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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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December the 17th 2018 strong hand long
term thinking offended by selling
bitcoin is the apex predator conviction
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alright so yesterday I forgot to me and
I’m in Tel Aviv Israel let me make that
clear again if I didn’t make that clear
yesterday some people were asked where
are you Adam
I thought yesterday’s video it was all
about Tel Aviv anyway the first part at
least was so to go back to that real
quick I mentioned that on January 3rd
which is the 10 year anniversary of
Bitcoin they’re gonna be parties all
over the world because it’s a Thursday
night and there’s gonna be a huge one
here in Tel Aviv and I might be
live-streaming from there anyway but I
forgot to mention two things I forgot to
mention deejay Yanni Berger will be
deejaying and Yanni actually is
sometimes in this very chat he’s a guy
I’ve met in person he’s a guy who’s
known in the crypto community in Israel
and beyond and sometimes he’s randomly
in the chat watching this show so I
don’t know if he’s watching tonight but
I forgot to mention you dude you weren’t
at the Embassy the other night I hope to
see you soon also I was reminded if
you’re gonna come to the event and you
if you buy tickets and you use the
Lightning Network there’s a massive
discount apparently okay so you guys
look into that I’ll have more
information about this once I get a
really good English translation of this
flyer because it’s all in Hebrew and I’m
I can read Hebrew but I know expert in
what all the world words mean when I was
in fifth grade I was I was very good but
it’s deteriorated since I was in fifth
grade anyway so let’s talk about it
the subject of Israel let’s talk about a
guy who used to be an Israeli you’re on
your own Brooke who is I guess now an
American he was born in Israel and your
and I linked to this video below you’re
on your own Brooke is sort of a part of
the intellectual dark web maybe he is
he’s friends with Dave Reuben I’ve
linked to him on shows of mine on my
Saturday’s show and by the way check out
Saturday’s beyond Bitcoin show and last
week’s Friday this week a Bitcoin show
which had Simon Dixon on it I’ll link to
below of course but your own brings up
something that I brought up yesterday he
talks about how they’ve Reuben and
Jordan Peterson seem to be coming up
with their own version of patreon in
order to get rid of the patreon is is
kicking people off of their service
basically they discriminate they censor
okay we get it
they’re centralized they can do that so
when you guys with the and so your Owen
has his doubts about this new endeavor
but not for the same reasons that I do
he just thinks it’s hard and he says
well this is a free market we should be
able to get it create a better
competitor but it’s going to be hard
well here’s the issue again why you guys
are just reinventing a wheel that keeps
on breaking stop reinventing the the the
broken wheel that’s what you’re doing a
centralized way of raising money that
can be shut down that can censor I mean
are Dave and Jordan gonna let anybody
use it no they’ll be specific they will
have specific rules also here’s the
shortcut here’s this shortcut for all
you guys and these guys Jordan Peterson
is a freaking genius but he’s not smart
enough you can be a genius and not
understand what you’re getting into and
that there’s a simple solution the
simple solution is Bitcoin you don’t
have to worry about payment processes
processors who or if a bank is going to
cut you off and which they will which
they will with if they create and again
if they’re building this and I assume
they’re building this around the
traditional banking
methods that currently exists that the
current institutions that already exists
the payment processors that already
exist if they’re somehow building this
around crypto then it’ll be better for a
while but they will still be a
centralized weak point the simple answer
that all of you know is just list a
freaking Bitcoin address under your your
videos or do what stefan molyneux does
have your read page and list your
bitcoin and Stefan and list your Bitcoin
address on the stefan molyneux who those
guys don’t exactly like and they
shouldn’t let their personal differences
with the dude get in the way they should
look what he’s doing he’s had his
bitcoin address on his freakin donation
page for many years he has raised
millions of dollars worth literally
millions of dollars worth a Bitcoin with
that it’s that simple he didn’t have to
build a whole new system and you know
the thing is dave rubin and jordan might
be trim Peterson might be partnering
with some big billionaire maybe what’s
the guy that Dave Rubin had is on a show
that a CEO made but still it’ll be
centralized and Peter Thiel likes a
lake’s cryptocurrencies the simple
answer is already out there stop
reinventing a broken freaking wheel but
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trying to sell to people and he makes he
does very well with his business he
doesn’t have us any kids or anything and
he wants to pass it on a mighty
entrepreneur out there he and he’s got a
good system so it doesn’t have anything
to do with crypto right now but who
knows you anyway I talked about him
before I check him out alright so that
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super jet I love
crypto fans all over the world whether
they be in Maryland where I’m originally
from or here in Tel Aviv where I
currently am a right so we talked about
that okay 21 million bitcoins that is my
penance of my favorite aspect of Bitcoin
my favorite quality a Bitcoin but there
only are ever going to be 21 million
it’s not some ring it like how the US
dollar can be printed to oblivion
that that’s one of the things that
originally triggered me interest
triggered me in a good way it got me
interested in Bitcoin it’s really simple
it’s really and a lot of people don’t
grasp this that that that makes it sound
that that’s it it’s it is not gonna
magically be more than that but we still
have these people who don’t really get
it um the day and here it is if it’s a
quote from shaggin see I don’t know who
this dude is it’s linked to below and a
lot of people commented on this the
largest governance debate ever will be
on Bitcoin increasing its 21 million cap
and then there was a reply it completely
destroys Bitcoin social contract and it
turns it from finite supply to arbitrary
supply I agree with that response this
is not gonna be a big battle of course
someone’s gonna bring it up one day in
Troy they’re just gonna fork off and
create their own you know 41 million
they’ll call the 41 million Bitcoin or
so their weight and it will family well
not it will it won’t be the next Bitcoin
or anything
let me repeat a part of that reply there
it it turns it from finite supply to
arbitrary supply people institutions
smart thinking people who they’re
getting into this because bitcoin is
clearly defined it’s 21 million it’s not
gonna arbitrarily change one day it’s
just if that uncertainty is there it
destroys the whole thing it destroys the
whole concept why get into Bitcoin at
all if all of a sudden you got in
because you knew you knew they were
going to be 21 million
you change your whole financial
lifestyle you value your wealth in
Bitcoin because there are only gonna be
21 million ever and then all the sudden
it changes one thing that’s a blur it’s
worth noting at that point it’s worth
nothing it’s meaningless there and so I
mean that is the conviction of Bitcoin
it’s personal but if it was a person it
would stick with that it will stick with
that but there are many people that have
that had the conviction toward Bitcoin
like I do have that are so into it
because of that one quality the 21
million is only going to be twenty one
minutes there are people I mean this is
I guess an exaggeration I can envision
people letting themselves on fire in the
middle of the streets to protest say no
we’re not gonna let Bitcoin change any
and it’s not going to get to that it’s
not going to get to that no one light
yourself on fire
címon diction don’t lend yourself on
fire in the middle of the street it’s a
program today to say that Bitcoin has to
stay at 24 million okay it is good but
there are people like Simon Dixon he’s
burned up on my show before he he was
worried when the be catch fort was
proposed that people would think that
they were almost on 42 million big big
Bitcoin and now we know that’s that
silly but back then he was not known yet
we’ve been that’s that’s why you gotta
be a better in this space we’ve gone
through these Forks before many Forks
and it didn’t inflate the supply of
Bitcoin everyone knows that one big
point equals one Bitcoin bitcoin is not
be cashed bitcoin is not be gold okay
it’s it’s it’s not a it is Bitcoin
there’s only ever one of 21 million that
is the more most important aspect of
Bitcoin diamine that’s what I that’s
what I like the most about it people
will say other thing then I can get him
and send my money out of the con any of
their many good things that can do and
that it will be able to do but that’s
simple pure pure brilliance right there
it that it and it will be stuck and
again it Firth in some parallel universe
if it were to change it would be
worthless if it beeps
that would be it that would destroy the
whole thing so yeah my conviction is
based around that very simple fact there
were only ever made in 21 million of
them and so no it’s not gonna be a big
argument it’s it that’s fine when people
were pretty I mean people were some
people out there just want to put a post
Twitter things okay they want to post
they want to get a conversation started
on Twitter so they say things like this
that all the biggest governance debate
will be that the number of bitcoins no
no that that will not be it at all
that’s all right so strong brand yeah I
said bran that hand and by the way
that’s a Bitcoin honeybadger give it to
Sherpa Loic cryptography neither this
shirt I like this shirt a lot nice color
on me right now
so no strong brand this this vid this
link actually is from I just found it
today for a breaker mag and it’s from a
September article but they keep
retweeting their old article so I see
they’re all articles and I never read
before and it’s called more Americans
have heard of dogecoin than Ripple
and it well this article is about how so
many more Americans it was a poll of
Americans know about Bitcoin than any
other crypto it’s not even it’s not even
comparable okay and I’ll go to I’ll go
to the numbers in a second you can check
out the link the links are below of the
tweet and the article itself but this is
something I noticed in the real world
that people ask me about Bitcoin they
don’t ask me about yokes I mean if you
get into the crypto communities yeah
you’re gonna get some very specific
questions sometimes but there’s so many
people out there that think bitcoin is
cryptocurrency again I told this story
a guy once asked me how do I get the
litecoin version of Bitcoin the meaning
the the the the like coin cryptocurrency
but he called cryptocurrency Bitcoin so
anyway and by so Bitcoin is by far the
biggest threat and anyway and you’ve got
all these people for came off of bitcoin
using the Bitcoin name on their crypto
dividends because it is the strongest
brand by far and it doesn’t even have a
centralized marketing team okay like all
these other coins so many other coins
have you know planned out marketing
teams like spreading the words with
marketing plans get building their brand
but still Bitcoin is the strongest brand
so here is the 71% of people in the US
according to the poll 71% of people in
the US have heard a big coin
according to Yuga of very few have heard
of any other cryptocurrencies after
Bitcoin only 13% of those surveyed were
aware of aetherium or just 7% knew about
Ripple 11 percent of those surveyed had
caught wind of litecoin and 10% of – of
course – has a centralized marketing
team so yeah I mean yeah 13 percent had
heard of aetherium while 71 percent had
heard of Bitcoin it’s it’s no there’s no
comparison and again for all of you that
think your coins gonna be the next
Bitcoin here there’s a hurdle right
there for you a big hurdle the brand
awareness and you know it it just hasn’t
been for like a year I mean this has
been the entire 10 year history of
cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been by far
the biggest friend the one that’s the
most well-known and mainstream society
is finding out every day about
cryptocurrency most people find out
about Bitcoin first that’s the name they
know the name they remember brand
recognition is huge in business it’s
people pay a lot of money for brand
recognition and Bitcoin doesn’t have to
do big but it doesn’t have a marketing
team they have to pay or anything like
that so read that article it is an
interesting one remember I post a new
show here every single day so keep
checking out this place every day and of
course subscribe to the channel bye
and also pound that like button good so
here is a funny uh a funny tweet from
whale Panda if aliens would come to
earth and start mining Bitcoin their
equipment might be so advanced that they
can easily 51% attack Bitcoin I am
really worried about this very likely
scenario now so that’s that’s kind of
funny but would it not surprise you that
in the year 2021 if bitcoin is going
wild again in terms of fiat price that
an article based on this theory comes
out trying to scare people like wow you
know big ones doing really well but if
and if Ally if we were to get a hold of
alien technology we would
and aliens came here it could destroy
Bitcoin they would be able to mine it
and 51% attack it and that would be good
so this this bit I see I mean I wouldn’t
be surprised at all if a mainstream
publication comes out with clubs similar
to that based on alien technologies
which require me yeah remember this day
remember this day in the p20 21 if we
get an article like that from BuzzFeed
or something or uh what’s that a
huffington post that sounds like a
Huffington Post one
maybe they’ll rehire David Seaman yeah
David Seaman could do an article about
that yeah yeah when he gets back in the
crypto again and meets the pump etherium
or whatever he does okay yeah that would
be perfect one from an alien technology
ruining Bitcoin that’s it that’s the
fight of 2021 here you’re seeing the
future okay so uh but this again all
seriousness there’s gonna be some wet
fun in the future and you just gotta get
your hands strong for it okay there’s a
lot of silly fun that you can come up
with that some people will take very
seriously and blow out of proportion
here is a tweet from Jamison lop you see
Bitcoin not as it is but as you are
environmentalists see and energy Gaza
monster sjw’s see gender and wealth
inequality I cannot like economic second
I am I can I have my key
I can’t say the word see an economic
system missing pedals for accelerating
and braking and I got tongue twisters
today cipher font puff cypherpunks see
the private the promise of privacy
libertarians see freedom yes there are
many different ways of looking at it
people kind of put their worldview on
the Bitcoin and don’t let your worldview
cloud what this thing is okay and
in steer you in a in a misdirection and
in the wrong direction so that is it
that is an interesting observation on
the point put a part of lap lop out
there like I can’t say the word I’m like
I’m having a I would have put economist
economist why couldn’t I say economist
it’s like I’m I’ve been in Israel too
long or something already guy Bennett
says five dollars okay let’s make sure
he sent five dollars Thank You guy
Bennett what is a better quality of
Bitcoin limited supply or being
uncompensated I’m leaning toward the
latter ooh
if it were to suddenly become confiscate
a bull but there would still be a
limited supply well yeah this is the
thing if there was an unlimited supply
I would rather I would rather there be a
limited supply and it be confiscated
then there be an unlimited supply and it
be uncomfortable yeah cuz i i wondered
hat i wanted want to have something that
could be printed to oblivion that
couldn’t be taken away from me what was
the point of having it it’s it’s not
very unique but if it was unique but it
could be confiscated i could devise a
way it would still have value as its
unique and i could devise a way to hide
it as best as I can because gold is
confiscated gold is confiscated but it
is limited and it’s better than the
dollar but the dollar is better the
dollar is worth confiscate able and
unlimited anyway okay I think you see
where I’m going with this i yeah I I’ve
al you the I value the limited supply
more so than being confiscated wool
because I feel I could make it I could
make it unconscious capable I guess I’m
a golden holder type of price I’m a
golden holder I didn’t know
all right but hey that’s it that’s a
good question there guy thank thank
thank you very much for that yeah I see
I’m leaning toward the 25 I put this in
the title of the video of 21 Milford her
stick with that one right but yeah I
guess we could have a bigger debate
about that that would be that’s an
interesting I’d like to hear everybody
else’s opinion on that leave that in the
leave that in the comment section below
was he you could you tell it’s it’s it’s
getting me to think think out loud there
all right that’s it that’s the end of
the show pound that like button i’m adam
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