The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 78- The golden age, monetary freedom, section 8, technology, cars

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like this scenery like these fancy sets
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fancy sets and in a second alright got a
big day ahead of me tomorrow I want to
talk about that also so they’re all
source of hitting cost when you’re
trying to fit in just you gotta take a
moment and think about what you’re
spending what am i buying and what are
the hidden cost that really aren’t so
hidden so here is a tweet from Ramat
when I used to own a car in San
Francisco my monthly payment was $350
when I factored in all cost gas parking
insurance etc it actually cost me a
thousand two hundred – $350 a month –
$1,000 a month is it any surprise most
Americans have no idea how much their
houses actually cost them
that is a great extrapolation right
there dude
people try to fit in with great cars
they think they’re going to be able to
get some some of the finer the fairer
sex out there but it probably won’t it’s
it’s unfortunate if you’re so
superficial some people they’re gonna
judge you by your car that’s about
fitting in but they
cost a lot of money but some people on
my payments are only a 350 a month no
it’s more well take that a scale that up
to housing people want the biggest and
best house and they say well my mortgage
payments only a thousand or whatever but
they don’t take into account the
insurance the maintenance cost the
lawsuits the the the ground rent who
knows what else might might come so
they’re this there’s certain
expectations in mainstream society you
gotta have the car you got to have the
house take a few seconds and go over all
the expenses that are involved owning
and first of all a car isn’t even an
asset I mean that loses value
immediately at least a house is an asset
but you gotta go over the tax situation
and how much of your mortgage is pure
interest hey it’s a lot of people it
sounds real simple it’s it’s a you if
you do that if you really do this cost
analysis with your car with your house
you might say it’s it’s cheaper to rent
it’s cheaper just to travel around from
one Airbnb to another all around the
world live in some low-cost destinations
what and again that’s you couldn’t you
that that option which I do you can only
do that if you work for yourself of
course so if you’re in the Bitcoin
overlay pan that like button alright so
hidden cost all around you so I spoke
about Fridays at the beginning of the
show because Friday is this week in
Bitcoin and I just spoke about cars now
I hate cars I don’t own a car
they are tremendous waste of money but
when I’m in Baltimore and I have to say
the Kaddish at synagogue every day I
have to use a car unfortunately so on
Friday I was driving I there’s just not
as much traffic on Fridays there’s not
an there’s not as not as much traffic on
the web on Fridays either so in the
virtual world
and in the the physical world people are
not working because like it or not so
many people their jobs there just don’t
their so-called jobs government jobs
there at on the web all day web traffic
it goes down during the weekend of
course because people are not that
people should be working at work they
shouldn’t be playing around on the web
or even learning on the web they should
be doing their work actually but this is
the way and Friday
it starts on Friday people take off on
Friday from work and this is the golden
age we’re living in everyone complains
complains life is so hard but so it’s
check out the numbers check out the
streets there are not people are not
working on Friday yeah plenty of people
are working but there’s a substantial
amount of people that are not working on
Friday that it can can afford not to or
maybe they can’t afford they just don’t
feel like working they don’t have to
work there so we we were once in an age
where people had to work I mean they
they dig ditches plant their own food it
was horrifying life was terrible we’re
gonna go to Sam Harris a podcast in a
second that was talking about that and
now we’re at a stage is Society where
large numbers of people just don’t even
work on Fridays anymore it’s a golden
age baby this is the beginning we’ll get
to that four day week four day workweek
we’ll get to that four-day work week hey
and I’m not encouraging it either if you
if you want to stay ahead of the game
work five days a week now so you don’t
have to work any days of the week when
you’re 45 town that like button okay but
we’re in an age where people are very
much willing to take Friday’s off so
that’s the way you can stay ahead of
people but if you’d like I mean right
now people if you don’t want to work
Fridays look so you don’t have to work
Fridays and a lot of odd jobs uh okay
what is this here seven-year auto loan
America’s middle class can’t afford its
cars Oh God inexpensive and generous
financing is putting consumers deep in
debt okay so this is a hidden cost of
fitting in America still Americans still
want their cars that they can’t afford
so they’re going into great debt take
out seven-year loans on cars and playing
unnecessary interest they’re paying all
this interest on their car loans and
then they say they’re poor we didn’t
have to have the dark car you didn’t
have to have that $80,000 car dude okay
but let’s it so let’s let’s hear about
this walk into an auto dealership these
days and you Mike walk out with a
seven-year car loan that means monthly
payments that last well past when the
brake pads give out and potentially
beyond when the car gets traded in for a
new one about a third of auto loans for
new vehicles taken in the first half of
2019 had terms of longer than six years
a third according to credit reporting
firm Experian PLC a decade ago that
number was less than 10% so cars are
getting more expensive new cars are
getting more expensive because they can
because they know that people are going
into greater debt people are trying to
fit in more and more they’ll be what
they’re willing to pay more and more for
these new cars yeah again I don’t own a
car you can live in a city you can run
places walk places then if I guess if
you need a car you get an uber or
something like that
the the owning the latest and greatest
model car I mean that’s the old paradigm
dude that’s the old why don’t you buy
yourself some gold if you want to buy a
car I mean that’s living in the past and
use a fax machine now again if you’re
already super wealthy you don’t need to
take a seven or if you already wealthy
you don’t need a seven-year loan in a
car okay you buy the car straight up and
then you get to just show your friends
this awesome car that you you’re Tesla
or whatever that you get you have your
father or your mother for me one day you
know when I’m uh I might just know I
I’ve talked about this on the show
before I want to get the the gold in
whatever night it was a 1977 Rockford
Firebird those things are used they’re
like only $8,000 won’t have to go into
debt for that but that’s more of a
collect that’s more of a toy right
we’re talking about $50,000 cars here
now hey if you need a car can be used
cards cheaper you don’t have to
all right I’m giving you tips that
should be coming common sense but know
people think they need to fit in
I mean freaking Scott Adams even he says
you know he gives some good tips but he
says you know women judge you by the car
you have you don’t need that you don’t
need that you don’t need that woman he
is he could be a C uck he really can be
he really can be no trying to he values
part of his wealth in in women you don’t
need to do that all right death-metal
says how often do you run I’m doing
Tough Mudder and ultra marathon I’ve run
20 miles a week so for four or five
times a week
no if I mean lately it’s been definitely
five times a week but uh just so it adds
up to 20 and then once I also do
interval training once a week so that’s
uh 15 70 yard Sprint’s as fast as I can
you take like 30 second 45 second breaks
in between each one but you should most
people do only do it with 8 Sprint’s
I’ve gotten up to 15 pass McCook says
pound and has McCook I’m looking forward
to hanging out with you soon man Hass is
in Sydney Australia of course and I will
see him starting the 17th or if I don’t
see until the 18th whatever I’ll be in
his City on some teeth and he’s got
things planned for me man I’m meeting
people I’m going to events I’m speaking
in events who knows he’s telling me the
whole thing I’ll keep all you all the
people in Sydney you’re gonna see me
okay you’re gonna see me it’s gonna be
fun they’re gonna be events in your
opinion is biking as good as running
I’ve been it’s it’s good Zac it’s it’s a
good thing to do I don’t bike I had
friends you know a few years ago when I
in Baltimore all the time I knew I had
some hipster friends hipsters love to
ride their bikes in Baltimore and quite
a few of them including female hipsters
that I knew had been hit by cars so that
I think forever turned me out off to
even wanting to try to bike swimming is
really good too I will if God forbid
anything ever you know my legs ever
started hurting god forbid and they they
don’t I would swim as a youth I love to
go swimming I don’t go swimming anymore
I haven’t been swimming I’ve been in a
pool since what was that 20 said act
Ober 2017 so two years ago but as a
teenager I would swim during the summer
every almost every day I love to go
swimming I taught myself how to swim
that’s very good for you and half said
he’ll pick me up for the airport well
that’s very generous of you ask we will
talk about that thank you man I get in
kind of early just want to say it’s like
8 a.m. or something like well what we’ll
speak about it offline but that’s thank
you so much asset that would be that
would be cool I’ll hang out with you
start and then man starting to early
hours whatever you want to do and you
don’t have to pick me up it’s very very
nice raus so even those people all over
the world
and that’s part of the thing that part
of the conviction part of my system is
doing a new show every day and some
people know what’s the point of doing
that you know you know you’ve already
got a lot of Bitcoin or whatever add on
your there’s something to talk about
every day well this is the system you
what’s it what’s it gonna get me what’s
a what’s my goal looks like it’s its
systems over goal the system is to keep
people doing this do the new show every
day do a show every day and what does it
get me
it gets me friends all over this planet
ok there are people that enjoy the
conviction they enjoy the show was it my
goal to get friends all over his but no
it wasn’t my goal but it’s it’s an
awesome benefit to to the system to the
system so Scott Adams is correct about a
systems over goals you might have some
goal but don’t fixate on it create a
system where you’re going to engage
activities that will circle around
perhaps that goal or a bigger theme and
you’re gonna hit a lot yours gonna hit
upon so many good things if you stick to
the system that you the productive
system that you create so yeah my new
show every day I’m meeting people all
over the world because the people are
picking me up from airports in Australia
because of it it’s it’s great and yeah
it and who knows what else this show
this show has brought me a lot over the
year the new show over the years I’ve
learned so much you know there’s a to
prepare for the shows I have to read and
just stay up-to-date with everything and
it you know it creates brain exercise
for me keeps me fresh and this show the
Saturday show
yeah it’s keeps me up up-to-date with
all sorts of current events beyond
Bitcoin and shit and I get to share uh
ways of different ways of life and I get
to refine my way of life when I do this
show bike seats lower your sperm count
says max X that actually is true I’ve
heard but are you trying to have a kid
if you’re trying to have a kid then stop
riding the bike there you go it I think
you recover your sperm count quite quite
fast another thing I mean some of the
people in this on the show that are
asking questions about bikes or whatever
they’re in their 20s all right yeah
whatever they ride the bike for a while
their sperm count goes down by a little
bit they stopped that thought her sperm
count will be way more than enough as
soon after so maybe you wanna some dudes
that aren’t correctly protecting
themselves maybe they want to lower
their sperm count protect yourselves
correctly guys it’s because of a big
governments all over the world you can
get free I don’t want to say the word
person preservative o–‘s everywhere
basically in any major western city your
videos are a great man I wash it from
Dubai says death metal mostly at 2x
while on the treadmill well death battle
yeah it’s I just said
most major cities around the world
you’ll be able to get yourselves free
condoms and that’s a major so you
probably cannot get free time but that
exactly isn’t a Western city it’s like
well it is what it is Dubai is a very
modern city but is it a Western city
alright vention says laugh out loud who
cares who cares about well I I think he
was something about the ladies I was
saying there all right uh poundage says
house what already said that but is
biking as good as running you have to
bite like if you bike a mile that isn’t
as good as running a mile but it’s
easier to buy come out of the run a mile
although maybe if you go you make it
really hard like go up some San
Francisco Street if you’re biking on the
streets of San Francisco going up or on
the streets of Seattle going up that’s a
pain god I remember when I was in
Seattle uh tell me whatever it was a
little over a year ago and running up to
Queen Anne that neighborhood running up
that hill man that was and I had food in
my hand I had gotten some avocados I
liked those avocados so much that I get
him at the bottom of the hill on Quint
Queen Anne at that a supermarket down
there and then I ran up with the freakin
avocados and bags that’s a challenge
it’s probably challenged on a bike too
but whatever go ride your uh go ride
your bike ride your bike ten miles
that’s good as one mile I guess I don’t
know what the the correlation is there
okay you guys just got me off on a
health tangent there I do love avocados
though and when I was in Israel they
were just getting back in the season
again so I was getting more of them but
here in America yeah you can get him all
the time what and I’ve had some in
America they’re different in Israel you
know I really love that avocados UNAM
South Africa they were different they
were they were very good from what I
recall but they’re also seasonal so okay
where are we seven-year auto loan okay
we’re going to talk about the Baltimore
a story from the Baltimore Sun and by
the way I know that Josh had a question
weigh it to be
I put it at the end so Josh I’m gonna
answer your question at the end the
Democrats should be giving out free
vasectomies Zach said well um I will say
this that that could be more effective
it could be than some of the programs
that are out there right now but I I’m
not in the government programs but we do
have to admit that in the inner cities
man you are in all sorts of see you can
get condoms for free so easily man
they’re just and it might be an all
right investment if it saves if it takes
away some extra people that should have
been created it’ll save some money I
know that kind of sounds brutal I think
another thing it’ll stop the spread of
certain diseases that that’s a huge
public health cost the diseases I’ll
tell a funny story actually
so everybody knows that I am cheap and
so whenever it was with one of my
girlfriends I remember I had a
girlfriend at the time but I was
obviously I needed some condoms and so I
lived on in Reservoir Hill
in Baltimore City so I mean I would I
needed some free condoms so I went to
the health clinic on North Avenue which
is also like an STD clinic and it’s
right near whether if you look if you go
over the 2015 riots they had in
Baltimore it was right where some of the
major parts of the riots took place
where this health clinic is right near
where they burned down the CVS it was
like very across the street from there
on North Avenue anyway I go into the
health clinic there to get the free
condoms they gave me the tuxedo condoms
the black condoms actually and I
remember that specifically but there’s
honest thing I remember unfortunately
when I’m getting the condoms at the
front desk or the side desk whatever it
was the woman’s handing me a bunch of
tuxedo condoms I there’s there’s a bunch
of people waiting in the waiting area
and those dudes did not look happy at
all because that’s where they did the
sdt STD testing right there
that it was now it was not a good sight
yeah I was
they were wishing they had gotten those
uh there’s tuxedo condoms before they
had done whatever the heck they had done
to be sitting in that uh in that waiting
area I never I never forget that but uh
and yeah I was the only white guy in
there obviously I mean the neighborhood
is a hundred percent or 100 but I lived
in the neighborhood so it was a hundred
percent african-american but uh it was
quite so most white guys would not we’re
not ventured most white guys without
venture on that part of North Avenue I
will tell you that and you know that’s
whatever no I’m not saying you have to
do something crazy like that everything
it wasn’t that crazy but uh all right
there’s a little personal story for you
the UH the and when Adam went into I
think I actually went there another time
to to get some free time I have never
paid for a condom in my life never never
because in college they they you could
get him for free and everything I’ve
never paid for condoms and then there
was something what what is that
I had another thing you could you can
that one at one point you could sign up
on the Trojan website and get a mail to
you free samples mailed to you so yeah
the what they would give out the
Baltimore City would give up lifestyles
I guess there’s wear the tuxedo ones for
the lifestyles and directs and one and I
think was the door x ones would rip I
had a rip three different times on me
don’t pound that like button when I was
anyway okay nevermind it was he in the
door X ripped three times three times
but ever free is free that’s what you
get so there is there definitely is a
different quote there are different
qualities in the quality levels in the
condoms the the Trojan ones probably are
uh more reliable but the lifestyle ones
never gave me any problems I don’t think
they did the life thought sometimes they
were state banana-flavored you could
smell them is ridiculous all right all
right enough enough okay
this is the beyond bitcoin sure there’s
some health tips for you you guys can
get free condoms wherever in any major
city death metal says a date a debate
between in the United States any major
city United State a debate between and
maybe not Salt Lake City well probably
some you could probably get a result
a debate between Andreas Antonopoulos
versus dr. Nouriel Roubini be a great
thing both for crypto and non crypto
space your and I don’t know if it would
be well it wouldn’t be a great thing for
the crypto space okay we if you’re
already in Bitcoin you don’t really need
another what are you gonna learn from
these debates just watch Andreas’s shows
now for the non crypto space it’s for
some reason nori nori al Rabine he’s got
a lot of fans that don’t know anything
about bitcoin and they like to follow
Nouriel Roubini a lot and they see oh
he’s in a debate I’d like to see him in
this debate and then they see Andreas is
the one debating him then yeah that
would be it would be a good way to get
those people into it but are they gonna
if they’re such big fans of Nouriel
Roubini that they love the to follow his
debates are they more likely are they
likely to change their mind because he’s
in a debate with Andreas who knows so I
am NOT a fan of debates in the crypto
space III think it so many of them
become played out so so soon
you know I mean I went through the whole
thing with tone you know I love tone and
everything but he was in all these ste
you guys don’t remember this in 2016 he
was in these steam debates about steam
it it was it jumped the shark so fast
and you know we still have these be cash
versus Bitcoin debates what’s the point
of it it’s so some people just love the
baits for the sake of the baiting they
look just like a battle they’re like
yeah my guy won they’re living through
these I’ve discussed this before if
you’re living through the debaters and
you’re just getting a high out of them
winning it’s it’s really a waste of your
time it really is now if there’s a
debate you’ve learned something from
that’s cool that’s cool but some of
these debates in the crypto space if
you’re gonna if you’re already a big fan
and you’re seeing andreas debate a no
coin er what are you learning you
already love Bitcoin man you are already
in pickle you don’t need andreas to
convey you’re saying that the no corners
even more silly than you thought he was
originally that’s
not really a great a momentous change in
your knowledge there okay but if for the
death metal it would be interesting for
the non crypt for the non crypt there
people I think that’s uh I think that
would be that would get some people in
but I would have watched it I don’t
watch any of these debates I I don’t I
don’t want I do watch the the learning
of it when andreas I love his talks he
always has like a new perspective on
Bitcoin and I gain information that I
share with you guys new sayings I see I
think in his latest video that I haven’t
watched yet he says something like
bitcoin is the next Bitcoin now I did
not make that up by the way but I do say
it a lot I don’t I don’t even know where
I originally got it from but that’s the
thing you from discussion from these
speeches that some of the big Bitcoin
guys give you got new sayings and
sayings are good and they’re ways of
keeping people’s hands strong or getting
people’s hands stronger but debates I
don’t think they make that people say
I’m stronger III I do alright I living
vicariously is where I meant to say I
just don’t like any any endeavor that
leads people down a path where they they
might like live vicariously through
other people you gotta live your own
life people live your own life
okay bar Mart so this is from the
Baltimore Sun oh wow Baltimore County
which is not Baltimore City Baltimore
City is different the Baltimore County
Baltimore County’s the suburbs let’s
leave it at that
Barbour County to unveil plan requiring
landlords to accept tenants with
subsidized housing vouchers the proposed
bill would make it illegal for landlords
to refuse rent to someone based on their
source of income including tenants who
want to use federal housing ventures so
they’re saying that you can’t reject
section eight which i think is terrible
I think you should be able to fit in to
reject section eight you should have
against section eight people have no
incentive to be good tenants at all and
so many of that I seen in Baltimore City
they’re horrible tenants most of them
are horrible tenants they tear
everything apart so you say you’re
you’re biased against section 8 people
why can’t someone be biased okay it’s
their property property rights
individual property rights so part of
our county wants to get rid of people’s
individual property rights and say no
you can’t reject people that are using
section 8 vouchers and Baltimore City
obviously already has that rule I
believe but if I was a and again this is
what people say you know being a
landlord so easy Beulah look the
government has all these ridiculous
rules it’s not fun it’s not good to have
section 8 people rip up your whole house
okay it’s your house
it’s an incredible expense when they rip
it all off and they don’t care because
it’s not like they were paying the rent
it’s they could just again move to
another place with their sex there’s no
incentive no incentive for them to be
good tenants at all it’s a government
program gone wild and you should be able
to opt in opt out of a government
program not have anything to do with
this government program you’re already
funding the government program with your
taxes why do you have to allow this
government program into your own
property and property rights and III
have said because I’m of the libertarian
mind set on this the free-market mindset
people should be able to dot deny me if
they don’t want to rank to me because of
my religion they shouldn’t be they
shouldn’t they should have the right to
not rent to me if they don’t like people
my religion with it okay good I’ll go to
a place that then the houses will be out
there that will rent to want to rent to
people like me okay there’s if you
reject and there are plenty of people
that got nads of steel okay that can
deal with the section aiders okay they
can deal with the section agers so they
will they’ll accept them they will
accept them but people should have the
right to not accept then because it is
it is quite a hardship to accept most
section 8 people into your house into
your is your house you might not live
but you might intend to live there one
day why have all that damage and some of
you are saying what is this session 8
thing if you don’t know what it is
god bless you that you don’t know what
it is it’s it’s you should be thrilled
that you have no idea what it is to add
to be around that is is horrible to
understand what it is disgrace
all right now I found that liking like
button here is a a tweet but for who’s
this Anton Antonio GM has this to say
people in those ok people in the old
times had convictions we moderns only
have opinions and if it needs more than
a mirror and it needs more than a mere
opinion to erect a Gothic cathedral
consider all that most Cathedral
builders broke ground knowing only their
grandchildren might ever see the
finished structure so long term thinking
takes conviction and in this day and age
we there’s not a lot of people with
conviction there are a lot of people
with opinions though and if you’ve got
an opinion if you just have a bunch of
opinions and no conviction you’re not
gonna be able accomplishing really for
this so that’s the point of that tweet I
found it to be a good tweet link to
below retweet it pound that like button
everything I talked about is linked to
below Benedict Evans has this to say
worth remembering when Netscape launched
there were only a hundred million or so
pcs on earth and 3/4 3/4 were in offices
there were only 25 million consumer pcs
on the entire planet now there are 4
billion smartphones and 4 million are
sold every day so I’m not a big fan of
phones but I am a big fan of the Golden
Age and well said and this is this is
how life has changed in the last what 24
years or whatever in terms of technology
being in the hands of so many people
and this is why bitcoin can can really
spread at a faster rate than the
internet did because so many people have
the technology in their hands
compared to ninety we do compare Bitcoin
a lot to you know the Internet in 1995
but we’ve got the technology out there
in everybody’s hands already where
Bitcoin could spread really fast
the the web could not spread as fast
because people didn’t have the computers
all right JAMA tonus says I was there
gonna talk about this this post office
thing I’ll save this for next time I
think I linked to it I don’t think I had
it in the title no I didn’t talk it so
john mattone has said prosperity is
caused by economic freedom and economic
freedom is caused by monetary freedom
good good line of thinking there so with
monetary freedom freedom true monetary
freedom Facebook would be allowed to
create its own cryptocurrency and anyone
would be able to do their own I see oh
so we’re not exactly at true monetary
freedom and that’s where I’m uh I I say
this is was a big boys play let let
people uh let people create their own
you know I know bitcoin is the big
winner bitcoin is the next Bitcoin one
Bitcoin here’s one Bitcoin but people
want to create their own all coins
people want to do their own AI seus more
power to UM that is monetary freedom
that is that would translate to more
economic freedom and more prosperity
right there Golden Age tweet here what
is this the great uncoupling with Andrew
McAfee this is a what’s-his-face did the
Sam Harris podcast here I link to it
below now he gets into taxes
carbon taxes and stuff and and global
warming and I don’t like that but one
thing that the guests and Sam Harris
talked about in his great uncoupling its
in terms of it when we were making
progress the Industrial Revolution
involved using a lot of Natural
Resources a lot of pollution and now
because of computers progress is it’s
you don’t use as many resources and it’s
faster and it’s much more efficient so
we have really it’s all about this
golden age that I keep talking about so
we’re not gonna have to destroy the
environment and you know China and India
or Air India and Nigeria more
specifically they’re not gonna have to
go through all the nasty smoke-filled
cities that we had to go through to
industrialize okay
computers have sped up the process made
it more efficient made it more cleaner
and are bringing advancements and a more
efficient and faster rate than and then
previously ever dream we ever dreamed of
so I enjoyed that part of the show well
then when they start getting into the
carbon tax but yeah so Sam our Harris is
on in a he I don’t agree with him a lot
of things but this was a good show
sometimes you have to watch different
shows it was interesting it’s linked to
below and who is Jeet has a tweet sheets
been on the show before
of course this week a big Cory show he’s
been on most people’s salaries rise
literally literally but their social
ambitions rise exponentially some folks
don’t understand that mass income if
your incomes three hundred fifty
thousand dollars a year and your savings
is 1.5 thousand what 1,500 a year
he says reject mainstream society or
we’ll put you on a hedonic treadmill for
the rest of your life and never let you
off so the hedonic treadmill that he’s
referring to and I’ve been alluding to
throughout this show is you know fitting
in is overrated you’re making 350 K you
assume the person the family is rich but
they are trying to fit in and they only
are able to save 1,500 a year and so
they are under constant stress to fit in
the whoever’s making money in the family
has to work harder and harder are they
going to have a retirement savings are
they gonna have to work until they’re 80
years old just because they’re fitting
in the hedonic treadmill I like that a
lot people you don’t have to earn three
hundred fifty thousand dollars a year
you can earn twenty five thousand
dollars a year if you’re putting twelve
thousand of it away
somehow you’re doing better than that
couple all right because you’re not
trying to fit in there are different
lifestyles out there besides the
mainstream 80 percenters lifestyle you
can invent your own lifestyle discover
your own lifestyle living the Bitcoin
overlay just it’s it’s not about how
much you make it’s about you know how
much you save how much how efficient you
are with your resources just like as a
nation now as I just said before we are
much more efficient with our resources
and our businesses are much more
efficient with their resources because
of technology and it’s helping
industrial I take us to whole new levels
of industrialization all right and
technology Molyneux has a video stefan
molyneux has a video out there where he
he had one where he says you know he’s
his podcasts haven’t been doing as well
he asked for people’s advice and then in
the next show he talks about the type of
advice people gave it now some people
gave him good advice but there were some
people that I mean it’s just so typical
of YouTube first of all you can learn a
lot from on there now I don’t agree with
him all the time I don’t watch him at
all I’m always doing something I don’t
look at his face and all I don’t never
see his darn face I don’t need to see
anything we I treat it as like a radio
program and I’m playing it a2x also I’m
trying but the theater
ice that he got and this is part of the
reason he isn’t doing as well as he used
they’re like you need better graphics I
don’t know I can’t just look at your
head all day it’s not a fashion show
people it’s not but that’s the thing he
is not getting as many 80 percenter
clicks as he used to
okay now there’s a he’s not being
delivered to the 80 percenters and he
wants to be delivered to the 80
percentage but that’s just that’s the
way YouTube works anymore
YouTube does not like him they don’t
date he doesn’t fit their algorithm okay
he doesn’t do the things they get you
shown to the 80 percenter plus he is
blacklisted that’s what I’m willing
he definitely is blacklisted that that’s
I I don’t think there’s any doubt about
that but I mean that’s huge that’s what
YouTube does but my commentary is on
some of the so-called advice that he was
given it’s just so superficial that
people yeah I stopped watching your show
because I was tired senior a big head
they said these people are gonna be
nothing in life that say things like
that and again I do not agree with this
dude on a lot of things but if you’re
her if you’re judging the guy on his big
head that he’s bald that you’re not you
it’s not it’s not the content of what
he’s saying but that he’s bald that
you’re tired of watching him use he’s
bald and this is the way of 80
percenters so if you don’t think like
that you’re one step ahead of the game
if you if you if you’re not a if you’re
into learning instead of judging people
because they’re bald you’re doing well
your 20% her man or you’re well on your
way to being one all right Josh
ko Hal as I alluded to before my no
brass can friend he’s got a question
he what the heck happened to my god
better we don’t want still all right
like that smash button so let’s then
pound that like button all right so
let’s get it let’s go to look what the
shirt says look what the shirt says do
what the shirt says all right oh my god
this show has been on for 42 minutes
we’re close to the end people bear with
I got a shave and shower and I’m gonna
tell you why I got to do that in a
second how to deal this is what Josh
says thank you for the super chat Josh
and the guys should do the super chat
yesterday thanks to you guys I’ll
mention you guys on Sunday how to deal
with breakups in a guy’s late thirties
okay man
this is how you deal with breakups in
your late 30s you gotta stop valuing
your wealth in ladies first of all but
so what you lost a lady your best years
in terms of productivity and I’m not
talking about your best years in terms
of your hair or your best years in terms
of your looks per se but in terms of
your productivity are still ahead of you
man okay your brain is as sharp as ever
you’re gonna be able to be so productive
in life so you don’t need a woman to
reassure you you don’t need that company
you use your head to create new systems
to create new projects okay you are at
the peak of your life in terms of
productivity in your late 30s into your
40s who knows in your 50s so don’t worry
about your breakup think of it in the in
the bigger perspective of life as a
whole yeah we have that socially we can
have downer sometimes okay you can lose
a friend
you can lose a loved one which is it’s
definitely hard to do and but you still
have your health and you still again if
you’re late you specifically said late
30s so what you’re trying to get in at I
think is that some guys are in the late
30s they had a long-term girlfriend they
just lost her they’re like oh how am I
ever gonna get another girlfriend and
they fixate on that don’t fix something
be productive be get some gain some real
wealth and you’re going to meet a lot of
people and guess what if you care so
much about the ladies and you got a lot
of wealth they will like you when you’re
45 and you’re bald if you’re a freakin
millionaire okay so don’t don’t don’t
don’t worry about it think of it in the
productivity perspective think just
beyond valuing your wealth in the ladies
you you’ll be able to get another lady
one way or the other if you choose to
you don’t have to have
you don’t have to have a lady to be
happy that’s another thing to remember
okay so suck this guy professor Galloway
reminded us he’s between us on October
2nd 90 days left in this decade Pal met
like bun unbelievable guys were less
than 90 days away from the 2020s that is
awesome that alone should get you
excited if you just broke up with your
girlfriend or whatever uh okay I’ll save
this for next time also this foreign aid
thing all right now the personal part
we’re at the end of show and I just want
to tell everyone real quick what you
know i-i’ve kind of alluded to there’s a
lot I gotta do this you know the UM I’m
in Baltimore for what less than three
weeks here and I had to do Russia Sean I
had to do young I’m gonna do Yom Kippur
the end I have to say Kaddish everyday
and that’s gonna actually come to an end
because the passing of my father will
have been 11 months away and you stop
saying the Kaddish after 11 Hebrew
months but tomorrow is another thing is
the unveiling of my father’s gravestone
tomorrow so my family is going to gather
at the graveyard and we’ll rip off a
cloth and then we will see the and this
is what Jewish people do they have it on
a stone unveiling you don’t when you
when you bury the person there isn’t a
stone it’s unmarked for a while and then
within the mourning period which will
end pretty soon for me you do the you
unveil the stone you get the stone so I
we’re gonna do that tomorrow that is
another reason why I am back in
Baltimore and so that is why I’m
showering and shaving I’m gonna look
real nice tomorrow and it should be it
should be interesting to see the stone
in person and it will mark some progress
in in the entire
this very unexpected thing that happened
back on November the 20th so again
things things happen in life and then
you go through all sorts of processes
afterwards and it is
I really my life has definitely changed
in a lot of positive ways since then
you’ve got to take you gotta have a
positive outlook when something sad like
that happens I’ve met all sorts of
people I think I’ve become more
disciplined in many aspects of my life
and I have a different perspective on
life and on family and I I’m glad I’ve
been able to share parts of this
experience with all of you so I just
want to some people have asked about the
you know how are you doing Adam with
that and since this to be on Bitcoin
show I’m gonna tell you how I’m doing it
has tomorrow is is it’s definitely a big
day in this in this whole process
there’s some finality to it I guess once
you see the stone and it’s it’s a
reminder that he is not among us anymore
but life does go on so it will it will
be interesting to see it and I think
Allah I’ll I’ll show I’ll post a picture
of it I actually the the people who
created the stone the plaque they have a
I’m not gonna take a picture at the
grave I got a pictures tomorrow thing
like that but there are pictures of it
already from the professionals who made
it so I’ll probably share that in a
thumbnail or something so every as a
dedication to my father of course and so
all of you can see what one of these uh
what a what a Jewish gravestone can look
like they they do look them there’s no
set way they all look his will have his
Hebrew name on it and have some English
words on it and such and it’s it’s nice
it’s not fancy or anything like that no
fancy sets or graphics I don’t want I
wouldn’t want mine to be fancy either
it’s just I it’s very versed
it’s very very nice alright everyone
that’s it i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
the links below town that like button
bang that bell button and i am gonna say
hi to you guys in the chat in a second
I’m pushing end stream bye

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