Searching Currency for Cool Notes!

Searching Currency for Cool Notes!

got about 350 dollars in ones to
go through today – looking for star notes and fancy serial numbers any older
notes as well pre-2000 so that further ado we’ll start with the 50 loose ones
first and we’ll loop you in if we find anything cool finished that first 50 had
nothing in it just getting into the second strap here and you know what I’ll
take it 1988 a series serial numbers nothing special
but the bills not in that bad of condition and we always keep anything
pre 2000 so not a bad bill there let’s keep looking alright guys most the way
through this first strap we got our first star note K25985110 serial
numbers match it’s 2013 we’ll have to do a little research and I’ll give you the
print run on that later as well as its rarity well let’s keep looking
alright guys that second strap was a pretty good one we didn’t get any more
star notes to add to the collection but look at the trinaries we got four four
four nine three nine nine nine so we got three 9s and four fours then we got a 54554444 so that’s actually a binary a binary only fours and fives
pretty cool that’d been cool if it was 55554444 but that’s still cool then we got another trinary here with sixes, zeros and nines – six six six zero
zero six nine six woulda been cool if it had been ending with another six six
six and we would have had the two six six six is separated by two zeros and
then we got another pre-2000 bill on 1999 note as well so two hundred and
fifty dollars searched one more hundred dollar stack to go let’s get to
searching putting that last rap guys and right off the bat we got another star
note another uh k-series star note so maybe that’s what we’re gonna get in
this batch matter of fact those are not that far apart we’ll take it though
let’s keep looking just over halfway through that last rap
guys got another start out not in great shape at all and it’s an age series this
time but we’ll put it up there it’s our third star note of the bunch and we’ll
give you an update like I said on all the star notes print runs and rarities
let’s finish this up and I’ll be right back
alright guys 350 dollard in ones searched give you an example on the
rarity and print runs I’ve put this last star note in here it’s part of a 3.2
million print run not rare at all that’s White’s down on the rarity scale same
with the other two they were part of a 3.2 million per one as well so no rare
star notes of the bunch and really not in great condition but I still collect
them so we’ll hold on to him we did get a binary as you saw earlier so that’s
the best note probably of the bunch couple of Trinaries which is always cool and
then a couple of pre 2000 Bills a 1999 and a 1988 series day so that’s the
keepers not a bad not a bad hunt we got three star notes 3
serial numbers that we kept in a couple of old bills 8 finds out of 350 ones
hope you’ve enjoyed the hunt with me if you did please give the video a thumbs
up and as always thanks for watching


  1. I got a interesting star note earlier in change after shopping. Someone tore it into pieces, then tried to tape back together, not very well, but i'm keeping it anyway.

  2. I have no idea how you don't go broke collecting post 1965 dimes, keeping trinary notes, 1983 quarters, post 1965 quarters, and keeping copper pennies…. But nice finds!

  3. Are you going to do something for your 2k subscriber milestone? Also, can you do a video covering all of your stat sheets?

  4. What about Web Notes that you can identify on the reverse, affecting dollar bills from Series 1988A, 1993 & 1995?

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