Samsung Gear S3 – Unboxing

Samsung Gear S3 – Unboxing

Hi Youtube! This is Han and you are
watching Han Unbox Stuff so in
front of us today we have the samsung
gear s3 frontier version and this i
recently purchased this morning and the
some some exclusive store in mid valley
column port so this particular version
is the malaysia version that we have and
as you can see you have you they have
the e warranty do something warranty
which you need to register purchase but
then the particular solo registry for
you just provide them with your name and
the mobile number so and then another
thing you need to take note that
whenever you buy malaysia they have a do
not accept if the seal is broken so you
ensure that the seal is sealed and yeah
okay let’s get unboxing and see what’s
alright well as you feel that uh the
package is very small and simple and see
what’s inside
oh this is tough i should have gotten a
blade rather than to use this jagged so
knife saw n9 to cut this part no and
what’s this called if you know what’s
this called
I think it’s a mini Saul maybe you can
let me know in the comments section
yeah can correct me feel free to do so
and yeah okay wow so alright so as you
can see this is my first time
unboxing it my didn’t operate in the
shop as well and yeah we’re seeing it
together for the first time as well so i
guess this is the the watch and I i I’m
assuming that this is the charging dock
ok let’s just put it aside and see what
we have inside very nice tough plastic
and i’m assuming that this is the
charger alright so this is the sum song
charger which comes bundled dripping
clock on the UK the UK club
let’s see if you can see it is the
output is points7 em so i guess our this
particular charger is going to be really
slow if you would use it to charge any
mobile phones so i guess this is only
put for your samsung s3 inside see I’m
sorry all if you notice my finger here
actually what happened was that the door
slammed into my finger and currently is
still in the healing process
it’s been one now I guess is going to
take another two to three months point
to be fully healed
okay uh just to be safe I don’t forget a
lot of to keep this back better get this
thing and polices
sorry uh
so let’s see what’s inside this is the
quick start guide I guess there’s
nothing much just put everything back
donate the storm this and then
yep alright some solar charger it looks
like a wireless charger i think it would
maybe work together with the if you have
a wireless charger to charge and I guess
it works but not very sure i’ll test it
out and let you guys know and you have a
piece of plastic urish they said throw
it away
yeah so you don’t get this and more
stickers who very creepy
so I guess all charges your phone at
your watch doesn’t slide when you’re
charging the phone on the side and here
you have it the gear s3 frontier edition
man this is fairly heavy i have the
model tree succeed the first generation
and also i have the second-generation
over here to compare if you want to
as you can see adding both is some
spotting 46mm if i’m not mistaken i will
need to check this arm if I’m if I
wanted to check this again to be sure so
alright this is the unboxing I guess
this is all the accessories will have
all hold on
always sorry so apparently there is a
strap over here which is small
I didn’t know that didn’t notice that as
oh yeah guys are for those in malaysia
when some song here when some launch
this frontier of us three frontier and
classic in malaysia they were doing a
promotion where you can buy the gear as
free and then you get extra additional
stress which is the orange color and the
green color one the military style and
also a box to keep the watch however
because i missed out on the promotion
therefore i did not get the ARM version
so yeah this is the one the the default
strap that which you will get when you
buy the ps3 in malaysia are not that the
malaysia version does not have LTE so
yeah and i’ll do another video on the
i’ll do another video after my food test
review comparing of this particular
watch how do i because all the while
i’ve been using android where and now
moving on to tie them so let me see how
it goes and then i’ll get back to you on
my second video if you have any
questions or any comments feel free to
post below i’ll try my best to respond
get back to you on it and I see you in
the next video thank you for watching
guys subscribe thank you


  1. Check for me anyone have done in Cantonese or Mandarin version in Malaysia ? Invite me for duet video shooting…haha

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