[QTUM] How to buy QTUM using Coinbase and Yunbi (Bitcoin/Ethereum)

[QTUM] How to buy QTUM using Coinbase and Yunbi (Bitcoin/Ethereum)

hey guys today I’m going to show you how
to buy QTUM using coinbase and Yunbi – QTUM
very unique features and let me briefly explain to you what those are here we
look if we look at white papers from QTUM we see that QTUM is using ethereum virtual machine as well as UT XO from Bitcoin this the reason why people
say it is Chinese version ethereum and this is the reason why
people are so interested in if we look at the graph since April 27th it was
only about twenty Yuan which is about three dollars and now it has to be
increased up to ninety yuan about thirteen dollars and now let’s dive
straight into how to buy it. it requires four steps by a Bitcoin or Ethereum from
coinbase and send Bitcoin Ethereum into yunbi and then sell Bitcoin or Ethereum into Chinese Yuan and lastly buy QTUM with Chinese Yuan. First you
need to create an account from yunbi and coinbase this pretty simple
you just click in sign up and create an account. since QTUM has not been
released in the main net it does not have the wallet. this is why its only tradable in
Chinese Yuan. so first you have to buy Bitcoin from coinbase and type in amount
you want buy it and then send it to Yunbi here you need the wallet address from
Yubin so go to Yunbi website press deposit next to Bitcoin or Ethereum
whichever you bought and copy the address and send it. it takes about
20 minutes to 6 hours depending on the stability of the server and once you
succeed in transferring the Bitcoin, it will show this check mark and make sure
you check there’s a the number has been increased next to BTC and now you have
to sell it into Chinese you’ll first click and trade and this tab will pop up type in the price you want to sell and
the amount you want click sell BTC once you set in trading you will see the
number has been decreased and you will see that here are Chinese you’re in here
and with those Yuan earnedm you have to buyQTUM and this is how you do it press QTUM in this tab type in a price you like to buy and amount
you want buy and press buy. if you succeed in trading you will see the
number here next to QTUM which means right now have 125 QTUM in my
wallet and that’s pretty much it thank you for watching and see you guys next


  1. Nice video. Can you do a video on bizhongchou? there are some cheap qtum there and i dont know how to setup the account and trade.

  2. so just to confirm we can buy qtum on yunbi even if we are american resident/citezen? I thought we were not allowed to.

    thank you for making this video. I have been trying to buy QTUM for a long time.

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