Should you Sell your BitCoinPrivate for Ethereum Classic?

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gains tonight a quick video and the
topic of tonight is should I sell my
Bitcoin private and buy eath classic now
I know I’m gonna fire a lot of people up
over this but let’s have a look and see
what’s going on in the market with these
two coins first of all I’m gonna divide
this out and it will snap that all right
so let’s let’s reverse it here all right
so we got Bitcoin private on the Left
eath classic on the right the charts
alright let’s look at Bitcoin private
first well I bought this coin and I had
a lot of great hopes for it and you know
I don’t know what’s going on but this
thing has just gotten completely crushed
I know that we’re in a down market but
it just upset me so bad of how the
launch was handled where all the people
that had their coins on the exchange
were able to sell at you know two and
three hundred a coin because I really
felt Bitcoin private was solidly worth
two or three hundred dollars call it
what you will but I never expected the
price of Bitcoin private to be so
depressed and just completely smashed
now we look over here at the eath
classic so e classic looks like it
topped at like 25 but let’s look at the
all-time aged ath all-time high forty
seven dollars at the high so i guess
my thought is especially with the
announcement of eath classic getting
added to coinbase and that eath classic
in the short term I’m not talking long
term so I would say in the next three to
six months has more upside than Bitcoin
private I’ve held my Bitcoin private for
quite a while since the fork and like I
said all I saw was this thing going down
down down down down it just never stops
going down you know and I don’t know
what they’re gonna do and there seems to
still be problems on the team
and we just don’t know what’s going on
with this coin you know supposedly
they’ve got a great team now and the
listing on the exchanges really didn’t
help the price and yes I understand
we’re in a down market everything’s tied
to Bitcoin I’ve heard this over and over
and over but you know looking at each
classic I do think it is a more
attractive opportunity in the short term
and you know it looks like it’s on a
pretty solid upward trend let’s look at
the MACD let’s see and I know there’s a
lot of people that have been holding you
know their big going private for a long
time so the MACD is crossed the signal
line and we’re kind of on this upward
trend I really honestly I feel like this
coin is going to be good for 30 to 40
dollars easily on coinbase just because
they’re you know when people are left to
option to buy there’s really not a ton
of cheap options on coin base and I
think this is going to be an attractive
option for people that are just getting
into crypto and we really could see this
run not to mention if you have that
stance of block chains being immutable
meaning not changeable you know that’s
kind of the concept of you classic and
that’s the core of youth classic is the
blockchain is a blocking we are
not gonna change it so with that being
said I am definitely pondering and
leaning towards about 75% of liquidating
my Bitcoin private and going ahead and
joining the 8th classic train because I
think this one only has one place to go
up you definitely should do what you
feel is best with your portfolio but I
encourage you to do some research check
out the dis cords see what’s going on
and you know see where the momentum is
but I’m kind of playing this as a moment
to play because Bitcoin private you know
it’s just it’s just moved so slowly on
everything I just don’t know if we’re
gonna to see that one move like it
should have but with that being said I
appreciate watching tonight’s video this
is crypto slow if you’re not talking
gains and we’re not

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