1. If you follow the math…

    The fed and the bankers are stealing from us every chance they get.

    Either by changing their ledger or Government Bailouts.

  2. digital can be hacked, cryptocurrencies are a good supplement but without a physical currency your country is going to revert.

  3. steer clear from any national cryptocurrency. you cannot centralize a cryptocurrency. central banks should just accept the fact that they should just die and gone for good. we don't need them anymore because smart contract is already here to provide a trustless mediatary function.

  4. The large banks should be broken back down into regional entities. They are practically monopolies because they act as one. Savings deposits should pay the same interest as the Fed charges or more. Incentivise savings by private citizens and disincentivise borrowing from the Fed. Cap the Fed rate at 4% and allow the savings interest rate to float between 3% and 4.5% from bank to bank. Stabilize the value of the dollar instead of allowing the Fed to constantly devalue the dollar while at the same time restricting the availability. The sooner the Fed is made irrelevant the sooner it can be abolished.

  5. Banks that money launder trillions steal trillions have had trillions stolen and never had a full independent external non-cpa audit? Report card is already in it is a big RICO ponzi fail.

  6. Wrong. There is no such thing as cryptocurrency and isn't every going to be either nor anything digital similar or use in a similar way. These things have been and are a series of crimes and sins from their inception.

  7. A completely digital currency would eliminate financial privacy and give the central bankers total control. I say we go back to precious metals and end the Fed's charter. It's completely unconstitutional.

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