The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 86- OK doomer! Buttigieg backlash, Judea & Samaria, Success!

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start off with a tweet by a Jameson Locke yeah he’s a Bitcoin guy but he
could be included in beyond Bitcoin right here it is drama fear-mongering
and politics are to the mind which sugar is for the body your primitive monkey
brain craves them because in the not so distant past they were important for
survival but in the modern age you must fight these desires to protect your
health so yeah politics in the not so distant
past it was necessary it was somewhat necessary at least and now it’s just a
show now it’s just a sickness but some people crave it still just like in
the past you needed a little bit of sugar you needed a little bit
and people know they need to live but now there’s just a plethora of it and
they just gorge their faces with it just like there’s a gorge your faces with you
don’t need sugar anymore you don’t mean politics anymore sure
there’s a couple little political things you do here and there there’s a couple
little bits of sugar you need here and there but don’t go all in because you
get sick so consider all that norway’s sugar that’s gonna get you fat yes of
course you’ll still have your Apple every once
in a while but you don’t go crazy with the candy bars so don’t know this is an
interesting tweet to learn from you do not need in the modern world of politics
it’s obsolete you don’t you don’t need it for survival anymore you don’t need
the fear-mongering you don’t need the drama anymore those are things of the
past that you can you can live a very worthwhile life just by living in the
Bitcoin overlay not caring not voting not not getting into all the drama now
with all that being said once a week hey once a week you get your little
sugar hit right with the beyond Bitcoin show up as we do we talk about politics
here in terms of you know we kind of analyze what the 80 percenters are
thinking it’s a good idea to know what the masses are thinking with some of
those trends are what what noise is that you should avoid and anyway so let me
see if anybody hey Roman Q is in the house how you doing dude yes happy III
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baby whoo whoa like Ric Flair all right another tweet what is this Shane James
clear this dude has some good tweets and some inspirational tweets and Big B on
Bitcoin show it’s out there it’s out there to help inspire you a little bit
too let’s see aim to be great in ten years
build health habits today that lead to a great body in ten years I like that
build social habits today that lead to great relationships in ten years okay
build learning habits today that lead to great knowledge in ten years now that’s
really important long-term thinking is a secret weapon he says hey man that’s
that’s insider information it shouldn’t be a secret weapon everyone should be
able to defer gratification and plan for the long-term and make themselves better
me you know do the hard work today lay the groundwork today still in ten years
you’re maxin and relaxin your brain is exploding with knowledge and you know
your way around life baby and you’re just you’re just been 80 percenters into
the ground you’re just you’re in the Bitcoin over
you’re seeing things a completely different way but most people they’d
rather party it up you know get that get drunk could do what they go with the
herd and then in ten years they’re still doing the same thing they’re still
trying to catch up the Joneses and there’s there’s really not much success
there I mean there’s a lot of unhappiness but hey you get personal
responsibility as a new kind of culture you go your own way long-term thinking
is a secret weapon just maybe that’ll inspire some people to change their ways
here is something for you privacy freaks out there the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
issued a forceful opinion today and this is all everything I talk about is linked
to below the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a forceful opinions today holding
that the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution protects individuals from
being forced to disclose the passcode to their devices to police in a 4-3
decision in the Commonwealth versus Davis the court found that disclosing a
password is testimony productive protected by the Fifth Amendment
privilege against self-incrimination that is awesome because there’s a lot of
people who say well so so we’re gonna force you to give your Tresor password
so I can conforte to do this that hey that’s another ruling in favor of uh of
logic and reason and wallet unlawfulness they’re they can’t force you to give
your password to your facebook to your device to whatever they’re so that that
was cool that’s good news you’re not hearing much about that now something
that was in the news lately that I have oh look we got some all right know what
no one said dick what remember if you got a question you got type in a
bitcoinmeister we got some we got some interesting people over there mine the
gap is in the house how you doing dude pound it pound that like button okay
where was I okay something that has been in the news that the Trump
administration it was controversial in that they said that Judea and Samaria
weren’t against international law but people call those settlements in Israel
it’s it’s part of Israel Judea and Samaria I have been there now the some
of you know that as the West Bank of West Palm what’s that what the heck’s
the West Bank it’s it’s Judea and Samaria you’re driving around it’s a
sign say Judea and Samaria that that’s what it is now I didn’t
show from Judea and Samaria on January 2 2010 2019 I have a Bitcoin friend there
and he gave me a tour of a Judean and in Samaria around the the town the Arab
town that they call Nablus and he is Hebrew is chef Anne chef M right Nablus
is chef Anne so I mean all sorts of cities have two different names there
everything but anyway and so I want to talk a little bit about this because
everyone that’s it’s always like well what is arab-israeli situation how is it
ever going to be solved is Trump gonna come up with a magical plan let me tell
you it’s the solution is already on the ground there okay Roman kusa I’m Roman I
will read your comment in a second because you’re talking about Bitcoin but
I just want to give these thoughts because I was there when I was in
Adelaide and I get it was over a week ago last Friday and there was that
Christian Zionist man flying the Israeli flag and there were a few communists
flying the PLO flag and we actually I told him that I had been the Judea and
Samaria before and what what it was like on the ground there and so that that’s
what inspired what I’m about to say here the first of all I mean what the Arabs
have to realize and I think most logical people realize is that you know Israel
one israel has one it’s theirs okay so if you’re gone if you’re going to be
there you why don’t you just you don’t have to be there you could leave day one
if you don’t like the rules you could leave now
and so they got their towns there when you’re driving around Judea and Samaria
you’re driving around on these roads the Arabs are driving around on the same
roads as you now you as an American an outsider as a Jewess whoever you can’t
go into their talents like Nablus okay there’s like a guard there
alright so in once you’re inside those towns if there are rules they do their
thing they’re living there they have their houses okay now if they shoot
something out of those towns they’re gonna get shot back at so because Israel
doesn’t like when bombs land in their towns nobody likes that I mean Scott
Adams just said he was talk about the drug cartels in
Texaco and he said that the United States and I’m gonna talk about this on
Sundays regular big honcho of the one big country of the United States is it’s
gonna designate some drug cartels as terrorist organizations and so he said
well some of them might not like that and and there’s gonna be bad so they
won’t get their money from the banks anymore and so they might not like that
and then maybe they’ll set up some bombs in the United States and SCADA and said
well if they do that just once the United States of America should just
flatten them and of course that that’s the logical response if if you someone
from Mexico started bombing Texas the United States would flatten will destroy
them but I mean so when Israel does that that’s that’s looked upon that’s frowned
upon but I mean again that’s that’s what happens they they shoot out of Nablus
they shoot out of Gaza they shoot out of whatever and then Israel comes with
heavy artillery and first you know heading back because evil one
Israel is the winner okay they are in charge so this is the advice it’s
already set up quite well there in Judea and Samaria but we’re gonna talk about
Gaza in a second dasu they have it even better Gaza they can control the whole
Gaza the Arabs control the whole thing name the whole thing it’s a beautiful
beach front they’re telling Tel Aviv is on the same ocean okay it’s on the same
body of water they could have a beautiful beach front there they could
be peaceful tourists from all over the world it could be like what’s that uh
we’re gonna go uh I can’t think of the city in the Middle East that they built
out of the desert whatever I was I never I’m never ever gonna go there but it
could be actually be a Middle Eastern Arab City a tourist attraction home on
the water but that’s my thoughts it could be they do their thing but so just
all they have to do the people there and they’re frustrated they like they bought
they lost their they’re unhappy that they lost they want all they want all of
it they want all of Israel they want pre-1967 Israel you look at the tweets
on Twitter there are many of the supporters openly a minute
they show the whole map of Israel they say this is they call it by that other
name this sort of the P which does not exist it just doesn’t exist and they say
this is will be ours they said it but it isn’t they lost
Israel is a country of seven million people they already look at all leave
they’re gonna just give it give it to other people they built that they dumped
the whole thing the building’s they built the
infrastructure you’re just gonna give it up or we just gonna give this up to the
Native Americans now they’ve won we won United States won Israel won but the
Arabs are still there at their Arabs that live in pre-1967 Israel they live
there peacefully they follow the rules they follow the law if they break the
law they go to jail so why don’t their brothers in Gaza and in in and again in
though in Judea and Samaria they behave themselves pretty well and it I mean
again there’s shooting things out of the towns and everything but they can live
in their town in Judea Samaria in the towns like Nablus Bethlehem whatever
they can just live there they can live there peacefully they can then use the
roads if the Israel built and they can sell stuff on the road there on the road
you should try I recommend anyone who goes to Israel to drive around Judea
Samaria and you literally see these people that you supposedly are in
constant war with the Israelis that the Arabs that live in these towns they’re
just driving on the roads again and you know sometimes they’ll throw rocks and
stuff and they shouldn’t do that either they shouldn’t be bitter they dish is
accepted they lost these are the terms these are the terms you still get to
hide your cities and you don’t have to let Jews into your city if you don’t
want to you don’t have to let Jews or Americans or anybody into your cities
into Nablus you can look in the Nablus okay I looked in the Nablus like it it
just houses the beautiful houses there there there they have mosques there you
can hear the call to prayer everything they’re doing their thing
all right they’re doing their thing and like and I think of that dar died like
drawing a blank Allah in the name of uh of where the the near Saudi Arabia and
uh what’s a time City I came and think of it someone say the name Dubai there
we go I couldn’t think of Dubai I keep
thinking gutter gutter gutter I mean gutters guns but yet Dubai they built
this you know all those sheiks but the nice place out of the desert and it’s
apparently pretty nice but it’d be more natural to build they could do it there
in Gaza Israel gave them all of Gaza it had the whole thing there no Jews there
at all there’s none nothing nothing they’re gone they’re gone does it though
there were there were ten Jewish towns there that they abandon and once they
abandon them they like ransacked everything that was left and ripped down
the buildings and the greenhouses and everything they just just destroyed
everything the infrastructure was there they started ripping everything to shred
that’s animalistic behavior okay so I mean you put behaved civilized but
behave in a civilized manner it’s all right everything is already set up you
stop throwing bombs at out of your area you’ll stop getting bombed and you’ll
get to you get to have everything people want to give them money I mean did don’t
day but again yeah I mean it doesn’t don’t the rich people do buy want to
support their brothers over there I mean instead I mean we know a part of the
story is they use these people so as a way to put pressure on Israel to the for
the long term destruction of Israel they think it’s gonna happen
this is a way to fight Israel with this this this population of a bitter people
among them and it’s just it’s it’s not gonna work it isn’t working and it’s
good the Trump has taken a clearly pro-israel stand here and the united
state that means the United States has and these other kids I mean I respect
that I think that’s good it’s really does make that big of a difference but
they’re speaking of logic and you don’t get to hear I mean when you hear all
these people screaming about how bad it is there have they actually been there
like I’ve been there like I’ve seen it like I looked into those cities
I’ve been driving with them on the roads that Israel built in Judea and Samaria
that they are using I’ve been on the roads with them they’re driving by there
I see they got donkeys on the side horse carriage donkeys don’t mean that’s their
thing they want to do that and it’s just the sad thing is they flee is when
sometimes when Israelis or his have to hitchhike all the way out to their
cities in Judea and Samaria sometimes these Arab people jack them and stuff
it’s act civilized just you lost and just be cool about it
you have your cities be productive simple and then you can you can have
self government’s in that in those areas govern it the way you want to you vote
for your own leaders in those cities and just your country is just a bunch of
arrays you want to call it a country or ever separate sea states they’re just
not connected but you can use the Israeli roads you can drive to Gaza and
hang out with your boys in Gaza and stuff to just act civilized it’s already
there you can’t there’s no like right at this point it’s like why give other you
take away land from this person take away give land and this won’t do this
the other and then people call it Israeli settlements let me tell you some
people there’s cities out there they built there are cities on hilltops okay
and it’s not like a bunch of tents or
something like that its infrastructure its malls it’s like suburbs
I think people commute into Tel Aviv commute to other cities you just can’t
just destroy all this and its productivity its normality its Western
civilization right there and they should just leave it alone leave it alone the
why can’t they just be happy with they have and Israel and the Jews can be
happy with what they have and they can just all get along just that’s it sir
stop shooting stuff from your towns and these are it’s that simple it’s that
same because it’s Bethlehem Nablus whatever you want to call the easier
isn’t it don’t look that they don’t want that
let let the harvest live there and they can have their own rules there and they
can make it awesome if they want Israelis to come in they can’t they
should want Israelis to come and they should want Commerce they should want to
be protected they should want capitalism and predict but instead to be ever
bitter and and they’re not all like this some of them probably do want this some
of them are driving on the roads and again they’re plenty of Arabs that live
happily in pre-1967 Israel in in Tel Aviv you see them in a bear Sheva you
see quite quite a lot quite a lot quite a lot and just be like that be happy you
lost it’s you don’t have to call it a loss you just live live your lives you
don’t be violent don’t be violent don’t don’t shabam homemade bombs you’re not
taking over Israel it’s not yours it’s not you you as an individual have your
house you’re not losing your house okay be happy with your house you’re living
among your own people if you enjoy living among your own people
be productive be productive build up your own community instead of trying to
tear down somebody else’s community and yeah you might not like it that they
live right near you well just ignore him just ignore him just ignore the Jews
ignore the Israelis alright so I mean you’ve got your land you could build
developments on that you’re let Israel compel developments on your land if you
think that Hill was yours beforehand when you lost the hill I guess and now
Israel’s gonna build something on that hill
you’ve got your hills in your towns build some stuff on your hills okay
don’t be jealous as somebody else’s hill that you thought maybe it was your Hill
once or something alright it’s not your hill anymore it’s not just this this is
this is yours this is theirs live at the snit now and just be happy with it okay
that’s it you’ve got the roads you’ve got
everything modern society the old infrastructure is there but the
solution isn’t to take away from all the beautiful Western infrastructure and
skyscrapers of Tel Aviv and make it yours that’s not that’s not going to
happen it’s never going to happen it’s it’s a losing proposition and just stick
and you can have your religion celebrate it any way you want to you this is the
thing if they just start stop shooting stuff out of their areas out of
Bethlehem Nablus Gaza whatever it would be over Israel to shoot stuff into them
people wouldn’t try to Jewish people want to run in there take their land or
something like that they would be invest in there okay if those places were
peaceful Richard vet and rich Israelis would love
to invest on the Gaza waterfront I’m sure they can’t go there now there be
killed I mean literally there are signs like around Nablus orange signs it says
no Israelis allowed it is something from Germany almost of the 1940s you know
what I’m getting at but it’s enforced by Israel that’s the bloody thing Israel
supports it like yeah that we don’t want you know what are people going in
because they’re gonna get killed so a and he had Arabs coming to Israel do
they get killed no they don’t get killed when as for Arabs go to priests 1967
Israel at when Arabs go into the they can go into Jewish towns they can go
into the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria okay there videos of them doing
that they could go there if I mean I’m sure they said there’s if you don’t have
a wit you don’t do anything crazy you can go in there definitely and shop they
showed some it’s shopping malls and stuff okay
if you act like a normal person you’ll be treated like a normal person okay but
if you’re if you’re throwing if you’re bombing from making homemade bombs let’s
rethink you’re gonna get Tel Aviv one day or you think you’re gonna get
Jerusalem one day you’re not you lost that’s it and you already have parts of
Jerusalem okay but Israel’s in charge dare in charge and if you don’t like it
didn’t just move to another country or something Jordan I don’t know you’re
just say there’s no difference between a Jordanian and in an Israeli Arab there’s
no difference just don’t think there are same people they’re the same exact
people you know DNA wise is it’s nonsense except that the Arabs living in
Israel live in a much higher standard of living
was in Jordan okay yeah it’s a much more comfortable life it’s a wealthier life
if you’re living in even if you’re in and if you’re living in the towns in
Judea and Samaria that are Arab control like Nablus and Bethlehem it’s a better
it’s a better life okay then living in frickin Jordan or
something like that or these other Arab countries it’s you see again drive
around you Dan Samaria yourself most of the people on Twitter who say you know
destroy Israel it’s all the Arabs they’ve never been the Judea and Samaria
and see and you can see it’s normal houses they got their mosques they got
everything but instead they choose a few of them choose and they’re being farmed
by terrorist groups all over the world all over that region to shoot weapons in
the Israel it makes no sense it just it’s just it’s a losing proposition why
do that because they’ve got bigger guns than you they won and they’re gonna bomb
the heck out of you when you shoot your guns in the Israel so stop Stewart just
stop you lost you have modern Western infrastructure
so the solution is already on the ground the solution is already on the ground
you don’t hear people talking like this as most people haven’t been there but I
mean it’s and they like to say West Bank and all these terms that are nonsense
terms and the P word it doesn’t exist it’s Israel it’s using the Sun you drive
here it’s not like you’re you’re walking around if you’re walking around there
you’re like yeah this is not not that much different from pre-1967 part of
Israel it’s got the signs and the roads are the same it’s Israeli roads there’s
some errors well on some donkeys on the side and there’s more Arab towns here
but yet this is Israel and yeah so and then there’s some Arab towns here that
we can’t go into okay that’s fine that’s should be what it is and then Israel’s
fortunately gave up Gaza to the Arabs okay so they can they can keep Gaza
that’s their country there all right and they can drive into uh they can drive
into Judea and Samaria the little towns where their friends live and everything
like that and take and if they’re not maybe they could drive in the three 1967
Israel to visit their friends there too if they’re not bringing guns and weapons
and stuff I mean it’s just about acting civilized and just saying you know we we
didn’t win and it was 50 years 52 years ago now in 1967 is 52 years ago and it
just okay we lost we’re not getting this we’re not getting Tel Aviv
we’re not getting to route we’re not getting
we have what we have we have isn’t bad what we have is better than brothers and
sisters in in Syria and all these other ridiculous places so let’s just not stop
shooting that’s all and it’s a really easy solution there’s your solution and
then the capitalism will take its course many people if it’s peaceful in in such
a region with untapped potential the money will flow in from from all over
the place especially into Gaza which is all right so that is that is there and
that I want this beyond Bitcoin I want to talk about that but okay so those of
you are familiar some people call it the West Bank but it’s your dance America
it’s called Judea and that’s the part of Israel it’s called your dance Samaria
and so you and you have these big out there there’s some Arab towns they’re
like Nablus and around them there are Jewish towns and they all use the same
roads and it’s their town so they’re real Jewish town but they unfortunately
Jewish towns have to have security anyway long live the Jewish state of
Israel loved the spy by Eli Cohen says Henry law now Holly the law has been
there before he’s he gave me 30 Hong Kong dollars good luck to Hong Kong by
the way long live long live Hong Kong because Hong Kong is Hong Kong it’s not
it’s not part of China of course all right maestra common sense yeah all
these people are ok so we’re gonna go to the questions real quick and it’s not
like it’s a secret that the Jews don’t want you to go to Judea and Samaria go
to Judea and Samaria see it for yourself drive on the roads and you’ll feel like
yeah this is Israel I was just in the pre-1967 part now I’m in this part
there’s more Arabs and this partners you know you you can see into these Nablus
and these other towns and you see donkey carts on the side and you hear about
Arabs jacking Jews in the middle of the night and stuff here and there once in a
while it’s it’s absolutely parts of it but okay so uh 31 days until 2020 yeah
man then bitcoin will be alive in three different decades 2000s that was 2009
2010 Zinn 2020s good point rummy queue what a time to be alive it is quite a
time to be alive uh last word H said Bitcoin Meister
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everything all right 80 percenters got to learn the hard way alright that’s it
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one okay bitcoin is the next phase I’ve never changed my ways
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know what you’re saying lazy I’m at but you did say you could type that over
again and I’ll read it uh all right let’s let’s move on here we got other
beyond we just talked about hex now the funny thing is like I talked about hex
last time he he tried to come on in the middle of the Chappelle and I couldn’t
get him on the Millers show because the way the show was again now I can have
live guest on again if I yeah all right so then that I could not but I I just I
just fixed it up and I’m not inviting him on the show either I’m not anybody
because I’m not doing a promo for that thing about doing but if I’m talking
about in the middle of the show and then he shows up in the chat or something
like that you should let him on the show if it’s configured that way now again
I’m not doing it through jitsi right now so I can’t I couldn’t get him on now too
but it’s really late at night hope that God he’s not up now all right so I
shouldn’t be awake now pound that light bunny all right so we talked about Scott
Adams oh yeah another North Korean aetherium I’m going to talk about this
tomorrow but yeah I think some people are
wondering there was a guy who’s a big a theorem God he went to North Korea and
perhaps helped the government get cryptocurrency there yeah that isn’t a
good idea and he really made he tweeted out he was gonna do it he totally
admitted to the government what he did I haven’t read everything yet but we will
talk about that on on tomorrow’s show I just want to say I I think it’s it would
be great if the people of North Korea got cryptocurrency and Bitcoin because
it could leave them the freedom now today you gotta be really silly to be an
American citizen and make it look like you’re helping the North Korean
government when there’s the United States has major sanctions or financial
sanctions against them and then you go to North Korea and perhaps help the
government it’s just not a good idea okay there are there other ways you
could help the North Koreans that that’s that’s not don’t be a martyr dude and
you could be a little bit too I don’t know if the guy was being too Idol
idealistic he looks like he’s really young if he’s naive we’ll talk about
that on on somebody show them okay are a 803 ji said if you learn how to refer
yourself to hex the 30 percent extra you get for doing so is it 90 percent stake
if you refer yourself you can dump more I you know I don’t know dude I’m not
gonna even people ask me can you demonstrate how to claim hex no I’m not
gonna have it I’m not gonna have it people figure it out for yourselves I’m
not giving that dude I’m not because he’s gonna lead people to buying it and
stuff I’m not I’m not into helping that people promote it I mean and that’s what
he’s doing right now he got he he fooled tone days into some debate that you know
just helps promote his cause of and a new people I didn’t I didn’t watch or
anything was this a total waste of time I know exactly how how it’s gonna go
it’s it’s like the baton king of the trolls the the you know tone will be
correct but the other guy who keeps saying the same thing over and over
again you’ll say it forcefully I’ll personally attack tonal blah blah and
all the 80 percenters are fall for and it’s just it just because
infomercial for this ridiculous thing when it’s ridiculous when King the troll
says be Cash’s bitcoin is ridiculous when the ego coin guy says that he’s
that this is like gonna be better than Bitcoin but I think nobody says I don’t
know what he says all I know is it is a Bitcoin hoarder you get it for free and
then you can turn in and give it to his followers his blind followers will give
you a Bitcoin for it on the exchange now again it could be if it turns out to be
all a big lie like you you can’t even sell it in exchange then it is then it
is gonna be a scam but right now the only thing that’s scammy
involving it is if you scam yourself by getting what you get for free if you try
to stake it and get more of it for free like don’t value your wealth and hex you
value your wealth and bitcoin you get something for free you turning the
Bitcoin immediately you don’t try to get more hex that’s just that’s helping his
cause which is not a big point cause I knew Tyson has some great tweets about
him because the email coin guy has just change his ways totally if you look at
the old video I posted of him he was so Pro Bitcoin so against the theory where
the wind blows he comes up with his own thing hey compete don’t complain I’m not
complaining he’s competing he’s get he knows how to get the 80 percenters he’s
very good at marketing I said that before
he’s very persuasive to 80 percenters he knows how to do it I think he talks a
huge game well there’s a there’s a quote I’m gonna say from Carl denature that
kind of refers to ego hexie ego coin guy he wasn’t talking about it but it’s it’s
similar it really comes describes when we’re gonna cut that in a second and you
talking about referrals and stuff no I’m not I’m not into any referral code stuff
with that that’s very big connect ish okay that it’s just the pyramid scheme
aspect of this of what he’s doing again I just treat it as a regular crypto
dividend you get it for free that that’s it and then you don’t worry about all
the other little gimmicks you can do with it you get it for free does it
alright but and and hopefully sadly his people buy it now and people are like
well that that’s they’re gonna be losers you see that’s not good well let me tell
you if it’s not on the exchange people are just people trade anything on
exchange okay so people will buy you know dog dog
Duke wine and go back and forth back and forth back and forth okay as long as
they think they can make a little more sense on it that’s just the way of
trading so if it goes to exchange is traders are gonna do what they’re gonna
do they’re not getting ripped off in any way because they would trade dog do coin
to or you know but hair coin to I mean it’s it’s not in her there’s not a
winner and a loser there that traders are traders that’s what they do that’s
part of the whole ecosystem are they gonna stop doing with are gonna stop are
they going to stop trading but coin coin but coin but hair coin cut your but hair
coin ever ripped hair out of your butthole coin found that like button
pulling those pubes up all right now seriously on your scrotum have you ever
just pulled one of them out one of these just like stray ones out that’s a test
of strength right there oh yeah this is beyond big coin pound that like one and
that’s just a question for the guys 99% of people watching this right now are
guys so sorry to the ladies you know talking about scrotum hair pulling
but I mean you do some trimming down there – I like the landing strip stylist
that’s entertaining fight well uh 80 percenters listen to you a Cohen guy Jim
Jones king of the trolls 20 percenters listen Adam Meister pound that like
button beautiful roaming to you I like that one
I like that one and you got to be and that’s the thing a lot of people are not
happy with that situation a lot of people on YouTube that my number is
there why is this guy’s number so high a mine so low I I
that’s like stefan molyneux there stefan molyneux is going to get his loyal smart
people when he’s complaining about is that he’s not getting 80 percenters as
much and we’re gonna talk about that in a second what youtube is doing to make
sure to push the 80 percenters in a more corporate direction and that’s the it
because they can make more money off of it that way and youtube is a business so
they’re gonna lead the 80 percenters to places and suggest videos where they’re
gonna keep clicking clicking clicking and gonna stay on the platform and it’s
more Mindless fancy graphic stuff whether it be in philosophy whether it
be in bitcoin whether it be in politics will there be in anything
Bitcoin I mean uh pick one YouTube that’s their strategy and it and their
more 80 percenters than 20 percenters so if you’ve got a 20% our audience make
the most of it be happy with it know that you’ve got a loyal crew that
you can travel all around the world and they’re gonna support you in person
there’s people with the 80% of cruise and it’s not like people aren’t gonna
come up and give them real support in person it’s going to be superficial
because dull if you’ve given out superficial vibes you’re only gonna get
your back superficial vibes if you’re giving out vibes from the heart and
you’re talking to real smart people that’s who you’re gonna meet in person
that’s who I was freaking hanging out with in Sydney and again and also in
Adelaide with bitcoins in the moon and showed up because he’s a real person too
but I know there’s a right now there’s a there is you know I’m talking about a
lady ladies don’t like the wife there are a few ladies that watch this one in
Sydney in particular who I mean was a real person a real person the 20% who
did this has really helped her out and stuff all this stuff here so I mean
that’s the type of people in him it does real meaning there but the 20% stuff so
I know there’s a lot of people that produce try to produce 20% of content
and then they’re really frustrated that the 80% of content is kicking their butt
and it’s moving more and more so in that direction don’t you’ve got success you
you’ve got success with what what you’re doing getting the 20 percenters in you
just you don’t worry if you’re not getting the 80% trying to person or
stuff that’s not long-term thinking long term thinking is my 20% our core how I’m
gonna make the most of it and you know what what real life benefits does it
give me and it gives you a lot of real life it really really does so I love the
20 percenters town that like people like like bump people because people you
gotta say what you’re really about be who you are and you’re gonna get people
who respect you for who you are now if you’re fake and you know how to get the
click so you know how to do this you’re gonna get a lot of people you’re just
gonna get it you’re gonna get the – 80 percenter um gay click not click
mentality gang mentality whatever it is herd mentality is what I’m like um this
is not about being the herd this is about being a Bitcoin overlay this is
fitting in is overrated fading in is overrated and so when again
when Molyneux complains that you know his reviewers or all YouTube is doing
this that and the owner me he’s got to go back to basics there didn’t you
you’re not meant to fit in you’re meant to appeal to a certain thinking type of
person that wants a certain way and if YouTube isn’t distributing your
the same way they were used to to the 80 percenters then oh well you’re losing
some mindless people that’s great that’s probably better for you just maximize
what you got all right so we’re gonna talk about that in a second how long is
this show even been going now for this is a fun show here
oh well forty minutes I’ve been talking well tomorrow it’s gonna rain really
hard in Baltimore and but I have to run so no matter when I run it’s gonna be
raining on me so I don’t care when I get up tomorrow morning but I got a run so
that’s that’s awesome so this show can goes I’m not – some of these nights I’ve
been concerned about going up as I had to drive very far away places and go to
events in Baltimore with family and then when i was leaving Australia your time
was a sensitive to was gonna get to the airport now tomorrow time is a very
sensitive for me so you’re gonna get some I’m gonna keep I’m talking to
talking tonight if you guys enjoy this type of thing so there are a lot of you
over there and again people are asking questions you got to type in you got
type of bitcoinmeister for me to see you or do a super chat but I did see someone
say butt hair coin yeah that’s that’s a new one maybe scrotum hair coin can be
one maybe Richard that’ll be his next crypt of dividend he can have a hex
if you hold hex you can get a free scrotum hair coin and that you know that
all its that incentivize more people to hold hex so they get their scrotum hair
coin yeah really I mean I’m sure if he said that there’d be people that would
rather hit scrotum hair coin dance other Bitcoin I mean that’s just the way they
I can’t explain it dude you can’t fix everyone okay you got to take care of
yourself first and pull that scrotum hair what makes y’all baby and and you
again people are partisan how can you talk about that you know when kids are
kids are those teens or the 20s or whatever we do all sorts I pull down
nipple hairs out stuff we would do all the test of strength with each other we
would have through the scrotum hair thing we would talk about that in theory
I think I died obviously pull a couple out its weight you right up you see the
route to when you rip that thing right now you guys know what I’m talking about
everyone’s done it there’s no shame this is real man this is real okay so we
talked about theorem in North Korea which we will talk about a lot more on
that show all right I want to talk about
Buddha jej again and everyone knows I talked about him last week again check
out disrupt meister calm watch the beyond the last to be on Bitcoin shows
it was a part one and a part two for those of you who like that and I talked
about how black people don’t seem to like Buddha jej and the mainstream media
is really jumping on that because they have their own favorites the Democrat
the Democratic core has their own fate and that’s fine they’re gonna play
politics is a rough and tough disgusting game where it’s all about race and
gender and all it is so it’s such a waste of your time but I want to talk
about what I saw after I did this show a couple days later trending on Twitter is
Pete booted pal in your hash tag Pete Budaj edge is a line MF which again is
it totally classless it’s classless to say something like that
Pete Busey edge is a lying MF but everyone was jumping on it and you know
the media was writing stories about it you know it’s to humiliate the guy and
everything and I got the guy who wrote the article was named Michael
Harry OTT and you got to get people to judge credit here he called the dude he
called the dude after so that’s class okay you might I don’t like what people
who judge Stan’s some of the stuff he stands for okay hey I’m not like blindly
enthrall of him like let’s have the first day president I treat him as a man
you know I respect man I don’t care who he’s sleeping with it was scott adams is
like would be so great to have a first gay president who cares but we want the
best dorm person for the job and he’s a smart dude he is he is an intelligent
man I will give him that now again what he’s doing is and he’s a master
manipulator too um he know he was going a little left and now he sees everybody
else went left so he’s going center but and so I don’t I don’t exactly get it’s
none of my business why the the Democratic who’s who in the Democratic
Party don’t want to jump on this guy’s download because I think they could do
pretty well with him if they gave him but again it’s all about this race not
since they gave him a black vice president they gave him Cory Booker he
probably could beat Donald Trump but again who cares who because I mean it’s
not that big a deal but this is a big business for the people who invest time
into it this has become such a ridiculous
but I just want to say that this is Twitter and it’s worse when he went with
a hashtag like that and it’s politics that it’s worse to call it it’s a line
MF because he said something once I even know what the whole logic behind it was
but to paint this guy is that someone who doesn’t like black people or
whatever it to vilify him this way it’s it’s so typical it’s just it’s it’s
low-class that and and it was deserving of that uh it was a low class hashtag
too for the people who purchased the stations disgusting I I don’t use curse
words at all and this is part of the reason this is so low-class you don’t
you you get you gotta be respectful and you got to give who Nick Buddha chad’s
credit for calling the guy and then the guy remember another article saying that
he’s a fighter I don’t know Ben Shapiro was telling me I don’t want to read an
article by some guy who comes out with a PBJ just lying in Athens and then the
whole media but boost that thing like crazy that didn’t that didn’t like go
naturally viral you know there’s there’s ways to boost stuff like that like I’m
sure it Bujold um you know he he’s willing to do some dirty tricks and
stuff also his pontus is disgusting they’re all liars uh but I mean he’s
just so might I just want to point out the mindlessness behind because so many
people jump on this back bandwagon once that hashtag was out Pete booted
edge is a lying and ask so many people and probably a lot more fake though
anyway but still all these people they just want to be in they don’t want to
seem like they’re for the white man you know because they’re almost paying him
as if he’s a Republican if he’s a conservative things all the time even in
terms of governor programs but it’s like it’s it’s so how the herd operates their
mentality is just like we can’t be we can’t be with anything traditional
anymore anything traditional and that’s like anything that’s a man no no we
can’t be with anything that sounds thinking that’s logical thinking we just
want to call names and use swear words and stuff and this was just an example
of it so I I don’t know I mean and then what people just some of the things he
does that he’s gonna go to a black church on Sunday I mean that’s fake also
I every if you’re a Democrat pick the best person pick the best person doing
don’t pick it based on like what color they are and you know pictus traffic
smartest person I mean he definitely is this morning yang in him seem to be the
smartest ones but I again and I’m still registered as a Democrat so if I vote
I’m voting for yang Mis I think he’s that he’s a smart he’s the most real one
also he’s the most real one and he’s not naming in in the Democratic primary
that’s if I’m in Maryland I don’t know what day it even is if I get the
absentee ballot and I voted doesn’t matter it really does not matter but
people asks people ask the question but but this is more of a this is more of a
social commentary about how the herd operates on Twitter and how some people
can write these low-class articles and just it’s oh it’s great what a wise
article MF what a wise hashtag MF hears and so let’s talk about some some
emotion that’s in politics and this is from a fox news let me check out some
been here since we’re live okay keep on pounding on like button people spread
the word about this stuff and you give me some feedback you you do you like the
Saturday show some people dislike the Saturday shows that’s what I’m doing
Saturday B’s not many people watch on Saturday as many people saw do like you
experimental Saturday so I’m don’t be on Bitcoin show isn’t going anywhere but
you know feedback is feedback is nice and spread the word and then maybe there
are other topics you want me to talk about this I talk about house a little
politics you know about my places I’ve traveled where I’ve actually seen how it
operates you know I talk about I ever say I talked to talked about Israel but
I’ve talked about Zimbabwe and how when I was in Zimbabwe you know
the United States dollar that is what they used and that’s what and that the
the evil Robert Mugabe had to wake up every single morning and you know look
in his wall and look at George Washington and know that all his people
were looking at George Washington and that his communist regime his communist
regime had that they all had to look at George Washington and you the capital in
the the greatest regime the capitalist regime in the United States it was
powerful country of all time all the hate that he spewed and all the land
that he took away from his people he he couldn’t get away from
looking at what you know the best the best option for freedom in the world a
blessed with the years which is the United States and that that he could to
the day he died he had to relay rely on that US dollar and then he was his
system was a completely worthless system because his people were needed that US
dollar to survive and yeah that’s something that I witnessed there and
that there were a lot of good people in Zimbabwe he was they didn’t like their
leader they didn’t like him at all but there’s just that that was the way it
was and then they got they ended up with worse leaders which is very sad also
alright moving on this is talk about emotional articles this is about Kamala
Harris and her someone in her campaign just quit and I had a different take
away when I read articles like this it gets thrown in my face I have different
takeaways than most people this is my third presidential campaign and I had
never seen in an organization treated staff so poorly Kelly
Mellon malabar said then the state is she was a state Operations Director for
Harris’s campaign said in a letter obtained by the New York Times all right
so she’s ripping on Kamala Harris she says it was it was run poorly and
everybody was treated poorly and but my big takeaway was that this woman
melon-baller said this was her third presidential
campaign that she has worked for oh god this has become such a huge business
every 40 it’s and it’s not every four years is it’s a constant thing you can
be a forever employee of presidential campaigns to presidential campaigns
these things are so big and so many intensive then you can have a long
history working for many of them through the years go from one to the other so
they want that system to keep growing the bureaucracy around that just to make
the whole drama longer and longer I mean we’re in 2019 it’s not even the election
year yet and everyone’s been talking about for so long and it’s a huge
business it doesn’t really produce anything it progressed and it lives off
of the you know the government it’s all about you know we’re all gonna get
government jobs if we win this steal from the taxpayers so you know
it’s base is not productivity because government jobs are not productive but I
mean there is this whole huge tremendous capitalistic ecosystem built around
these campaigns I mean they are pulling a lot of money and paying a lot of
people to work for them and so they just want this to grow bigger and bigger and
bigger and I don’t want anything to do with it but I just might say my takeaway
from this is yeah okay you’re bitter at you’re bitter at you’re at Harris that’s
great now you sent a letter to New York Times
somehow to just get revenge but you’re a person who has worked in this industry
you’re like a veteran of this horrific presidential election industry we have a
presidential election industry in United States now where you can work for it for
12 years straight and work for three different campaigns and just keep going
and going and go god what a what a job what a job and it’s again the people are
fuel and regular people are fueling this I said about Pete Buddha Jesse O’Day
he’s raised so much money from men Hemme men who have no kids and so
instead of buying Bitcoin with they’re giving Pete Beauty jets $3,200 or
whatever it is $2,300 because they feel just because they’re gay would be cool
to have a gay president now if they think it is so because he’s not changing
their lives if you’re already a gay man who can afford to give twenty three
hundred dollars at Pete Buddha jets he’s not changer he’s probably gonna make
your life worse he’s going he’s gonna text you more man
so that solid area that you feel with him because he’s gay you better be you
be careful it’s just like would i should i feel solidarity with bernie sanders
because he’s Jewish heck no there are Jews who are smart and
and think that they’re not very smart they’re walk today I mean that it’s
incredible it’s incredible he’s like forget kindness he he he will
so a guy like me who’s productive who’s I will yeah I’m gonna get taxed more by
my fellow white my my suppose a fellow Jew he’s a Jew hater anybody is Jewish
she is Jewish um you could be a self-hating Jew which
Bernie Sanders is he definitely is a self-hating Jew but I mean it would be
look what I give him $2,300 just because he’s you know it’s ridiculous it’s just
like the gay dude giving a Goethe Jegs 2305 because I want the
fruit first Jewish present what’s the first Jewish president mean to me it’s
gonna be horrible for me be terrible for me in a lot of ways but first of all now
all the haters will have you know even more reason to blame the Jews blame the
Jews on everything if there’s a Jewish president oh my God look how they took
over you see their master plan is in they finally got one in the right house
haha you see we were right all along about those Jews you’ll hear at all but
uh no it would be in terms of what I’m supposedly gonna be taxed at any of the
Democrats that are running Bloomberg Sanders the other one that I can’t
versus tire is also don’t tax the heck out of all the their fellow Jewish
people yeah but uh again I roll with the punches if I need to get out of here and
I’ll get out of here right I’ve got my Bitcoin that’s that’s the thing that’s
the most important you got your Bitcoin you can start over again so I shouldn’t
say it’s going to be horrible for me that that’s that is overreaction
remember I’m just saying what they want to do is is horrible to me they want to
steal they want all the demo the whole Democrats is taxing tax tax tax I sex is
horrible that’s theft the stuff if it’s an Asian guy he’s stealing from you if
it’s Jewish guys okay guys it’s theft and I’m not I’m not worth that all right
roaming shoes have the only YouTube and podcast I listened to our Bitcoin
related your Saturday shows are my only sources for politics cool man uh similar
similar to me there dude I only go to like the Ben Shapiro Scott Allen’s a
little bit and then all the other stuff gets in the philosophy and his way
beyond pop politics oh my god who was that guy Ben Shapiro on had on his
Sunday show oh that guy was wack you know I hadn’t heard of that dude before
he had some interesting philosophy I I meant to talk about that guy this week I
guess that’s for next week oh well okay check out Ben Shapiro’s Sunday special
from last Sunday it’s it’s an interesting guy and then Google that guy
he’s got some interesting stuff out there interesting takes on religion and
alright so yeah when I when I read these uh some of these articles that are
trying to ripple and certain and I don’t like Kamala Harris at all but I just
like the things that pop up for me just like god this woman’s work with
three different campaigns because things never gonna end
so something I took away from the once upon a time in Hollywood movie they
mentioned Paul Revere and the Raiders a few times which was a band that was
popular probably a little bit before 1969 and probably died down in 1969 I
they wrote that song kicks which is about drugs I used to love about not
doing drugs actually about drugs ruining people’s lives they had already noticed
it I think in 1965 and they wrote that song I used to sing that song at karaoke
kicks by Paul Revere and the Raiders and they were kind of making fun in the
movie that Paul Revere and readers was kind of considered I guess corny by 1969
but I loved it III haven’t listened to it for over a year so you’re not be able
to listen to music again thank God but if you guys can look at power of you’re
on the Raiders I think I think some there it is kind of it’s right before
psychedelic stuff started and it is kind of corny sounding but it’s good it’s
entertaining and it was I think it might even played some of the songs in the
movie now and once upon a time in Hollywood again once upon a time in
Hollywood is a good movie if you were familiar with the history of Charles
Manson and all the people that were around him and Sharon Tate and every and
you can look it up before you watch the movie and you’ll you’ll have a much
better understanding the movie cuz I’ve seen people review it who don’t know
anything about Sharon Tate or Charles Manson and they just don’t get the movie
like it’s boring and it’s long it’s it’s not if you if you know the history and
and you know I say III didn’t mean the write down but I always say those dudes
are good actors um DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and I know they are so mainstream
and their political views or whatever but they are good day you book you don’t
think like this is we’re not in order to Caprio when he’s acting you think he’s
playing this role in this movie of this washed-up movie star from the 1950s
who’s in the 1960s now but keeping that in mind so there are good actors out
there but the scary thing is not all good actors go to Hollywood not all good
actors become actors some people go about their real lives acting
as other people and they can just trick you and they can just go from part to
part and just be completely different people
and it is a it’s definitely a talent when you use it in a productive manner
to to become a famous movie star and to entertain people on the stage but
there’s some people that have that same talent they can use it for some pretty
bad ways um and I I can usually tell when someone’s I think I could tell when
someone’s a fake and an actor but so many people can’t so you see you you
wonder like how can these people try to carry out these big lies like ‘fuck
Toshi and stuff well he’s got that mentality like I’m gonna I’m playing
this role I’m an actor I don’t think he’s very good actor
some people fall off work now let the other thing is I think you could tell
how sincere or someone who’s if you like try to get them to be an actor like
imagine me trying to be an actor try to play a role on stage every time you’d be
like what the heck is this that’s Adam Meister why is he on there like no he’s
not a cowboy that’s Adam Meister so yeah I have got a good Act I’ve got a good so
what you see here is what you did is written first
I can’t it’s a skill it definitely is a skeleton could be used in bad ways it
can be taken to horrible extremes it really can be but so if you do think
about how good of an actor your favorite actor is then think about someone in
real life using those skills to just do bad things it’s kind of it’s it’s freaky
don’t worry about it that but it made me think all right in the title I have it
it says okay Doomer and that’s a play on this okay boomer thing I think ok Doomer
is a good replied if someone’s just sending you all this fear P ORN and doom
P ORN all these gold Umar’s who just like when’s it gonna end the whole
system is gonna crater the dollar is about the hyper interface hyper inflate
their whole their whole reality revolves around everything falling apart a wrath
revolves around negativity they are the dimmers okayed and you say okay do more
okay do more but the I heard this term ok Doomer well Scott
Adams is podcast 8 when someone said they grete that they just they could
call that Greta girl what’s remained Greta thern Sundberg the climate climate
change girl warrior they should just say ok doom her to her and I said yeah that
makes sense she’s similar to a Doomer a Doom P ORN
guy in MO you think of Jim Peoria and PPO are in people as men that have just
been waiting around for years for the whole system to collapse but she’s very
similar to that she’s saying the whole system is gonna the whole world climate
it’s gonna collapse the whole world’s ending negative negative negative tear
it all down tear down capitalism tear down this tear it down the world won’t
be at peace until it’s all torn so we could start all over again and live live
like the animals and that’s basically the way the gold people were ever going
to see the gold Umar’s will ever be successful if there’s a nuclear war and
then we’re just all like trading cold like caveman it’s tough she wants to be
a caveman just like that it’s so it’s very that there’s some of the client
people have a lot in common with the Doomer so you see they’re their own form
of Doomer so ok Doomer ok Doomer to them okay goomer to the dimers hey be in
motion people be productive it’s not trying to tear down build up be produc
it’s just like what I was saying with Arabs from Gaza they’re trying to tear
down they want to tear down Tel Aviv alright and and their supporters due to
these communist supporters in America who you can see it on Twitter with the
popular hashtags that deal with the Israel hatred they show the whole Land
of Israel in the Arab flag and it’s to tear it down there that there would be
no more Tel Aviv it had balancing I mean is for because they never these people
never been to Tel Aviv they don’t they don’t understand like would you rip down
Miami and then give it to the Seminole Tribe which is does that seem like a
good idea let’s rip down Miami and Tampa Bay and
give it to the Seminoles if the Seminole started bombing us if the Seminoles if
the Seminole tribes started bombing us we should just be like you know what
let’s just give them Tampa and Miami and tear it all down and they can have a
teepee there I mean this is ridiculous it’s it but but I
it’s ridiculous to us but if you hate Western society so much if you’re so
envious of a certain people of a certain way of life of a certain productivity of
winners if you’re so envious of them and you don’t you think things are so so
unfair that you could treat it wrong and you can’t fix yourself you’re gonna want
to tear the winners down when instead you should be trying to build yourself
up that’s what it all boils down to in some in so many situations so I just
tied some things together there so strive for success that is that should
be your strategy okay everyone people respect success they really had then
people are envious of success – it’s a people with success that are constantly
being attacked but you gotta ignore the haters and in certain situations they’re
physically violating you you’ve got a pound back at them okay
hard core but hopefully it doesn’t get that usually it’s all theoretical stuff
that it’s just verbal sparring and you get 33% of people aren’t gonna hate you
33% of people are gonna hate you most of your friends don’t care a thing about
what your own what you’re producing anyway so you know be proud of yourself
be pressed there are people though many people fell 20 percentage that respect
success when you have success you are happy you define your own success okay
you define what success is to you in terms of productivity and so everyone
when you have a system again my system has produced a show a new show every day
and it has got me so many opportunities it’s done so well different thing you do
your own sick you make your own system where you do something every day you do
you just follow that and so every day there’s a victory every day you have
success because you followed that system and it’s a good feeling it’s good
because again what if you have some long term goal and it’s great to have a long
term goal but you only have a goal you don’t get that goal every day you don’t
get that goal every day okay it’s great to have you know you want to have this
many Bitcoin in the future so you’ll be a millionaire that is great but you got
you gotta have a system of getting there like well I’m gonna watch X amount of
shows today or I’m gonna buy these many sacks every day or I’m going to save
this much in Fiat every week I’m going to not eat this many meals every day you
know it could be a subtraction victory also like alright I’m not gonna instead
of smoking a pack today and we’re supposed a half pack day
you know instead of eating a sandwich today I’m just eating meat today I’m
getting rid of bread for today is just something even an elimination that can
be six again and you defined success your own way but if you’ve got a system
that is Denny you as improving you are going to get those goals you you will
get those goals but you gotta you gotta have a system so you have that success
every day all right then we’ve talked about this before but
I just I want to bring it again stressors just strive for success don’t
be ashamed of success we live in this victim victim mentality where everybody
loves the gate on the victim train and they don’t even realize what a
ridiculous train they’re getting on but I mean again give Miami to the Seminoles
it’s the same thing give Tampa to the Seminoles blow blow up Tampa and give it
to the semblance and that that’s uh that’s victim
that’s victim mentality see alright so Scott I brought this up
earlier with Scott Adams I link to his video below at the 11:48 mark he talks
because there are a lot of people are saying this YouTube’s discriminating
against conservatives and he’s just saying that and I agree with what he
says here that YouTube is not they don’t like low production value anymore they
want fancy sets and graphics so Scott amis does not have fancy sets of
graphics he says his views have been going down YouTube wants TV quality
production sets okay and they know that a lot of 80 percenters blindly drew over
that stuff and will keep clicking over at from one fancy graphic thing to
another fancy graphic thing to another fancy graphic video okay that kind of
looks like TV instead of looking at Scott Adams in his kitchen or me you
know in a white room with black curtains alright but found that Lakeland and yeah
it’s so so I said before you got Scott’s gotta find his niche as and it’s kinda
I’m just trying to do all these experiments that prove he’s right about
this the cool thing about YouTube still to this day YouTube wants to be like TV
okay they want to be like cable and regular TV in terms of the ratio
of actually smart program to mindless programming okay
I mean you can call it like the PBS ratio Oh TV right now you can watch PBS
and learn some stuff now again that it’s pretty slanted to but what percent of
all the stuff on TV is like learning and PBS type of stuff and how many people
really watch that stuff numbers are incredibly low on YouTube it’s it’s
mostly 80% of stuff now anyway you know there’s a lot of like cat videos and all
that stuff but the percentage of smart stuff is much higher then on on TV okay
and people are stumbling upon it people are going to it people are chosen
choosing to go to it but YouTube wants to not promote that
stuff at all especially if it doesn’t look very good and so the algorithm they
program the algorithm to push the more corporate stuff as they know that sells
and then people follow it people are being programmed the people that are
programmable they are they follow that algorithm well and if it gives good
feedback to the algorithm so it you know if they this isn’t like this isn’t a
sinister thing they’re doing it all there they want to make as much money
from the masses that they never make doesn’t mean they want to be TV in a way
I mean they don’t care about the intelligence level of the stuff they’re
putting out there they care about the clicks and the advertisements that can
sell and there’s the number of eyeballs they can get and if they if it’s if it’s
working with the mindless stuff then that’s what that’s that’s what they’re
gonna go with and that is what they’re going with so I don’t really think
they’re necessary targeting conservatives on a on a grand conspiracy
I think it’s I think it’s it’s getting it’s noticeable in some conservative
parts of YouTube definitely but it’s just all about the bottom line here and
this is their rules and so if you’ve got a 20% under Mitch
like I do like Scott does like Stefan does you just tell people other places
you can be watched I say again go to sports meister comm go
to my podcast and you you I do great with the podcast also alright in terms
of the and again I am not relying on these finances either so that this is
why a lot of other people are much more emotional about this and get in the
panic mode I don’t need any of I don’t need any of the money that I get from
YouTube or the podcast and I don’t need any of it it’s and it’s not that much
either but there are people that have been really affected by the change in
them pushing this more corporate look I mean there have been kids I I’m people I
heard that well I don’t know if they killed themselves they they’ve thought
about it and it’s just really sad type of stuff so and again this has affected
people who are making kids videos because that stuff isn’t very
professional now and that could be a little controversial that you know it’s
an copyright infringement and stuff so those people have been t monetized just
you gotta get your audience ready to go to somewhere else or to support you if
you need money from them ask them to send via bitcoin bitcoin is a great way
or when it just be creative about the whole situation if you true if you have
loyal just did the people that are loyal to you will will support you your choice
but don’t I mean don’t try to become corporate dough don’t change your ways
that’s not the way that’s not the solution be who you are you will still
get the same people sure you’re not going to get as many 80 percenters but
they you weren’t probably making much off them anyway or they weren’t adding
to your your success in the same ways that your 20 percenters or so YouTube
what I and when I suggest to the viewers out there the people that are between 80
percenters and 20 percenters if you’re on youtube if you go to people’s
channels that you’d like and look at their videos and pick out their videos
that you like instead of like watching a video and then seeing like the nine
videos they get popped up on your screen and then selecting one of them and going
to one of the suggested videos try to use your head try to plan it out try to
have a set schedule of videos that you go to a set of channels that you check
out every single day or every other day things that are thought-provoking but if
you don’t if you don’t you just let the algorithm decide you’re going to soon
forget about some of those channels it’s okay
some people are at least and Moton and that’s just the direction YouTube is
going in they are whether people like it or not people can’t fall
to a trance where YouTube is telling them what to watch a quite a few people
and they’re very good at that and you say want a professional look and they
want a way to just get people drooling so they click on the next one next one
next one next one so we get the most views and that’s their business model
and there’s nothing wrong with that business model and you you just gotta
find fixes around it too as a creator and as a watch and as a viewer too but
you want to keep on educating yourself you want to get caught in their
algorithm where you’re not learning anything anymore where you’re all of a
sudden saying yeah I want to buy hex or something like that I mean that’s when
you know you’ve fought off the cliff already found that like button and I
want to stay in my podcast if you go there I posted one I am in motion dude
right before I made this video I decide I thought about when I was in Texas in
2015 how I got step stopped at a federal checkpoint in Sarita Texas which is
about a hundred miles from the border I never even left the country and I made a
video about it in 2015 I just put in the podcast form check out sports moisture
calm and it’s linked to below also it’s only ten minutes for those of you who’ve
never heard that story it’s just it’s a true story that happened to me and I
don’t do any drugs or anything like that but you’ll see what happened but yeah
yeah and always check out my podcast that’s a way to diversify for a guy like
me just in case YouTube shuts me off or whatever I don’t know but I don’t I
don’t hate YouTube at all like some of these people got this like bitter anger
and like let the government take over YouTube now this is their business model
let them do their darn business model they’re 80% our business model just like
they’re gonna be like TV and it is the PBS ratio isn’t like that yet we still
there are still plenty of awesome quality stuff on YouTube in so many
different genres whether it be in Bitcoin or philosophy or in space I love
the stuff the space stuff there’s some mindless space stuff to it though too
you’d be surprised people that just do fancy sets and graphics and regurgitate
articles from like 10 months ago but no I Isaac are author is awesome and Fraser
Cain is awesome and John Michael Gautier he they are they are awesome space guys
they are smart guys that read papers well first of all Isaac Arthur
a freaking genius he’s smarter than those other two he’s unbelievable mine
mine Laura my boy I wonder what his I hear his he knows all physics I mean
it’s it’s something to behold it’s something and he’s a modest man two very
modest he’s a frickin gee I don’t know if he knows how smart he is it’s
unbelievable it’s really unbelievable it’s it’s it’s just so sad he should be
I wish he was in charge of the space policy of the world but there is no one
in charge of the space policy of the world all right we don’t we don’t have
dictators here so much for fun that dude give that guy a business man give Isaac
author uh gets a Isaac we figure out a way to get people on Venus by the year
2025 and we’ll have people in Venus yes some billionaire maybe if I ever become
a Bitcoin billionaire that’s what I’ll do that would be an awesome thing to do
to say here Isaac Arthur here is uh here’s ten billion dollars so you put a
guy on Venus figured out a way and you’re gonna you’re gonna set the whole
thing he could do it that’s unbelievable I know some of you are interesting that
stuff but you should watch his channel what’s it called Space Station futurism
with Isaac or Arthur and he’s got a he’s got a speech impediment so some of 80
percenters will be like all this guy’s an idiot
I’m turning I can’t take his speech impediment which is so that’s just
that’s that that’s that’s why people fail in life because superficial stuff
like that turns them off and then they don’t they become they don’t learn from
people like Isaac off the author but yeah if you can listen to him like a
normal person gonna listen to someone with a speech impediment you’ll be like
oh my god this guy so freakin genius are you guys to be the smartest guy
well this Mardis productive guy there’s some people on YouTube that
what’s-his-face might be smarter uh while Eric Weinstein could be smarter in
a different different realm but he’s annoying he’s I don’t know who’s got
smarter IQ how can i how can I judge people with like I choose over 170 which
one’s the smarter one really I don’t know I can’t I can’t figure that out who
can figure that out they’re two different men they’re two different III
I prefer Isaac or Arthur to uh so Weinstein all right uh all right so we
talked about so I talked about my pod that Sarita Texas thing we saw people in
the chat people were just let me see how everyone’s playing this at 2x this is a
long show at 2x any show you know stefan molyneux these videos are long but
they’re short at 2x uh III could play Isaac Arthur a 2×2 by
the way even with a speech impediment I understand it fine sometimes I got to do
1.75 X but it depends if I’m it depends on a couple things but I hope you’re
playing this at 2 X and Ben Shapiro I pay it play at 2 X a good so people are
like I can’t watch I can’t listen to a 55-minute show well then you play it to
exit so is it 2200 is it shoes me it’s him
what is it 27 and a half whatever yes whatever with 27 plus 27 is yeah 20
something to happen it sorry hey Adam you rock thank you listen to you at 2 X
could be daunting same as Ben Shapiro wait MTM D are you an American
or are you not American I mean I know Ben and I talk fast that that’s why
playing us at 2x it might be a little hard you are an American okay well yeah
I guess the son again I British people if I’ve got a Baltimore accent – that’s
pretty bad oh you’re from md dude I guess I just
talk too much I talk too fast for you I mean yeah I
you know it could be it can be daunting I guess not everyone’s got a different
intake with the 2x but you can listen me at one point 75 X right man
or you can build up the resistance you do it 1.5 one show and then 1.75 then
you’re ready for my sister it 2x all right all right you talk fine says
Adriana veloute now she’s been on the show before she’s in Sydney she’s awake
now it’s uh I don’t know what day is there I guess it’s late later on Sunday
I saw I saw her place she gave me the Satoshi shirt I mean she was on the show
before you get to check it out she was on this this week a big coin was a few
weeks ago with has passed McCook was on yes they women are on this show and most
the guys you just you hear a woman’s on the show you’re gonna go wash it right
now so go go wash her and she’s from Brazil original
but a zillion lady you know it she uh yeah she’s great so but she moved to
Australia she she knows the Bitcoin wage she knows she knows she says I talk fine
okay I talk fine I talk army because you’re from Brazil you’ve had to get
used to all these accents the Australian accent the Baltimore accident alright um
alright let’s see what else we have here well you sit em tmd says it’s all good I
generally listen to the podcast so it’s a little different than watching god I’m
glad you like later you don’t need to see me who dad needs to see me oh no no
ok I hope you could play the podcast faster I think under certain times you
can I’ve never even experimented but some people say you can okay we’re
getting where are we gonna make what are we gonna hear it’s just goes to show you
oh here this is here’s a quote from Market Ticker from Carl Jett denature
and he was talking about a guy who lived a very flashy lifestyle who ended up
with nothing it just goes to show you that while a lot of people do appeal
appear very flashy and make all sorts of claims more often than you think they’re
just flat-out full of crap so yeah that goes back up to my uh I was talking
about ego coin guy before supposedly he’s made a bunch of tremendous claims I
mean acts very flashy I don’t know I don’t know his personal life I don’t
care about his personal life but usually if someone’s acting flashy is driving
the Lambo and you know acting all big that they’re making it they’re faking it
to making it and they often are just flat-out full of crap
i-i’ve talked to people who’ve worked at banks before and they say the people
with the bigger bank accounts are like these little old men driving like
escorts think they come in that are just been saving for years and years wearing
jeans from 1995 so those people have those people have a lot but you would
never guess it and it’s kind of a way to work yeah they’re plenty people that do
drifts flashy that that aren’t better wealthy but a lot of the times
especially in this credit card world that we’re living in now that they’re
they’re faking it but a good point so yeah there could be a lot of fancy sets
and graphics on the Internet in any crypto were a lot of people
acting real fancy like they did real well but it doesn’t mean you should be
like oh well they saw it so they say the by this 50 Rahl coin they look like
they’re pretty rich they got a nice fancy sets in graphics they’re telling
you do risky things look at all the risk look at all the things they did they
didn’t just hold they didn’t just boring hold look I got
this whole this whole uh setup where you trade and you flip and yeah only hold
for a month and then go to this exchange that exchange sixty are all coin so
material coin thus taking this and lending out your money and getting
percentages oh and they got a nice car and production quality they must be they
must be successful nah be careful be careful but a personal
responsibility is a new counterculture I just like boring I like a fine whole
pretty uh pretty easy strategy I know I know it’s not too fancy no fancy sets of
graphics here as you know um okay we got more people here okay I’ll read this
from mcmd since he’s from Maryland he says Richard Hart sits on a throne in
his videos laugh out loud can’t get more flashy okay I’ll leave it
at that I think that uh that speaks volumes right there uh the okay final
final thing of here a tweet that I found because Fox News wrote about this
because they’re trying to make it like a liberal person is against Democrats or
something it’s a it’s a tweet well this is not the tweet they actually tweeted
out it was another Sean Lennon Sean Lennon for those of you who don’t know
is the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono and he’s just a regular dude a regular
musician guy again he gets a lot of hate because of who his mom is and what is
apparent when his father was killed and he was like a little kid like kids at
his school we’re making fun of his stuff it’s like just because you’re a and I’m
gonna say this kids of celebrities if you don’t like their celebrity parents
you don’t just you don’t get to hate them okay you don’t get to like throw
vile insults at them regular people just because they’re
their pair and and just because they become as famous as their parents just
leave them alone you don’t have to get pleasure out of attacking them and
calling them names and saying they’re losers and laughing at them because
their father got assassinated oh what a world we live in anyway anyway
I don’t really care much about John Lennon and all his liberal Mis and
whatever he’s into and being a freakin musician whatever he is but he made a
comment about Democrats that wasn’t positive so he Fox put it in there and
then I checked out some of his other tweets I didn’t care about that one and here was his tweet here he says well
first of all it inspired me to think that in the year 2020 for political
debates presidential political debates I wonder if they’re gonna be as big as
they are now cuz they’re not too big now they’re losing meaning which i think is
awesome I think is awesome so what he said is Joe Rogan interview
of Bernie Sanders had more views than the last Democratic Democratic debates
on MSNBC and he and then he was praising Andrew yang for the Smackdown of an
MSNBC I mean first we gotta give Sean Lennon
credit because he was thinking his heard you could not you couldn’t insult MSNBC
or or praise Andrew yang but but he says he brings up a very interesting point
that and I brought something similar up this before that these people running
for office if they want now is a time where more and more 80 percenters more
and more voters of the voting some voting people are 20 percenters whatever
the the voting population is paying attention much closer attention to
videos and podcasts so tall see and Andrew yang and him Bernie Sanders got
on the Joe Rogan and they’re getting on the other one Scott Adams baby so maybe
by 2024 just debate that’ll just be old-fashioned debates we have seen and
just all these if you want to be a legitimate politician you got to get on
certain YouTube channels or certain podcasts and I think that would be up
pretty cool because these debates are mindless you get with a one-minute clip
and that’s Andrew yang has been you know pointing that out a lot
and so yeah it’s I love how the Internet is revolutionizing the whole whole world
and again I’m not a political fan but I think it does it brings a little bit
more realism to the politics it gets rid of the fakery a little bit more if you
if now these politicians have to sit down for like hour-long interviews
instead of giving these these mindless sound bites you know Kamala Harris
trying to come up with a one minute thing you know propellor back in the
this you know the call policy a spy or whatever you and say imagine if ifs come
out I had to sit down for a real interview God brutality no one would
wanna but most people again aren’t paying attention to these rural
interviews yet but Sean Lennon did point out that the Bernie Sanders one got more
views than the the debate itself on on TV so the world isn’t changing and I’m
glad to be part of the greatest part of the change of this world of this golden
age and that is Bitcoin and so you can’t predict I mean back in 2012 you could
never predicted this situation that may be in 2020 for political debates would
be completely presidential debates would be a thing of the past
so we don’t know what’s coming in 2020 that’s what I love about being a lie
they you cannot predict predict the next innovation so that is the anti doom
right there that’s in motion I’m in motion that’s why Greta is a Doomer the
gold the gold buggers or do MERS they’re not into like what’s the latest
innovation gonna be they’re like well what’s the what’s the way how’s that
we’re gonna fall apart how’s the world gonna fall apart so I’m
confident in things getting better they’re confident in the world falling
apart and you’ll see all right that is it everybody’s no no everyone’s talking
in the chapter there’s no questions but very good i’m adam meister that was a
long one the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this
channel like this video share this video check out the links below follow me on
twitter attack all te CH p alt i’ll show you the shirt panel that like but a bang
a pellet button click on that Square and I will say goodnight and
hello to everyone in the chat you my hair looks real nice
it’ll get it’ll be a messy tomorrow once it starts pouring rain the cold November
rain even though it’ll be December all right cold November rain good song by
Guns N’Roses good video you’ve got a love at the end when he freakin breaks
it down when they break it down like steroid a they try to make that thing
like stereo to heaven they really did and his woman at the time is pretty darn
hot she was a model Axl Rose’s I think he may have my don’t wanna say any
accusations we won’t won’t leave the show we’ll leave a little show on a
positive note she was freaking hot model watch the
video yeah they were trying to copy stairway to heaven with that ending but
they break it down in cold November rain alright see ya bye and gods are roses if
they were good in before he went crazy alright bye

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