Putin Rubs Macron’s Nose And Exposes Western Hypocrisy On Protests In Russia

Putin Rubs Macron’s Nose And Exposes Western Hypocrisy On Protests In Russia

Many people were arrested during the recent peaceful rallies in Moscow. Mr President, how can you explain that?
This has to do with the electoral cycle. Elections to regional government bodies, including in Moscow, are scheduled to take place this September.
During the preceding elections in 2014,
111 people were barred from running in the election when election commissions decided against registering them as candidates,
which happened for various reasons and always in response to violations.
This year, 57 people were not registered as candidates, which was once again attributable to obvious violations that took place in the course of the election campaign.
There were signatures that were clearly falsified, according to experts from election commissions.
The legal avenue for settling disputes of this kind is to launch court proceedings,
and there were precedents when candidates who were denied registration by election commissions succeeded in reversing this decision through court.
There have already been precedents of this kind. There was a ruling regarding at least one person, and the court ruled that this person must be registered as a candidate.
As for the events themselves, I can hardly tell you anything new:
according to applicable laws, people have the right to engage in peaceful protest, and the authorities must ensure that people are able to exercise this right.
However, neither the authorities nor any groups of citizens have the right to violate the law and carry the situation to the point of absurdity or cause scuffles with the authorities.
This is against the law, and all who committed these violations have to be held accountable under Russian law.
As we know, Russia is not the only country witnessing developments of this kind.
I am visiting this country right now, so discussing this makes me a little uneasy, but since you asked I will have to say it.
We are all aware of the events related to the so-called yellow vests movement during which,
according to our estimates, 11 people died, and 2,500 were injured, including 2,000 police officers.
We would not like anything of this kind to happen in the Russian capital,
and will do everything to ensure that domestic politics remain within the strict confines of the law.
Two mass events, rallies involving the people who wanted to express their protest this way were held in July and August 2019.
These events were coordinated in advance and approved by the authorities. They were peaceful and took place without any excesses.
I would like all future developments in Russia and in other countries to proceed according to this scenario, that is, without any excesses or violations of the law.


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  2. Владимир Владимирович, там человеку ногу сломали. Но это же превышение полномочий. Есть же фотографии – видно, что сотрудники глумятся над задержанным, применяя к нему меры задержания, похожие на пытки. Но надо же этих сотрудников наказать. Соблюдать баланс…

  3. God bless President Putin, the leader of the free world and Christendom in 2019 and beyond. The ONLY world leader I know of who would have been brave and honest enough to answer that provocative question in that way is President Trump.
    Never forget that the globalist Micron was literally a Rothschilds banker before becoming France’s leader.

  4. I’m not a Putin fan boy, but it seems he crushes every politician that tries to be rude to him with facts. Macron is about as hated as a politician can be, and he keeps trying to get one up on Putin, than gets crushed, every time lol 😂

  5. Everyday I’m more and more disgusted by the hypocrisy of the West. Weak and corrupt Macron does not deserve to steward France! She is too good for him, so I am always happy to see him be put in his place.

  6. Russophobia is more dangerous and more real than islamophobia. Change my mind. You cant unreasonably fear a violent theocratic cult… thats uh. A valid fear. Especially to a heathen like myself. The west has gone paranoid schitzophrenic. Jumping st every shadow the media tells them to. Gods i hope my lifetime sees the end of this kali yuga. Long live the tsar. The god emporer. And the newlywed gamer king and his queen. May peace amd civility rule the northern hemisphere.

  7. Yeah Macron! Clean up your back yard before you poke your nose in somebody else's!! Better read your own history 1st!!!

  8. Been to Russia 2x …pre and post communism…they are great peeps…very hospitable…just don't break their laws and abide their rules…i have great respect for Mr Putin. As for macoroni….POS…needs to step down from office…

  9. Now I know the Federation President was former KGB , but I may have my opinion about his policies. With that being said , I gotta give it to him for keeping russia secure, peaceful, and still runing a strong economic market and keeping military reforms upstate ..now theres poor area's which every nation has but compared here in the states compared to russia . It seems they are doing well better then us .
    Now for france , man I pity the people of france , the once proud people of the frankish tribes who fought the W.R.E and other tribes, later to become the frankish kingdom, envole into the frankish empire of Charles the great then live on more with the holy Roman empire , eventually becoming their own state once more when courpt France king drop to his kneels to the mercy of napoleon and people of France….then to fight the German again and again to make france visible on the map again….now where is that fire where is that drive , nothing it's gone.
    As an American I pity you , but I believe you in . My American Republic has been long gone and was replaced with a corrupt Empire which will eventually collapse just like how the western roman empire did .

  10. Chris Hedges: " Once you create an oligarchic system , your choice is either revolution or tyranny and we've reached that point, that's where we are. Corporate capitalism is about the destruction of democratic institutions and national economies to enrich a tiny cabal, a global oligarchic corporate elite. Neoliberalism is the utopian ideology that was created to justify the massive social inequality and misery and destruction of social service programs….to justify their own privilege, their own elitism and their own right to hoard wealth resources and power at the expence of everyone else…it is nonsense that by enriching your oligarchic class this is good for the economy or good for the working class.

  11. Putin blames someone else. Sigh… Last time America, time before that was the UK, and now Macron. Lol

    Tomorrow it'll probably be Salvini.

    Putin is so whiny, the ultimate blame master.

  12. Putin doesn't let any stones go unturned. Funny how he laid down the truth in Macron's own backyard and in front of his face and wife.

  13. All while ignoring 40 plus weeks of the Gilets Jaunes in France Mr Micron, what a snivelling hypocrite you are.

  14. The protesters were detained because they staged an unauthorized rally, broke the law, and attacked the police. Hello from Russia!

  15. Russia is one to talk, the best thing these white nations can do is kill themselves, you would be doing the world a huge favor

  16. Say what you want about Putin, he is definitely a leader of his people

    Commands respect. Is well spoken. Is knowledgeable on a vast array of topics. Isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade and makes no apologies for his own opinions and views. Doesn’t follow the crowd

    Reminds me of Trump, another great leader of his people

  17. Fuck Russia! 145 Million Russians VS 326 Million Americans. I dare them to FUCK with the USA! 😆 😆 😆 STUPID FUCKS!

  18. It would be a lot more respectable if he would describe his view on the motivations behind the protests. We are often left guessing by the media who are overly focused on how many people died or got injured. It all depends on the demands if it is worth dying for.

  19. Mi-ar placea ca si tara mea sa aiba un presedinte asa barbatos ca domnul presedinte Putin. Ar fi o tara din care nu as vrea sa plec. Am tot respectul pentru Rusia si presedintele ei.

  20. I don't give a shit what any SJW crybaby says, I love Putin. He's smart & he's still got a set of balls, unlike most E.U. leaders— that includes Macron.

  21. What a liar. Why would foreigners defend this bastard? You don't live in Russia. You don't know how awful to live there

  22. PUTIN saved Mother Russia… ousted the satanic ILLUMINATI NWO zionist khazarian kabal OLIGARCHS out of
    RUSSIA (Alias USSR) created by satanic ILLUMINATI ROTSchilds / rockeFELLERS /

  23. The Russia protests were nothing compared to the French protests! The French protests have been going on for months! The police have been using massive amounts of tear gas and violence against protesters!

  24. Mr Putin talks but in reality he's so AFRAID to operate honestly that he arrests his political opponents. Let's not forget either that he came to power after the false flag bombing in 1999.

  25. Well said Mr Putin.our BBC is apparently not allowed to let us in the UK know what is happening in our EU neighbour France!

  26. You dont hear the circus(eu) and its clown leaders merkel and macron picking issues with china never always russia, as an austalian who lived in russia i can say that russia has more freedoms than australia and china is nazi germany 2.0 with its concertration camps!

  27. They always call Putin authoritarian. They say he has built a police state, a state where everyone who is against the government is sorted out. To say he can be compared with Erdogan? They say Putin knows how to present himself. He acts differently when he is abroad than when he is in Russia. I have to say whenever i hear Putin I get the feeling he is a honest person, not one who wants to deceive like Erdogan. It is hard to understand, but to be honest there is no real effort from the West to relax the situation and built a relationship that is really something. From history we learn whenever Germany and Russia had a good relationship the whole Europe benefited from this. I really do not know why this situation seems now so stiffened up. Gorbachev they just overthrew, he was on a very good way, but they wanted Jelzin, the alcoholic who just messed up everything. Now they have Putin. Gorbachev was able to open hearts. Russians want him to commit suicide. And now in Russia Gorbachev has nothing to say anymore. They do not speak about him anymore. Gorbachev says Putin has a good core and we should have patience. At the moment I am not really sure who can really turn this situation around.

  28. If I steal, but you rob, we are both guilty. Does not mean Putin has a white vest if he calls me out stealing.

  29. The only thing about Putin is that he covers the scheme of not allowing opposition candidates to be elected. He needs the puppet government to maintain his power. And the demonstration in Russia was 100% peaceful. People were standing without rioting and protesting, but they still ended up arrested and beaten by the police. Only idiots believe this scum.

  30. I LOVE the little smirk on Putin's face when he starts speaking about the Yellow Vests!
    It's SO perfect!!
    President Trump is right.
    Russia via Putin should be a part of the G-7, making it the G-8 again.
    Top suggest that the second biggest nuclear power in the world, should not be a member of the G-7, is ABSURD.

  31. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺We should include Russia in the G7 Summits who are the real racists here its not Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  32. HAHAHAHAHA ….. 37000 LIKES and only 140 DISLIKES …….. audience Stinks to Putin-Russian Trolls again …. You people got PAID to DO THIS and Liking each other ?? ……


  33. Average wage 500 euros a month. Average wage of Russian parliamentary 5k month. Teacher wage 300. The reachest country in the world by mineral resources. Imagine how many would be dead if Russian peaceful protestors would act like some of the yellow wests.

  34. Speak against Putin in Russia and your life's on the line how many people laying in graveyards because of Vlad the murderous dictator if you support him you condone his murderous behavior authoritarian regimes like China and Russia expect every other country to respect their sovereignty but they have no respect for any other countries sovereignty as being the masters of hacking into other countries elections etc etc etc. They see themselves as a law unto themselves and they are.

  35. The annoying thing about Russian state media is that it states certain opinions in different western countries as "western homogeneity" of thought. There's no consensus on any one thing and every country has various political factions that differ wildly in opinion on issues with Russia. Especially in America where yes media will kiss political ass, but there's nuance in analyzing things in Russia. Putin's what about what about is just more political slop in the pin. Everyone plays that game of saints and sinners in politics. It's annoying. A valid criticism is a valid criticism. It's possible for a critic to be both correct and guilty of his very critique. That doesn't change the facts and it also doesn't "save face" to call them out. You just look like two hookers calling each other sluts.

  36. Once again, President Putin exposed western false morality; and the masses of people begin looking to the East to seek the wisdom path.

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