Some Bolivian banknotes, beautiful

hello people this is Glenn again today I
just want to show you some Bolivian banknotes as you can see here I have a
few now these ones only go up to 1962 I don’t want to make this video too long I
do not have any of the current banknotes because I think that they are very
terrible anyway the first one is from 1928 it is a one Bolivia and then a
front has Simon Bolivar and if you don’t know anything about South American
history Simon Bolivar Antonio das ad softly these three guys and Doce de san
martin with a free military leaders the help free South America from Spanish
rule okay you can see you have a date here this is the date that it was
legislated to be produced it’s actually not the date of actual printing okay
this is producer Waterloo and Sons in London okay you’ve got the country here
ad it where it’s issue into lapels in Bolivia and everything else is armed
pretty much straightforward okay no farm fibers as you can see here fibers which
used to be the mainstay of anti counterfeiting features cuz before
computers are pretty hard to counterfeit okay on the back you have the coat of
arms of Bolivia just as a mountain a llama
wherever daddy’s and the Sun and the Sun is smiling yeah it’s a beautiful day up
the top is kondal andean condor and his cannons
I look pretty useless in a wartime situation now okay the next slot I have
boliviana is from 1945 and there were actually two issues of a bit different
issues in 1945 by decree on the believe in government and as you can see
the five-and-twenty there is a team battle they have it to be hearted again
and so Simon Bolivar again yeah and has the coat of arms and printed by Thomas
dealer in also in our UK okay if we go down to 100 as pillow roll to a
believers a president of Bolivia I’m not sure on that date okay there’s also a
coat of arms that’s pretty straightforward you have counter fishing
counterfeiting features here you know micro print okay and all this stuff yeah
before printing on computers was pretty hard to duplicate if you had them used
printing methods because yeah the hand is not that good but now it’s quite easy
just to scan and print it okay here is the reverse just a coat of
arms again King Boulevard nonce Bangko Sentral D Bolivia and this is what I
like about is Bank now have a look at that casa de la moneda potosi this is
where the mint is to be in potosi Bolivia and and you can see on the sides
here there then it looks like it’s an 8 Sol coin that it was the silver coin
large one and this one here looks like it’s 400 that’s how I probably know it’s
eight souls don’t worry about the 10-day in a twenty J here that’s assignment all
denominations it has like a palm and also it has a purified air as well
okay on the 100 you can see he just has a row refinery valet more nose wave but
this Bank pack is actually the college beautiful
okay here I have the 1962 issue as bush car bombs Bush was the president of
Bolivia from 37 to 39 these are peso bolivianos which are
introduced in 63 replace about probably Beth fastened to one DC’s sucre when a
military leaders in liberated South America and Bolivia pull Duvall mean and
they’re pretty standard have security features microprinting
all this it’s pretty hard to duplicate back then microprinting okay there’s a
single color so they are pretty beautiful
okay the reverse that’s just the town of Potosi view where you can see a mountain
in the background in this potosi mountain as you can see this is a conversion
right yes pesos bolivianos is des mille pesos 10,000 mil 10000 bolivianos okay
so it’s 1 to 1000 that’s a conversion right okay here has the a column from
tier 1 cool and this is actually big confusion ecological community pergolas
they they know who built it but they’re not sure why that’s pretty much the same
with a lot of ecological features they’re not sure why they built it more
than likely it’s just a religious symbol but something could be something to do
with stars but not too sure that’s up for them find out here’s another
security feature the 50 right now there would have been be hard to duplicate as
well and only 100 we have D this is the Declaration of Independence for these
politicians for Solomon bully virus there’s some way I’m assigning the
Declaration of Independence probably a Constitution or something
like that okay so that is my Bolivian banknotes that I have when I get the
whole series I’ll show you each individual series separately and I
encourage you to actually um get some of these banknotes because they’re
beautiful thank you bye bye

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