Russian Military Police Moves To The Syrian-Turkish Border as 1st phase of Putin – Erdogan Deal

Russian Military Police Moves To The Syrian-Turkish Border as 1st phase of Putin – Erdogan Deal

The Russian military police together with the border service of Syria will begin to patrol the Syrian-Turkish border this afternoon.
Units will facilitate the withdrawal of the Kurdish forces and their weapons 30 kilometers from the border, including the cities of Manbij and Tal Rifat.
5 days are allotted to this process.
This deadline is set aside in a memorandum of understanding between Russia and Turkey.
It was signed following talks between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi.
After that, Russia and Turkey will begin joint patrols west and east of the operation area Peace Springs, except for the city of El-Kamyshly.
Vladimir Putin informed Bashar Assad about the results of the negotiations over the phone.
The Syrian President supported the agreed deal.
The deputy of the committee on international affairs Vladimir Dzabarov thinks that the deal agreed in Sochi is very important.
In my opinion, the deal and the meeting is sensational.
It is clear for the whole world today that without Russia, solutions to the Syrian crises and in general of the Middle East issues are not possible.
Only with participation of Russia.
It is because only Russia managed to firstly stop the Turkish military offensive against Kurds on the Syrian territory,
In addition, all military actions in the north of Syria will stop.
And both leaders of Russia and Turkey confirmed the preservation of territorial integrity of Syria.
And told that they will fight any kind of separatism. This is very important.


  1. Lmao "russian peacekeepers" now that's just a big lie right there 😂 idk why are we even friends with syria they're a terrible ally and weak too

  2. Queation : Do you want peace,friendship,help,idea
    Answer : Go to Russia and not anywhere else !!

  3. Great news!! But we also have to thanks president Trump for allowing it. In spite of his country not having the right to be and being not only warmonger but also war criminals.. he coould still said no and keep bombing.. killary would have done that. Although, criminal usa gov still steal syrias oil.

  4. ¡¡ TRANQUILOS !! . . Vladimir tiene Todo bajo Control ! . . y Turquia sabe que ISRAEL es el Enemigo ! . ¡¡ VENCEREMOS A ISRAEL !!

  5. Esasen Türkiye ve Rusya birbirini kollayan iki dost ülkedir. Çünkü artık ne dünya eski dünyadır, ne de yönetici lider kadrolar eskisi gibidir. Artık insanlık bir araya gelip zemin yüzünü pisliklerden temizlemek için uğraşıyor.İnsanlık, aslına islama ve yaratıcısına ulaşmaya çalışıyor ve bu mutlaka gerçekleşecektir Allah'ın izniyle🇹🇷🇷🇺

  6. Well… Why should be russian soldiers on Turksh borders?
    This Kurds are just separatists, their plans has everything to go wrong. Assad, Illuminate them.
    Don't kill, don't help. But Illuminate your people.

  7. God bless Russia, savior of the world.. If Russia was not on planet earth, devil USA and Israel would have made planet earth hell.

  8. It just keeps amazing me.
    While other jerks continue to antagonise and make passionate enemies Mr.Putin has such seems to be natural easiness to make more friends all over the world .
    Now imagine a these days world without his mighty contra power.
    This beautiful blue pearl in the magnificent universe goes wasted by few jerks with their perverted desire to kill and destroy all what's beautiful and worth dying for.

  9. Peace is always better than war, except for Washington. Washington loves war dollars while crime and poverty are all around DC.

  10. I’m gonna laugh so hard when another war happens in the Middle East and the Russian media is gonna not take responsibility

  11. Question: do you want a calm and measured life and an environment of kind and sympathetic people? 
    Answer: going to Russia 
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  12. Much respect to Russia for its pure and God-fearing people with their, equally, God-fearing and amazing leadership, Ameen❣💐💐💐💞💞💞💞🌻🌻🌻

  13. Putin and Erdogan have been negotiating for 6 hours, imagine the difficult this negotiations. We cannot imagine the responsibility Putin has assumed.

  14. Good and while we’re at it lets withdraw all US troops from Iraq Iran Afghanistan etc also and let Russia handle that too. I’d love that so much. We shouldn’t die for anyone’s country. Fix ya own shit. And that’s for everyone.

  15. Russia listens to weaker nations and takes their interests into consideration while USA attacks weaker nations and take their resources.

  16. If Putin can bring order in that area and not waste lives of his military then I say bravo! Imo the whole Arab world is totally amorphous you push in one side and it bulges out on the other. The amount of dissension produced in that region is truly biblical in proportion. Let's see if the boss can bring order out of chaos.

  17. Dirty plan Regime from Washington:


    Currently, NATO exercises under the name Steadfast Noon are ongoing, during which Alliance countries are training the use of American nuclear weapons, stored in Europe, including B61 fusion bomb. Exercises take place at the Büchel American Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. as part of these not overt maneuvers, the armed forces of NATO member states are practicing "the use of fighters that could be equipped with nuclear weapons in the event of war." according to military experts cited by the dpa agency, among others, the practice of safely transporting bombs from an underground warehouse to an airport apron and suspending them on aircraft. Practice flights also take place. in the exercises participate, among others stationed at the Büchel air base in Eife, the German Tornado fighter combat aircraft belonging to the 33rd Tactical Air Force Squadron. German air forces train nuclear scenarios with NATO partners. It is widely believed that Americans have a B61 nuclear bomb magazine on this base, but this has never been officially confirmed. According to a German agency, similar exercises of Tornado aircraft were observed this past week at the Volkel base (Netherlands). to repeated questions from members of the German parliament, the German authorities said that they had no insight into the armament of US units stationed in Germany and did not know where and how many nuclear bombs Americans had in Germany. there is widespread talk of similar depots of US nuclear weapons in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. German experts believe that Americans hold about 150 nuclear bombs in Europe: 20 in bases in Belgium (Kleine Brogel), the Netherlands (Volkel), Germany (Büchel) and Italy (Aviano and Ghedi), and 50 in the Turkish base Incirlik [ 13]. they also point out that the US is conducting a program of deep modernization of B61 bombs, after which they are to be much more accurate and effective. Initially, information about the Steadfast Noon maneuver scenario was missing. Nuclear expert Hans Kristensen, head of the Nuclear Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), noted that maneuvers began shortly after the arrival of American B-52 bombers in England: "This will not be considered an accident, at least through Russia "He said.and so the B-52 bombers are training … dropping nuclear bombs in Crimea as part of these non-public NATO exercises.

    These exercises result from the tactical US plan – the future nuclear attack on the Kaliningrad Oblast (partly with the participation of Polish aviation). it is to take place in the first minutes of the war with Russia. After this attack, Polish armed forces, armored troops, etc. are to enter the battle, etc. In Russia's response to the above one should expect a retaliatory attack, after which memory will remain after Poland. and again Poles (who survive on the Antipodes) will be able to celebrate their moral victory … .. In Russia on these topics (US strategy and tactics) says min. General Siwkow and others, e.g. in the cyclical program of Dushenov.

    NATO aka the USA is no longer hiding with planned attacks on Russia. in the spring there will be the apogee of such exercises, the US pulls to Europe on the border with Russia as part of maneuvers – 20 thousand. soldiers + another 17,000 – 19 countries from NATO. of course, with Poland at the forefront. as we add to this the US units already stationed on the border (about 6,000 soldiers), which are exchanging the US as part of the rotation – we have the scope of these American war games under the nose of the Russians. serious military experts, including from Germany, they are seriously afraid of not even conventional US-Russia war, and nuclear war. On the other hand, the Polish authorities scream with delight, ignoring the tragic consequences of such wars for Poland ..


  19. Putin is the mediator between conflicting parties. It's a hard choice to land on but Putin carries it like a boss. Bashar Assad and Tayyip Erdogan have someone to mutually trust. They are still at war with each other but with Putin in the middle hopefully they'll become allies again. Time will tell. May Putin live long enough to make that happen..ameen.

  20. So trump pulls Turkey sanctions, Russia forms very strong economic and defense pact with Turkey, Russian oil is sold by Turkey, Turkey gets paid, Russia gets paid, sanctions on Russia amount to nothing.

  21. Remember why Americans are here in Syria: Countering terrorism.

    But the truth is that ISIS was created by the United States in order to sow wars to sell weapons and rob oil resources.

    If you want true peace, seek Russian help !!!

  22. Good job President Trump and good job President Putin.
    Well done you two awesome Presidents.
    God bless you both with continued successes.

  23. Well Putin gave Kerdogan what he wanted. Kurdish rich ground of oil to save his shit economy and removal and genocide of Kurdish people. But God is just, he will avenge us sooner or later. Watch Turkey crumble in sanctions soon.

  24. Putin is the living truth and word hallelujah…please grant me happiness and prosperity with your everlasting Putin wisdom Amen 🙏

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