Sentivate Alpha Network Demo V2 – Windows Version

Sentivate Alpha Network Demo V2 – Windows Version

Let’s start by installing NODE.JS and NPM enviroment
Go through installation and select defaults
Launch NODE.KS command prompt to verify NODE and NPM version
Now we need to download the Sentivate Alpha Network V2
Extract the ZIP folder to a local folder
In a NODE.JS command prompt browse to the project folder
Type npm i to install project dependencies
Type npm i -g nodemon to install NODEMON globally on your PC
Type npm run server to start the local Sentivate Network server
Open a new NODE.JS command prompt to open the browser client
Browse to the Sentivate Network project folder
Type npm run start to launch the browser client
Browse to any site on the world wide web make sure to provide correct prefix
When you browse to a Universal Web site you will see the communication between client and server

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