hello guys and welcome back to be true through this video we’re doing another video off should you invest and today we’re talking about ethereum classic should you invest into ethereum classic ok et Cie in twenty eighteen nineteen twenty twenty whenever you have money case should you invest in a theorem classic on based on our information now starting with this one I think if you’re in classic okay overall is one of the great projects that you’re going to actually see in the cryptocurrency world and is worth investing from the get-go but we’re going to analyze some information so we can actually see how profitable our investment would be to hiriam classic without any biased opinions now firstly I believe that why it should be because coinbase okay literally etherium classic is okay coin basis you know I don’t want to say anything more than that okay it’s actually literal like coin basis servant okay it’s literally the financial backing the whole financial backing is from coin base now of course there’s another exchanges okay like finance and others that include hiriam classic but of course coin base is having a lot of coins listed okay and one of them is the etherium classic and that brings potential investors but how do we actually calculate how much investors we will get now this article from November of last year 2017 okay when the bull market happening largest us Bitcoin exchange actually the coin base actually this is article from CNBC added hundred thousand customers in one day after futures announcement imagine if these hundred thousand customers invested two different coins like Bitcoin aetherium you know Bitcoin cash and litecoin you know they invest in two different coins when they when you have a theorem classic it’s going to easily go twenty percent thirty percent fifty percent up on coin based so you’re going to have a really inflated price of here iam classic but at the same time that you know the economies of scale with if you’re in class is really huge you know the profitability margin is really huge okay and I think this is why a lot of people should look into hearing classic and maybe the other coins that are going to get listed hopefully okay not sure of it like ripple or z cash another reason why to invest into human classic now I have two snapshots okay I have one from you know this is from the first January of this year and this is right now okay right this moment on the 4 on the 2nd of September if I’m not wrong okay as you can see theorem classic was 18th place and then if your classic is 15th place now yes maybe some projects dropped off a bit like back ok because their market cap has reduced a bit but fact is if if you’re in classic has some power over the market okay being one of the top 20 coins I believe that is a really huge you know move from theorem classic if they have so much market cap so much you know volume that will help okay to actually fully become one of the top ten coins okay and took the place of it neo now I didn’t take the place off near but it actually became on the 15th place okay this place K a year ago nearly now we’re becoming right here so as you can see there is some reason to invest into theorem classic now here okay I have some you know opinion okay not opinion mostly is fact and it is not as profitable now the reason why I’m saying that is because the percentage of difficulty is really huge now as you can see right here aetherium has a lot of drop-offs and a lot of you know go Goins now as you can see if here iam difficulty is huge okay these are three six nine twelve fifteen decimals here you have about three six nine twelve thirteen fourteen decimal so here there is an extra decimal but the amount of difficulty added to the network is not as huge as aetherium classic so don’t think that at the end of the day I’m going to just say Oh invest into theorem classic you know now it depends on how you want to approach with your classic some people are going to approach through mining combining some etc’ or investing right away which i think is the best way into investing into here in classic now I believe if you want to mind okay coins you shouldn’t mind something that is so hyped up right now because that is potentially going to be so unprofitable because the network has a lot of hash rate okay and you cannot really predict where this is going I mean someday maybe etc’ difficulty will go down because the price would go down or something else so really counting on the difficulty I don’t think it is really worth it and like you’re really investing your GPUs into a theorem classic or etherium but as you can see theorem doesn’t have these huge movements now some might argue okay that you know a theorem has more back in be theory immuno has a bigger potential K has a lot of GPUs on the network but I beg to disagree because a theorem classic is going to keep adding on the hash rate often network and it is going to become nearly impossible to hit blocks so I think depends on how you look onto it if you’re so bullish on a theorem classic you can mine it some people in the disc or channels okay and the score servers that I’ve seen are still mining it here in classic and they’re still bullish on that but as I always say you know have something and at least in here in classic ok at least qet see if not more that’s at least overall but the number one rule is to diversify your portfolio not to keep all the eggs in one basket you don’t know what might happen to theorem classic to any of the coins okay you need to put you know you need to diversify you need to actually change everything so think you guys watching this short video from b20 smarter about should you invest in the theorem classic in 2018 or not okay now if I know like you know you guys have a lot of ideas I know about like if you’re in classic and advantages and you might comment down below and if you want comment it down below that will be beneficial for the people watching this video and beneficial to me so thank you guys for watching this video from big truth and hopefully you enjoyed this video and see you guys on the next video


  1. i like your vids and you deserve more views.. i bought some ela few days ago because i think it is still super good price for such a good project.. still mining etp but etc will also be good when bulls get back

  2. This rumor that Etc dead is a lie. Its a.way to bring thr prices down and that info came out on dec 3rd! Its up a dollar since. So.i dont believe the project is dead? Do you? What are your thoughts..I believe that ETC IS VERY MUCH ALIVE

  3. Its still up trending since dec 3d! Dev team announcment. ETC IS NOT DEAD! CHEAP LOAD AND WAIT UNTIL 2019 BULL MARKET RUN. ETC!

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