The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC is the new real estate, 4 parallel economic systems, 51% attack FUD, Israel

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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August the 25th 2019 strong hand be a
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Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin offended by
selling alright you’re in motion five
digit realm you know how this goes
everyone hello my elite friends it’s
good to be trying this live again please
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show it was rockin with Alex and Anders
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actually in the chat right now what’s up
remember I’ll answer her questions do
the super chat we already had one last
show I’m going to share that in a second
but let’s get back to what I have
written down here and what the show is
really enjoyable let me tell you you got
some good insider information and Alex
pointed out how Bitcoin it’s got
incredibly strong brand loyalty already
and a fan base a passionate fan base
that Apple would even Envy I mean people
are willing to die for Bitcoin yet at
the same time if we have these people
out in normy land who think Bitcoin did
do bitcoind I didn’t Bitcoin die and it
just shows you that we have this insider
information and that we are very early
on in this so be happy that you have the
insider information it’s step one to
have the insider information you
actually have to act on the insider
information if you have the insider
information but you don’t have Bitcoin
then it’s pretty much worthless alright
so I mean you could talk to talk but you
gotta walk the walk to people town
like button now I want to thank uh Paul
in Las Vegas for this super chat last
show and again I’ll answer your
questions if you do the super 10 he said
beware do not anger the honey badger
well thank you for that comment that
seven dollars and seventy seven cent
super Chad’s 777 alright you know
something that Alex actually said last
show and check out yesterday’s beyond
Bitcoin show also disrupt meister comm
it’s all there it’s it’s all linked up
below but something that alex pointed
out when Anders Anders believes in the
hyper Bitcoin ization path forward here
he thinks the whole world is gonna end
up using Bitcoin I mean it could be in
2030 he says even an eye lies china’s
authoritarian coin the corporate coins
you know facebook coin and then the
Bitcoin ecosystem and then you can add
to all coins to in there and everything
so I like that they all can exist in the
same world ok in the same universe
they’re uh they’re parallel economic
systems some people will like to China
one they’ll like to be under a fair
althought authoritarian rule some people
like the USA Ronda’s they can pay their
taxes it’ll be easy
Facebook coin people like that a lot
that’ll be there but if Bitcoin that’ll
be for the 20 percenters and we can all
get along alright we compete don’t
complain that’s what I say
so I you know maybe there’ll be four
different future parallel economics
maybe they’ll be five maybe the weekend
I don’t know but I I envision parallel
economic systems multiple probably at
least four and so III do not think the
whole world will eventually get on the
be 80 percenters are gonna do what
they’re gonna do okay
they’re gonna want to keep on spending
spending spending and they’ll want a
coin that allows them to do that and it
probably us a coin will allow them to do
that and Facebook coin of course will
promote spending non-stop so there are
there are a lot of people out there
who’d like to talk about the gold versus
Bitcoin comparison and how that many
golden holders will transit
into Bitcoin eventually and they
compared the price of an ounce of gold
to the price of one Bitcoin or they
print they compare the Bitcoin market
cap to the gold market cap and how one
day it’ll be the the same amount as the
gold market cap but you know I don’t
hear enough people talking comparing a
United States real estate to two Bitcoin
that there will be some real estate
holders that will wake up to the fact
that holding real estate is costly it’s
becoming more tax depending on what
jurisdiction you’re in you’re becoming
more prone to lawsuits they’re more and
more fees and cost and some will realize
that we’re saying why am I in this real
estate asset class I’ll just get into up
I’ll get into Bitcoin so that there will
be a flippin egg you could call it a
real estate into it’s a Bitcoin also and
right now the average in the a 20-17 the
median home price the United States was
two hundred thousand dollars and you
know bitcoin is a less than two hundred
thousand dollars but who’s to say that
Bitcoin won’t be two hundred thousand
dollars one day that it will actually be
comparable the price of one Bitcoin
because it’s a lot more rare than that
then housing okay
it’s it’s a lot easier to maintain than
housing I’ll tell you that you don’t
have to deal with renters with your
Bitcoin so it’s interesting you know
people people don’t talk about the the
price of United States real estate
compared to the the price of one Bitcoin
and how perhaps they will be similar one
day and again there are people that
don’t have emotional attachment to real
estate at all they’re just about holding
that real estate milking a little bit of
money about it out of it and flipping it
one day so they could they could see
Bitcoin is being an easier way of doing
that again I don’t encourage people to
to flip their bitcoins strong hand baby
hold on to that baby until at least
after 2020 having of course but hey
people are going to do what they’re
going to do and how about this when you
have that median home price in United
States in your mind
and you’re in your remembering that you
got to pay taxes every property taxes
every year on that darn thing also
institutions that are buying Bitcoin now
because I got a say and I’ll cover this
in future shows I don’t think there are
a lot of new individuals coming into the
Bitcoin space right now I think it’s
it’s been some minor institutions so
minor institution no buying I don’t
think it’s me it’s definitely not major
yet I think they’re putting their toes
in it and they’re getting ready but
they’re making sure that their products
are they’re coming out with that are
going to involve Bitcoin in holding
Bitcoin for all the traditional
investors that want to play that little
game that they’re going to get it right
now that keep this in mind if you think
something’s gonna be $200,000 if you
know something’s gonna be two hundred
thousand dollars one day what’s the
difference you know paying $5,000 for it
or $10,000 for it or twelve thousand
dollars for it okay so I mean you could
this is scale you know imagine back at
20 again 2016 we look back in 2016 and
we laugh when I hesitated to buy Bitcoin
at 780 because I thought it was going
down to 760 I missed out on a couple
Bitcoin that way and we laugh when
people made fun of people for paying 700
instead of paying 400 so you scale that
up to now there and you look back from a
perspective when big point is a lot more
money people will laugh like you
hesitated to buy when it was 5000 just
because when it was 10,000 besito was
going to go down to 5,000 so these
institutions they are taking their time
they’ve got a price in mind okay they’ve
got a price in mind so it doesn’t make a
difference to them buying in at 5,000
10,000 12,000 it really doesn’t make
that big of a difference because they
are long-term holders of it they will
become long-term holders of it and maybe
they’ve who knows what price they have
in mind I actually when I was writing up
this show when I was preparing I had
that 200 I pulled that 200,000 number
out of my butt and then I saw that what
wait a second realistic that’s the
average price of a in 2017 that was the
price of a house in the United States so
hey just saying I’m not saying it’s
gonna go up to that but I will say this
I think there will be a day when people
laugh at the people who hesitated and to
buy a ten thousand as they were waiting
it for it to go to eight thousand it it
matter it matters not to me I am living
in the future when Bitcoin is in the
six-digit realm pound that like button
when that future will be who knows but
that’s where my head is that’s where my
big point is that’s where my Bitcoin is
maybe when I’m gonna be able to use my
Bitcoin to buy a house I just I just use
one Bitcoin to buy a house that’s it
hang on one second here guys do
something here alright so yeah let’s
let’s get into that real estate drop
drop home I call it instead of drop gold
drop drop home drop those homes and turn
them into a Bitcoin I drop my home and
turned it into Bitcoin whoo that was a
good decision
all right so what else do we have here
we talked about the institutions Oh
Andreas Antonopoulos has a very good
video link to below Bitcoin Q&A
governments verse proof of work or proof
of stake okay the thing that he really
gets into the great point that he gets
is 51% attack Fudd he destroys it okay
that don’t worry about the 51% attack he
will watch the video you will be
reassured people like to throw that out
there it’s it’s not happening all right
it’s a Bitcoin it’s not worth the while
of whoever would dare try such a thing
and no one will it doesn’t make sense to
try it all right and yeah Anders Anders
says it will only be Bitcoin baby all
again that is and Ruza he’s right to
that we will see what happens
God willing we’re all there in twenty
thirty pound that like button upset
classified said the things will be a lot
different in 2030 than they are today
Wow what I love it I am so pumped about
the future it’s so good to be freaking
alive people
strive for the best dude strive you know
there’s so much opportunity out there be
in motion and we’re gonna talk about
people emotion upset classified sent a
dollar in the super tech he didn’t have
a question but hey dude thank you for
the thank you for the super chat I see
Russell Spears is in the house and so is
Brian they’ve been on the show also
Anders of course there’s also been on
the show all these guys are veterans of
the of of this weekend Bitcoin show and
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disrupt meister calm now let’s talk
about someone else who was on the show
in the past two people who speak Dutch
GK bought boris and erin van weird um
and another guy who has been on the show
JW burgers started a big coin only
podcast lots of discussion on English
versus Dutch decided on Dutch because
true bitcoiners will learn the language
to listen to this so listen to this show
okay you’ve Dutch speakers its link to
so there’s a new show for Dutch speaking
people put on by two guys that have been
on this show before so that is they’re
in motion that is awesome I don’t care
if it’s not in English that’s great
reach out to the Dutch speaking
community there are plenty of people in
the Netherlands who watch this show I
think that was like the number five
country at one time watching my show so
they do speak English there they
obviously know English but they make it
convenient I’m glad you guys hey so I
was at the being in motion tonight I was
at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy if
you’re ever in Tel Aviv on a Sunday
night come over there
Sarah was finally there she’s a veteran
of the show I had not seen her yet so
now I’ve seen like everyone and I’m you
guys are big fans I know there’s a lot
of fans of Sarah out there they want her
to return this show she’ll return to the
but you’ll be able to see her I think at
the end sling to below build TLV calm to
Tel Aviv Bitcoin Embassy’s annual
hackathon bringing together passionate
local and global talent to build
decentralized apps and compete for
Bitcoin prizes September 5th
six okay that is linked to below so this
blockchain week is coming up right
around that time September the 10th and
again Giacomo zuker will be speaking at
defy DAP that’s day it’s called D and D
D summit tel-aviv I will also be there
hosting a fireside chat with OD and some
other people it’s linked to below if
your Intel people come to Tel Aviv for
the blockchain week it’s gonna be a lot
of fun every Sunday I will be at the
Bitcoin Embassy but I’m definitely at
this event that giacomo will be speaking
at what a DD & DD summit so that’s
linked to below finally another dude
that is in motion that he has nothing to
do with Israel at all it is a dude Chris
he wrote something his first ever
article and it is called a Bitcoin
meditation and it actually is for those
who would want to meditate on Bitcoin so
the dude is doing something original he
said he sent me this he sent me the info
over twitter at temple a DM me which all
of you can do or you can email me at
Adam at Tresor help calm and if you’re
in motion like that I will share the
link and it is linked to below so give
the guys some props alright dudes that
is it that is the end of the show i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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