The Story of SumaiL | Syed Sumail Hassan | Evil Geniuses | Dota 2 | Biography | Profile

The Story of SumaiL | Syed Sumail Hassan | Evil Geniuses | Dota 2 | Biography | Profile

eSports Stories presents: The story of Sumail
On the 13th of February 1999, little Syed was born in Pakistan to his mother
Syeda Zill-e-Huma and his father Syed Tatbeer Mumtaz
Sumail grew up with his six siblings.
One of them is Yawar Hassan, who is also a professional Dota 2 player.
At only 8 years old, when the most children are playing hopscotch
and learning how to read, write or do math, he started playing Dota.
But there were no gaming resources available at all in Pakistan
and his family had no money to buy a computer with an internet connection.
So instead he had to go to the Internet café.
Every day he went there with his cousin and his friends to play Dota.
At one point Sumail had no more money to pay the Internet Café for his hours of play.
He was devastated as he wanted to continue playing, training and getting better.
So he decided to sell his bike to be able to pay for his time at the internet café.
By the age of 11 he was a complete fanatic about Dota.
His mother started to worry about him because all he had on his mind was…
“Game, game, game, game, and so much more game”
At age 14 Sumail and his family moved from Karachi in Pakistan to Rosemont, Illinois northwest of Chicago.
Three days after he and his family arrived to the United States he bought a computer.
“No food, no drinks, only the computer for 18 hours” remembers his father.
After dominating several online competitions in 2014 in the North American Elite League
and becoming the highest rated player in the in-house league, Evil Genuises recruited him in January 2015.
UNiVeRsE, another team member of EG; was so impressed by Sumails play, that he pushed EG to get him onto the team.
He asked his father if he had any objection to him joining the team and his father said
“I have no objection. It’s your life”
Sumail said it was a dream came true for him and it was one of the best feelings he ever had in his life.
At the Dota 2 League Season 5 finals in Las Vegas on the 6th of January, Sumail had his debut.
He did not perform as expected.
His performance was lackluster and in no time critics started asking
if he even deserved a spot on the roster of a team like Evil Geniuses.
Shortly afterwards at the Dota 2 Asia Championships in February 2015,
Sumail had the chance to prove that he did deserve that spot.
In his first match of the tournament he showed off his “Euls Scepter of Divinity” on the “Shadow Fiend” build,
which quickly became part of the meta for the tournament.
EG found their way into the Finals.
Sumail had a pretty rough start in Game 3 as Storm Spirit scored 0-3-0 before the timer hit the 3 minute mark.
Nevertheless, Sumail took control of the game and led his team to victory with a final score of 17-7-11.
After this performance he was now widely known as the young prodigy in the Dota scene.
In May of 2015, at 16 years 2 months and 21 days old,
Sumail became the youngest gamer to earn $1 million in eSports winnings.
At only 16 he was already one of the most successful Dota 2 players in history.
In August 2015 Sumail entered “The Internationals 2015” with his team.
EG was one of the favorites along with Team Secret for this tournament
with one the biggest prize pools in the eSports history, at over $18million.
Team Secret performed poorly at this event and only finished 8th place
almost leaving an open path to the championship for EG.
With a surprising loss against the wildcard winner, CDEC Gaming in the Upper Bracket Finals,
EG found themselves in the lower Bracket Finals against LGD Gaming.
With the defeat of LGD they were back in the Grand Finals against CDEC Gaming.
Sumail and his team won 3-1 and claimed the International 2015 championship.
“It has been a blessing for him” his mother said in an interview before the 2015 International championships.
From then on Sumail continued to play for Evil Genius in several tournaments.
Today, his approximate total earnings have reached almost $2.5 million.
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  1. selling a bike for internet time…. that is addiction… At least he is getting paid for his…. mine just cost monies.

  2. Dont do so many vids that are so short, i think most people who want to know about Dota 2 players have read the Pedia on them, why make films that just re use what is on Liquidpedia? maybe make some films that are longer and have some info that people wont know.

  3. To be honest when I played against his team at Karachi back in 2012 he had iPhone. He sold his bicycle just because his father don't want him to waste their money into this stupid gaming stuff.

  4. No gaming resources available in Pakistan in 2007? So all that Dota 1 we played back in 2004-05 onwards in various net cafes, lan meetups, tournaments etc in a city 1/10th the size of Sumail's city was imaginary?

  5. pls make a video on " UNIVERSE" . He is my fav player and if possible pls make for Zai as well . Ty and best of luck .

  6. guys there was a mistake on the grand finals it was suppose to be CDEC 1 and EG 3 but the mistake was CDEC 3 and EG 1
    so dont complain

  7. My school agenda has a page of fun facts before each new month and this month's was about Sumail being the youngest person to earn over a million from E sports so I looked him up 😛

  8. he is definitely a cocky gamer. But hey! if you have as much as skill as him, I bet you will be the same.
    Nevertheless, SumaiL is definitely one of Dota2 prodigy. He has made his history!!!

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