The Winklevoss Gemini Bitcoin exchange will offer Ethereum trading starting on May 9, 2016

hi everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister that Disrupt Meister and I want to share some news with you
on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time the Winklevoss brothers exchange gemini
is going to start trading Ethereum and that’s a pretty big news yet they
admitted that they own summit the area so clearly they’re trying to pump it up
they say they believe in it you know these guys are not happen experts
anything like that but they set a market of sorts for the mainstream whose shoes
to follow all the New York State rules and all of that so they’re getting so
legitimacy to the area now they they say that if you’re running in exchange they
claim to be the first Ethereum exchange United States first legal one they see
if you’re running one now if you’re gonna you’re probably not going to last
very long so that’s kinda ominous for the people who are not running not
running the Gemini exchange but I’m giving this information now because
you’re one of those guys who trades in the area I would expect on Monday
there’s probably a price biker leading up to Monday least I think
right now there is like nine bucks or something so I would assume it’s gonna
go work an 11 if your mother’s guys you do trades and I don’t recommend doing
stuff like that will you’re probably gonna be happier this information if you
had not heard it already also obviously this is big news for a
theory about me if you’re a big fan and you think that the mainstream adoption
is just around the corner hey this is one little teeny step toward
the back so bad in my store I’ll talk to you later

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