your welcome to the crypto Investidor
Channel always bringing the best
investment in cryptocurrency my name
is Diego and today I bring to you one
a new ICO that is Serenity Financial
Guys, this ICO will moon!
So what is this ICO and what is the project
fantastic that has a lot of potential and has
everything to succeed and will really pump
explain to you what it is
I will explain how to buy’ll talk
to you about an investigation into
that currency to who is behind as will
and what is where is going to be launched, which are
their intentions all right then
please watch until the end of the video
for you to understand how it got
what it is and how to
buy it and how much detail and
important that we need to talk ah I have
tested it
I already bought and is in my wallet already

good guys come so that CNN is the
It is the first single platform
custody for financial markets and
crypto currency their focus is in forex market
so, what did i mean?
I’ll explain quickly
the big market most of the
forex market to 90% not is not
walk properly regulated then
people do trade through the strong
color by mouths that do not that does not have
licenses properly and it ends
going on what you have much fraud
there will put money on the platform and
they end up only paying the money
from there and you have several problems
then it will be the end
problem you run the risk of
lose your money if you did am
investing in any forex broker
or depending on the type of brokerage
also exchange currency and you place there and
they give a stranger you lose your
money within these former indies to
Next will be a platform where
you go
at where
the sec xx brokers fox they will each be
within the serenity platform ok then
they will mediate and this will give the
that ensuring the safety of you
will not be harmed because the money
it will go into custody or is an
another goes ahead will be a third
They are helping you and protecting
investors is bright or explain
everything right because it has a lot
so come on then it is good to anticipate 1
on the 25th accident it began on 25
to show them they have managed to raise 1
Million think has even more stopped
update that is rising so every
minute to go up in this business you want
say look there already raised 1 billion
220,000 US dollars which this very
He is currently with 40% discount
calm I’ll explain everything
at that time here he’s going to 12
cents each perfect token
good come their software ie
or any minimal amount of
storage room is getting
develop the project 2 million
I learned there beat that easy because
they are investing a lot now in
part of marketing
then it will really pumping that goes with 5
millions they can develop and
It is prepared for the whole of the
the raid team of them is 19 million
then reach 19 million for the
routed 100% project with everything
It is developed which come on then eh
uh uh here are the media where they are
betting including the guide
bitcoin bitcoin in the portal has had
also already part of the report already
spoke is also preparing for the
he give this or else the marketing
They are top are advertising in various
places here just to get you and
we returned goal just going quickly
making a summary because it is much
information really their problem in
truth which is
are approximately 30 million
traders around the world
making trading across groups
scolding is edson to rock brokers and and
here’s in the specific case apart from
strong much of the already strong
Crypton accept coins ok because’re in
High then they are beginning to accept
only 90% of these scams do not have no
they do not leave are not properly
regulated which is only 10% only have
an idea the fox market is
buzzing around 5 trillion
dollars a day
people a lot of money then what is
their idea they will want and they do not
create this platform by the way is already
development there is already an mvp one mp
It is the beginning of a project in progress
so he already has something for you to
check how it will work what
tool is already being developed
then their idea is to register the
maximum brook maximum brokers
within the platform and investors
They will invest in this platform
through the few seed that will
be used to pay fares
then they will do all this through
this field management of this to
then extracting them there or brokers
pa / am duly registered within the
their platform does not occur all that
kind of negotiations and investors
will be quiet because then the
You will be regulating and she will
It is controlling the whole process
to have no danger of someone investing and
lost money if by chance happen
a problem with any brokerage firm
cna really it will mediate
that this problem is well founded and
it will return the money here O
broke in the case ended up using the
single investor that here is what
they talk here ok how it will work
exactly what I just talked to mpt
that mp
minimum zte will PROEX which means the
which is the minimum a product is viable
then they have developed this
platform a theme in the case pass by
investors see looking cool
function as it will work the
basically that’s what it is here
when you click the link with us
he sends you for it here
this here will be their platform
where you’ll create more content where
They will have here the the couples will be
negotiated how it will work
the kind condiã the SSD all forex
part of investments you will
want to work then he understood that
from here even if we take the
enter here the forex I see between the fox
Coins that neither here pound O
pound are all pairs
information here so it will be all
registered here is how the actions that
We buy coins which only here
happy they work together with strong
so it’s a perfect gigantic market
cool good works taxed the project has
I said the roadmap them
we are here at this stage and the school
runs until March 7 that then in that
first week
you can buy with 40%
discount or straight pass dates and
discounts is quiet’ll show
in the right moment
finished márcio already have is you go
the exchanges but already has an exchange that
is already listed it is not confirmed is already
listed and that’s where I hit it look me
He left very excited what happened
they listed’m already places when
He started this byte and the nail house began
to buy and has already started selling the latest
sale here O
the last sale that had he
bought 11 here in the case is snt father and is
th the criteria here
the latter has a purchase here that 0.007
gives around 3 dollars and this here and
last sale we had was in the 0 01
19 just to confirm as giving it
hence it rains 11 9 001 10 23 then has
We had also selling it twice
than we are now paying this
Exact moment
then what happened they found it
and suspended freeze agreement with
guys wait at least finish this
oops started making sales and
negotiations nec x hamas will work only
with people batidão father there was only
first it is there the intention
them it is the largest action says the
more tops that you and the world ok
even here I have to they
published even in the video they
put the information what this
O part here that is already listed in
Eurobike everything right and ram and they
They had frozen which froze here
smart says that the contract touch
precisely because of this that it happened
He understood then at least wait
or finish that and then the crowd starts
negotiate but had already negotiated three
dollars in trading 24 cents
fucking is great is a good sign that is
guys are interested and will give it to
make it a money is a great
investment is like a road map them
on here
if all goes well in April lisbon launch
their application to to make the
portfolio in the desktop and everything and
June if there is launching
ActionAid right and so on the project here
of them are long-term
hum in 2020 their project is not
in two years the goal is to have them
surrounding environment to over a thousand
Indexed brokers within the
platform and when that happens will
is Bi or trillions traded
daily then the excellent toquinho
tends to explode
then come on here is very important
how it will work from the data
supply and demand and from
guys tricks siren that will be
what used to’re paying
55% of services will be services
paid with toucans themselves on CNN
shock something much time is it here
suppl guys and what will happen here
um so used to pay the top
companies the ones used dry paa touches
and he had to pay the percentage rate
da silva manager
these stocks do not return to the market
they will be destroyed
so this is what the price at a time
more the idea of ​​this project is to make the
currency leverage increasing your
perfect price 1 to the minutes of the
details have available a total of 400
is it is a low alternate 400 million
It is not a low superpai further
because they are trying to do by
amount of drugs that will work
when the brokers who will work
so this is what the price increase
that’s what I’m more interested in that
here right now it is costing
around 12 cents gives to 0.0001 is
have around 12 cents to aquipa
of the then discounts if seven days
started 25 then goes to the metal day
of 2 if I remember correctly from February to
40a with 40% discount and will fall
falling falling falling until reaching 10%
to zero percent that will
arrive late afternoon the mayor said
already I checked the news where they are
working people they publish too
cool place
part of it is the max Ball show
already have enough partners here are the
media partners portal beach cohen already
bit media left – beach if top
20 with the media also are all here
tops guys here from events and
Victor are doing an event at all
over the place
world to calling for disseminating
bringing the group is working here
Part of the rankings are all well
respected if we look here at
nature is that they are or with note
4 point body 4.3 more team
here that gets me excited that affection
where is the stanislaw bird to open here
because it is beautiful it is a business
we are in life it is the level of heat
siren and clear and also the founder Élcio
the large capital which is a company
International financial services
who have 11 green around 6 billion
ie revolves around 6 billion where
Drive the big company
ceiling 6 billion dollars and they have in
around 300,000 customers spread
the world
then that Russian here has a lot of money and
the project and the project is very promising
very top ott the same excited because
design top
good come of it also was the
other members
the use of flood plains is only weight we do not
You have to talk about the guys
basically this is the great good capital
if you want to go you can
access there
this is his site he works with a
strong binary corruption at the from
investment portfolios them they already
are 10 years in the market awaits
capital has ten years on the market has the
videos are all here for you to understand
what was restless that is what is
behind the surprising ok that most
rain here there is already the largest partner
they just released entered the group
Their struggle is great and they informed
that partner here because death is
which is a partner who joined the
project also they make all from
financial analysis signals
trade technical analysis indicators
all ok everything related to the part of
out what really let’s
peek so here ok then dates
31st excuse speak with us
Wrong started on the 1st and the 31st
of January
in two days 30 and 31 will be with
Ok 40% discount
there then move to 35 and decreases
ipi the rebates is I read several times
then recommend is all right
keep calm
ah I recommend you are beyond
also because it is very important when
you will invest without knowing where
investing and that even though the
domain and saw ok
good let’s get down to business
come on as I do are buying
then touches or for those who want
buy the the link to register here
cgn is in the video description is only
access there and you will make your registration
to enter this platform that I ok
will take a step such as step is that
It does for you is buying then just
enter the link in the video description
good will come on guys they are
ethereal accepting bitcoin
PayPal card
tele net credit as well a multitude of
the ways that you are using
Bank transfer
you need to fill out a form
them so do not recommend it as our
focus here is the focus of the krypton channel
coins so I’ll explain the way
easier than what would be from
Eternite with really and if by chance
someone has doubts as is
making a buying transfer
through the cards or transfer
bank of the Telegraph Group
It is also the link in the video description
the group of the investor and then only
contact me I try
reconcile you doing this purchase
come on simple and will transfer
bitcoin can send so of action
but for you’re buying before
you buy you need to do what
create an account bad time milk
for either an account that accepts rc 20 ok
because the tanks will not be in
the platform at the time you purchase already
goes straight to your portfolio is to receive
20 or your wallet killed lesson
rock and is not here then you already is
you already owns these tokens you will
the zito if you are an bitcoin
taking around 1 to 2 days for them
transfer up was in stereo is on time
I did purchase here bought 833
tocantins just to make a test I
I will buy more for that fashion
I really think she promises will
you have had interest to 3 per
that currency you are paying 12 cents
Now when the end will continue
then having a chance to burst is
great is really good come on then
you then buy through ethereal is
at the time you already receive in their own
portfolio the amount you transferred
then with what works at the time that
you register you will click here
in bytom 15 he will have to ask you and
registering a driver m am is the oil
an ethereal portfolio ok then how
does have to create step by step here
Here is how creating O
as is creating you will by the time
you will accept the terms are not
recording place to be over 18
years you are not an American citizen
because he did not’re able to accept there
you will choose the way you will want to
make a deposit on the inner bitcoin
time you click there it will ask you
for you and it will ask you for you
register your portfolio and you go there
copied to your address puts you
by registering perfect
then just after you do the following
who registered today and put your
portfolio goes to the east if you are
send bitcoin here you can
to simulate a few will send 0.001
to 15 000 tokens ok 0.11 tc will give
around 15 thousand 866 tones
there you click here and it will generate the
wallet to transfer coop it here
and can send only stop where you
It is gone from perfect so on
fall in your wallet is your inside OLED
one to two days is not being
Direct when you purchase with with
bitcoin now if you buy domestic
what will happen
you can not send the action we have
that direct sending of
am I already explained this in my
other videos I always explain any
purchase has already started with the criteria needs to
be sent a portfolio receive is 21
perfect theologian will already generate already ooo
license number for you are doing
the transfer and the minimum for
you are purchasing using bitcoin
the euro dollar is 500 tokens which then
minimal realize that touched 15
for a minimum of ether comparison
sat who have to take a tent at
least tocantins what this purchase
minimum good
basically it is those who have doubt
creating a portfolio is you theologian I
I have two tutorials my channel only
find my channel as do after
the time training as it has has a video
en of the Captiva I did that is like
create a portfolio is oil that is there
just look you will hire and
also appearing here or let
video here so you can see how that that
is to create will have easier
appearing here just this time
good to prove it actually works out
just look at us is that here is the purchase
I had said I did a
Download here the ether contract
he reported that the address is then
only do transfer and has already fallen token
Here I’ve got the perfect token in
time that I got transferred already brought
she has received stocks but needed
configure how it configures very
single time you enter in your
portfolio is to have the ball on the right side
here you get this part here that your
toquinho balance ok
what you will do will give is cost
who will then open the screen you will
put the perfect contract number only
put the contract number to
she set up the symbols and 18 which is the
this amount will be more this
so that only always give him already recognizes
and ready and that I will link here
leave and I will leave it in the description
the video also to facilitate for you
perfect as it does for recognizing
that more that more and more
what else is details you need
It is setting the gas limit
You have to pay at least 70 at the time
did you make the transfer and
I say to try higher also I
recommend is putting 7070 or who is
a bar that is over I will know
doubt generate enough guys I will
post another video of how is
setting aa their largest portfolio of
country recognized and I am who is
also do the same or video will be
as you is the arrow which I now and then
and gazze limit for you is sending
You are already receiving tokens without delay
because otherwise if you do not send the wrong
put enough gas operation
will be outstanding you will not receive
He cited that ok will not confirm this
then operation for those in
difficulty just wait Today I
I will post this video is a perfect
other specific video’re just look
the channel will be available as
is to make this change
good people basically is that I’m mega
excited about the project because ACIU ENIT
it promises and what really excited me
much was the staff already taking interest and
Intelligent already bought aaa 3
3 dollars and less than one dollar already had
Here the various transaction amount here
so that’s what excites me so perfect
eternal in me while I’ll btc
select it etc
already etc.
also had talks here O ok
it was here before they freeze the
contract is for the guys
Most important is the move that
It is interested in people paying more
expensive means that after start
really says sales in action ‘will
pump and detail is that it’s just me and hit
advance in more top issues if it already
They confirmed perfect
good is that those who have had
interest really only register
through my link in the description of
Video there is no doubt we can
Comments or better yet between the
telegraph the group gets easier
You are helping you link too
is in the video description that is
guys this is a project that is what
I’m actually posting are
investing a lot is already advanced here
from development because I
I already have a finger to display the personal
is part of the team have the heat where
It has a lot of money has been working with this for
long ten years in a company
then success is that seed is ok
only then the market will have
competitors the way to solve the problem
a lot of people because it will focus
all white on a platform that’s it
thank you guys for your attention
any doubt just look at there
owner of the channel in the group of the group
investor or posting of comments
and remember this guys Marketplace
Credit coins it is very high risk
then only in a view that you can
really lose something else I do not
I’m financial adviser make it clear
so I only part which is where I
I am investing and my analysis is
what I do
you need to make your own
research before setting where you
They will invest this is how it works
then please research
thank you guys


  1. Fala Diego! Será que isso não foi jogada deles mesmo? Eu já tinha comprado esse token. Fiquei com medo de negociar na Youbit pq ficou meio suspeito galera ta negociando sendo que a ICO ainda está em andamento.

  2. Blz Diegão…
    Tira uma dúvida, tenho valor de Etherium na minha carteira JAXX, posso depositar dela e cadastrar minha myetherwallet para receber os tokens?

  3. Diego, só não entendi ma coisa. Como essa moeda já estava sendo negociada na Yobit a $0,23 ~ $3.00, se qualquer um pode compra-la a $0,12? Obg pelos vídeos.

  4. Na opnião de vocês, qual tem maior potencial, Skraps ou Serenity? Falando em relação à valorização e sucesso.

  5. Deu erro no meu gas está com exclamação mas minhas transferências em ETH pema MEW! O que devo fazer?

    Error in Txn: Out of gas

  6. Bom dia Diego, tudo bem? Me chamo André e me cadastrei e já investi na SERENITY através do seu link, você tem alguma noticia positiva a respeito, pois muitas pessoas estão achando que é golpe ou Scam, não estão conseguindo finalizar, se cadastram e nada, entraram no telegram e supostos administradores estão pedindo um deposito em BTC para verificação de conta, você está sabendo de alguma coisa?

  7. Amigo, fiz um depósito de 0,1 eth e não foi reconhecido. Agora estão pedindo um "depósito de substituição" no valor de 0,05 eth. Acreditei no projeto, mas estou pensando ser scam

  8. amigo diego eu conprei de minha carteira holytransaction
    y conprei 100 dolares como posso recunpera essa plata

  9. Parabéns pelo excelente vídeo e obrigado pelas informações. Pelo que percebo a Crypterium, Serenity e Storiqa estão sendo as melhores para fazer investimentos.

  10. Aproveito para compartilhar uma informação que achei bem interessante. Fiquei sabendo de uma nova ICO chamada Eira Cube. Diz lá no site deles que é o primeiro ecossistema global descentralizado que conecta diretamente os comerciantes do comércio eletrônico aos clientes e vendas offline. Me parece ser muito interessante esta ICO. Vi lá no icobench com uma ótima nota 4,8. Muito bem cotada.

  11.    ….nova carteira wallet criado pelo Bill Gates esta dando 200 dolares , vamos cadastrar , detalhe não esquecam de guardar a chave privada no inicio de cadastro, pois toda vez entrar no site vai precisar da CHAVE PRIVADA E fazer a verificação

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