Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash: “Adam Back non crede veramente in LN”

Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash: “Adam Back non crede veramente in LN”

everybody we are here in London today’s at 15 CC for room all I have to say we are here with a very special guy I don’t know everybody of you I think who knows this guy so welcome Roger ver the chairman of the kind of comment very very very much so thanks to stay with us are you glad to be back yeah it’s a very sunny day today is that unusual yeah exactly your eye alright so thanks to eight times very much so let’s just start with some very few questions you know you’re gonna have a debate very soon together with more ever be any friend today afternoon to be imagine together with it so can I get so sometimes I comment I’m looking forward to this it’s about an hour actually by Mayan tempest and then up at the Bitcoin cash wall and show him first hand by using cryptocurrencies just how amazing they are I find that most people that don’t like crypto currencies are the ones that have never tried using it once he’s tried using it and we see how amazing and fast and useful and lovable it is then you become advanced so my goal today is to make Rivini a fan of principal we open we have to say we’re very very open minded to see what is going to happen thanks.thanks about it so another question who else would you like to have animations at futures yeah we just did get supervised to that we two devices new one coming right now today we’re ever be any what about next one so I yeah I think other people enjoy watching the debate more than I enjoyed doing debates what I would like to see and there’s been more than $100,000 pledged the charity of Adam Beck’s choice if he debates dr. Peter Eisen on the Lightning Network I would love to see the debate between Adam back and Peter Eisen on the Lightning Network and again $100,000 worth of a bunny has been offered to be donated to the charity of Adam Beck’s choice if he does that debate and so far he’s have been avoiding that or denying it for not willing to do it come on Adam $100,000 to the charity of your choice to debate dr. Peter rising on the Lightning Network ah what are you scared of if you’re confident in the Lightning Network you can debate them and give $100,000 to the charity of your choice the only reason that you haven’t so far that I can think of is that you know that Lightning Network can’t stand up on its own merits and that’s where you’re avoiding doing the debate there’s no other reason that I can think of so please prove me wrong Adam by about it’s true a true nano questions you know and I’m Timmy gold we talk about futures unbeaten cats can you give yourself some insight about what age will be redeemed in 2019 and what it’s going to be a lot of the future yes so there’s a great exchange in Hong Kong called coin flex that already has big bling cash futures and complex is doing a large amount of volume in fact other goal is to pass bit next in terms of total volume each day so coin flex based on Hong Kong we would love you maybe you cannot say anything in the moment love to offer it at some point on the exchange over Bitcoin calm as well oh good good to know about it good to know good so and of course we’re gonna be pink cash you know there is a very good cash so give me the coin roll we remain daddle stores of value while between cash bukoza is to get them and matter with about it I think people that think that something can be used only as a store value without some other use case or confused and haven’t studied economics so in order for something to be used as a store value it has to have an additional use case outside of only being a store of value so the whole narrative that oh that claims only going to be used to store value that’s a bunch of economic nonsense and so even if you look at it in the world cash has a much bigger market captain Gold’s a bit point poor BTC wants to be gold digital gold and Bitcoin cash wants to be cash for the world the upside is so much more for the quick cash than DC so I’m super bullish on people in cash no matter how you slice that I think that point would be very very interesting today and regarding us about this topic do you think that both cryptocurrency become a frank – will coexist in two different goals they already have been coexisting for over two years now so I think that whether future I think in the future because Bitcoin cash is so much more useful in actual commerce for actual payments I think the market cap in the price of Bitcoin cash will surpass the market price of Bitcoin for in the future we don’t know if that’s going to happen tomorrow or next year the year after but at some point that’s going to have to have dick when cash is so much more useful Bitcoin cash is already the second most popular cryptocurrency in the entire world for payments more than aetherium more than – more than you know like pointing the earth and everything else other than BTC but there’s already more physical shops accepting the coin cash in our physical shops accepting BTC and of the physical shops way more payments happens with Bitcoin cash the b2c I think we’re gonna say to see the same thing happen for online shopping as well in the future what about a seraph item for Bitcoin would you think about that huge fermion it has the name and brand recognition of Bitcoin but it doesn’t have any of the characteristics that made it popular to begin with so I think at some point Bitcoin cash has been surpassed by market share and market adoption and market cap as well and what are the next steps to increase the adoption of the next step sort of makes more more tools to make it easier and easier for more more people to use it as money we built a fantastic example that over its freed optic coin calm anyone can get some free Bitcoin cash without having to do hardly anything at all on chain right there directly to their wallet but no permission either from anybody sadly that’s no longer possible on the thing that everybody’s calling didn’t win today because it’s big quite a name only the big bling cash is the one that actually made everybody excited about the crunch from 2009 until 2015 the cash has those economic characteristics fingers crossed of course and so for example you know where are the next objectives for the team you know the objectives yes to make it soft real problems for real people in three people’s lives if Bitcoin cash or cryptocurrencies are more useful than PayPal or Visa or Bank of America nobody’s gonna switch so we have to make big win cash and any cryptocurrency better than the traditional financial alternatives that people have out there and not just a little bit better they have to be a lot better otherwise people aren’t gonna bother to switch also really to this because it’s very important to whatever projects based on the beat can catch blockchain that you are more interesting all siffredi do math about the one I’m really excited about right now is we have anonymous fair share of tokens on big blank cash they can receive dividend payments right there on change so in human history we’ve had dividends and we’ve had anonymous bearer shares we’ve never have anonymous bear shares that can also receive dividend payments so imagine tokenizing anything and then paying the dividend payments right there on chain to anybody in every wolf buddy worldwide doesn’t matter young or old black or white you know rich or poor between cashes for everybody and this anonymous fair share is the dividend payments it’s such a big deal so if you’re not aware of it go on YouTube and search for bitcoin cash dividend payments and there’s some videos explaining it I think it’s one of the most exciting new inventions in all cryptocurrency in the last couple of years it’s very interesting and you know a last point recently there’s no memory there’s the garage yeah as a new ceiling Roger the company have been as you know people determine of the project that you are cooperating for every marine oh yeah yeah we’re married exactly so what we gonna checks back with this new appointment and with these new people new and stiffer rocks what name very common project that way with both of us at the helm here we expect to make movie even faster and build even more tools and board option and we have a lot of really big enough announcements about fiscal jobs tens of thousands of this push ups it’ll be accepting between cash and cash custodians for payment by physical shops in the real world and in large part that’s thanks to Stefan trust in his activity so what I have to say Roger thanks for your time good luck to you and Steve for me nice to say French is better for autonomy as presenter grew that’s all thank you very much we see if you wanted black to out anything get your free Bitcoin kashyap free Bitcoin calm it’s easy okay let’s do let’s have a check it to about it thank you have a good day bye bye bye guys


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