1. There is no payment problem, banks work fine dont need ripple or etherium at all. Bitcoin is insurance for Trump crash.

  2. Fucking scam, 100,000,000,000 planned for circulation, 38,000,000,000 already pre mined. It will never be over a couple dollars.

  3. the banks are going to be laughing at everyone who buys the XRP token……. ripple is only selling the banks the technology behind rippple and the xrp token is NOT linked. the banks WILL make their own tokens once ripple has paved the way making the payment channels. (the way i see it is ripple is literally making roads while the banks will be making the cars,. once there are roads connecting everyone to eachother there will be no need for the xrp token)

  4. Ripple is nonsense. Not the same as Bitcoin. No native (inter-bank) transactions apart from some rumored 'testing'. In contrast, bitcoin has 350k daily confirmed transactions.

  5. Transparent? Blockchain transactions are transparent. That does not mean anyone should give away their privacy. If Ripple wants to respect the privacy of their clients, then they should be able to. This lady doesn't have a clue to what blockchain is.

  6. Ripple is the BANKERS VERSION of Bitcoin. It's all controlled by big banks, much like Stellar. Wake up folks, I called this a month ago on crypto chat channels.. ripple i called at 23 cents, now its 3.20, more than 1000 percent gain in 3 weeks. Also I called ripple coming to coinbase at the same time.. protip, watch Stellar (Ibm is spending thousands of dollars a day with servers in more than 3 countries doing crypto mining for the Stellar coin. And Stellar is actually being used by big banks and is CHEAPER THAN WESTERN UNION. THey are undercutting the cost of transfer of Western Union, a billion dollar money transfer company. Wake up folks, smell the coffee I just brewed you

  7. AVOID RIPPLE: Bitcoin is like storage digital gold However, stay away from ripple its not even a crypto currency it's a bankers coin google videos explaining why.

  8. Ripple XRP has huge potential, if the announcement of the payment transfer companies are Western Union, Moneygram and Paypal, expect the price to hit $5.00 easily. HODL People!!!

  9. I have XRP, LTC, and BTC wallets but since I am not 18 yet I can’t do anything with those wallets on any platforms which I think is ridiculous Because I really love the cryptocurrency community. I kinda hope someone can shoot me some XRP or part of BTC or LTC tbh 😭😂I’ll shoot my address to you if you guys are willing

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  11. Ripple is not NOT a cryptocurrency. It's a centralized digital currency they create out of thin air. You've been warned

  12. It is all about Ethereum ETH. KIK Messenger has the KIN token and now we have Telegram looking to ICO. I assume many more big players to follow. 2018 is the year we separate the amateurs from the professionals in CryptoFinance. https://cryptovest.com/news/exclusive-telegram-ico-ton-roadmap-and-gram-token-price-leaked/?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_feed%3BZw3r6j7AQCO6Byq1kQd7kw%3D%3D

  13. Long Island Ice Tea Blockchain is probably a more legitimate play in crypto than XRP. Ripple is a total scam coin that will be rendered obsolete just like those financial intermediaries. 100 customers that will get amazoned…. XRP is a terrible terrible investment.

  14. Irregardless of any developments in Ripple, the currency needs to disappear if for no other reason than Ripple embodies everything that the cryptocurrency revolution is against. If you're investing in Ripple you are literally selling out crypto's future for immediate gains.

  15. If anyone is willing to donate some bitcoin. It would be greatly appreciated…. I am broke

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  19. Is BITCOIN a scam? Is RIPPLE a scam? Are ICOs a scam?

    Nations no longer print money and do not even have a gold reserve to guarantee the debt, but they borrow it from central banks that are private companies.

    A nation without central bank loans collapses. Currently only 3 states in the world do not have to ask for money from a central bank: Cuba, North Korea and Iran. These nations all have problems with international relations.

    As long as an exchange is under laws, no cryptocurrency will really be decentralized. The exchange must adhere to the laws of the state in which it is based, and the state needs central bank loans. How long will the exchanges stand up? Why central banks allow the development of competing currency?

    All reasoning falls if in reality Satoshi Nakamoto is not just a fancy name, because we need a name to associate with an invention and if the cryptocurrencies is a simple system designed to create a single global currency. Personal opinion of course

    Bitcoin is a scam? Is it a Ponzi scheme?

    Bitcoin is purchased with fiat currency (Euros, Dollars,..). The money that the bank lends for example for the purchase of a house is nothing but an electronically created input, a number that the bank writes on the customer's bank account. If the client does not return the equivalent by paying the loan installments with money deriving from work, the house is distraught. In practice with the simple loan of a number, at worst, who emits it earns a house, at best money + interest as the result of real work.

    So is bitcoin a scam? It depends how you consider the creation of money with which you buy the bitcoin. Is it a Ponzi scheme? Same as before.

    Then if the bitcoin were to reveal a system designed to create a single global currency …..

    And the blockchain? Everything will be "Scheduled" in every detail ….

    And if it the problem for banks was not the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies but NOT the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchains?

    On the contrary, I’m evaluating the projects in a similar way to the stocks.

    Personal opinion not financial information.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeTvQGPkaNU

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