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guys let’s get into the overall markets let’s talk let’s see what’s happening I
haven’t even looked at too much I looked at it briefly while I was in class just
got back man we’re getting close to that five hundred billion dollar market cap
not not great we are almost had six anjou billion not too long ago
currently at 500 billion you know it is what it is we we yeah a lot of red
something we’ve actually been used to saying on this channel you know in the
beginning everything was Green when we were making videos in December
everything was Green now everything is looking a little more red except for a
few coins which I want to point out ray blocks a coin that we briefly mentioned
in the previous video is up a ton I picked up some of this it’s a good point
it’s a good coin where is the other corner talk about Liske I mentioned in
my top February videos its 31st of January you know it counts as February
I’m taking it 22.8% increase it’s a great place my
money has increased on both of those so I’m thankful for that my you know
it’s helping keep the portfolio up while everything is currently read but guys
don’t forget I like to mention this I’m currently invested in platforms such
as hash Flair and Genesis mining where I mined Bitcoin every single day I get
paid out obviously I just withdrew so we’re back to zero balance we’re gonna
get paid out today the last payment was $11 I do I only
have ten Terra hash here it cost me like two thousand dollars I believe I have
most of my mining power in Genesis mining but that’s currently sold out so
I’ve linked ashlar in the description I’m not telling you guys to invest by no
means am i tell you guys to invest I’m sorry you guys I’m invested in it if you
guys are interested in getting paid out daily for mining Bitcoin then you know
feel free to go check it out you guys hear a lot of people say oh
it’s not profitable it’s not profitable guys even with the low price I can make
a full in-depth video on this but if we’re just running through the numbers
really quick if you invest one time it’s a one-year contract and the bitcoins on
the lower price side difficulties been increasing but prices been decreasing
I’m still getting paid out $11 a day so let’s say I get paid at eleven dollars a
day for 365 days it’s four thousand fifteen dollars the fees is 0.17 so
that’s six hundred eighty two dollars of fees right so four thousand fifteen i
say four thousand – six hundred jazz it because we’re gonna keep it easy it’s
three thousand four hundred i invested two thousand in it so basically I get
$1400 profit it’s really that simple with Bitcoin being on the low side so
once bitcoins price goes back up which we’re all expecting to happen in the
coming future my daily payout will obviously be higher as well and I know
difficulty goes up too but guys so far it’s been profitable I’m just sharing my
experiences it’s been great but I’m not talking about that let’s go back to here
you guys are here to here up to talk about the news what’s been going on so a
lot of you guys know I got a lot of questions about this so BitFenix and
tether they’re going to get their under investigation by the US regulators
basically not everyone believes that tether has the supply that they claim to
have or the funds that they claim to have and they
do have close ties with BitFenix so kind of linking the two together that’s the
general rundown on what it is I don’t want to go into too much detail because
honestly there isn’t too much we can do until final news get released that you
know this is what’s happening or yes this is what happened they don’t have
the funds when uh there’s not too much that we can do but definitely this is
causing a little bit of uncertainty in the market I do think that is one of the
leading reasons we’re seeing price go down obviously we’re not in necessarily
a bullish market right now so that’s another reason we’re not seeing all
green every day but today’s red I I wouldn’t be surprised if it is due to
this thing is tether is used a lot to trade against other coins so say you’re
day trading a certain point you know trading it with Bitcoin in etherium
those are still pretty volatile so if you traded against tether one tether is
supposed to be one u.s. dollar basically as you see it fluctuates a little bit I
had a low right here of 91 cents 92 cents then I had a high of one point one
dollar I think the high was at some point but it really it honestly it’s not
too much most time you guys can see that it lies flat and pretty much a dollar
and that just makes it easier to trade against right so you guys know if you
are buy Nance trading you do have an option to trade against USD tether which
is USD T right here tether um funny enough I was listening to a Thai Lopez
podcast on crypto currency while I was walking home from class and actually
talking to one of the guys who found it tether that’s not very important I was
wanna let you guys know that but yeah it’s I mean they do they do claim to
have a lot a lot a lot of money in the company just by the amount you know the
total supply it they have plus the price you know the general market they have
they would have to have a lot of money and if it’s found out that they don’t
have that those funds and that’s just you know that’s a lie then you know but
it’s probably gonna you know the value of tether is probably gonna decrease if
not just go away and go straight to zero so that’s one thing to keep an out I’m
gonna keep you guys updated on it obviously on the situation right now I’d
choose not to invest in tether I never have I probably never will at the only
time I think I heard another youtubers sales as well so the only
I think I have is tether that I got from people buying it using my referral link
in finance so it’s practically nothing but yeah it’s I’m not invested in it
just because I don’t really like the idea it isn’t decentralized it you know
there’s a trust factor in it I’m not that big of a fan so I’m not investing
in it but if you guys are doing you guys are trading against it you know make
sure you do your own research make sure you know the risk I would personally
wait until we figure out the news that happens I don’t want all of my tether to
valuation to just disappear overnight but yeah that’s basically like I said
I’m gonna update you guys as we go there is more news which I really want to talk
about so a lot of fun you know recently the cryptocurrency market a lot of fun
that’s what causing the price to go down it just it’s happening happens to every
you know everything basically in its infancy stage which cryptocurrency still
is but South Korea so their Finance Minister confirms there is no ban on
cryptocurrency it’s one thing that was really you know up in the air a lot of
people were saying that all bitcoins band here crypto currencies banned here
blah blah but there is no intention to ban or suppress cryptocurrency market
that is what they said in a statement great news South Korea obviously you
guys know one of the biggest players when it comes to cryptocurrency no South
Korea Japan China all huge huge huge players when it comes to cryptocurrency
so it’d be terrible if South Korea did actually ban it but apparently there is
no reason so rest assured we are safe at least for this this news thing another
thing you guys have to watch out for is this one I was talking about in a
previous video as well there’s a lot of fake Charlie Lee accounts um Charlie Lee
founder of litecoin for those of you guys who don’t know Mike when you guys
probably all know like we don’t have to explain what litecoin is but there’s a
lot of a lot of fake accounts that are basically saying they’re giving away
fake litecoin and the way I see this work is if you donate to the litecoin
community we will send you back ten times your investment so if you send us
one like coin we’ll send you 10 like coins back I’ve seen this happen with
Tron we talked about that in a previous video guys you have to be smarter than
this do not fall for these type of schemes no one is giving you free money
if they’re asking for money in return that’s based
it you guys can tell when I do giveaways on this channel all I ask for is your
wallet address and I will send you your Bitcoin I’m not asking you to send me
Bitcoin so I can send you Bitcoin back that doesn’t make any sense so please
please please please you guys see Charlie leave right here this is not his
real account I’m donating 180 litecoin to the likely community first 60
transactions with 0.3 like coins Oh with 0.3 like when sent to the address below
will each receive 3 light points of the address the 0.3 like one came from guys
you can’t fault you can’t fall for that you know make sure to do your research
it’s like majored all you do is click on the account like that 22 followers you
think they’ll found out of might point us 22 followers no but yeah I’m not
trying to say anything mean or anything just saying make sure you guys don’t
fall for this that’s it see this is the real one has the verification sign let’s
see how many followers this guy has right um
there you go six hundred fifty five thousand followers much more likely to
be the real one that is the real one so yeah just make sure you guys keep an eye
on these type of stuff a lot of crypto currency scams are coming up nowadays
hopefully we’re gonna find a way to you know cool it down on the amount of scams
there are but you know where there’s people making money I always say there’s
people making money there’s people trying to take their money and in very
I’m not gonna say it’s illegal this isn’t necessarily I guess impersonation
is illegal right impersonations illegal you can’t pretend to be sewing but
telling someone to give you Bitcoin you’ll give them back and you just don’t
give them back I don’t really know if that’s illegal
but anyways lastly 1 million people have signed up for early access to Robin Hood
zero fees trading service if you guys did are part of that 1 million
congratulations I definitely am definitely put in my email told them to
notify me as soon as it came out I already have Robin Hood account so I’m
assuming I probably already have the feature I don’t know why I signed up for
my email now I’m confused I just realized I might have just made a dumb
move but anyways 1 million people this is super cool zero fee trading services
are going to be awesome people buy Bitcoin without any fees kind of
competing against coinbase I guess would be the initial come a competition
because you know Corey may where a lot of people initially buy
Bitcoin aetherium litecoin and now bitcoin cash on how many people buy a
Bitcoin cash though look the theory I’m like coin and Bitcoin but coinbase does
have pretty high fees they are by far the easiest platform to use if you are a
newcomer that is where I bought my first cryptocurrency ever the first time I
bought Bitcoin one Bitcoin at like $1000 coinbase is where I got it from but
anyways Robinhood 1 million people that’s just really awesome to see just
want a glance over the news guys hopefully that’s it hopefully we’re
gonna start seeing markets pick up a little bit February I don’t know if it’s
gonna happen right away probably closer to the end of February slash beginning
of March is when we’re gonna see you know a potential start to a bullish run
I think a lot of February is gonna be sideways movement I’m just hoping we
don’t see too many bonds it’s a hope we don’t see a dip or anything if this
whole tender thing goes through it could cause a lot of uncertainty in the market
and even worse if the bit for next thing you know if 15x ends up having any
issues they are a very big platform where a lot of trades gonna happen so if
that does happen that would you know cause even more concerns in the in the
whole overall market which might help us enter a bearish market which wouldn’t be
great however long run I don’t really see that
happening Bitcoin is trading at 10,000 we’ve shown you guys a technical
analysis or I’ve showed you the technical analysis last video I don’t
think we are going to go too far down maybe maximum 8000 dollars but that’s
just gonna present more buying opportunities for all of us hopefully
you guys enjoyed this video though I know we’re talking we covered a decent
amount of things right here I hope I didn’t overwhelm you guys but yeah I’ll
keep you updated updated when the whole tether situation when there’s more news
and more confirmed news on the whole tentative situation of course I’m going
to update you guys but yeah guys if you did enjoy the video don’t forget go
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thumbs up guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for
another video

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