These Undervalued Altcoins Will Moon?! Top 4 Mid Cap Cryptocurrency To Watch For 2020!

These Undervalued Altcoins Will Moon?! Top 4 Mid Cap Cryptocurrency To Watch For 2020!

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape got a
cool video for you guys full of
information today we’re gonna be looking
at my top all coin picks in the mid cap
range for 2020 now make caps gonna be
between 20 to 80th ranked elint coin and
market cap and you guys seem to really
enjoy the video I did when I talked
about the top 20 all Quinn so the
O’Quinn’s in the top 20 that I thought
we’re gonna perform well if you haven’t
seen that video make sure you check that
out you guys seem to really enjoy that
so I’m going to be doing the mid cap
edition and then we’re gonna be doing
this small cap edition of that as well
so make sure you are subscribed and you
do stay tuned for that now before we
dive into this guys I’m not a financial
advisor this is not financial advice
this is just my opinion my my review of
some of the all coins I think will
perform very well in 2020 if cryptos in
general and all coins don’t perform well
in 2020 that don’t expect these to
necessarily do with anything different
don’t expect them to you know be green
when the whole market is red that’s
probably not going to be the case
however they fundamentally and
technically as we’ll see in the
technical analysis are something that I
think is performed very very well but of
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now let’s dive into this first let’s go
through some notable mentions because
this video was by far the hardest one to
make and the reason I say that is
because the mid-cap the ones between 20
and 80 I think there’s so many good ones
in there that I did not want to have a
top 50 list for you guys right I wanted
to keep this down into top 3 or top 4
now I do have the top 3 like we did last
time but a little bonus so it’s a top 4
this video but a few notable mentions to
get out of the way nano now do you guys
know you’ve heard me talk about before
they are pretty much just a currency
there’s cheap it’s fast it’s you know
cheap and fast descent it pretty much
does everything you would want a
currency to do Veatch aid is another one
that’s very very a good cool coin shares
now if you’re looking at exchange tokens
like B&B that you’ve seen perform well
before maybe this is one that you guys
would be interested in taking a look at
and last but not least taze those tails
this is one of that thing is very good
as well it’s actually in the top 20 it’s
ranked number 19 right now I did miss it
for the last video but there you go
adding this on there for you guys now
let’s move on to my top four picks for
between the top 20 to the top 80 that I
think you’re gonna do well in 2020
number one no surprise here basic
attention token currently trading at
twenty three and a half cents it’s up
seven percent today so a good day for us
to be talking about basic attention
token it’s at a three hundred eighteen
million dollar mark cap so you guys can
see why I consider this a mid-cap maybe
during the bull run of 2017 we would
have had make cap ranges at different
levels but where we are right now this
is a big cap all coin with a twenty it’s
a ranked number twenty eight so it’s
still very good and overall a safer
investment than let’s say something
that’s a hundred one hundred plus right
ranked a hundred plus but it does still
provide a lot of opportunity if we look
at what it’s supposed to do it’s
supposed to help creatives it bridges a
gap which is obviously something we want
to see and something who knows that
Google for example on YouTube it takes
up like half of the earnings of creators
on YouTube and we see this happen in a
lot of different industries and basic
attention token is trying to tackle that
and it’s trying to introduce blockchain
based digital advertising we have the
brave browser which if you haven’t
checked out there’s a link somewhere in
the description I highly recommend you
check out I’ve seen a lot of people
around a lot of different areas start
using it even if they have nothing to do
with crypto I’ve seen them start using
the brave browsers everywhere from
gamers to you know corporate workers
I’ve seen a lot of people start using it
so it’s definitely something that has
picked up more and more attention so
they are trying to help both the
advertisers the publishers and the users
themselves users because users should be
able to earn if they’re going to be
looking at ad the advertisers there are
lacking good information on what they’re
paying for and they’re paying a premium
which they should
have to and then they’re also helping
the publishers because Google and
Facebook takes 73 percent of all ad
dollars and 99 percent of growth and
revenue is recently down 66 percent so
that’s something they are trying to
tackle and obviously that tied in with
the brave browser is something that we
could see very very very nice
combination that we can see do well in
the future now luckily thanks to where
we are right now in terms of the market
it’s a very good opportunity if you’re
looking to doghouse average into some
all coins because we’ve had a very bad
I’d say ever since April first we’ve had
a very bad period for all coins all
coins we’re booming in the first half of
2019 I’m sure you guys remember that
and from there pretty much the 1st of
April we have seen all points start to
move on their way down and that’s led us
through some lows that we haven’t seen
in a very long time if you look at where
basic attention token just was it was at
some of the lowest levels it’s been all
the way back since before the initial
blow of the the before the initial bull
run in December of 2017 definitely
something to keep an eye out there and
of course we can break above the EMA
ribbon I’m on the weekly right now
because we’re talking about 2020 we want
to have a bigger picture but overall
there’s a lot of pot of opportunity
there is a lot although it is already on
the move up cuz all coins have been
performing well the last few weeks
although it is on the move up there’s
still a lot of room for basic attention
to open it grow and if you continues to
gain adoption like I said I’ve seen it
starts as I’ve seen the browser start to
be used in several different areas that
have nothing to do with crypto and by
people who don’t know a thing and don’t
care about crypto this could be very
very big now the next one is going to be
ZRX now ZRX very similar at 31 32 cents
right now very similar looking at the
graph you guys get an idea of what’s
going on we’re gonna talk about the
graph more in just a little bit but they
are a powering decentralized exchange
it’s an open protocol that enables the
peer-to-peer exchange of acids on the
etherium blockchain I think
decentralized exchanges we’ve seen heard
people talk about it more and more it’s
something that was a big topic a few
months ago and something I think moving
forward is going to be big especially in
a decentralized space it’s something
that hasn’t picked up as much traction
as it could have it’s something that
hasn’t picked up as much traffic as it
probably should have compared to other
exchanges that are centralized but if we
going to be moving to a decentralized
world keep an eye out for decentralized
exchange and this is one that’s been
talked about a lot for a very long time
it’s been on my radar for a very long
time I’ve traded it I’ve made
significant profits on it and look what
we see over here it hit pretty much
similar to bet the lowest it’s been
almost ever on the buy Nana’s chart
right but since early December 2017 from
there it’s been performing very well of
course like I said all currents been
performing better the last few weeks and
as ZRX
has had some notable mentions and a lot
of big names talked about it if you know
what I’m talking about then you know if
you don’t do some research out there
you’ll see a lot of people talking about
a lot of big names talking about ZRX a
lot of big names in the crypto space
that is now again a lot of room to the
upside if it is to continue and if all
coins are to come back it’s lost a lot
even if we just check what how much it
lost from let’s say what’s this 15th of
October right it’s lost 92 percent so
that is a big room to move up just since
April like I talked about April 1st when
all coins started dropping its lost over
80% so if we were to move our way back
on up there even from where we are right
now if we were to hit back to the
all-time highs on Finance that’s a 461 %
game not saying that’s gonna happen too
fast but it is something to watch out
for it’s a very good one one that like I
said I’ve been able to make a lot of
profits on these swings for because I
knew I know it likes to swing it likes
to have these big moves that’s something
that you can watch out for as well and
again these the areas are some that if
you’re looking if you’re a long-term
hold if you want to be a long-term
holder dollar-cost averaging at these
levels if some of the best prices we’ll
see probably for a very very long time
if ever again now moving on engine this
is another one that I really like this
is one that I’ve also been able to trade
and make profits on before cuz I’ve been
in this for some time and I’ve told you
guys all about that you guys know that
I’ve bought into engine early similar to
how I bought into XRP early not to brag
just showing you guys the potential of
what is here now it’s a 50s it’s pretty
much under a 50 million dollar market
cap it’s ranked number 80 so it is on
that barrier between the mid cap or a
small cap depending on who you go and
ask but I do
don’t think this is a project that it
must be talked about and I’m going to
leave some smaller cap ones for when we
do these small cap video and this is
going the reason I like this one so much
is it goes after the gaming industry
it’s an ecosystem for integrated
software products that help you take
advantage of a world-changing technology
in an easy way now when you think about
crypto we all know that we want to
change the financial system right and
the next area I think crypto is going to
be good and I’ve been saying this for a
long time it’s in the gaming industry
gaming this we’re starting to see
virtual currencies in games if you play
for a night there v bucks if you play
FIFA there fifa coins if you play NBA 2k
there’s mt right all of these or even VC
which is the verse what we do through
the virtual currency in the my team
currency all of these different games
have their own virtual currency now I
think Kryptos gonna play a really big
role in this and I think the one that’s
able to secure that area and we’ve seen
an engine partner with Samsung which is
really big the other day overall I don’t
want to dive and spend too much time
talking about the project itself because
I do want you guys to do your own
research I’m not going to be able to
cover enough about this in the two to
three minutes that I talk about each all
coin but I think this could be a very
big one I’ve been in this one before I
continue to buy into this one in the
long term and I’m sure you guys remember
this move over here right this is one
that I talked about that I was actually
holding on to since very very early on
waiting during the accumulation phase of
waiting for something big to happen and
that’s exactly what happened I also
posted about this because I post every
single one of my new all coin purchases
in the trade alert group as well that I
linked it first link in the description
if you guys want to check that out I
talked about how I picked up engine and
so for everybody who picked it up with
me at around this time you’ll be able to
see that the profits we made were yeah
not bad almost a thousand percent profit
if you saw at the top you sold over here
seven hundred percent either way there’s
still a lot of opportunities for all
coins and look at where we are right now
we’re in what looks like another
accumulation phase after of course the
news came out with Samsung and
everything Eng err enj absolutely
exploded engine exploded from there
obviously since crypto wasn’t performing
as well as a lot of people would have
liked and this was getting closer to
that first of April where
started to perform badly everything came
down and started to cool off the hype
died down and this is where we are right
now an accumulation phase again some of
the lowest levels that we’ve seen since
back during the last accumulation phase
which was the end of 2018 not quite as
low as we saw in the end of 2017 like we
saw 4-0 racks right for ZRX
and basic attention show and basic
attention token as well but this does
provide again a very solid buying
opportunity if you’re looking at adult
cost average into engine I think this
was going to be good if it does manage
to take over and be the gaming it be the
crypto for the gaming space which it has
the opportunity to be again not
guaranteed by no means but it has the
possibility of being and it has a good
chance of being then this will be worth
significantly more in the future now
last but not least Raven coin guys I’m
sorry if I’ve been talking fast and
running through these I do want to make
this video sort of shorter so you guys
can actually watch the whole thing it
doesn’t turn out to be 30 minutes and
turn out to be super super boring
Raven coin I have not talked to the
channel much unlike basic attention
token ZRX unlike engine I have not
talked about Raven coin much but it 150
million dollars in market cap it’s up
1.3 percent today it’s worth 3.1 cents
so it is very very low obviously that is
because of the overall supply and what
exactly it’s trying to do is pretty
interesting so let’s look into their
actual website now let’s look at the
actual website and get an idea of what
they’re trying to do well Raven coin is
a peer-to-peer blockchain handling the
efficient creation and transfer of
assets from one party to another what
they’re mean is they’re looking at
tokenizing things right there they’re
looking at tokenizer thing and that was
something that was a big talk again just
a few months ago it’s died down a little
bit obviously I think as crypto started
to move sideways and drop a little bit
the news and the talk and the hype about
stuff has died down but they want to
tokenize things and that is an area that
a lot of people have overlooked and a
lot of people that are looking into it
know the potential that could come with
that you can go over look at what makes
Raven coin different from Bitcoin itself
you can look at the projects that shares
the virtual goods the physical and
digital assets and credit all things
that they are trying to tokenize they
welcome to Raven coin raven coin is a
protocol based on a fork of the Bitcoin
code which adds features specifically
focused on allowing tokens to be issued
on the Raven coin blockchain these
tokens can have whatever properties the
issuer of the toe or the issue of the
token decides so they can be limited in
quantity names and be issued as
securities or as collectibles and again
if this does pick up and we see a
kryptos container to pick up this is an
innocent area that I think is going to
get a lot of hype and a lot of adoption
as well and Raven coin looks like as of
right now it is the front-runner in that
category and if we look at the chart
like I said it’s a perfect opportunity
to be doing this video because of the
prices of all coins if we were doing the
video when prices were up here it
wouldn’t be as enticing and you would
have to be setting your buy orders on
the way down which by the looks of
things they would have all been filled
if you were dollar cost averaging but
some of the lowest levels we see here
all the way from back since I’d say
early 2019 of course this does only have
price history since the US since October
2018 so it’s not as long on Finance as
we saw some of the other all coins but
still it’s at some of the lowest levels
it’s been picking up a little bit the
last few weeks because oaklands have
been performing a little bit better the
same thing like I said with all the
other ones but the room to grow here if
we do see more adoption come in if we do
see the hype for Raven coin and we see
the true potential for it actually
getting for fulfilled the teeth is a
very solid team a lot of big names in
there a lot of big names in the crypto
space are on this team a lot of big
names I’ve been early investors people
from like the founder of overstock is
the Epley that’s what they’re called the
e-commerce platform and if we just look
at going back to the all-time highs that
is almost a 500%
gain so guys a lot of opportunities here
with these all coins let me know you’re
all coin picks your top off coin pigs in
the mid cap in the comments down below
right and guys thank you so much for
watching I’ll see you guys next time for
another video


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