Thieves smash open bitcoin machines in Houston and Las Vegas, steal cash

also new tonight at ten o’clock thieves smashed their way inside local businesses and then break into ATMs but not just any ATMs these are Bitcoin ATMs police say the men have hit multiple locations and they may be responsible for this same stunt out of state as well our sophia beausoleil joins us live now from Northwest Houston with how these guys operate and a closer look at this surveillance video Sophia so fortunately the vape shop has surveillance camera which is what I’m on right now so they got a good look at the suspects as for how much money was taken from that Bitcoin machine we’re not sure but to give you some perspective one Bitcoin right now is worth about $6,500 so people are putting a lot of money into this machine inside phoenix rising vapor lounge you’ll find your typical items but suspected these had an eye out for the stores bitcoin machine they’re in and out in three minutes surveillance video captured two guys who broke into the store in 1916 Northwest Harris County last month they used sledgehammers the way that it was set up is there was like a little box inside of the machine itself and so they broke in to that box itself and you know took the box out and just left Bitcoin is a digital currency and now ATMs exist so you can convert your dollars into cryptocurrency Langford says the Bitcoin ATM draws in dozens of people to the store every month they don’t even buy anything here they just come say hi to us and turn around to the Bitcoin machine put money on and leave and the suspected thieves know the Bitcoin ATMs hold a good amount of cash which is why the company that owns the ATM believes it’s the same group of people targeting different stores earlier that week four were hit in Vegas then after they hit them in Vegas they came to ours and they hit ours and then a couple other places fortunately no one was hurt or at the store when the suspects targeted Phoenix Rising but it’s cost them a pretty penny to repair the damage and for new safety features since then we have put in bars and we’ve also tinted our windows so we have taken that extra step of precaution and the store tells me that they’re expecting a new Bitcoin machine that will go right here hopefully by the end of this week as for the company that owns the Bitcoin machine coin flip they’re the ones that told us that the car that was seen in this case was actually linked to other cases in Las Vegas as well as around here in Houston so if you notice who these people are or know any type of information please make sure to contact authorities so if you both like KPRC channel 2 news

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