripple and Tron really quick before we end this video Ripple at 47
cents currently it’s some technical analysis it’s indicated that the 55 cent
is the resistance we have to break in order for you know to be bullish long
term so not too far away but still would be nice to see us break above the 55
cents we haven’t been there in quite some time so hopefully hopefully that
does come soon we have a lot of ripple fans here and you guys would love to see
Ripple do well but now into some actual ripple news so do you guys remember the
people that are suing ripple because they basically lost 30 percent their
money yeah similar to the guy who was talking about printing money the world
is full of very interesting people so basically they invested into ripple
ripple then went down they got upset and now they’re suing ripple for losing
money yeah I get if you were to say I get people who are going after ripple
for price manipulation if they can prove that’s the case and that’s a very viable
argument but you don’t really have a case for losing 30 percent of your money
shouldn’t is sold it’s probably probably what I would recommend to do there but
also we have news from the Western Union partnership with ripple so the CEO does
not seem to content with ripples payment technology he has said during the
payments processing test his company conducted using XRP they found money
transfer using the currency where neither cost effective nor efficient and
that part is interesting to me because I genuinely thought this was going to work
out well at all the partnerships are gonna be good for
now Western Union is just one we’re after obviously I’m sure there’s two
sides to every story and there are a lot more results to come out with different
Bank so we’re gonna keel up today we’re gonna I’m gonna keep you guys up to date
with all that as it does come out but I do think the the the lawsuit to me is
just it’s just something a laugh at it’s just kind of a waste of time for ripple
at this point to have to go through with it but apparently they you know it’s on
the news everywhere so there’s actually some traction with a lawsuit
moving on talking about Ron Charles at three point six cents two point four
billion dollars and market cap and again down to a very good price I don’t know
how much further I could seat Ron falling from this price it’s currently
ranked twelve should move its way back up into the top ten once the market
recovers it definitely has that potential and one thing I like is that
transfers no expense into an in getting their technology adopted in getting a
Tron adoption it is you know they spare no expense you guys can see they set
aside two hundred thousand dollars to improve their newly launched main net so
what they did they invested $20,000 in each of ten top notch taps designed for
the Tron’s main that you guys can see what they are
right here but I just honestly love to see how they keep they spare no expense
when it comes to making sure that their technology is the best when it comes to
you know it comes out the way that they want it to and then they continue to
invest money to help it grow so absolutely love seeing that guys that’s
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