SECRID Slim Wallet Review and Unboxing | Best Wallets for Men

SECRID Slim Wallet Review and Unboxing | Best Wallets for Men

The wallet, I’m going to show you it’s manufactured in the Netherlands Holland it’s neatly packaged but they’ve not wasted any money here The external part is corrected grain leather This one is described as vintage Brown. It has an abraded surface and wax finish that gives the stone washed look This natural material can be marked and scratched over time which will give it more character and no two wallets will look the same You can choose around 20 different colours and leather types for your Secrid slim wallet Personally I’d like them to offer a non animal products alternative as well It’s not intended to be the cheapest wallet instead. It’s a desirable item made with a lot of care Next we’ll look at the core part the aluminium card protector It holds four to six cards. Four embossed cards or six flat cards in this center part It protects them from bending or damage and more importantly protects your RFID cards That’s your contactless payment cards from being scanned by somebody trying to steal your cards data Almost missed this bit- due to its popularity there are counterfeit products. A genuine one comes with its own unique serial code for online registration After which you immediately receive your certificate of authenticity The outer case allows for storage of additional cards business cards receipts or whatever you can fit Remember that bank cards are better in the aluminium RFID card protector, which acts as your mini firewall The manufacturers say there you can store another six cards in this external part, but they can be a tight fit You have a dedicated crush slot which works really well and allows for any sliced notes Not just the slimmer kinds that you might have in the US for example All of that makes it really practical and allows you to carry all that you would normally keep in a much larger regular wallet All very impressive and I’ve not shown you the best feature so at the bottom of the aluminium RFID card protector You have a lever which you push and your cards are ejected in a fan like fashion allowing for any of them to be Selected immediately. This unique feature together with the security practicality and storage really does make your old traditional wallet obsolete This will be much faster and practical to use when you’re paying for things in a store And if you’re easily entertained like I am pushing the card lever never gets old. The manufacturers say that the mechanism can be operated 250,000 times without any problem which is all the more reason to make sure you get a genuine product the eject mechanism offers another layer of security in that you don’t have to take the card completely out of the wallet to make a contactless payment When you operate the mechanism the part exposed card has sufficient radio signal to cover short distances to pay for your goods but the signal strength will be outside of the reach of digital pickpockets Next I want you to find out whether you can put less than four cards into the center card protector and for them to be held securely It turns out that you can. I tried this with just one card and it doesn’t fall out In fact, the mechanism still works to eject it also Secrid slim wallet weighs 272 g it’s 68 mm by 16 by 102 In a traditional wallet each of your cards are separated by material in between them which creates added bulk. In this clever design multiple cards go into the center part eliminating excess material. This means that you can carry all of the stuff that you already did in a much smaller wallet For similar products to this one please check out my channel for some other reviews. Thanks for watching


  1. thanks for the review, to the point. I have a question does the glue between the leather and the metal case visible, I heard a lot o complaint that the glue comes a bit apart which collect dust and lint form the pockets?

  2. Thank you you for the review. I just wanted to know if its possible to save things like your ID card, driver license, medical insurance card? Thank you

  3. Genuine SECRID Slim wallet ► (paid link)

  4. Would love to support a company from my own country, but too bad they still don't have a cruelty-free version. Good review though!

  5. Beautifull wallet, have it for 5 years now and no problems. The leather will patina beautifull get darker and shiny. The moest important thing is, it's easy to use and the cards are protected. There are a 6 and a 12 card version! Good review.

  6. Excelente video amigo, me encanta que seas unos de los pocos que pone subtitulos en buena calidad y entendíble, con esto nos das una idea muy original del producto en cuestión porque se puede entender lo que estás describiendo, felicitaciones!

  7. How does this wallet stay closed? The mini wallet has a small rope which keeps it closed but not sure about thisone.. Thanks!

  8. I've made and identical one with cork fabric/leather. which is a non-animal alternative 🙂
    Just needed to buy online the metal RFID.
    Easy to make and even though the cork fabric is more expensive than many leathers, it costed me in total less than £6

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