Sepp Blatter showered with banknotes as prankster Lee Nelson storms Fifa press conference

Sepp Blatter showered with banknotes as prankster Lee Nelson storms Fifa press conference

This is the moment Sepp Blatter was showered
with fake bank notes by comedian Lee Nelson. It was the FIFA president’s first official
press conference since announcing he is stepping down, but was rudely – and hilariously – interrupted.
The British comic, whose real name is Simon Brodkin, walked in front of the head of world
football before throwing a wad of fake cash into the air.
Brodkin can be seen being quickly escorted away by security staff, before Blatter rose
from his seat looking pretty flustered. He was then coaxed back to his seat by an
official. But, Blatter resisted and returned to the podium to say a few words.
SOT: “This has nothing to do with football”.


  1. Simon Brodkin says: This for North Korea in 2026 (twenty twenty-six) while putting the money on his table.
    Then he throws the money…
    If the money wasn't fake, Sepp f*ucker would not cancel the press conference. As you know, FIFA can't risk relationships with sponsors (money shower) lol

  2. stupid old corrupt fart. why would an old man like that be in charge anyway? should be in a home not head of fifa. shows how fucked up fifa is

  3. "Ladies and gentlemen we have to clean here first, otherwise I will not be able to speak to you about football until this money has all been paid into my Swiss bank account."

  4. He's says it has nothing to do with Football yet ironically it's the only part of football he has interest in, not a fan of lee Nelson but he was right on the money this time

  5. His accountant was shitting his pants thinking he was going to make him clean all that dirty money AGAIN.

  6. Sepp Blatter problem is that he doesn't know RIGHT from WRONG anymore because he has being doing WRONG for such a long time now.

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