The Magic Ball – Metal Detecting With My Next Gold Find

The Magic Ball – Metal Detecting With My Next Gold Find

My assistants are saying “Hello”. I’m near a noisy road. That’s the only downside. Let’s go! This was shallow iron. First target. I took the shovel with me again. It’s a button. GPS (“Point Of Interest”) #1. What happened? The Deus stopped working! Since the 5.1 update it seems losing the coil. I will reactivate it again… It is better to take the coil off the ground during the boot process. A tiny coin. 1? “Heller” (1766). I will show you pictures at the end. #2 I walked into a spider web (with my face, the spider was inside). They are hanging everywhere. metal detectors for gold  Spiders are OK… but not on my face. I will show you how to increase the volume on the Xp Deus. One volume bar. Two bars, that should be enough. It’s difficult to hear the detector, because of the cars. A bent piece of iron. A metal piece often found on vineyards. Hmm… No, that’s not a pull handle. It’s made of bronze, it could be “very” old. Sounds like iron. Could be a Roman nail. Lead combined with iron (could be a shotgun slug). And a small iron bit. That’s iron too. But I’m curious. Sometimes one part could be made of iron and the rest not. A spider. It’s a bottle stopper. This could be a very weak signal. Let me change the setting. Nothing. A slight change, almost nothing. Let’s see… No signal without soil in the hole. Still no target. I have my doubts now. Hmm, no signal. Let’s look a little bit deeper. I should have used the pinpointer but… …I don’t believe anymre, that there is a “good” target. A small crotal bell, unbelievable. The shank is broken. Could have been “corroded” and too fragile. The bell is still working. I will demonstrate it at the end of this video. I thought, it will be a small piece of weird shaped iron at best. Maybe it fell down the hole a little bit… That’s it. Iron. Part of a horseshoe. I have to increase the volume one more time. There is still a layer of “Gorilla” tape underneath. What is this? A bug. Let’s see if there is more glass. I don’t see any other parts. Looks like something from a WWII lab :). #5 It could start raining any minute. A heavy glass ball on a chain. The upper part looks like gold. It could be old… Now I’m fully motivated :). Iron. Another nail. Hmm, a round lead disc. With a hole. Could this be a very old weight? There – my friend the grasshopper. Oh no, with only one “antenna”. Poor guy. A chunk of iron. A “straight line” to the other finds. Just a bullet. A flat target on edge. A button. It’s a pocket knife. I will try to fold it. For the transport. Oh no, another grasshopper. Spider web everywhere. A small lead ball. It started raining… But I don’t care. Small iron ring. A tiny bullet. Don’t worry, that’s just “rain cover” for my camera. Hmm, now what? I got an idea. Perfect. A button. Iron ring. The coil was probably picking my shovel. There it is. A tiny silver coin. “1 Kreuzer” – probably 1700’s. A corroded button. A ring from a pigeon. 1975. Quite “old”. It’s raining more and more… I can’t see it from here… It’s huge. Something smells weird… I think, I touched chemicals. My glove smells like “gasoline” fumes… …let’s hope, it was harmless. It seems to evaporate. Another pigeons ring… This time with the pigeon. I hope this is not related to the substance. Oh no, it sounds big and deep. Nothing. Hmm… Sounds like iron. I’m trying to rescue a small spider. Almost there. It has the shape of an ancient torc. It’s definitely a wide circle. A bone? No, just a stick. I lost my patience at the end… …it doesn’t seem to be anything “special”. Hmm… There is still something… The depth is irritating. The soil at this spot could have been moist in the past, which could explain the depth. There it is, another part. Hmm… A spiral bracelet? 😉 Oh no, there is more… For the other arm. Maybe it’s just a Roman bed. A bone? No, it’s not. This part goes on top of the head. Thank God, it’s over. The hole is closed, let’s get out of here. A revolver handle. It’s just a toy… It works. Probably a cufflink. The other part is missing. It’s a button. Time to wash hands. A musket ball. I thought, it could be a bottle cap. But, it’s a buckle made of iron. Hmm… Looks old. Too old for a pocketknife? A pigeon in the background is losing the ring ;). Part of a purse/handbag? Another part. One more. Rabies vaccine. Finally. Now I can go home. Please wait for the pictures. The pocketknife. The toy revolver. The corroded button. Lead balls/bullets. More… The pigeons ring (1975). With pigeon inside… (2014). The chain is growing… Roman (?) nails. Hmm… Hmm… again. A few buttons… A cufflink? 1 (?) “Heller” coin (1766). A very old lead weight? “1 Kreuzer” silver coin (1700’s?) “Something” made of bronze. The crotal bell. It says “hello”. It’s still working, let’s hear how it sounds. The magic ball. It needs more cleaning… This part must be made of gold. Notice the tiny dots… When I focus at the surface it is blurry… …focusing inside shows a “mirror”. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 2h:50min


  1. Klasse Video, und vor allem sehr schöne Länge… Mir können deine Videos gar nicht lang genug sein… Ich bin immer begeistert und neugierig wenn ein neues Video von dir kommt… Da hast du aber wieder einige interessante Sachen gefunden… Die Kugel ist echt genial… Ein sehr schönes Schmuckstück, habe so eine Kugel auch noch nicht gesehen… Es gab mal so etwas ähnliches mit einer Klangkugel als Anhänger… Du kannst wenn du ein interessantes Signal gefunden hast auch nicht mehr aufhören zu graben… Ich bin da genauso, egal wie tief das am Ende wird… 😱…. Klasse Video und ganz klar Daumen hoch 👍 LG Micha

  2. Hi , I thought V5 would be an improvement, I tried it for one day and went back to V4 the next day. The sounds seemed to loose edge and where more rounded, I lost volume too. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on V5 . Another good video nice.


  3. Great finds. You were really getting into the earth with that shovel and the area you were at looked very promising cant wait till your next adventure be safe

  4. Very nice hunt my friend, a lot of deep find's, very tiring I bet you slept well, and well deserved,
    Great video of the hunt, loved our raincover quite clever, have a great week ahead and Take Care out there..

  5. The Magic Ball……sounds like a 1960s song title!! Nice gold find, 24!! I struggle to find a 1959 silver coin here… go out in the woods and find 1700s silver!! I was cheated living in such an area with very little history. I tried a water hunt today, for a 1/2 hour then the torrential rains hit!!! I may as well just went swimming!!

  6. Spider face dance, the new craze in Detecting circles…. LOL We have big banana spiders in Georgia. They are really scary and the webs are every where.  Beautiful bell! So delicate! And the ball earring.  Looks like the back is missing, but still very pretty. The ground you hunt is very rocky! And you always mention Vineyards.  I never knew the ground had to have so much rock.  It was a great hunt.

  7. Wow what a handsome video….this time i enjoy watching as there were too many handsome finds…gl hh…big smile onward…

  8. Great hunt my friend! I love that Magic Ball. Great find 🙂 It is so cool. What a conversation piece!
    You also found some neat relics and coins. Id say you had a great day. The drizzle of rain you were getting probably felt good too. Last time I went out I was in the rain and felt like a kid again 🙂
    Hope all is well your way.
    Take care, good luck and happy hunting.

  9. Greetings from Canada, Nice finds great video, I couldn't help, but laugh out loud at "oh no there more" Im sure well all dug out the remains of box springs bed, at one time or another. We all felt your pain!

  10. Another fantastic video ,,i love watching you metal detecting in the woods and you always find interesting things ,,i look forward to your next trip to watch again

  11. Opět skvělé video.Hodně krásných nálezů. v 8:50 min je to myslím hřivna.Archeolog bude vědět. Do tohoto lesa bych šel ještě jednou,určitě ještě něco dá. Hodně štěstí.

  12. Gold and silver, you deserverved it, and due to your perserverence even found a roman soldier still in his bed wearing his braclets LOL Well done, One of the few Metal detectorists on you tube still worth watching, Keep the videos coming, GL & HH from NZ.

  13. Tak for endnu en rigtig fin video mad gode fund, jeg tror kuglen er et knaphuls smykke som mænd gik med i øverste knappe hul i deres veste for mange år tilbage..

  14. Hallo MD24. Jetzt konnte ich endlich dein Video gucken. Absolut gelungener Hunt. Gold & Silber 😳 So langsam wirst du mir unheimlich 😜 Ich konnte den Wald förmlich riechen. Ich glaube da war geschmackstechnisch was verpackt. Gott sei Dank wurde ich aber von dem strengen Geruch des einen Fundes verschont. Wie kommt eine Eisenfeder so tief in die Erde? Ein Rätsel. Das Stereo-Glöckchen ist ein Traum. Wünsche dir Gut Fund für dein nächstes Video, LG

  15. a crotal bell .. they do like to pop up here and there..i think they are a pleasant little find..if nothing else is coming little things.another nice video

  16. Úžasný přívěšek,nic podobné jsem ještě neviděl,gratuluji k parádnímu nálezu MD 24,máš nejlepší hledací videa na
    Ať se dílo daří a přeji hezký den.Lovu kovů zdar 😉

  17. Hallo MD24, coole Videos, hab mir schon sehr viele angesehn. Habe mal eine Frage, was ist das für eine kleine Kamera mit welcher du diese Nahaufnahmen machst?

  18. Hi love your videos. Best hunting style i have seen so far. Can you please tell me Where i can get the digging toll (knief) you are useing? i dont Think they sell them here in Denmark. Have a Nice day 👍

  19. Hello from Australia most of the spiders out here will either make you very sick or kill you , but so will most other things .hope you have a good new year.

  20. Hello just started watching your videos and am hooked,very interesting. But what do the hand signles mean? Is it how many of same thing found?

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