TETHER EXPOSED?! XLM ON COINBASE?! Ripple XRP + TRON TRX NEWS! (Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading)

TETHER EXPOSED?! XLM ON COINBASE?! Ripple XRP + TRON TRX NEWS! (Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape we’ve
got another killer video for you guys
full of information today we’re gonna be
looking at has the tether scam finally
been exposed brawls gonna be looking at
stellar ripple Tron and tons of other
news that went on in the cryptocurrency
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first month now let’s jump into some
technical analysis again I’m sorry if my
head blocks some of this from the way
it’s set up right now
I cannot actually see my head and I
can’t move where my head is so I have no
idea what you guys are actually seeing
I’m gonna try my best to keep everything
centered focus first of all let’s look
at this for our candle you guys tell me
what you think of this look at the wick
we have on this side the wick we have on
this side and the tiny body we have
similar to what we saw actually back
here and there was a period of time
where I was noticing every single day
basically pointing it out to you guys
that we were having so many candles that
looked exactly like that and to me that
is a sign of manipulation I think
manipulators are in this market both
with Bitcoin and with all coins being
able to swing the price or directions to
me now the time to be very careful if
you are trading Bitcoin and if you are
short-term trading all points now is a
time to be very very careful with what’s
going on but if we zoom out and look at
what we
see happening don’t forget I have the V
PVR up I wanted to emphasize that
because I want you guys to take a look
at the V PVR and you guys to use the VPP
are for your own technical analysis
especially if you guys are new to it now
what I see happening right now what I
see we had we still have the
consolidation pattern going on right
here I’ve seen with the exception of
this we’ve pretty much been trading in a
very tight range still we see the
potential of the breakout and I think
the touch up here or at least to break
the 4000s get into the 4000 touch the
4000 could bring us perfectly to reverse
up from there so that’s something that
I’m still looking out on one of the
reasons I’m not entering a short
position right now just because I don’t
want to have my stop-loss hit because of
a move up to $4,000 so I’m waiting if we
do get that move then we would then I
will take a look at it and analyze and
see if that is the time for me to jump
into a short and of course I would
upgrade and I would update everyone in
the group on that position and when I’m
and when I make a video I will let you
guys know of that as well but again that
looks good however trading the longer we
trade in this range one thing I am
looking at is the potential of us
forming another pattern like this so
what that means is we had the first job
which we saw over here and then we
traded sideways a lot so we had a lot of
times where we traded sideways such as
this before we have another job and then
trade sideways and then a job and then
trade sideways and then a job right
similar to what we had here in the wedge
before that eventual breakout that we
saw and we went all the way back up to
our so to our resistances over here
after touching the support and then yeah
basically now we might be starting the
same thing again I’m keeping an eye on
it I’m not going to percent convinced
that that’s going to be the case if we
do have a job from here and start to
trade sideways that would be a good
indication that that’s what we could see
again loading up the V PVR we can see
where we have a lot of support down to
this range definitely see a job round
about here before we trade sideways here
again before falling and so forth so one
thing just to keep an eye out on and if
we do drop from here and we trade
sideways that’d be a good indication
that we might be seeing a pattern
similar toll we saw here and even to
what we saw here occur where we trade
down a falling wedge we’re gonna have to
keep an eye on this because again right
now there’s not too much up to you guys
on in terms
the technical analysis because we
haven’t done anything to me my bias is
very very close to 5050 but I am going
to say it’s it’s leaning a little more
towards the move up first before we do a
reverse down from there but that’s just
what I’m seeing so let’s jump into the
overall market and take a look at some
market news first of all let’s take a
look here a hundred and thirty-four just
under one hundred thirty five billion
dollars in mark koep with a 51.1%
bitcoin dominance terms have changed
like I said we saw crazy wicks on either
side in the four-hour candles I believe
it was in a one-hour candle too but
Bitcoin in the last 24 hours has only
actually changed point to 2% pretty
sideways days same can be said with some
of the bigger all coins it’s element
theory I’m up 0.04 percent like coin 0.2
for you know EOS down 0.36 so a lot of
very very small movements still we see
some gainers in the market queue time is
up a lot of almost 25% list like I
mentioned you guys earlier up just under
14 in electro Nia we have oMG Juan Shane
nano finally seeing um some good move in
the upward direction again very happy
with that move and of course if we
scroll on round about half way so it
looks like a pretty sideways day 50% the
green 50% of the red if we do scroll
down the red we see as equine is down
10% that looked like a very big pump and
I believe we even mentioned it over here
that that move did not look normal
Aurora’s down Komodo is down remains
down MOOC is down like I said looking
like a 50/50 split with 5050 it was 50%
of the all points at the top 100 in the
green and 50% in the red indicating and
overall sideways day now before we jump
into the tether news I thought this was
insane a lot of people been talking
about this recently just came from the
European Central Bank official Twitter
where they were answering questions so
somebody asked where did you get the
money for the QE right if they were
asking a question and this was a period
of time I think they were doing a Q&A on
the Twitter and the European Central
Bank was answering questions as a
central bank we can create money to buy
assets if only life was that easy I
would have created money to buy my lambo
would have created money to buy my dream
house would have created money to buy a
lot of things because it was that easy
the central bank they can do that and
what that means for everyone else is
that they created money they can buy
assets that means inflation goes up and
that’s why the dollar is worth less and
less and less and less and less year on
year on year if you look at the buying
power you had with the dollar back in
1920 and compare it to 20 2000 almost 20
20 19 19 and compared to 20 19 that 100
year gap it’s actually scary how how
much depreciate or how how much
inflation we’ve seen and how little
money is worth now compared to what it
was worth back then think about it all
the way back then if you’re making
twenty thousand dollars a year you were
killing it if you kept that in a bank
account and you lived up to right now
you’re broke because that’s worth
absolutely nothing today twenty thousand
dollars don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of
money but twenty thousand dollars a year
you cannot live in most places just a
little thought for you guys just the
process again
what world we live in and how people are
completely blinded either blinded or
just simply don’t know a way out of the
solution of the problem that we have
over here with banks and this is banks
all over the world they simply print
money at will if we like I said if I
could do that and it wasn’t completely
illegal then life would be a lot easier
I wouldn’t have to do anything I could
just print money but unfortunately that
is not how it works now talking about
tether tether silently updated their
terms USD T may not be 100% back by Fiat
so I’m going to give you guys one side
of you are the one side of the argument
I’m gonna give you guys the other side
of the argument gonna give you guys both
sides we’re gonna be able to discuss in
the comments what you guys think is
correct what you guys think is incorrect
so this actually get became big through
a reddit post apparently tether updated
their terms and they said if you
actually go to the official tether
website this is where it is that every
tether is always 100% backed by our
reserves which include traditional
currency and cash equivalents and from
time to time may include other assets
and receivables from loans made by
tether to third parties which may
include affiliated entities collectively
reserves every tether is also one to one
peg to the dollar so one us DT is always
valued by tether at one u.s. dollars so
this are the the guy on reddit the
reddit post said that they’re openly
admitting that they send funds to bid
FedEx they don’t openly admit it but the
third parties that they do of talk about
the affiliated entities that they do
talk about definitely does the same
bring up a red flag or does bring up a
potential of it being Biff next and
people talk about tether manipulating
the market and some say it’s impossible
i 100% disagree tether has a huge amount
of trading volume they definitely could
manipulate the market if that’s what
they wanted to do and if they are
partnering up with BitFenix to do it
like i said it definitely is possible
not 100 cent accusing anyone I’m just
saying it is definitely possible now USD
T is now officially not backed by 100 or
back 100 percent by USD I guess we are
back to trusting third parties running
fractional reserves to run the market
like I said if you go to tether the
official website from tether once it
loads you guys will be able to see that
this was actually on there might be a
little congested the website because
everyone there but that is basically
taken right from here the 100% backed
every tether is always backed them
basically the exact thing that we’ve
read so I wanted to ask you guys this
thought because similar to what we’re
talking about before with the European
well just banks in general being able to
print money and with inflation if they
were to keep all of the reserves in cash
in US dollars in a bank account
somewhere that’s going to lose money
it’s going to lose value over time with
inflation coming in it’s going to lose
value over time with the amount they
have they’re going to lose quite
significant value over time the longer
longer it’s there so it’s possible this
is the other side of the argument that
what they’re doing is investing the
money so that they can not have to
suffer through the inflation they can
still profit similar to what a bank does
where they take your money they don’t
actually have your money in a bank
account they use your money in order to
profit in order to you know this how the
banks make money is by using your money
it’s very very simple the bank’s
business plan take your money invest it
profit off it and then you still have
your initial money they have all the
profit on top of it it’s pretty much
that easy so that is one of the
arguments of course for tether is if
they keep it just the bank counts going
to lose value so they’re investing it in
order for it to grow and to not lose
value but that again seems to benefit
hether more than it does actually
benefit the investor so I’m gonna ask
you guys what you think of the overall
situation the update that they made to
their terms or to their 100% back from
what it was before every tether is
always back to one to one by traditional
currency held in our reserves so one us
DT is always equivalent to 1 USD now
there hasn’t been in we that we haven’t
seen an audit we haven’t seen a 100%
proof that without their bank account we
don’t know what it looks like like I
said it went from being this all the way
to this with a lot more detail so again
raising a lot of overall suspicions but
let me know your guys’s thoughts in the
comments down below right now when it
comes to tether what do you think you
think it’s fair what they’re doing do
you you know do you believe that they
actually have a bank account with the
money there it doesn’t really look like
it but do you guys believe it do you
believe they’re manipulating the market
let me know your guys’s thoughts down
below and if you think it’s justifiable
for them to invest the money it order to
produce more again let me know your
guys’s thoughts down below I’m going be
reading every single answer because I
want to hear what you guys have to think
moving on to specific all corns though
coinbase apparently is going to list xlm
or stellar lumens this is coin based Pro
apparently on Wednesday a blog post came
out that the product will begin
accepting xlm deposits usually what we
see from this is after it goes to coin
based Pro it goes to coin base although
it’s not 100% confirmed that we’re gonna
see XM on coin base at least not but not
the time I’m recording this video I
don’t believe they have confirmed coin
based Pro and what we’ve seen previously
is it goes from coin base Pro to
corn-based but we’ve also noticed a
decreasing and effect of you know four
and all coin to be listed on coin base
especially with all the stuff that that
came out with coin based recently and
their acquisition of neutrino I believe
it was called again we’ll have to wait
and see the stellar had a little bit of
movement but not as much and we’ve seen
some other all coins also talking about
XRP it’s now supported by finances trust
wallets of before by Nance acquired
trust wallet only aetherium was accepted
so now they came in and they’re making
all the major all coins accepted with
Bitcoin etherium XRP litecoin and
unfortunately Bitcoin
cash we’ve also seen cz recently talked
a lot about ripple and
terms of you know talking saying good
things about ripp a lot of people are
saying that he’s now the leader of the
XRP army I believe I saw that headline
he came out and said that that’s not the
case he just supports all crypto
currencies as I’m assuming as long as
they’re not a scam and he sees the
potential in a project but of course as
most people like to do they like to pin
projects against each other which I’m
not too big a fan of I think if you have
a good project you know it’s okay for me
for all good projects to succeed I think
there’s a lot of terrible projects out
there I think there’s a lot of projects
that are going to go to zero and are
going to cost people a lot of money so
that’s why it’s important to find the
good ones find the ones that you know
have actual value like we saw with
engine one that not many people talked
about all the Sun huge news came out for
it absolutely exploded for people who
are invested earlier people gone in at
the right time very profitable trade
over there also Tron dabs are soaring
Tron Rises 207 percent in weekly
transaction volume so again insane news
for Tron continued growth that we are
seeing from this project one that a lot
of people were skeptical is skeptical
about it first but are starting to get
more and more comfortable with the idea
of Tron being a top cryptocurrency and
being a cryptocurrency that is here to
stay if you like or dislike Justin Sun
he talks a lot he tweets a lot he
affects the price a lot with his tweets
but for the most part that aside I’m
looking specifically at the project and
the fact that they’ve actually
accomplished what they want to do they
have big goals which to me is always
good to see in the fact they’re
accomplishing their small goals to get
to the big goal is something else that’s
good and 200% of 200 percent rise in
weekly transaction volume it’s nothing
to scoff at pretty good news for Tron
over here but guys that’s gonna be it
for this video hopefully you guys did
enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
thumbs up and leave a comment down below
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free Bitcoin and of course be subscribe
and have your notifications turned on so
you can check back in to see if you did
win so you can go ahead and claim it but
guys thanks so much for watching I’ll
see you guys tomorrow for another video


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