Sweeping Individual Keys into Coinomi (From a Paper Wallet, Trezor, Ledger or Keepkey)

so this is just going to be a really
quick and simple video that shows you
how to import a single private key into
the coinomi wallet on your mobile and
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cryptocurrency so the number of reasons
why we might do this maybe you bought
some crypto at a Bitcoin ATM or
something like that and it basically
just spat you out a paper receipt with a
private key on it maybe someone gave you
some crypto on a paper wallet as a gift
or maybe you want to access some funds
on a BIP39 paper wallet or
even a hardware wallet for some reason
though it’s important to understand
there are also reasons why you might not
want to do this in that when you sweep
private keys and the way I’m going to
show you with Coinomi you actually
pay a small amount of fees for each
transaction for each private key you
sweep so if you’ve been using a wallet
for some time and have a whole bunch of
different addresses with funds on them
you might actually be better off
importing the entire seed into something
like electrum bearing in mind that when
you import your entire seed like that
you are losing a lot of the additional
security that a hardware wallet or a
paper wallet gives you but there are
some situations in which you’re going to
want to do this so the first step
obviously is to get the coin a me wallet
it’s open source and it’s available on
Android and on iOS and it’s free it’s a
great multi currency wallet good place
to start if a mobile wallet is what
you’re looking for so download that set
it up and make sure you add an account
for the coin type the order sweep into
coin aomi
the next step is to load up your seed in
a tool like ian coleman’s BIP39 tool but
making sure that when you do so you’re
not just using your internet-connected
desktop environment but you are using an
air gap that is not connected to the
internet computer and i will recommend
an amnesic environment so that’s
something like tails Linux that
basically wipes everything every time
you reboot and I’ve made videos that
look at how to set up an environment
like that it’s actually easier than you
think and can be done using free tools
and a USB stick so basically once you’re
in your air-gapped environment you just
want to open up in Coleman’s tool and
punch in your seed and basically if you
have a BIP39 passphrase so again that’s
not this pin number you use to access
your hardware wallet that’s not the
password for ledger live or anything
like that
this is your BIP39 passphrase so if in
leave that blank but for this demo I’m
just gonna use one from some previous
videos I’ve made so basically for this
video we just want to sweep some light
coins so we just select litecoin in
the coin drop down to there’s light
coins so basically we just scroll down
and we get a bunch of addresses now the
only thing you will need to know is what
account type you are coming from so if
you had say a legacy wallet type you’re
gonna want to select BIP44 if you have
no idea this is probably the one you’ve
been looking for if you’ve crypto has
been there for a few years
BIP49 is what’s going to be called seg
wit for most wallets and BIP84 is going
to be what’s called native segue so
we’ll to sweep the bit 44 one for this
demo because the process is the same for
all of them so basically to scroll down
you can see all the addresses you want
and you can basically just put your
cursor over the address and you’ll
actually see a QR code that represents
that but if you move your cursor over
onto private key it’ll show you a QR
code that represents the private key and
that’s what we’re going to sweep into
Coinomi so basically you open the
account type you want in Coinomi
and I basically just click the little
dots in the top corner so sweep wallet
and basically you can choose which
account is going to go into you
basically click the little button for
the QR code and then you can scan it you
just say next and it’ll basically work
out what the funds that are in there
it’ll work out the fee and you can just
say confirm and that’ll actually just
broadcast the transaction onto the
and after a little while that will
appear in your account one important Gotchya
sure you need to know with this is that
when you sweep addresses from a paper
wallet like this or sweep an individual
private key from a wallet basically if
you do that just to spend part of the
funds using coin oh me what’s left
doesn’t just stay on that old private
key but rather will get sent to a change
address in Coinomi so if you do want
to you know return a portion of your
unused funds back onto a paper wallet
you’ll need to select a fresh public
address on your paper wallet to send those
funds back to when you’re done there’s
really nothing else to it so there you
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