The 1 Bitcoin Show- Learn from the old days, strong hand Sydney, Ripple, Libra, BSV, Kenya, Q&A!

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Learn from the old days, strong hand Sydney, Ripple, Libra, BSV, Kenya, Q&A!

Hello this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 23rd 2019 strong hey a
bitcoin is next bitcoin died your wealth
in bitcoin offended by selling
relentless conviction being a unique
beast alright this is your home of
bitcoin insider information we’re gonna
tell you what happened in Sydney last
night here this is my last day as Cindy
this is has McCook he’s gonna talk some
too he’s taken to me to the airport real
oh yeah this is one of those rush shows
but hey hello my leave friends check out
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CH be alt if you are in that chat right
you could do a super chat or you can
type in bitcoin meister i will answer
your questions last night was the Sydney
hangout meet up at a really elite
location and I gotta say the people that
showed up most were familiar with the
show and it was very flattering and
these people have strong hands they told
stories and they think they shared some
lessons they learned over the years with
altcoins and everything but definitely
some strong hands link to below is a
photo from last night
Stefan l’americain I got to meet Stefan
in person we took a picture of the three
of us also you’re these these bitcoin
personalities on the web but getting
together but he is an awesome guy really
down to earth also all the people were
down there I gotta say Sydney’s got it
going on in terms of the Bitcoin
community if you guys are watching keep
on having those events every month I
mean you’re in charge of it all the time
and keep that look great location and
keep on what we need more new people
that that’s for another another video
that you I don’t I’ve said this none
there not a lot of new people buying
Bitcoin right now it’s just people freak
out when they see a facebook earrings I
guess that where they see the price is
dropping and I you know I won big coin
he was one big coin that that’s the
price of course and it’s on sale today
but if you get yourself some so let’s
talk about that yesterday our for the
last couple days I’ve been warning
people of the roller coaster of love
that could be coming up because there
was going to be the Facebook hearing
going on in fact the United States it’d
be all sorts of panic and that you’d
have to have a strong hand on a day like
today and shorten up what happened for
you Fiat freaks
well Zuckerberg testified he didn’t
really say anything – really – why older
anything he basically said I’m gonna
follow your rules I’m not gonna go
through with this if if you say not to
go through with it it’s centralized he
said it was centralized as someone
tweeted about that and and then the
lovely senators and congressmen or
whoever they asked a bursary signaling
type of questions is this sir is this
racist so Al Green Democrat Texas mister
emoluments Clause and impeachment his
question to Mark Zuckerberg was is it
true that the majority of people working
on Libre a white men so so yeah that’s
that’s priorities now yeah that’s that’s
what we’ve that’s what we’ve devolved –
yeah and that’s what the market reacts
to apparently who goes were not saying
the reason for why the Fiat price drop I
was just saying yesterday be prepared
for it to drop and be a rollercoaster
maybe once people wake up to the
realization that not completely nothing
was accomplished by the hearing and
nothing changed there was no new
information and it was all printed days
in advance is transcript data maybe the
speculators will buy again I don’t know
there’s also some quantum fun again that
got recycled out there dudes tits
long-term thinking this hearing is just
a blip on the radar who will remember
this in in 2021 hey still good luck does
knocker bird with your altcoin and
everything we’re gonna talk about some
other okhla see Oh someone had a
question town that like button first of
all Hass what do you think one Bitcoin
will be able to get somebody by 2030 so
that’s three and a half Hollings away
probably a nice house you can pick up an
Housefull one in 2030 I’d say Wow
long-term thinking they’re getting you
you know to ask when I got a guest on
the ask for predictions I I never do uh
predictions like that like a good good
question therefore the guest that is you
taking advantage of the situation
lots of people hello my elite friends
Johnny says ok we got more topics hang
on so we talked about the virtue
signaling Congress man that’s they’re
very lovely very predictable and you
know the constituents love that it’s
they just they’re just doing it the
they’re just showing off to get votes
and they know it works alright so Nick
Carter is down in DC I link to his
everything I talked about his link to
below by the way I link to his thread he
was at the DC FinTech week I didn’t read
the entire thread it’s very you get some
good information from it definitely
about what’s going on he had some
interesting quotes though because there
were some interesting people speaking
there that I don’t usually talk about
the reason Zuckerberg is testifying in
front of Congress and now and not Garlin
house now garland house is the dude the
ripple guy is because Libra has a chance
of actually working
ouch almost everything he says is a lie
or a misrepresentation that is Nick
Carter on Garlin house because Garlin
house was at this event apparently and
he was being questioned and again Nick
said about Garnica almost everything he
says is a lie or a misrepresentation
it’s really quite breathtaking to
witness I think one of Brad darling
houses I think one of the one of the
questions asked to him was you know how
does you know how does ripple make money
and like i’ll we’re a software company
and we just happen to own a lot of XRP
not different to Exxon and they own a
whole bunch of oil so probably the most
intellectually dishonest response you
could ever come up with so I’m totally
on board with with Nick Carter’s
assessment question pal Matt like but I
had no idea you’ve seen the threat yeah
very good we’re on the same page we look
at the same thing this was totally
unplanned Wow very good you were
prepared I thought you were just you
know Wow look at the hick nick is a
great photo
if you
you are yet to follow anakata get on to
it all right all right now uh last night
something that we really didn’t talk
about very much because everyone was a
Bitcoin thing well we talked I I talked
to some people about trip them dividends
well one guy said to me Adam I don’t
understand why more people don’t talk
about these crypts at all this is
interest these uh these Forks and these
air drops but someone brought up fake
toshi I think to me off to the side
because you know they toes she’s got his
own crate you know he forked over four
which is great that’s that’s his
business but then what people usually
pick on a talk about fake Toshi force
because he pretends to be oh we we
brought him up because he was in the
movie yes someone brought out why was he
include in the movie someone came up cuz
we again did the movie crypto Pia is
coming out well it got debuted here and
so some people were disappointed that he
included fake Toshi and king of the
trolls in there that’s his business he’s
a filmmaker he can do what he wants to
do but that’s I think who she got
brought up and no one no one lasts like
that was hanging out was even because
last night was a bunch of twenty percent
are strong Anders no one in their right
mind there even that even fathoms that
you know this guy could be who he says
he is but yet and I know many people are
familiar with this channel there was a
commenter the other day he said what do
you think of I’m not gonna say a fake
Toshi saying in 2020 governments will be
able to confiscate people’s Bitcoin
because there’s a flaw in the segment
code that will be exposed now I have
covered this long ago that basically
that that dude makes bold predictions
that are in the future and then forgets
about them and you know pretend and like
fakes technical expertise upon and so he
said that one a long time ago I brought
that up on the show a long time ago
there’s Toto be yeah but but this person
comes to my channel it says look and I
and I replied to the guys like you must
be new here like you must be new to my
channel because I mean this is not even
a legitimate question although like you
there are Liars out there and Liars say
a lot of things and why what do I think
of a lie I mean the old lies are the
same I don’t think very much of them but
again the guy replied to me says no I’m
not I’m not new here at all so I I don’t
know some people are just are never
gonna get it I mean here’s the for me
Toshi you say bow things that are gonna
be the future trying to be nebulous
about it and then just you know what’s
the future come hey wait wait just wait
and see wait and see so let’s wait let’s
talk about it since we got him young and
I don’t usually like to talk about such
things but hey they’re doing something
over there and there’s obviously a lot
of there’s people paying attention to it
you know 10% of the people are prone to
follow Colts I guess so and he can do
what he can lie but if he’s gonna live
we’re going to you know bring up the
truth that’s a good way of dealing with
stuff so you we were talking about the
blocks so as part of this movie so one
of the reasons Roger and Craig needed to
feature is because they went through the
block size debate so at first they said
yep bitcoin one Meg Bitcoin cash said
you know what stuff that we’ll go to for
mix I mean like you know what stuff that
will go to eight mix and then you know
what stuff that will go to 32 mix and
then obviously Calvin Aaron Craig right
they want to go for the full Giga make
the full the full terabyte blocks or as
an as a non-technical person I started
asking the questions like what would I
need to run a bigger sphenoid that’s a
that’s filled up with it with a Giga Meg
of transactions so we worked it out
you’d need a very solid stable hundred
gigabit internet connection which
apparently doesn’t exist anywhere at
this point and you’d need 50 million
dollars a year of server grade
enterprise-grade sse drives to just
store the blockchain so yeah if you are
if PSP ever succeeded and their blocks
were full you need 50 million bucks the
year on a note but with that said this
chain isn’t probably going to be alive
longer than a year and the only thing
that’s filling up blocks now is weather
data and I don’t think any of their
blocks are like bigger than a megabyte
anyway but yeah so so we drove down that
rabbit hole and yeah if that’s not extra
proof that BSP is is total garbage don’t
know it is well I mean they can try it
out they don’t think nodes matter
very much that’s one of their things
from what from what I recall all right
we spent a lot of time on that thing but
I just uh so if people you come into the
channel you’re asking me what I think
about I guess lies that I’ve already
addressed I mean I’m not really I’m not
gonna change our mind line lies there
lies liars or liars and some people just
they want to hear
fancy stories about the future oh I’m
not you know the this the Conqueror will
be coming in the future the kind that’s
I think that’s one key basis is a
personality on the the the Conqueror
will be here soon and as soon gets
people it touched also it’s a good it’s
a good case study in in in investment
psychology I suppose it’s a you know I
haven’t I haven’t seen people follow a
cult so illogically before but but the
cool thing is that like I mean again
we’re up these places I’m hanging out in
person at least here there was no one it
was we are strong hand it’s not overly
overly toxic but we’ve cultivated a big
crew of strong hand that get it so yeah
great city to be in and look us up
whenever you’re in town we are
hospitable folk so yesterday yeah well I
didn’t even know about the price
fluctuations until I woke up in the
morning and so III saw it I’m like yeah
that was that was pretty predictable I
everything and life goes oh I just tried
to get to the airport and everything
we’re just living our lives he’s telling
me about how he’s his formula to buy
even more stats it’s is picking up
because the price went down so I mean
it’s it’s a it’s a predictable thing I
hope all the listener watchers here and
listeners hear their hands are as strong
as everybody they really should have
known such such a such a day was coming
and again we’ll have days it drops by
500 will happen is because up by 500 or
whatever happened but I would I want to
remind us of the old days I was when I
was talking to people last night there
were days like in 2016 it would drop by
like thirty dollars and that was that
was such a big big it was and so many of
you are not familiar with that at all so
it really uh definitely puts things in
perspective shows how much things have
grown here over the day over the years
and also speaking the old days there
would never be a
congressional hearing that would never
be anything like that that no mainstream
news type of thing so yeah the amount
that he drops in a day now is how much
it was worth
back in the day I mean that it dropped
to five hundred four hundred yesterday
be leading up to the 2016 having most
days it was below $500 a years there for
years and everyone takes that granted
now I’m just like oh my god it’s seven
thousands now it’s like guys go back to
the archives disrupt meister calm and
just just see how the story uh the song
remains the same I guess that people are
always gonna panic when they think
there’s a big drop but what a big drop
is keeps on changing
$20 it’s a big job five hundred dollars
is a supposedly a big drop now you just
got value wealth and big people and just
be ready and as I’ve talked to in the
future you know in the year 2022 when
there’s a day of drops by ten thousand
dollars or something just that’s that’s
the way we’re progressing and that
that’ll be a good day I mean that’ll be
a good day when people like me will be
like yeah I didn’t really noticed that
it dropped by ten thousand I was trying
to get to the airport these are the days
to stack yeah so there is no better day
to go out and buy some sets than a day
that it’s dropped nine percent in a
matter of minutes yeah so I get in
getting like it’s hot yeah follow me
you’ve probably followed me on Twitter I
tweeted it out this morning my formula
for DC a so it’s not financial advice
but that’s how I stack in sensible and
it’s all budgeted that’s everything I
can afford to lose and this morning is
one of these mornings where I’m very
happy that the price they drop this is
another thing if you guys are on crypto
Twitter or you’re watching YouTube
videos with all these weak hands and
stuff you get this horrible negative
feeling and well first of all people
came to me last I know they Adam I just
I go to your challenges for Zagat the
positive by but the funny thing is if
when you’re talking to people in person
it’s usually it’s not a negative vibe at
all everybody last I had a positive ID
now again we didn’t but but if we would
have known the price eater went down
last night and it was it just like went
down right when we ended them always
that said that entire crew you know
they’ve been down in the trenches with
us at the meet ups from the three
thousand days so they don’t care if it’s
crashed down to 7,000 like that if if
they would hit there at 3,000 like
they’re gonna be here at 7,000 it’s
silly you know you’ve held strong on a
drop from 20,000 to $3,000 and what now
you’re gonna call at the end of the
world is $7,500 you’re kidding me I get
to clicks the videos that’s what you see
people making tweets about everything oh
god I know a lot of people are just they
join into the negative eye because
they’re trying to scare people off of
their Bitcoin are they they think
they’re all coins gonna pop let them try
be that this was a big boys play that’s
what I want to say the end of the day
everyone’s trying to scam you out of
your bitcoins so so hold that hand
strong and don’t let anyone you know
negatively influence you mind use your
intuition be responsible stacks that
yeah run a node yeah and then if you
need a you need a positive vibe gonna
follow him follow me watch this stuff
for me sometimes people need a
reassuring I mean strong that’s my
strong hand is the UH
is the saying around here alright I do
want to see chunka dunk says
bitcoinmeister can’t wait for the HBO
original on the current state of affairs
and crypto I mean is that is that really
being worked IV hubby side there’s so
much drama and again that’s the crypto
noise we talked about that last night
talking about some just basically ignore
the noise now we didn’t ignore some of
the noise today we were guilty of us
talking about bsv noise there for a
second but I just blended from my I
still don’t get it when people ask me
questions about that it must not be very
familiar with the channel I don’t know
even the guy said he was new Sean
Anderson said hello Adam I love your
videos pure love from Denmark dude how
you doing I haven’t been in Denmark
Constance I was there I was in
Copenhagen and then I went to uh across
the way to Malmo to Sweden but a lovely
lovely place up there crazy stuff
turn your pennies into ten satoshis okay
so finally I wanna Matt albergue had a
tweet out there and this dude keeps
track of the p2p
exchanges the group what’s the local
bitcoins and stuff and I don’t know how
much that information can be trusted but
he does a apples to apples comparison
here the Ken the Kenyan shilling isn’t
anybody from Kenya
found out like what if you are the
Kenyan Schilling is one of the first
currencies in the p2p trading markets
which is from the eclipsed volume record
set during the speculative bubble of
late 2017 so this is very interesting
people in Kenya were during a 20-17 when
everybody was buying Bitcoin the volume
was very high in on the p2p exchanges
like like a local bitcoins and most
currencies has a haven’t gotten back up
for that volume yet I mean this I mean I
just said early in the show new people
are there not a lot of new people buying
Bitcoin at least as much as people that
were buying it back into December 2017
but for the canyons shilling matt has uh
shows that now at the volume is higher
are they easily believe it because the
Kenyans are already sort of in that
environment and groove through things
like em paisa so like the idea of
digital money makes sense but before
that they had literal digital shit coin
Kenyan chilli yes and now they get
digital Bitcoin so this is why I like
things like Libre it’s the gateway drug
into Bitcoin so let people just get used
to online payment rails and then as soon
as they get blocked from using Libre to
look for options and then Bitcoin
becomes apparent they’re they’re used to
the the groove of that kind of you know
payment and storage mechanism and then
they just become Bitcoin is I get this
is different analysis on your part
because Max and the same things because
of that they they’re in the perfect spot
to it’s not surprising at all because
they already had the m peso or whatever
they kind of need it they’re the
government isn’t that for luck and also
and and this is just a fact of life was
this where the big boys play
there are scammers out there that need
digital currency so that is it’s a good
thread that Matt Albert has up there you
know but you said the same thing best
guest in the space right here you know
you know what’s going on let’s see if
there were any other questions all right
everyone’s do its smiley faces this guy
right here we’re not gonna give this guy
actually lives in Australia and he’s a
fan in that he would never show up in a
never show up in person too
anyway okay i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
the links below thank you for a great
stay in city might they’re having us
this is a I hope tongues like anytime
yeah I’m off to Adelaide we’re literally
going to go to the airport well we’re
gonna hang out with another big point a
trip before we go to the other end dude
so guys see you soon this show was a
little rushed I just click on all the
links below click on the squares see you
soon bye bye


  1. 10:35 haha now whose the one making bold predictions, we will see about that a year from now. In the mean time im trying to accumulate as much bsv as i can. Bitcoin SV for the Win, pretty obvious who Governemnts and Big Business are going to use 🙂

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