The 1 Bitcoin Show Outside! Counterfeit Bprivate, 42million BTC attack vector, Google, Litecoin, Q&A

The 1 Bitcoin Show Outside! Counterfeit Bprivate, 42million BTC attack vector, Google, Litecoin, Q&A

Hello everyone this is adam meister
the bitcoinmeister okay I got the shirt off the disrupt meister welcome to the
one bitcoin show oh I’m outside today is November the 17th 2019 at least it is
back in the night states strong hand long turn thinking I’m standing outside
an alley Onion confiscate able bitcoin is the next big like five digit round
value your wealth in this baby in Bitcoin okay
I’m offended by selling even when I’m outside you can see yeah good internet
connection is better outside here at the bus stop than it is at the air B&B
alright so you can you’re getting some scenery all you people who like to see
stuff you get to see all this fun screen on my face it’s really lovely and people
get to hear the American talking very loudly alright so moving on hello my
elite friends remember check out frat and you can ask questions I can see
everything I’m holding up this laptop with my hand this is all being done one
handed oh it’s great oh I you know I’m – I got conviction – I said conviction is
what my sayings my you be friends below there because no matter what I’m gonna
do a new show every day we’ve had some wild things happen this is one of the
wilder things having to go outside and do a show and do uploads in the middle
of the night and stuff but whatever it’s a beautiful day here I’m happy to be
here we’re going to talk about some fun fun issues but I do want you to check up
disrupt meister calm and follow me on twitter a tech fault because the last
two shows have been awesome yesterday’s beyond because show got cut off because
of the horrible internet connection i suddenly have so watch that and also
watch this week a bitcoin with the Venezuelan guests it was amazing
tomorrow Monday back in America with the Bobby Lee video the full Bobby Lee
interview where he talks about ballet where the controversy will be brought up
found that freaking like button will debut tomorrow now right now the bus is
about to I picking up the people but it won’t be
picking up me pound that light let’s see the bus let’s see the bus can you see
the bus arrived is that ok you can see the bus arrived ok so I’m really on a
bus stop yes this is really at a bus stop oh oh yeah oh yeah great internet
connection at the bus stop town that like button alright now I can really get
loud because you know the Australians are gone now okay moving on let’s see
what’s this we talk about Bobby Lee and remember ask those questions
oh so and brought up a comment someone brought up a brother
airdrop of blank is December 2nd well dude you’re so impatient I am talking
about that in this video don’t worry about that pound that like button down
that like I’m not saying what it is yet but dude hold on grab your balls and
hang on dude because I’m gonna talk about that alright so so Pete so what so
wait a second I’m outside I’m covering all your crypto dividend nonsense it’s
me that’s going on god oh mighty alright alright let’s walk around ok can
you still see me well I can walk around and the internet connection is better
look how these Australians are on the wrong side of darn street I mean come on
now left hand left side alright let’s get back let’s get back to the what the
heck I’m supposed to be talking about here you know why I fell asleep last
night a man shower shade I am a mess I am a mess I am I don’t snow well right
now but the show must go on down that like button tweak this out right now
retweet all this stuff retweet it put it up there people seriously and ask
questions ask questions out there spread the word who else who things new
show every single day this guest in the space best fucking show in the space
baby you better believe it and look weird orange running pants can
you see my arse running man’s oh yeah yeah that’s how we roll I picked a lot
of berries yesterday look at them flies flying on me play this a 2x people yeah
Adams get tight you better believe I’m getting you
height with that first mother uh-oh wait my connection no all right
guys guys do you see me again my connection went down for a second my
connection went down for a second ok I’m back you jinx the Kinect wait guys and
like can you see me can you see me oh god my connection is unstable why is
this happening again connection is unstable come on hang on hang on dudes
oh there’s all sorts of energy out here today
maybe I okay now I’m back again I am back again ok sorry about that live
viewers bear with me I don’t the free internet connection went away imagine
that imagine something free going away alright remember never pay for something
that you can get for free when you get those crypto dividends you don’t buy
them you get it for free you train them in a Bitcoin ok um alright I’m back
Adam has been whacked no no I’m back hello Maya leave friends ok I see you
ok good I want to get let’s get back to let’s get to the meat of potatoes of
this thing see and hear clearly very good alright we’re we’re again i I’ve
got the strong oh look there’s the bus again no I won’t be I won’t be joining
you on the bus guys ok ok sorry guys let’s go back to the rest of the show
sorry alright here we go so the main the main
issues of the show today in Zach Bandera thank you for the $5 super chat so the
other day you guys saw the Monaro guide interviewed me on this channel right my
narrow guy interviewed me it was good it was fun and then I was on his channel it
wasn’t supposed to be on this channel at first but I really I gained some insight
into a broader situation ok and he kept on asking me about the Bitcoin supply
and the inability of miners to be compensated in the future because of the
headings and the menthe what’s gonna happen when
the mining reward goes away and he he was saying that Manero system of coiny
mission and paying the miners whenever is better and whatever you know compete
don’t complain he’s trying to compete he’s trying to fuddle and bitcoin and
every I bring this up it because this is it’s so obviously I’m just okay he’s a
good guy but he’s so obvious where we’re going
with this line of thinking that and I’ve said this before the the next big attack
you know we had the the the block size attack
alright block size flood back in 2017 back in 2016 it’s so clear like it’s the
we need if the inflation fight is coming the inflation fun we need 42 million
Bitcoin we need 30 million big long whatever number you can pull out of your
backside they’re gonna need and to pay the miners and they’re gonna be all
they’re gonna be all sorts of individuals trying to just bring that up
Fudd some for good some will actually believe in it but many won’t and it’s
all cyclical so July 1st 2021 don’t be surprised if you’ll be getting your bc
42 coin then your bc 42 crypto dividend be ready be ready to sell it again the
21 million bitcoins the real bitcoin okay that is obvious we will get rich
you gotta take this in stride but i want you to prepare because it’s already it’s
clear what is on the horizon it’s clear what it’s coming up you know just
talking to this this change so i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all
cyclical which it often is quite cyclical on this base alright alright well anyway since it’s
all cyclical in this space be ready be ready for that uh for that line of
attack now and I hope it’s getting loud out here with the truck going by I want
to say that too perfect to prepare for this future to prepare for this
uncertain future I want you to pound that like button first of all but I
think there should be good people out there in the Bitcoin space that should
be ready that that should be like okay yeah they’re gonna be people that try to
fork off and create all this food in the in the coming year and a half or
whatever and to preempt this to to make this type of attack on Bitcoin less
meaningful and to get people’s hands stronger right now there should be a
good entity a friendly Forker a friendly crypto dividend or who should say you
know what I’m creating a 42 million a Bitcoin okay I’m creating you know
suppose to say that I’m doing it right now let’s test it all out we’re forking
it off the miners there will be a pre mine for miners how about that so
instead of a pre mined for developers of pre mined for marketers anyway any miner
who starts to mine it they get some special incentive from the pre mine okay
yeah be creative about it there’s so much there’s so much you can do with
this okay Bobby Lee with his uh with his wallet
what’s it caught up ballet wallet he said that he he makes it easy to claim
that the be the be diamond to be gold will make it easy to claim to be the b42
the good be forty Jews the b42 that good people produce it can be the incentive
for proof of coins how about that for for trace mares uh for trace mayor’s
what Proof Coin whatever his the darn thing
is it’s called traces thing is what’s traces think on any yeah so I’m giving
people I’m giving you free ideas out here are you all you people who want to
be productive we want to fight against future attacks unfriendly Forks fight a
future and unfriendly Fork by creating a friendly Fork and making all of us
holders richer and then food just is one specific person gonna be assigned to do
the 42 million fork know many people could do it all sorts of people should
be forking off forty two million versions of Bitcoin and creating their
own little gimmicks whether it be for proof of coins or whatever so yeah
there’s my creative creative ideas of the day right there for all you people
interesting crypt of dividends and no and throughout the whole thing you have
the confidence because you know the real Bitcoin is Bitcoin and so who cares if
there’s a friendly 42 million fork or an unfriendly 42 million fork because it is
going to be unfriendly one eventually that’s what you just have to uh that’s
baked into the cake right there but a lot of you are gonna freak out about it
and some of you I don’t think people watch it so we’ll be silly enough to
actually buy something like that you get for free online lower but there will be
people that lose their precious Bitcoin in the future because they believe there
should be 42 million Bitcoin or 30 million Bitcoin or the miners should be
paid more the miners should have this reward in the Year 2060 nine instead of
not having anything in 21 32 all these numbers that people people are worried
of 20 21 30 how will the miners become and say what
will be the situation we need to fork off now yeah town that like fun
so yes the be hex that uh that crypto dividend our snapshot is coming December
12 a December 2nd excuse me December 2nd I’ll be back in Baltimore then by the
way after bottom arm in Tucson Arizona till till January the 14th where should
I go after January 14th people tell me it has to be a warm place or somewhat
warm place I’m not going to a cold place give me some suggestions in the comment
section and pound that like button but yeah the ego coin is
coming out its the snap it’s only the snapshot is gonna be on December 2nd so
when will the claim mechanism be ready the claim told me right I have no idea
so it’s just by me saying I’m just giving you the up-to-date information
there all I care about this stupid thing is that we get it for free and and that
you know all the people that blindly follow that dude
they will foolishly give us Bitcoin for it I hope he gets it on change I hope he
gets it on a no kyc exchange I hope he gets it on bisque so we could just get
rid of the crap as soon as possible and uh yeah it’s so funny reading his
website I mean it’s like holding this coin Bob oh yeah okay great it’s in him
he is gonna this is where the big boys play if he wants to make it sound
slimy and stuff and it works then great great for him people believe in they
love his ego there people who blindly follow him and to each his own that felt
and if they want to buy that stuff that we’re gonna get for free then whatever
so yeah December 2nd huh whatever amount of Bitcoin you have you’re gonna get
some ratio of and I don’t know the numbers you’re gonna get some B hex
eventually but that’s the day you got to have your Bitcoin so ya get your Bitcoin
off exchanges you shouldn’t have had it on the exchange anyway proof of keys is
what it’s right traces thing is called I forget it’s not and yeah I got this
screen on my nose it’s really annoying yeah real annoying all right let’s see
if there are any questions in the chat here


  1. In motion! Lovin' the wild outside in Adelaide at a bus stop Bitcoin enthusiasm stream. Wow! Like button pounded!

  2. Hi btc meister hope you are having a great time in Adelaide. Was wondering if you knew Whats the minimum amount of btc you can stake for btchex? Can you stake eth?
    If your looking for somewhere nice to go Cairns is nice and HOT,, all far north QLD is hot. Thailand really hot, probs too hot!!

  3. Extremely Impressive, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

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