RX Vega Powerplay Mod for Ethereum mining 40-44 MH/S (Low power/Low Heat/Stable clock)

RX Vega Powerplay Mod for Ethereum mining 40-44 MH/S (Low power/Low Heat/Stable clock)

Hello In this video I will show you my PowerPlay Mod
Fist I will show you the settings you need to choose
You should set the memory to the max you can
but every card have a little different HBM so some do more and some less
My cards can do 1105mhz without no issues so I will use that
This is something you need to check yourself before using this mod
Also please note that this mod is not meant to be used for playing new games
They would most likely crash.
I can play some games even while mining with this mod but not at max settings
Also you would have to use powerlimit 50% to play a game with this mod.
In this video I use the AMD Blockchain driver there is link to download in description of this video
Now to the setting used.. You have to set powerlimit +50% initialy or your memory will most likely not overclock
It is because of very strict power limits
For example powerlimit +50% on my liquid cooled card is about 550W
but not with this mod ofcourse with it powerlimit +50% is about 100W
thats why you need to initially boost it if your memory doesnt want to overclock
once you start mining and you see that your memory is overclocked and stable you can lower powerlimit again
Now you can see that I am mining at 1042mhz core clock and 1105mhz memory clock
Cards are undervolted and very power restricted right now
I cant tell now much these card consume right now because I dont have power meter but there is almost no heat generated by my pc now
but its definetly many time less than I could do with stock setting or stock powerplay provided by AMD!
Most tools dont work very well with the blockchain driver so its very hard to modify anything
But this mod work absolutely flawlesly with almost nothing required to do by user…
Now as you can see in this video Iam not hitting 44mhs but its because I am using 2 monitors and recording both gpu are in use by other programs than just the miner
normally the hashrate hovers between 43-44mhs very stable
I will put a link to description where you can see my statistics how I mine with these cards on ethermine.org
By their settings the cards should be limited to about 40W each but I think they use most likely like 55W from wall the way I use them in this video
As you can see the clock speed on both memory and gpu core is absolutely stable and heat output by core is minimal
Core temperature equals temp of liquid coolant used in gpu
the liquid is heated mostly by HBM and thas what you should look for.. HBM alone can be very efficient
the gpu core runs at lowest possible voltage to be stable and to keep stable clock speed at levels that does not affect your gpu mining capabilities!
As you can see the clocks are absolutely stable!
If you want this mod send me a message through this youtube channel
You will have to donate me with some ETH just anything 2 dollars maybe just to appreciate my time I spent making this 🙂
If you mine with VEGA at 150-250W this will save you lot money even with just one card.
Also there will be no bios mods because its not editable so optimalization of power play is the best way to make vega efficient
I dont think that there will be better mod available anytime soon if any at all
Also I am looking for someone with power consumption meter so I can verify the power draw if you have it and can make a video please send me a message!
If this mod works as intended there should be 0.8-0.9 MH/W which is absolutely insane and it would put VEGA as the best eth miner ever!
Nvidia cards have efficienly around 0.2-0.3 MH/W !
I will make second video and upload it within few hours as a proof
In next video there will be 10min footage of miner that is 4-5 hours runing and stable
some people might say that this video shows only first 10 minutes of mining and then anything would happen but cards are very stable
My cards are runing fans at 500-650 rpm and never hit higher temperature than 58C!
fans are barely spinning but I have to point out that they are on liquid.. its the Sapphire liquid edition
The rest of this video is just more screen time of miner and I am showin more gpu-z stats and amd wattman stats
Just to show how stable it is..
See you soon in next video!
Read video description for more info and for link to other vega mining videos!


  1. Is this legit or fake? It just doesn't seem possible. Rx 470 should do 30 mh at 40 Watts at wall then but they do around 100 Watts. Can you upload video with wattmeter please? I would like to belive you very much.

  2. I have a wattmeter and a Corsair HX1000i with a built in power meter. I will run it tomorrow after work. Its on my test bench now and I do get around 40 to 44Mh/s but I get GPU has exceed temperature warnings now and again (vega 64 rpm on fan is 1715). Will play around some more. Its currently pulling 366w at wall with 93% eff. so 342w out. But I am also hashing with rx480 at 29MH/s on it also. I will pull the RX480 and redo the test and post. Thanks again.

  3. get a p3 wattmeter to prove your point. for all we know you are simply editing the tach readout and the wattage is not actually that low. If this is legit and the wattman meter proves it. Kudos man – you broke the mold if so!

  4. You can now download this PowerPlay mod from this link for free
    Please note that its only for Vega64! and make sure you read the readme first! All instructions for install are in there.
    EDIT(24.10): Added info to disable Crossfire and use -dcri 1 when you mine ETH only

  5. This mod doesn't work with latest drivers ( 17.10.2 ) I have just tested it. But you can reach 46-48mh/s on those drivers without any mod because you can overclock memory higher I have managed to get up to 1215mhz on memory but its very unstable and it most likely use much more power. So I went back to blockchain driver again. Btw I have tried to update this Mod to work like those new drivers and it worked but only for minute then gpu drops to 0mh/s.

  6. Hi, i installed the 64 flash on my radeon 56. I'm using the settings you presented on the video but my board is getting only 32 mh/s
    I installed the blockchain driver.
    Could you help me?

  7. Did you use the Vegaliquid Bios on the VegaAir cooled Vega?
    Could you provide the Sapphire RX Vega 64 8 GB BIOS (regedit File) for the Air cooled in the download description when I download it, the file gets downloaded as .ROM

  8. I tried this mod on the Vega 64 and getting around 43mh for ether. Temps are around 65c but that's lowered when I keep the fans spinning around 2500 rpm. Gpu chip power shows around 10w usage as opposed to the 150w.
    That said, I understand that this reg mod is only for Vega 64 yes? But, will it work on a Vega 56? (thats flashed with Vega 64 bios)

  9. Hey Tomas, will this reg mod work on custom Vega 64 cards?, say like the ASUS Strix Vega 64? Or it's only for ref models.

  10. Hi Tomas, I have Vega64 but the Gigabyte OC 8gb version and when I apply your regedit it freezes my rig when I try to mine. Other rigs where I have Vega64 Reference card is fine. Can you make me a regedit for this version I can send you bios?

  11. Hello good Morning
    I'm only getting 26 mhz on Vega 64 in this pool. In the pirl pool it obtained 38 mhz. I sent to my email [email protected] the amount that you charge to help me with my vega 64 from Gigabyte. Thank you

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